Dual Gun Abilities?

  1. Why can't I find a description of the unique abilities inherent to the customizations of Dual Guns anywhere? Everyone explains the Dual Trigger, but there's another ability on the other three gun pairs. Can anyone tell me what those do? I don't have them yet, obviously, I'm just trying to figure out which one I want to aim for first.

    User Info: KojiAsakura

    KojiAsakura - 6 months ago


  1. There are 4 guns total. DG-O has a skill where the damage gets stronger the lesser hp you have.
    DG-Y has a skill where skill trigger recharge time is shorten.
    DG-Z (my favorite) has a skill where you might decrese enemies hp by 90 or 95%

    User Info: xeornat

    xeornat - 6 months ago 0 0

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