Why Won't The Astera Music Go Back To Normal?

  1. As the title states. The Astera theme has changed and won't go back to normal. I have already finished the game and I have slain Behemoth and the Leshen. The theme does not change when the Xeno'jiiva and Zorah Magdaros quests are available like normal. If more details are needed, please let me know.

    User Info: OpalTheWyvern

    OpalTheWyvern - 3 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. the only monsters I could think of that would cause the ominous music besides zorah and xeno are lunastra and deviljho. have you checked special assignments?

    User Info: BeizlFreiz

    BeizlFreiz - 2 weeks ago 1   0
  2. I've done the Deviljho assignment but I got the special assignment 'No Remorse, No Surrender' and I still need to finish that one. Thank you!

    User Info: OpalTheWyvern

    OpalTheWyvern - 2 weeks ago

Other Answers

  1. Assuming it's the FF14 music, you need to clear your special assignment. Other kills from the optional or others special assignment that you joined too late on do not count.

    User Info: Free_san

    Free_san - 2 weeks ago 0   1
  2. I have already finished the FF14 event completely. It definitely isn't the FF14 Astera theme either. It's really ominous and foreboding.

    User Info: OpalTheWyvern

    OpalTheWyvern - 2 weeks ago

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