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Gather all Trophies
Pillars of Eternity Platinum
Completed Act I
You have completed Act I
Completed Act II
You have completed Act II
Completed Act III
You have completed Act III
Won the Game!!!
Congratulations! You have completed the game
The Watcher With Eight Friends
Recruit all companions (excluding those in The White March)
Apply 5 or more different enchantments
Create 5 or more different food items
Create 3 or more different scrolls
Create 3 or more different potions
Place 5 or more trap items
Relative Pacifism
Complete the game killing fewer than 175 creatures and NPCs
Super Murderer
Complete the game killing 1200 or more creatures and NPCs
5 Upgrades in Stronghold
Complete at least 5 upgrades in the stronghold
All Upgrades in Stronghold
Complete all of the upgrades in the stronghold
From the Clouds to the Depths
Kill the sky dragon and adra dragon
Appease All of the Gods
Complete all of the god appeasement quests
Visit every map (excluding those in The White March)
Attain rank 3 in at least three Dispositions
The Storied Adventurer
Complete a Minor, Average, Major, Grand, and Legendary stronghold adventure
The Heir of Caed Nua
Defend your position as the master of Caed Nua
Herald of the Old Flame
Restart the fabled White Forge
Terror of the White March
Defeat the dragon that dwells in the White March
The Siege of Crägholdt
Complete the Siege of Crägholdt quest
Among the Moss and Peat
Defeat the menace of Mowrghek Îen
A Voice from the Deep
Reach the reliquary in the Abbey of the Fallen Moon
Called to their Labor
Stop the threat you saw in your dreams

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