Why is True Critical Element actually garbage?

  1. So I've been under the impression that True Critical Element (TCE) is "way better" than regular Critical Element. I play a lot of Greatsword and Sword & Shield and what's really dumb is that when I test against enemies and the training dummy alike, I'm seeing almost no damage improvement on my TCE set vs CE.

    For testing purposes I've made sure to hit the same spot on the test dummy with the draw attack for both weapons.

    In my first test I used the Kirin Sword and Shield, Ephemeral Fulminator, with Critical Boost

    After bonuses I have 370 attack and 570 lightning with white sharpness

    With the Critical Element set I'm hitting for 97
    With TCE I hit for 99

    In my second test I used the Velkhana Greatsword, Winged Seraphyd, also with Critical Boost

    After bonuses I have 1411 attack and 550 ice with purple sharpness

    With CE I'm hitting for (uncharged) 251
    With CE I'm hitting for (full charge) 550

    With TCE I'm hitting for (uncharged) 255
    With TCE I'm hitting for (full charge) 556

    For reference, with no CE and everything else the same, I hit 241 uncharged, and 534 charged with Velk GS.

    In conclusion, I'm really disappointed with the results with TCE on my Sword and Shield. But I will say even though the bonus is small it does add up, I guess, and I can get all the SnS skills I want on that set so might as well use it.

    Additionally for Greatsword it's basically totally useless, and in some cases a detriment. It's a lot harder to get the correct skills with jewels/talisman and stonethrower is pretty much going to waste with GS (not that it's much more useful on SnS). In fact after these tests I'm thinking there's a raw damage set that's a more ideal solution for Greatsword.

    Just wanted to put some numbers out there for people curious because I was really convinced using TCE was the "only" option to get huge dick damage, but clearly it is a pedestrian improvement at best over CE. As for the defense bonus of using the TCE 4 piece, that's a different story. But for damage output, there is certainly no reason to lock yourself into TCE, what do you think?

    User Info: armyofbear136

    armyofbear136 - 1 month ago

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  1. "test dummy"

    There's your problem. The pole has very low Elemental modifiers. You won't be doing a lot of Element to it no matter what you come in with.

    User Info: Caroniver

    Caroniver - 1 month ago 11   1


  1. TCE is fantastic for bowguns. I did more damage with TCE and elemental than i used to do with CE, elemental and Namielle 2-piece.
    First, the training dummy has horrible elemental vulnerability, so you might not get the best results testing elemental on it.
    Secondly, elemental crits have their own damage multiplier, not the same 1,25 as raw damage. Which is why crit boost doesn't affect elemental crits.
    The multiplier is also different for each weapon. Certain weapons get a much bigger increase in damage from CE than otheras. We can assume that TCE is exactly the same as CE, just with higher multipliers.
    Iirc, Great Sword has quite a strong muliplier with CE alone, meaning the difference between TCE and CE might be quite low.
    Weapons that are more elementally focused, like LBG has a lower CE multiplier, and might see greater differences in damage woth TCE.

    User Info: BlackHoleEyes

    BlackHoleEyes - 1 month ago 4   1
  2. Element is always bad on great sword.
    SnS shield attacks do not do elemental damage.

    your affinity also affects how useful this skill will be.

    as others have mentioned, the training pole has a great raw hitzone, and a poor elemental hitzone, so it is making those numbers look worse.

    User Info: Dark_Abaddon

    Dark_Abaddon - 3 weeks ago 1   0
  3. I looked up CE and CTE multipliers on Japanese forums.
    CE multipliers:
    -GS, hammer, HH, HBG: 1.5
    -DB: 1.38
    -LBG: 1.25
    -Others: 1.35
    CTE multipliers:
    -GS, hammer, HH, HBG: 1.7
    -LBG: 1.4
    -Others: 1.55

    CE+element acceleration is better until you have some rare decorations.

    User Info: _Cheeseburger_

    _Cheeseburger_ - 3 weeks ago 1   0
  4. What damage did you do without TCE nor CE?

    User Info: Placid01

    Placid01 (Expert) - 1 month ago 1   1
  5. I mentioned that actually,

    With no ce or tce I was getting 241 uncharged and 534 on a full charge with the velk greatsword with everything else the same.

    Been messing with sets since then and at least for GS i was able to get some crazyyyy raw damage and was hitting higher than my best ce or tce set

    User Info: armyofbear136

    armyofbear136 - 1 month ago

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