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Weapons FAQ by SephirothSolace

Version: 1.25 | Updated: 06/07/04

          #%    ###%   #%        ##%  ##%    WW       WW
          #%   #%  #%  #%    %   #%   #%     WW       WW
          #%  #%    #% #%   #%   #%   #%     WW   W   WW eapon      /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ 
          #%  #######% #####%    #%   #%      Ww wWw wW            |/###""" \|
   #%    #%  #%    #%  #%  #%    #%   #%       WWW WWW             |#########|
    #%  #%  #%    #%  #%    #%   #%   #%        CCCCC              |#########|
     ###%  #%    #%  #%      #%  #%   #%       Cc   cC             |/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\|
                                #%#  #%#       Cc      ombat       |/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\|
                             ###%####%####     Cc   cC             |  _____  |
                   _____________                CCCCC               \_| @ |_/__
        ___________/######      |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|...|####
 ______/==========/####         |_______________/                   |¯|   |
/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯/##           #|______________/ (#)  (#)  (#)  (#) | |   |
\---------------/#            ##|&&&&&&&&&&&&&/   ¯    ¯    ¯    ¯ /| |   |
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯/_____________###|"""""""""""  ¯¯¯|][¯¯][|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ | |   |  __
               ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|][  ][|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_|...| /##
                                                 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯             |___|/\¯\
 +--+-----------------------------------------------------------+--+       \ \ 
 |\/| > Written By: Chris Renke                                 |\/|        \ \
 |/\| > Copyright 2004 Chris Renke                              |/\|        |\ 
 |\/| > GameFAQs.com ScreenName: SephirothSolace                |\/|        | \
 |/\| > E-Mail: SephirothSolace@cox.net                         |/\|        |\ 
 |\/| > FAQ Started: June 5, 2004                               |\/|        | \
 |/\| > FAQ Updated: June 6, 2004                               |/\|        |\ 
 |\/| > Version: 1.25                                           |\/|        |_\
 +--+-----------------------------------------------------------+--+         |#

|!!|                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                           |!!|
|  |  1. Legal Information                                                 |  |
|  |  2. Introduction                                                      |  |
|  |  3. Tips                                                              |  |
|  |  4. Background                                                        |  |
|  |  5. Hand Weapons                                                      |  |
|  |     5A. Scatter Gun                                                   |  |
|  |     5B. Blaster Weapon                                                |  |
|  |     5C. Vulcan Fury                                                   |  |
|  |     5D. Peace Maker                                                   |  |
|  |  6. Weapon Pod                                                        |  |
|  |  7. Hover Weapons                                                     |  |
|  |  8. FAQs                                                              |  |
|  |  9. Version History                                                   |  |
|  | 10. Credits                                                           |  |

|.1|                            LEGAL INFORMATION                          |.1|
This Guide may not be reproduced, altered, and/or copied in any way, shape, or
form to be sold.  Contact me if you want to distribute this guide. (Why would
this guide on any other website besides GameFAQs.com and Faqs.ign.com is 
strictly prohibited and is a direct violation of copyright law.  This guide may 
NOT be displayed publicly -physical, electronically, or otherwise- without my 
advanced written consent, which I will most likely give if you ask.

|.2|                            INTRODUCTION                               |.2|

Well, this is the section about me and why I decided to play Jak II and, for 
that matter, write this guide.   One of my close friends had Jak and Daxter: 
The Precursor Legacy for his PS2.  Well, actually, his broken PS2, and since it
was broken and not likely to be fixed he let me borrow it.  I beat Jak and 
Daxter pretty darn fast, and loved it!  I've played every Crash game and I own
most of them, but this game trumped all.  I then decided right then and there 
that I had to play Jak II.  

