Where do I find guiding coral dragonbone?

  1. I am farming for guiding coral dragonbone in coral region of the guiding lands. But after many tries, failed. I want to ask the "look" for spawning bone pile for guiding coral dragonbone is different from the current ones?

    If possible, please provide more details, thanks a lot.

    User Info: Alexander31

    Alexander31 - 3 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Coral dragonbone is one of the rarer Guiding Lands bones. You need to keep gathering in the Coral region until you start getting bonepiles with a red icon. Those tend to give Coral Dragonbones more often.

    User Info: BlackHoleEyes

    BlackHoleEyes - 3 weeks ago 6   0
  2. Thanks for your kind assistance, seems I need to put more time in these piles.

    User Info: Alexander31

    Alexander31 - 3 weeks ago
  3. To add to that, once you have gathered enough to receive the message "Giant Bone Piles Have Appeared", there will be one spawn of a much bigger than usual bone pile that will only allow you to gather once, but will always contain a Guiding Bone for the region you're gathering in. If you don't gather that pile before returning from the Guiding Lands, it carries over until your next expedition.

    User Info: DespondentDeity

    DespondentDeity - 3 weeks ago

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