How come I haven't unlocked The Forgotten's completion items?

  1. Hey.

    I have completed every different endings playing on hard difficulty with The Forgotten but I haven't unlocked every item that I should have. Is there a bug or something?

    I have every completion mark in the character menu but there is still question marks in the item collection page 5 where there should be the items that comes with the completion marks by The Forgotten...

    Help meeee.

    User Info: Jakkexd

    Jakkexd - 6 months ago


  1. Did you finish the marks on only hard? I think you might have to finish them on normal as well.

    User Info: Groggy

    Groggy - 6 months ago 0   0
  2. Hmm.. I played them all on hard but I think I tried one of them in normal difficulty also... Have to try that. Thanks!

    User Info: Jakkexd

    Jakkexd - 6 months ago 0   0
  3. they wont show up in the collection unless you pick them up in a run

    User Info: bob330

    bob330 - 5 months ago 0   0

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