"Wow!" was the first thing that came to my mind.  That was right before, "DANG! 
This game is friggin AWESOME!"  If you told someone that the graphics could be
this good 3 years ago, they would've laughed at you.  But this is just great!
Then I get the weapons and almost broke my jaw when it hit the floor.  Sweet...
The Blaster gun was cool, and I was blowing Metal Morons to pieces, then I get
Blaster boy... ooo yeaaahhh...  Bang Bang- two dead Metal Heads.  Then, after a
while I get my Vulcan Fury.  Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Bang- friggin lot of dead 
Metal Heads.  Unfortunately I can't say the same about the Peace Maker.  One
word came to mind when I got it: Anticlimactic.  Oh well, too bad, my Vulcan
Fury will have to do.  So without further Adeu, here is the guns and such part
of my guide.

|.3|                                   TIPS                                |.3|
Ok, this is where I help you with general stuff.

+ Ammo is good!  You want to be good, so ALWAYS HAVE AMMO!  Go to the Firing 
  Range whenever you want and get ammo from the Krimzon Gaurd boxes.  If they
  don't have enough ammo, just leave, let the door close, and go back inside
  for more.

+ If you are low on ammo, in the city, and far from the Firing Range, just kill
  some Krimzon Guards.  They will usually give you the ammo for the gun that 
  you killed them with, not always, but 4/5 of the time they will.  Kill the 
  Guards until you have all the Ammo you want, then high-tail it around a 
  corner and get up against a wall.  Then just push the left analog stick
  against the wall; you should jump and get up flush against the wall.

+ Watch your ammo count!  If your gun says 10/200 then you probably want to 
  change weapons.  Otherwise get some ammo quickly!

+ Hitting R1 WITHOUT your weapon out will bring out the last weapon you had
  equiped and fire it.  This is is helpful for the Scatter Gun and Vulcan Fury,
  but be careful if the Blaster Weapon or Peace Maker was the last weapon

+ DON'T WASTE Peace Maker or Vulcan Fury ammo!  Most Crimzon Gaurd boxes in Jak
  II have Blaster Weapon or Scatter Gun ammo, so be wise with your other guns.  

+ Scatter Gun is for close range, so don't break your controller because the 
  guys aren't dying.  Just move closer and own 'em!

+ Blaster Weapon is your friend.  Always use him if you have any doubt about
  range or lethality.

+ When you get the Peace Maker, you get the peices maker!  Charge it up by
  holding R1, then shoot ONE shot toward a group of enemies.  The shot should
  break up and kill then all.

+ If you are gonna die, then die.  Don't waste your ammo futilely.  You respawn
  with as much ammo as you died with.  If you waste it all before you die, then
  you will lack it when you need it!

|.4|                                BACKGROUND                             |.4|
Krew: fat, ugly, chicken-legged, five chinned, float-around-all-day, smuggler,
shop owner, trophy toter, friends-in-high-places.  Yup, that about sums him up.
Not your average stron little Boy Scout.  Nothing about him says, "I have a
good personality."  Unfortunately, you need his connections and his gear to 
take on Baron Praxis.  Ah... Baron Praxis, the reason you even have you guns.  
Now obviously Krew gives you most of the guns, but you wouldn't even know Krew
if you weren't majorly pissed at the Baron.  Krew is the one that gives you 
the Scatter Gun, Blaster Weapon, and the Peace Maker; he also gives you the
weapon upgrades.  Torn gives you the Vulcan Fury.  He says, "...here's a Vulcan
barrel for that pea shooter of yours."  Now you know the people, so lets look
at the guns!

|.5|                               HAND WEAPONS                            |.5|
Throughout the game of Jak II you aquire four guns.  The guns range from
shotgun-like to machine gun.  The weapons are, in the order you aquire them:
Scatter Gun, Blaster Weapon, Vulacn Fury, and Peace Maker.  Unfortunately you
don't get them evenly spaced apart timewise.  You get the Scatter Gun and the 
Blaster Weapon close together, but you don't get the Vulcan Fury for a while,
and then you don't get the Peace Maker for an even super-spectacularly longer 
time.  The following part of this section tells you about the weapons and how
to use them to their fullest abilities.  The rating is on a scale that goes:
Horrible, Bad, Normal, Good, Great or Rarely, Common, Continually. 
Abbreviations are as follows: [] = Square, X = Cross, O = Circle, MH = Metal
Heads, KG = Krimzon Gaurd.

