Does anyone know when to find a lrg crown king marlin or sml crown wintermoon nettle?

  1. I have been collecting the endemic life crowns for 2 weeks now, and the last ones on my list are the lrg crown king marlin and sml crown wintermoon nettles. After 123 king marlin captures I have gotten 4 sml crown specimens, and after 24 wintermoon nettles I have gotten 6 lrg crown specimens.
    After doing some research I discovered that other people were having trouble discovering sml crown wintermoon nettles as well, and that apparently they can spawn during blizzards? Nothing concrete yet on the lrg crown king marlin yet from what I've seen.

    If anyone has discovered either of these endemic life crowns and knows WHEN the capture took place, WHERE the specimine was and WHAT the weather was at the time, it would be greatly appreciated.

    User Info: The1andOnlyDart

    The1andOnlyDart - 1 week ago

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