Killed zinogre in the guiding lands, how can i get his lure again?

  1. Hey guys I recently started the Guiding lands and got the zinogre lure my only issue is I accidentally killed him. Now I'm wondering if I can get his lure again? Is this possible? Because I'm trying to get the fanged wyvern analysis but idk how to. Any help please. See zinogre doesnt show a skull before he dies on the mini map which is why I killed him accidentally

    User Info: Sergmist

    Sergmist - 2 weeks ago


  1. After killing him for the first time you can start having his investigations show up when just collecting monster tracks

    As for the lure: I'm unsure if you can get another one BUT the best way to farm would be to die 2 times with the skill fortify and grab tracks of monsters who are ranged wyverns (you can check with the large monster field guide) remember to bring ghille mantle as some monsters enrage on sight.

    User Info: Sethael

    Sethael - 2 weeks ago 0   0
  2. Fanged*

    User Info: Sethael

    Sethael - 2 weeks ago

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