Already at hr 84 and beat the game completely - how do I start Iceborn content?

  1. I'm currently at hr 84 and completely defeat the final boss,side quest etc.I already bought the iceborne expansion but i can't seem to trigger it.It so frustrating.I already try to talked to fiver but it was useless.I tried to hunt stuff to see maybe it will trigger after i finished some quest but it did not work as well.I bought the expansion at the playstation store but the disk is bought from shop.If i wanna play or unlock iceborne...Do I Need To Pay the base game as well.If you're suggesting me to buy the master version then i will be dissapointed but i want to know how tq

    User Info: Randomdudeee

    Randomdudeee - 1 month ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Talk to everyone with a blue ! Mark and complete their quests. Then, talk to the group of hunters near the item shop. They should trigger a quest that starts Iceborne.

    User Info: Thebigbroswer

    Thebigbroswer - 1 month ago 4   0

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