Do people still play MHW in 2020 on ps4?

  1. I listen lot about MHW for somewhile but before I didn't have any console or pc to support it, now I have ps4 so should I start playing, will there be another players for multiplayer mode? Main gest of this game lives in multiplayer as I get to know from internet?

    User Info: Shawn606

    Shawn606 - 9 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Yes, MHW base game and Iceborne are still both very active. There may be some slow times of the day depending on what region you're in, but overall there are still lots of people playing this on a regular daily basis.

    User Info: Mookiethebold

    Mookiethebold (Expert) - 9 months ago 14   1


  1. This depends on your region, but Monster Hunter is still super active on all platforms. Try joining some online sessions if it seems nobody responds to your SOS. I hope this helped!

    User Info: Antylam

    Antylam - 9 months ago 4   0
  2. I still have it in its original plastic wrap, ill be starting it very soon

    User Info: Cobalt_Wasps

    Cobalt_Wasps - 8 months ago 3   0
  3. Dude you gotta get it on that! It's amazing!

    User Info: Akurusu

    Akurusu - 8 months ago
  4. I personally know 3 people who play every single day.

    User Info: Nintendokami

    Nintendokami - 8 months ago 3   2
  5. I've beaten the base game several months earlier and as of this year, MHW is still alive and well.

    User Info: JoeDaSnow

    JoeDaSnow - 8 months ago 0   0
  6. Oh it's only the most successful Capcom game ever made, so yeah, millions still play it every day. I don't think you'll have a problem running into peeps lmao.

    User Info: THunter24

    THunter24 - 8 months ago 0   0
  7. lol.took me 10 mins to find anyone.

    User Info: monster_slayer

    monster_slayer - 8 months ago
  8. You probably played offline then. I have absolutely 0 issues getting into full lobbies every single day.

    User Info: THunter24

    THunter24 - 7 months ago
  9. I've yet to come across the same person twice. Clearly, the answer is yes...

    User Info: hoggoe

    hoggoe - 8 months ago 0   0

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