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Dancing in Moonlight
Obtained all trophies.
Better Safe than Sorry
Played a tutorial.
Just Another Day
Watched a Social event.
The Crib Visit
Explored a friend's room.
The Leader's Demeanor
Watched 20 Social events.
Best Buds
Explored all the guys' rooms.
Naturally Popular
Explored all the girls' rooms.
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The Party Never Stops
Made Elle-P's ball a success.
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It's Gotta Be You
Watched all Social events.
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Searchin' the Premises
Obtained 5 rewards from Elle-P's card search.
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Koromaru's Rival
Obtained all rewards from Elle-P's card search.
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The Selfish Producer
Had Elle-P join the ball.
The Time for Challenge Has Come
Unlocked the highest difficulty level (ALL NIGHT).
IRL Debut
Obtained a costume.
It Won't Fit in my Wardrobe!
Obtained half of all the costumes.
Fashion Monster
Obtained all the costumes.
The One Who Gathered the Glasses
Obtained all the pairs of glasses.
Getting the Shiny Things
Obtained half of all the accessories.
The Dancing Jeweler
Obtained all of the accessories.
If You Would Kindly Excuse Yourself
Failed a stage.
Welcome to the Club
Cleared a stage.
The Usurper of Rankings
Earned the highest possible grade on a stage (KING CRAZY).
Innate Ability
Cleared a stage on HARD or harder and earned a PERFECT rating on at least half of the Notes.
Going into Orgia Mode
Beat your own high score.
Who Even Are You?
Started a stage with a different hairstyle, two accessories, colored contacts, and a colored wig.
An Exclusive Stylist
Changed costumes and played a stage with each of the members of SEES (excluding Koromaru and Shinjiro).
Full Bloom Fever
Watched 40 different Fever Time dances.
Can't Say "I Don't Care" Now
Watched every possible dance for the P3 Protagonist (Makoto Yuki).
The Dancing Anti-Shadow Weapon
Watched every possible dance for Aigis.
The Veteran Pair
Cleared the stages where Akihiko and Mitsuru dance together.
The Dependable Classmates
Cleared the stages where Yukari and Junpei dance together.
The Difficulty of Communication
Cleared the stages where Fuuka and Ken dance together.
Let's Do It Again!
Watched a replay.
I Couldn't Help It...
Unlocked all ???s in Collection.
Personalized Fashion
Registered a costume as a Favorite.
Down to the Bone
Unlocked all Custom modifiers.
As Long As You're Groovin'
Cleared a stage after changing Hype Gauge difficulty in Custom.
Carrot and Stick Approach
Cleared a stage with both "GOOD ratings won't break combos" and "Game Over with combo break" enabled.
The Unhittable Pitch
Cleared a stage with both "Note paths waver" and "Note speed fluctuates" enabled.
Committed to the Result
Cleared a stage on HARD or harder with all Support modifiers enabled.
Unstoppable Force, Immovable Object
Cleared a stage with 5 Challenge and 5 Support modifiers simultaneously enabled.
Chance Encounter with the Final Boss
Started a stage on ALL NIGHT difficulty with 10 or more Challenge modifiers enabled.

Originally Contributed By: NEKORODEO

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