Is this a good build for bow?

  1. I just started playing since March (free on PS+) and mainly use bows and sometimes IGs. My current build are as follows:
    -Safi's Shatterbow [Drain/Attack jewel]
    -Brachydium Helm B+ [Expert jewel+ / Forceshot jewel / Maintenance jewel]
    -Golden Lunemail B+ [Jumping/Attack jewel / Drain jewel / Maintenance jewel]
    -Grand God's Peer Arms B+ [Jumping/Attack jewel / Tenderizer jewel / Maintenance jewel]
    -Tentacle Coil B+ [Jumping/Attack jewel / Expert jewel 1 / Expert jewel 1]
    -Garuga Greaves B+ [Drain/Expert jewel / Mighty Bow jewel / Tenderizer jewel]
    -Fitness Charm IV
    -Temporal Mantle (not upgraded yet, working on it)
    -Assassin's Hood+ [Spread jewel / Destroyer jewel]

    My skills summary:
    -Critical Eye 7
    -Constitution 5
    -Attack Boost 4
    -Weakness Exploit 3
    -Stamina Thief 3
    -Stamina Surge 3
    -Evade Extender 3
    -Tool Specialist 3 / Elemental attack 3
    -Divine Blessing 2
    -Normal Shots 1
    -Bow Charge Plus
    -Spread/Power Shots 1
    -Partbreaker 1

    On my other Savi elemental bows, I replace Maintenance with the corresponding element (i.e. Aquashot with Stream jewels).

    I know it needs some work, but this is what I have at the moment and would like input on which skills I should add or remove.

    User Info: winterrwhite

    winterrwhite - 1 week ago


  1. I'm no expert on this sort of thing, but I can see this is a pretty solid set. What interests me though is Stamina Thief 3, EE 3 and Cons 5. Was it just something that came extra from your decos and/or armour or was it something you chose to have?

    User Info: ShadowGravity21

    ShadowGravity21 - 1 week ago 0   0
  2. from what I've read, bow's pellet rain has the ability to stagger enemies and since I only had Spread/Power Shot that time I decided to play a bit close to enemies and spam Power Shots and pellet rain. MR Rathian didn't stop flinching once it was down when I played with my friend that way, so I decided to keep it. I also have that level 4 jewel slot on the Garuga Greaves and needed 1 more Critical Eye, so might as well.

    for EE, I have trouble timing my dodges coz I always time them when the enemies start attacking and not when they start touching my character, so EE is my go to. Also the attack boost coz I have no other attack boost jewels that fits a bow build better.

    all attacks done when using a bow consumes stamina, so Constitution 5 really helps lower stamina usage

    User Info: winterrwhite

    winterrwhite - 1 week ago 0   0
  3. Since you're using a raw bow, I'd suggest stack as much attack as you can while keeping your affinity as high as possible too. Agitator, peak performance, attack boost and crit boost you need that since you'll rely on raw power. Constitution 2/3 should be good enough just use dash juice. Take out drain deco it's not worth it nor is evade extender. If you can't build a high raw power bow just stick with elemental it'll be better.

    User Info: eidriyel

    eidriyel - 1 week ago 0   0
  4. Raw bow really lags behind elemental bow in terms of damage. Not to say it isn't viable, but you'll be killing things far more slowly.

    You also want to get to the max level of element up for whatever bow you are using (which should be Kjarr, or Safi if you don't have Kjarr; one bow of each element).

    Stamina Theif is a trash skill, putting the monster into rage mode will completely negate any benefit from this skill. Since monsters enter rage mode a ton, you may never fatigue them. Some monsters (most elder dragons) are immune to this effect to.

    You do not need 5 constitution, as there is a cap for stamina reduction (50%) which you can easily hit with Felyne black belt food skill and dash juice, and a lower level of constitution.

    Critical boost is 100% necessary, especially on raw bow, as it increases your critical hit multiplier.

    But really, go for an elemental build with a Safi bow and 4 piece silver los for true crit element, or a Kjarr bow and the full safi set, with the kjarr bow and safi set being the best option.

    if you want more build help, ask on the message board or google search for the Reddit meta thread for iceborne.

    User Info: Dark_Abaddon

    Dark_Abaddon - 1 week ago 0   0

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