How do you get the new Iceborne Kinsects?

  1. Specifically the ones that can be gotten from the culldrone/mauldrone Kinsects.
    I know they are from the Guiding Lands, but I woul Like specific materials if possible.
    The amount doesn’t matter.

    User Info: Wyyca

    Wyyca - 4 weeks ago


  1. You can purchase, upgrade, and change the element of Kinsects the same way you would craft and upgrade weapons, at the smithy.

    Kinsects have two trees, or "lineages", starting from either the Mauldrone, which deals blunt damage, or the Culldrone, which deals cutting damage. These trees are revealed as you obtain the required items, just like weapon trees.

    User Info: esportzbet

    esportzbet - 1 week ago 0   6
  2. I know.
    I would like the required items for the Master Rank Kinsect that directly comes from the Culldrone/Mauldrone III.

    User Info: Wyyca

    Wyyca - 1 day ago

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