 |    --===[]==<]              HAND WEAPON CONTROLS          [>==[]===--    |
 |          \                                                    /          |
 |  D-Pad Up    =  Equip\Unequip Scatter Gun     | R1 = Fire Equiped Weapon |
 |  D-Pad Down  =  Equip\Unequip Blaster Weapon  |                          |
 |  D-Pad Right =  Equip\Unequip Peace Maker     |                          |
 |  D-Pad Left  =  Equip\Unequip Vulcan Fury     |                          |

   |.5A|                            Scatter Gun                           |.5A|
   The grunt of the group, this gun is also the gun with the biggest BANG!  You
   cget if from krew after the Eco shipment mission.  It can literally take out
   a dozen Metal Heads, Krimzon Gaurds, or civilians with one shot.  This gun
   is great to use when a lot of metal heads are attacking you.  Like when 3 of
   the "linebacker" (The ones that stand and run like a linebacker) Metal Heads
   are charging, just shoot a couple time right when they converge and are
   pretty mmuch shoulder to shoulder and are not too far out.  It is also by 
   far the best gun to use when there are a lot of the little Metal Heads that
   come out of the ground; however, it is not good to use on one or two of 
   them.  The Scatter Gun is also great for taking out those spinning razor 
   MH.  This gun is also quit handy when combat is taking place on ledges,
   bridges, or near cliffs.  When shooting in the places try to shoot them over
   the edge.  This is especially handy when the Krimzon Gaurds are attacking
   you in the slums near though ditches, just shoot 'em into the gaps!  Also, 
   when trying to make a speedy escape, a few shots with the Scatter Gun and
   then hit R2 to get out your JET-Board, and cruise away.
   -First Gun Aquired
   -Fires Shotgun-like shells
   -Shots move tagets about one foot backwards
   -Has red and black octagon shaped ammo
   -Ammo comes in 5 round packs (One ammo thing gives you 5 shots)
   -Displayed as a small red gun in the upper right-hand part of the screen

   Range: Bad
   Rate of Fire: Bad, upgradeable to Good
   Damage: Good, upgradeable to Great
   Used: Common
   Ammo Findable: Continually
   Ammo Capacity: 50, uprgradeable to 100
   {+} Wastelander Moves and Great Attack Combos {+}
   {+}     X + R1                                {+}
   {+}     X + X + R1                            {+}
   {+}     L1 + R1                               {+}
   {+}     [] + R1                               {+}
   {+}     [] + X + R1                           {+}

   |.5B|                           Blaster Weapon                         |.5B|
   Happy hunting with this baby...  The Blaster Weapon is basically a laser-
   sighted rifle.  It is defineatly the best weapon in the game, except maybe
   Mar's Gun, but you never get to use it as a hand weapon.  You get this fire-
   arm after the shoot the guns in the sewer mission.  After the mission, talk
   to Krew and then go to the firing range and get the Krimzon Gaurd box with 
   the Blaster Weapon in it.  This is handy when Metal Heads are far away or 
   you do not want to engage them.  This weapon will take out most Metal Heads
   in two shots.  The small ones will go in one shot.  It is great for taking
   out the blue laser-emitting Metal Heads, just jump around the lasers and 
   shoot in the air.  Attacking with O and then firing with R1 will emmit a
   rapid-fire burst.  You can also jump, then hit circle, then fire while in
   mid-air to emit a rapid fire burst, even if there is no one there.

