Am I using dual blades the wrong way?

  1. So I've been a long time DB user since first MH, but after playing this game for so long I can't help but think that dual blades are not in a very good shape for these reasons:

    1. The most powerful combos are static and this is very annoying when you are trying to hit a tripped monster that is kicking around and pushing you away.

    2. I know dual blades are meant to have extremely short reach but this really has made figthing monster with higher weakpoint such as deviljho/ anjanath a really bad experience. I know you should be aiming for the legs until they trip but then it comes back to problem 1. Furthermore the legs usually aren't weakpoints so no only you will deal less damage but you lose sharpness as well. And there's so many times when I'm stuck in blade dance animation while the monster is trip as I was hitting the leg. By the time I'm back into the game the monster got up.

    3. The fact that your stamina continues to drain while you are being hit is really turning me away as it almost makes me not want to be in demon mode unless I need to fill the gauge, but then I'm stuck with the slower triangle moveset. The tri+cir is quite nice but it eats up so much of the meter.

    I'm not trying to say DB are bad, I love DBs but I just don't find playing with them very enjoyable. Is there anything I'm doing wrong? Correct me if I do. Thanks.

    User Info: Valvaro

    Valvaro - 2 weeks ago


  1. 1) Don't use Blade Dance on a mobile monster. It leaves you stuck in place and vulnerable. Save it for when it's down. And when you do use it, don't use it on the legs. Run to the tail (or the head, if no hammerer is there).

    2) Spin flurry attacks work better on legs, because you're moving and hard to target.

    3) Ledge jumping onto its back, and then spinning up & down its spine is pretty impressive too.

    4) Part of the skill is finding a balance between filling gauge in demon mode, and then expending gauge in archdemon mode. Don't let your gauge fall much below half.

    Or else say yes to drugs. Specifically Dash Juice.

    User Info: Placid01

    Placid01 (Expert) - 2 weeks ago 0   0

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