What do i need to upgrade dantes devil sword to rarity 12?

  1. Idk what more to do I've pretty much killed every monster in mhw including iceborne and nothing shows up

    User Info: Countblacula

    Countblacula - 1 month ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. You'll need Unity Symbol Ticket, currently unknown how to obtain but it is obtainable currently.

    User Info: KROWREQUIEM

    KROWREQUIEM - 1 month ago 7   0


  1. Most speculation at this point is it will be the main ticket associated with a festival that will be occurring in January.

    User Info: KazukiYotsuga

    KazukiYotsuga - 4 weeks ago 5   0
  2. Out on 23rd january. After the update.

    User Info: eroben23

    eroben23 - 2 weeks ago 1   1

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