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Capcom's Monster Hunter Roars back onto Consoles

Capcom’s Monster Hunter Roars back onto Consoles

The Monster Hunter series has been one of Capcom’s bread and butter franchises for 14 years. The series started in 2004, when Monster Hunter was released on the PlayStation 2. Since 2004, Monster Hunter has primarily been on handheld devices, like PlayStation Portable (PSP) and Nintendo 3DS. However, Monster Hunter World returns the Monster Hunter series back to consoles and it is the best Monster Hunter yet. Monster Hunter World takes concepts that worked exceptionally in previous games and builds around them, making it the best game in the series.

What is Monster Hunter World?

Monster Hunter World is an RPG developed by Capcom for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and the Xbox One. In Monster Hunter World, players create their own hunters and hunt monsters. When a player successfully slays or captures a monster, they use the monsters body parts or carves to make weapons and armor. As the player progresses throughout the game, they will be able to make more powerful weapons and armor to take down the game’s most difficult monsters. The game is friendly to new players and challenging for veterans of the series. The game also features multiplayer, where up to 4 hunters can join a quest and take down a monster.

No Loading Screens

One of the biggest changes to the Monster Hunter series is that World introduces is an open world. Annoying loading screens that have plagued previous games are non-existent. In previous titles, loading screens would act as transitions from one area to the next. This broke immersion and sometimes cause long loading times. With an open world, hunters can move from area to area flawlessly without having to endure loading screens. Having an open world in Monster Hunter is like peanut butter and jelly. They were made for each other.


Monster Hunter World is one of the best-looking games on the market. Capcom uses the power of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in a smart and efficient way. The environments are colorful and lush with different types of vegetation and creatures. Monsters are imitating and detailed down to the last scale. Armor sets are detailed where the player can see the snitching on their set. However, in some places, there are low textures. Though this does not impact the environments in any significant way. This is the first Monster Hunter game that Capcom has built from the ground up with high definition, and they knock it out of the park.


Monster Hunter World offers different play styles for hunters. The game offers 14 different weapons, ranging from swords to bows and bowguns. Each weapon has its own unique style. Great Sword, is a gigantic weapon that is slow and heavy. However, it is powerful and can be used to inflict massive amounts of damage. Sword and shield is a weapon that is fast and quick. It allows the hunter to move quickly and strike precisely against their foe. Bow is a weapon that hunters can use at a distance. This weapon allows hunters to rain down damage from the sky onto their foes. Veterans of the series will recognize that Capcom has introduced new moves for each weapon. This allows hunters to maximize their combos and deal devastating amounts of damage. This is a breath of fresh air and does not make the weapons feel bland.

Along with slaying monsters, hunters will need to gather materials from different ecosystems to create or upgrade their equipment. Each ecosystem has its own type of materials. If a hunter needs Coral Crystals, they would need to travel to the Coral Highlands to find that ore etc. Gathering is one of the more relaxing parts of Monster Hunter World where the hunter can go find their materials in the ecosystem, but they can also enjoy the way the ecosystem reacts to their presence. Just watch out for the monsters!

Quality of Life Changes

No matter the experience of the hunter, Monster Hunter World offers a ton of quality of life changes that are appreciated. In previous titles, hunters needed to bring whetstones, pickaxes, and paintballs each time they set out on a quest. In Monster Hunter World, the hunter has whetstones and pickaxes in their inventory at the start of each quest. These items do not take up space in your inventory. Paintballs are now replaced with scout flies who guide you to the monster after you find evidence of their presence. For example, if a hunter is hunting a Rathian, the scout flies will highlight footprints or gashes in the environment caused by the Rathian. Once the scout flies have enough evidence, they will track the Rathian and guide you to her location.

Hunters can now run while drinking potions or eating steaks. If a monster is charging a hunter while they are sharping their weapon, don’t worry, they can simply move out of the way by rolling. Hunters do not need to crouch over to gather materials from the ground. You can simply walk over the spot and it will automatically be added to your inventory. However, this does not apply when you are gathering bones. Your hunter express’s excitement when you find a rare item. Hunters can now join friends that are in trouble in a middle of a quest when that hunter fires as SOS flare. If a hunter forgets to eat before a quest, no need to worry. They can simply eat at the base camp and can also change weapons along with items.


Monster Hunter World does have its cons. The lip syncing in the cut-scenes are not synced. The audio will end for a character, but you still see them speaking. This looks goofy but is minor. The game also has hunters automatically log in online at the main menu. You can still play the game offline, however you would need to disconnect your console from the internet to play offline. The biggest con, is that there is no longer a pause option even when you’re playing solo or offline. The pause option was in pervious Monster Hunter games, which makes it confusing why the option has disappeared. This may be due to the game always logging in online at the start menu but nevertheless it is annoying. Hopefully, Capcom patches in a pause option in the future.


Monster Hunter World is easily the best game in the series. It is welcoming to new players and challenging for veterans. By bringing the series to consoles once again, Capcom has increased the series popularity. Hunters will find themselves immersed in an action-packed RPG. This review rates the game 9/10 for its open world, combat and gameplay. Capcom has committed themselves to keeping this game alive by offering content updates, some of which are going to be free. Hopefully, Capcom builds upon the foundation Monster Hunter World has laid for future Monster Hunter games.

9/10. Must Play

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Monster Hunter: World (US, 01/26/18)

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