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by codebreak1337

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Strategy Guide by codebreak1337

Version: 0.99 | Updated: 02/28/2018
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2018



Andrew Turelli - Supercodebreak youtube.com
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- Deviation Gif by Zedotagger -
- Deviant Artist - Saveblacksheep -
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Track of the Week - Original Monster Hunter - Main Theme -

Thanks to some input from Reddit and the Monster Hunter World board on GameFAQs I decided to fill the weapons section with Flash and Gif files. Let me know if you want me to finish, by commenting or just hitting the recommend button at the top of this strategy guide. Thanks again, much more to come I am aiming for 500 KB on this excellent title!

Version 0.17


This is a really good game and probably the largest release of the franchise ever. Monster Hunter World is a huge grind and in this case may not be for every type of player. The game has a huge learning curve as well. Players will need to have a larger amount of dedication to get into this game. If players are ready and can get past the huge learning curve. Most gamers that enjoy farming and grinding will enjoy this game immensely. I suggest that if you are in the mood for a shooter to stay clear for now.

Monster Hunter World is a great game for sure it has tons of awesome icons, monsters, a huge leveling system and more. Players can level up tons of weapons, their Palico ( traveling companion ), the main protagonist and much more. In conclusion, this may be one of the deepest or in-depth games you will ever play. If players aren't ready for that, they may want to pass, read or review or just check out what this Strategy Guide will entail.


This strategy guide will consist of original artwork, text, and flash work on just about everything I personally do in the game. The guide will be as in-depth and as large as possible. I will even throw in some cool videos from my personal playthrough on youtube.com. I don't want to flood the guide with videos, so those will be limited.

Artwork will be created by either myself, deviant artist, or official game art with some modifications by myself. I will be using adobe photoshop and adobe flash mainly, with some other quick software work thrown in. If you are interested in having ideas or artwork added to this guide, let me know at my email address, at the top of this Introduction page.

The table of contents will be accessible through any page on this walkthrough. The contents will consist of the Main Story or Main Quests required to complete this game. Next will be the side missions or side quests. I would start checking out the main quest first and afterward, I will be going into the weapons, armors, potions, tools, and more. Once again this game is huge so there may be several if not many sections. I hope you all enjoy my next larger project, Monster Hunter World - The Hardcore Guide!

Tips of Week

I decided to throw in some bonus tips that I discovered here in this Introduction Section. Some players may find it interesting and if you have something cool enough for me to throw in, let me know! This section will be locked on the Introduction page. I may make another section later if it gets popular or large enough in KB size and artwork. For now, we will keep these Bonus Tips right here so enjoy.

Farming Respawn Times

I have created a video below that shows how respawning timers work in Monter Hunter World. just about everything is on a respawn timer. From bugs to small monsters, large monsters. It is actually quite amazing how we went from a Day and Night cycle in say, Zelda Ocarina of Time, to full-blown time cycles on a piece of grass in 2018's Monster Hunter World. Zelda Breath of the Wild also did this as a hidden mechanic.

Monster Hunter World advances upon Zelda's Mechanic by actually showing the respawn times of items and many monsters on the Wolrd Map. Once you have collected an item, let us use a Herb as an example. Players can open up the World Map for that area. If players Zoom In on the Herb they may notice it is colored, Gray. If players wait a little while, that Grayed Out Herb will begin to turn green again rising from the bottom up. Each item and monster works like this.

I am pretty sure they are all on different timers possibly even materials in general. For example, a green Herb may be on a different timer than a Godbug. In retrospective its all true and it works! This is great to use when farming those materials and items that are much needed for crafting to get you through the toughest of Monsters in the World of a game. Please see the video below to see it in action!