Is my build good enough for Alatreon?

  1. This is my gear:
    - Demonlord Blade
    bolt jewel x1

    - Brachy Helm beta+
    crit/protection jewel 4 x2
    vitality jewel 1

    - Damascus mail B+
    Expert jewel 4
    mind's eye jewel 2
    vitality jewel 1

    - Acidic Glavenus brace B+
    crit/protection jewel 4
    magazine jewel 2
    vitality jewel 1

    - Damascus coil B+
    hard defense jewel 4
    brace jewel 3
    steadfast jewel 1

    - Brachy greaves B+
    Hard defense jewel 4
    water res jewel 1
    ice res jewel 1

    - Master Charm IV
    all fully upgraded and augmented.

    my stats after taking elemental res food L are as follows :
    attack 1062
    affinity 45%
    thunder ele 420
    power element phial

    def 1148
    fire res 31
    water res 20
    thunder res 21
    ice res 22
    dragon res 21

    defense boost lv.6
    crit eye lv.6
    stun resist lv.3
    heath stonks lv.3
    crit boost lv.3
    weakness exploit lv.3
    focus lv.3
    divine blessing lv.3
    water res & ice res lv.1
    capacity boost lv.1
    flinch free lv.1
    mind's eye lv.1

    any input will be appreciated.
    I'm not sure what to put on lv.3 slot so I decided to put brace jewel 3, not that I have many jewel 3 to choose to begin with.

    I put ice and water res so when I ate elemental L food, I have 20 res in each element to prevent corresponding elemental blight.

    User Info: SonicCyclone

    SonicCyclone - 4 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. If I saw correctly, you neighter have Blightresistance, or Dragonresistance 3.
    You spend to much Time whit Nullberrys getting rid of Dragonblight otherwhise.
    Better get rid of
    Minds Eye - you wont bounce until blue and blue decreases your Damage to much.

    Defenseboost - does to little, even the Elementboost isnt that good, chause every Elemental Attack does allways Physical Damage as well.

    Elementresistance - Creative Idea, but you waist to much for it.

    Dont know if your Set uses Vitality or another healthrelated Skill. I guess you do, but if not do it.

    If you have a well coordinated Group, Blightresistance/Dragonproof 3 sould be enough. Just focus on Frontlegs and in Purplemode Head.
    If you struggle, try using the Thunderattack Charm and one Deco for Thunderattack 6.

    User Info: SunaKi10

    SunaKi10 - 4 weeks ago 3   2

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