Question before I buy, how tough is Iceborne?

  1. Examples, is Behemoth stronger or at least more bs than Iceborne monsters? And how are the monsters as a whole compared to NORMAL tempered monsters? Not extreme behemoth, not arch tempered. Cuz behemoth is a poorly designed monster, and arch tempered are just annoying.

    User Info: Nightshaede

    Nightshaede - 1 week ago


  1. The early monsters have about the health of a tempered monster but if your armor and weapons aren't at the max of their tree or highest def it will be noticeably harder until you make your first rarity 9 armor set as you will take more damage than usual. No monster from the story were as bad as behemoth for me.

    User Info: Sethael

    Sethael - 1 week ago 0   0
  2. Currently I use Kulve Taroth armor and Val Hazak armors. I don't remember their rank. I just don't want to buy the dlc if the enemies are unnecessarily difficult. Like, I get it. Some people really like the challenge. And I'm also okay with it SOMETIMES. Hence why I occasionally fight tempered and the rarist of occasion an arch tempered because I hate being 1 shot by anything. I just don't want to pay 30 (or 40?) Dollars on something that will just piss me off instead of let me have fun.

    User Info: Nightshaede

    Nightshaede - 6 days ago

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