New to MHW, do I need Iceborne?

  1. Hi,

    New to monster hunter games in general, only played MHW for ~62 hours and currently HR 13. I wonder if I should buy Iceborne expansion on release date or wait till I'm ready for it?

    I think I've enough time to finish main story, but won't have good/best end game gear (how many hours required for those?), does is matter though?

    Any other tips for newbie is appreciated. Loving the game btw, sucked me in hard! :)
    spangly_pig - 2 years ago - report

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  1. You are HR 13, so chances are you still need to fight three elder dragons and then the final boss before anything else becomes available. Only after beating the main game are you able to start iceborne. My advice is just play the game and enjoy it, if you feel you have thoroughly played your worth of the game for the money you paid, then you should definitely give iceborne a shot. Not only are there new and returning monsters you also get additional content that over all makes the game better. Gai_Akiba - 2 years ago - report 33   6
  2. What he said. This is not one of those games you rush through either. Play MHW first, and get the most out of that. If you are done with practically everything yet still yearn for more, then Iceborne will offer just as much (if not more) to do and enjoy compared to World. TheNextAvatar4 - 2 years ago - report


  1. Best thing to do is finish the main campaign before buying Iceborn. You're going to have to do that before you move on anyways. Run around and get some elder dragon gear and decide what you want to do from there. Iceborn will always be there. No need to dive in if you're unsure. timber_jack - 2 years ago - report 12   7
  2. If you like the main game, yes you should get Iceborne. it is a substantially large expansion, with about 25 new monsters. Iceborne also fixes a lot of problems with the base game.

    I'd recommend getting past the final boss, and then jumping right into Iceborne and crafting an early MR set, as HR gear (with a few exceptions) is outclassed when entering MR, especially in regards to defence.
    Dark_Abaddon - 2 years ago - report 11   7
  3. If you are 62 hours in then I would say eventually you will want Ice Born. I agree with the other posts that finishing the regular MHW game through once might be good but the stuff you can get right at the start of Ice born is better than a lot of gear you get late game in world so if you want a quicker easier time getting through world it won't hurt to just upgrade. Seiichiro - 2 years ago - report 12   8
  4. The expansions for monster hunter are always worth it but only you can say if you want the game to become bigger, harder and more intense. If you are done with the game and don't wish to play more then you can skip but for the older fans, expansions is where the true game starts. Fairycancel - 2 years ago - report 6   4
  5. In my opinion, Iceborne is worth buying.

    It sounds like it'll be bringing alot of new stuff to the table (raider rides, clutch claw, etc), and the returning monsters offer some pretty good gear.

    What is your current setup? I think I'm HR 41, and High Metal armor has pretty much carried me through every major battle. I maxed out it's levels and slot in which ever gems I need.

    Bazelgeuse is another good set, and it's quite easy to farm.

    I'm a Hammer main, and the ones that I use the most are: Cocytus, Dragonbone basher (max level), Lighting Bash (max level), and Diablos shatter.
    Izrael - 2 years ago - report 2   12
  6. You need to reach HR16 fight xenojiva ,then decide Gabe1 - 2 years ago - report 3   17
  7. Why is this question instead of a topic on a message board? TheNextAvatar4 - 2 years ago - report 4   37
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