What is a good ig full flight build?

  1. Okay, in advance, i would like to say that I know that doing this can hurt my dps, but I play offline only, meaning I'm not hurting anybody else's experience by doing this, and if I cared that much about dps I would use hammer, I just want to do this because it sounds fun

    Okay sorry about that, but last time I asked this question all i got waere people saying don't do it,

    now that thats out of the way, anybody got a good full flight build that will help my stamina, damage and mounting ease

    User Info: Lefty_the_tired

    Lefty_the_tired - 4 weeks ago


  1. Helicopter attacks have low mv, so you'll want full element or status. I'd guess four pieces of silversol, CE7, and <element>6 are going to be standard for you.

    User Info: Placid01

    Placid01 (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 0   0

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