So... "manual shoutouts"?

  1. ...what's different about them compared to custom shoutouts?

    I always assumed they were the auto translate thingy that i heard MHW have, but seems like half the people i run into in multi still writes in japanese.

    And let's say it IS the auto translate thingy, if i modify the manual shoutouts to... i dunno, a devastating statement about the political state of Indonesian goverment, will the game still auto translate it to "Nice to meet you!" to other players?

    User Info: lmg_man

    lmg_man - 3 weeks ago


  1. They indeed are the auto translated messages MHW has, problem is: only part of them has the auto translation processed, that's why you'll still find language inconsistencies when playing with people all over the world, specific ones just stay in the language processed by the user for some odd reason. It would appear Capcom never bothered to address the issue either, at least not until the Iceborne beta was out wich appearently had it fixed so that all shotouts will be automatically translated, finally. Whether they'll be fixed in base MHW too once the Iceborne update is released is yet to be seen though.

    By the way, the shotouts who are part of the auto translated group cannot be customized at all.

    User Info: Enigma8th

    Enigma8th - 5 hours ago 0   0

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