   -Second Gun Aquired
   -Fires yellow rifle bullets
   -Has Laser sight
   -Has yellow and black cylindrical shaped ammo
   -Ammo comes in 10 round packs (One ammo thing gives you 10 shots)
   -Displayed as a long yellow gun in the upper right-hand part of the screen

   Range: Great
   Rate of Fire: Good
   Damage: Good, upgradeable to Great
   Used: Continually
   Ammo Findable: Continually
   Ammo Capacity: 100, uprgradeable to 200
   {+} Wastelander Moves and Great Attack Combos {+}
   {+}     X + O + R1        X + R1              {+}
   {+}     X + X + O + R1    X + X + R1          {+}
   {+}     [] + R1           L1 + X + R1         {+}
   {+}     L1 + R1                               {+}
   {+}     [] + X + R1                           {+}
   |.5C|                            Vulcan Fury                           |.5C|
   Ba-da-ba-ding, ba-da-da-da-da-da-bang!  This is your assault weapon of
   choice.  Its a long-range, really-darn-powerful machine gun.  It is acquired
   from Torn after the mission where you "escort" the people to new safehouses.
   This bad boy can take out a group of people really darn well.  Just hold R1
   and you'll end up with a lot of dead guys.  This weapon is especially good
   at shooting down flying things, whether they be Hovers, KZ's, or MH's.  I 
   would love to see Brutter with one of these, and him just unloading into a
   bunch of KG's...  O well, you can do it for him.  I wouldn't use this gun
   against the little Metal Heads, just use the Scatter Gun on those.  This gun
   is pretty much your all around doomsday machine.
   -Third Gun Aquired
   -Fires blue rifle bullets at high speeds
   -Has Laser sight
   -Shoots progressively faster as you hold down the trigger
   -Held underhand like a chainsaw
   -Has aqua and black curve shaped ammo
   -Ammo comes in 10 round packs (One ammo thing gives you 10 shots)
   -Displayed as a rectangluar blue gun top right part of the screen

   Range: Goog
   Rate of Fire: Insanely Great
   Damage: Good, upgradeable to Great
   Used: Common
   Ammo Findable: Rarely
   Ammo Capacity: 100, uprgradeable to 200
   {+} Wastelander Moves and Great Attack Combos {+}
   {+}     O + R1                                {+}
   {+}     X + O + R1                            {+}
   {+}     X + X + O + R1                        {+}
   {+}     [] + R1                               {+}
   {+}     JUST HOLD DOWN R1!                    {+}
   |.5D|                            Peace Maker                           |.5D|
   Scatter Gun- okay, Blaster Weapon- good, Vulcan Fury- Great, Peace Maker-...
   GODLY!  If you know how to use it right.  Now, I'll admit, timing on getting
   this gun SUCKS!  It is, to quote jecht out of context, "...sublimely 
   magnificent..." at taking out hordes of enemies.  One charged up shot can
   annihilate 5 - 12 guys, no joke.  It is also the best thing to use on the 
   Final Boss.  (I won't spoil that!)  When the Final Boss gets off the ropes 
   and has 1/3 health, just run to the other side of the ring and shoot charged
   Peace Makers at the Final Boss.  Don't use your Peace Maker any other time
   on the Final Boss, save all 10 shots for the end.  That is really all you
   need to know about the Peace Maker, that and that it is not as cool as 

   -Fourth and last Gun Aquired
   -Fires blue electricity
   -Has Laser sight
   -Has purple and black spherical shaped ammo
   -Ammo comes in 1 round packs (One ammo thing gives you 1 shots)
   -Displayed as a long purple gun in the upper right-hand part of the screen

   Range: Good
   Rate of Fire: Horrible
   Damage: Great
   Used: Rarely
   Ammo Findable: Rarely
   Ammo Capacity: 5, uprgradeable to 10

