Is there any way to match my save files to the game?

  1. Hi all guys. I seriously need help with the saves of monster hunter world on the ps4.

    I have always used the game from my friend's profile shared with my profile.

    The saves are mine, in fact they are on my profile but now I have purchased the game taking advantage of a discount because I wanted to delete the profile of my friend who unfortunately is no longer available. The problem is that the game bought on my profile does not recognize my saves and creates new saves.
    I tried to load the right save from the options menu but the game on my account does not recognize it and only recognizes its own.

    I don't understand why it doesn't recognize the save that are on my account.

    I think the game I used on my friend's profile was different.

    What can you do about it?

    The solutions I've been looking for are:

    - Contact the CAPCOM assistance company who sent me back to SONY support

    - Contact a SONY support who cannot give me a solution

    - Search the internet for a solution to force the saves to be modified, but I found only a series of obsolete tools for the old ps4 firmware.

    I ask you a hand because I would love to be able to play the DLC with my saves and for my game without restarting the game.

    User Info: GHERDO-240188

    GHERDO-240188 - 2 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I have the same problem but on a different scenario. I can provide a solution but it won't help you with the DLCs. You will be able to retain your progress though. You see my problem was I started the game on a disk version which I later realized was a EU region, but my PSN is US, I realized it when I found out that I can't access the DLCs, I was afraid that it will cause problems when Ice Borne will come out. So I bought the game last month from PSN, which made a different save data and wasn't able to read my old save data.

    Anyway, to find the solution, you have to buy the exact same version of the one you were playing. To find out the version of the game, you have to upload the save file into a flash drive which is formatted to exFAT, delete every other files in it to avoid confusion. First copy your main save file into it and there should be a folder inside named CUSA07708 this one is EU region, US region is CUSA07713, You will be able to continue from your old save file, but this is not a long term solution. I don't understand the fact that save data is associated with PSN, it shouldn't be different from region to region. Right now I can't even pre-order Ice Borne because of this confusion. Sony didn't even reply and Capcom forwarded me to Sony as well.

    User Info: doha_fu

    doha_fu - 2 weeks ago 2   0
  2. thank you so much. No one at Sony assistance had managed to give me such a useful answer.
    However, I solved by buying back the whole game including paid packages through a new US Account that I put as the main so that it shared its game with my Italian account where I have the US saves.
    The difficulty is being able to create a US account from Italy and enter US dollars. I'll explain how I did it if you want.

    User Info: GHERDO-240188

    GHERDO-240188 - 1 week ago

Other Answers

  1. Save Wizard, or Xploder can resign it for you.

    User Info: SgtBass8705

    SgtBass8705 - 3 days ago 0   0

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