• Persona 5: Dancing Star Night (Trophy Translations)

    These are my translations from Japanese for the trophy list for Persona 5 Dancing Star Night

    *There are 5 secret trophies. show

    Alibaba FanaticWatched all dances that Futaba participated in.Silver
    Although I’m a Phantom Thief, I Tried DancingPlayed back a replay.Bronze
    An Elaborate PlanPlayed the tutorialBronze
    Beyond the Dream (secret)Watched all Commu EventsGold
    Carried by a Safety NetUsed Play Custom (Combo continues even with GOOD) and (If combo is broken, then game over) both turned ON at the same time and clearedBronze
    Continue Convict! (secret)The twin guards took part in the partyBronze
    Dancing Star NightObtained all trophiesPlatinum
    Entered the Guy’s RoomsExplored all your guy friends’ roomsSilver
    Free of Bitterness and SweetnessUsed Play Custom and changed the difficulty of the excitement gauge and cleared a song.Bronze
    Got About Half!Obtained half the number of costumesSilver
    I am Thou, Who are You?Started a dance with changed hair, 2 accessories, color contacts, and a color wig.Bronze
    I Received a Little Bit (secret)Acquired 5 rewards while searching for the twins cardsBronze
    I Will Receive Your HeartExplored all your girl friends’ roomsSilver
    Impossible StrategyStart a dance on ALL NIGHT mode with 10 or more “challenges” turned ON Bronze
    Indecisive ChargeCleared a song with 5 or more “supports” and 5 or more “challenges” turned ONBronze
    Infiltration Route SecuredCleared a song on HARD mode or above with all “supports” ON at the same timeBronze
    Legendary Treasure HouseObtained all of the accessoriesSilver
    Let’s Go Full-TuneOpened all Play CustomsSilver
    Master of DisguiseChanged costumes for the main dancer and danced with all Phantom Thieves except AkechiBronze
    Mountain of TreasureOpened all (???) in CHARACTER’s COLLECTIONBronze
    No One Can Stop UsBroke your own high schore.Bronze
    One Step Toward the Great Phantom ThievesObtained highest rank (KING CRAZY) on any song.Silver
    Perfect CrimeCleared more than half of the song with perfect notes on HARD difficulty or aboveSilver
    Phantom Thief Prince (secret)Acquired all rewards while searching for the twins cardsSilver
    Phantom Thieves Bloom Forth!Obtained all costumesGold
    Phantom Thieves Essential ToolsObtained all glassesBronze
    Secure the Suspect!Ended the stage during the middle of a song.Bronze
    Stars in the StarnightWatched 40 or more Commu Fevers with your friendsGold
    Start Infiltration MissionSearched inside one of the roomsBronze
    Started the Club LifeObtained a costumeBronze
    Strange Student and TeacherParticipated in a song with Morgana and HaruBronze
    Stylish Phantom TheivesRegistered a costume under “favorites”Bronze
    Taking it Seriously NowUnlocked the highest difficulty level (ALL NIGHT)Silver
    The Best Reward (secret): Obtained the irreplaceable treasure from a stageSilver
    The Dragon and the Female PantherParticipated in a song with Ryuji and Ann together.Bronze
    The Eccentric and the Straight-lacedParticipated in a song with Yusuke and MakotoBronze
    The Radiance of SpoilsObtained half of all the accessoriesBronze
    Trick NotesUsed Play Custom (trajectory of the notes shake) and (notes go slow and fast paced) both turned ON at the same time and clearedBronze
    Trickster’s New Book of DismantlingWatched all dances that the P5 Protagonist (Amemiya Ren) participated in.Silver
    Unchangeable SolidarityWatched a Commu Event with one of your friendsBronze
    Unwavering InterestViewed 20 Commu EventsBronze
    Well, It’s Showtime.Cleared a song in DANCING!Bronze

    Contributed By: NEKORODEO.

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