   {+} Wastelander Moves and Great Attack Combos {+}
   {+}     [] + R1                               {+}
   {+}     O + R1                                {+}
   {+}     X + R1                                {+}
   {+}     X + X + R1                            {+}

|.6|                                WEAPON POD                             |.6|
The Weapon Pod is only availible at the Drilling Platform.  It is esactly what
it is called, a pod with a weapon.  The weapon is similar to the quad guns on
the Millenum Falcon.  It shoots repeatedly if you hold down R1.  But watch out
because the gun will overheat if you shoot to much.  There is a circular
reticle that has the heat, health, crosshairs, and an arrow to show you what
direction the Metal Heads are attacking you from. 
_____________________________                RETICLE INFORMATION
     _________               |
    /\___|___/\   ____       | To the left is a diagram of the targetig reticle
   /_/      )\_\  \  /*Arrow | for the Weapon Pod.  The Arrow in the to right 
  /¯/  Heat*) \¯\  \/        | of the reticle points in the direction of the
 |¯|         ) |¯|           | nearest enemy, usually.  Sometimes there are too 
 |-|   <> <> ) |-|           | many enemies on the screen, so it points to any  
 |_|  *Cross ) |_|*Health    | random group or individual.  If the arrow is red
  \_\  hairs  /_/   Squares  | then that means the enemy is very, very close.
   \¯\_______/¯/             | When the arrow is green, the enemy is far away.
    \/___|___\/              | The Heat Gauge is the next thing.  It is on the
                             | inside of all the health squares.  It builds
_____________________________| around inside the reticle and goes from green to
red.  The more complete, and therefor more red, the circle is; the sooner it is
until your ammo runs out.  Don't worry, the Heat gauge drains back to nothing
when you aren't shooting, thereby giving you more time to shoot. The reticle is
surrounded by sixteen little health squares.  Everytime you get shot, you loose
one of them.  When you lose all sixteen, KA BOOM!

The best way to utilize the Weapon Pod in combat is to watch your arrow and
ammo!  Don't shoot at nothing!  When you have a red arrow, look toward it and
kill whatever is there.  Remember that while wasting ammo is impossible because
you have infinite, your gun will overheat and your shots will be much slower if
you shoot to much.  When you have to shoot the Metal Head eggs, shoot the
flying Metahl Heads first, then the eggs.

|.7|                               HOVER WEAPONS                           |.7|
There are two general types of flying vehicles: Hovers and Zoomers.  Hovers are
the big two or three seater flying cars.  Thy go much slower, but can take much
more damage before blowing up.  The Zoomers on the other hand go way fast, but
they blow up and get destroyed much more easily.  

Krimzon Guard hovers are really annoying, wouldn't you say?  When you get into
a shootout with some Krimzon Gaurds, eventually some Krimzon Gaurd Hovers or
Zoomers will come, thank goodness the Hellcats and Bombots are only in missions
because otherwise this FAQ would be a lot longer.  Hovers and Zoomers also can
have weapons if you simply equip a weapon while flying.  Then simply hit R1 to
shoot it; this is very effective for anti-vehicle combat.

Krimzon Gaurd hovers and zoomers can be deadly if you don't know how to combat
them or run from them.  When a KZ vehicle comes at you and is shooting, you can
do two general things: shoot it or flee.  When trying to shoot down a zoomer,
it is best to use your Vulcan Fury or Peace Maker.  The Vulcan Fuy seems to
naturally aim upwards, so just point it in the direction of the Zoomer and un-
load.  The Peace Maker is the same too, just point, hold R1, and let go in a
couple of seconds.  When a Krimzon Gaurd Hover comes, that is a different
situation all together.  While you CAN shoot it down from the ground with your
Vulcan Fury or Peace Maker, it is much easier to just hit TRIANGLE and JAK, I
speeled it without a "c" on purpose, a nearby hover, not a zoomer.  Then shoot
down the Krizon Gaurd Hover from mid air from your Hover.

Krimzon Gaurd Zoomers and Hovers can NOT be JAKed while they are on alert and
trying to shoot you.  So if you want a Krizon Gaurd vehicle, steal it and RUN!
When flying a Krimzon Gaurd vehicle, hit R1 to fire its weapon.  Both the hover
and the Zoomer shoot red bullets that are very similair to the Blaster Weapon's
shots.  Below is the Specs for the Krimzon Gaurd Hover, the Krimzon Gaurd
Zoomer, and the Krimzon Gaurd HellCat Cruiser.
 -Big, two-seater hover
 -Red, gray and very wide
 -Characterized by a flat rear
 -Has frontward looking blaster rifle
 -Running into it at high speed will cause an alarm
 -Not JAKable during an alarm
 -JAKable when there is no alarm 
 -Easiest to shoot down from the air

