Is safi Aqua shot slugger secret broken?

  1. So I adjusted the artillery secret build of the aquashot that's used in the meta and have

    Gun mods
    Hp Aug 1
    Attack boost V x3
    Narga essence
    Slot upgrade IV

    Armor skills total
    Attack boost 7
    Slugger 5
    Hp boost 3
    Partbreaker 3
    Artillery 3
    Evade window 3
    Free elem 2
    Flinch free 1
    trueshot 2

    And it seems a bit broken to be honest the thing can keep a 2 star stun res monster down for 60%-70% of the entire fight with just 1 me and a friend ran tempered kirin and it barely got up and it never moved from an area and its a 1 star to stun

    User Info: Phantom_warr1or

    Phantom_warr1or - 4 weeks ago
  2. Yes It has both true spare shot and slugger secret

    User Info: Phantom_warr1or

    Phantom_warr1or - 4 weeks ago


  1. I've been running this for a month now and yeah it's pretty broken, imo no need for artillery at all (1 3 or 5) since the damage is still garbage anyway, its great at crown control tho and will shine in multiplayer, especially in 2P hunts, couple it with a heavy hitting weapon that need the monster to stay in place, let's say... Great sword, and you have a great combo for fast hunts despite the LBG dealing mediocre damage

    User Info: Rayanson

    Rayanson - 6 days ago 0   0

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