do people still play mhw?

  1. Seriously i can't find people who are playing is the online sessions broken again? And the sos search isn't finding anything I'm looking for and yes i have iceborne master rank 200 where is everyone?

    User Info: DrakeRedsoul

    DrakeRedsoul - 3 weeks ago
  2. I play it on the xbox one

    User Info: L1ghtnin95

    L1ghtnin95 - 4 days ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I agree, its the online matchmaking. Tey to be specific when searching SOS

    For example, no events shoe if I just change the filter to master rank. But if I add events as a filter option then they start to show.

    Before you ask, yes previously the matchmaking did allow for almost all quest types to be shown just by selecting high rank/low rank

    User Info: DaDrkKnight

    DaDrkKnight - 2 weeks ago 5   2
  2. No it didn't. Event quests never showed up even when just search High/Low even in base game. You had to specifically use an Event filter to get event SOS.

    User Info: Shinagawakun

    Shinagawakun - 1 week ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. People still play this game. The problem with it is the way the online matchmaking works. When I was last online on PS4 It all boils down to the 4 people need to be on the same quest and answer that request on the bulletin board. MHW isn't like other games like Diablo 2 where you can see people in a "hub". You quite literally only see people when working on the same quest and your rank is high so peoples filters probably don't show their games for you.

    User Info: gamefreakchad88

    gamefreakchad88 - 2 weeks ago 6   1

Other Answers

  1. I do, and i know a bunch of people who play it most evening till late at night every week; your best bet is to look for a good streamer or two and go hang around with them.

    User Info: mouchou

    mouchou - 1 week ago 1   0
  2. I think the game's dead due to how bad Iceborne's endgame was, most players may have moved on (I did too). I recently played it and couldn't find anything in SOS. It feels dead af

    User Info: Shinagawakun

    Shinagawakun - 1 week ago 0   9

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