 -Small, speedy one-seater
 -Red, black, and thin
 -Characterized by wierd "lopsided" and mashed "S" side look
 -Has foward monted omni-directional blaster rifle
 -Running into it at high speed will cause an alarm
 -Not JAKable during an alarm
 -JAKable when there is no alarm 
 -Easiest to shoot down from the ground

 -Big and totally enclosed
 -Tan, black, and friggin deadly!
 -Characterized by its odd shapre and closed-off canopy
 -Has frontward AND backward looking Blaster machine guns
 -Vunerable from sides
 -Not JAKable ever, too bad.
 -Easiest to shoot down from the air

|.8|                                  FAQs                                 |.8|
This is the question answer section, so if you have a question, E-mail me!

Q: What, only 4 guns?!?!
A: Yup, if you want weapons, then play Ratchet and Clank I or II.

Q: I'm in the city and need health, where do I get some?
A: To my knowledge, please E-mail me if I am wrong, there is no Health in 
   Haven City.  Yeah, I know, shouldn't there at least be a Hospital...

Q: How did Jak get his dark powers? (Suprise, some people don't know!)
A: Baron Praxis "pumped him full of dark eco..." while he was in prison.

Q: How do I get more ammo capacity?
A: Later in the game you will get an uprgrade to give you more ammo capacity.

Q: How do I make my guns do more damage!?!?
A: Later in the game you will get an upgrade to make your guns stronger.

Q: How do I get So-an-So or Do-So-An-So?
A: *Cough* Game *cough* FAQS!!! *cough* Look in other FAQs.
Q: So Samos just happened to have a time machine laying around?
A: No, Jak and Daxter found the Precursor gate in the first Jak.

Q: Aren't the laws of Chronological Order violated in this game??
A: Yeah, and so are the laws of physics, health, speach, etc.

Q: When do I get the friggin Peace Maker!?!?!!!!!
A: About one hour from the end of the game, bummer huh?

Q: HEY! I did Hero Mode and my Peace Maker didn't blow up the Water Tank?
A: Too bad, you can't.  Sig's PM is the only one that can.  As someone said,
   (whoever it is please E-Mail me!) "Sig's Peace Maker is more manly."

|.9|                           VERSION HISTORY                             |.9|

Version .75:   This is my first In-Depth specific-to-one part guide, that has 
Finished:      been published.  Not quiet finished with the Weapons Pod 
      6-5-04   section, but plan to be by next version.

Vesrion 1.25   Ok, finished the Weapon Pod section.  Also added the Hover
Finished:      Weapon section.  Put in the Hand Weapon controls.

|.10|                             Credits                                 |.10|

 <> Hats off to Naught Dog and Sony for another friggin awesome game!

 <> Thanks a bunch to Michael Irwin for giving Jak a voice.  And a good voice 
    at that.

 <> Thanks to gameFAQs for posting this guide.  

 <> Thanks to MadCatz, because without their extension cords, I wouldn't be 
    able to type and play Jak II at the same time.

 <> Thanks to everyone for reading this!

####         /__#__#______\
|\ #____________[%(_)%]__________________________________
| \|##%###%###%#[#%%%%]################################# \__
|\ |\========   [###%%]]&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&       \ \_____
| \|¯\----      [####%]]%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  Scatter Gun    \ \    \
|\ |  \         [####%]]   _      _      _      _           \ \____\
| \|   \        [####%]]  (_)    (_)    (_)    (_)           \ \________
|\ |____\       [#####]]                           _______    \ \"""""""|
| \|\\\\`¯¯¯\$$$[#####]]¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|[] []|¯¯¯¯¯  \ _____|
#%@¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|{}| [####]¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|[] []|________\     
           /{{/                                     ¯¯¯¯¯
          /{{]   THAT'S ALL FOLKS!

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