What is the best way to farm decos and jewels faster?

  1. What i need are bread and butter decos such as critical boost jewels which are bery rare, i am struggling at farming them i have finished both the main and iceborne expansion story, and i am now at the guiding lands, but i dont want to start it yet because i lack jewels, the only important jewels i have is 2 tenderizers (weak exp) and 4 critical eye decos, is there a faster way to farm them?

    User Info: Cardinal_cypher

    Cardinal_cypher - 1 week ago

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  1. During the last festival, you could have done steam work to get silver tickets, or daily to get joy ticket to then meld into silver tickets. They have a high chance of turning into critical etc. So wait for the 2 year anniversary and hope they return. Also my name is lavasioth quest gives lots of deco too. Should return in same event. Farm guiding land for ore deposits now to build up your dream work reserve

    User Info: Y2Jack

    Y2Jack - 1 week ago 1   0


  1. The special/event quest with a giant Jaggra, let him eat, and then bash him! He'll vomits jewels all over the place you get like +30 of em in 10 minutes.

    User Info: mouchou

    mouchou - 1 day ago 0   0
  2. Dual medium tempered monsters for both master and high rank gives you the best rewards as of +decorations -time to complete(there's a update some time ago that reworked the drops on threat2 investigations)
    Last day i was doing threat lvl2 in a single quest i got nine jewels of 1 to 4 slots, if you're non iceborne player and want hero streamstones you should stick to tempered elders
    Last part are for players that don't have iceborne and are reading this

    User Info: N-INQUISITOR

    N-INQUISITOR - 1 day ago 0   0

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