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  1. So I launched up the game to play for the winter event, and like every event, all the event quests come back. I remember doing the Triple Threat Throwdown quests and getting lots of decorations a couple of seasons back.
    So I did it again, twice. And from both of those hunts, i only got a total of 6 decorations. Okay so, maybe I'm just unlucky.
    Then I tried the Tracking the Delivery quest to hopefully find some tracks, because it's supposed to have a lot of them. Didn't find a single one, even after I searched the entirety of the elders recess.

    Is the game bugged? Am I unlucky? Or are these quests just legitimately a waste of time

    User Info: FantasyAnime

    FantasyAnime - 1 week ago


  1. No, yes, and maybe yes. I think you're a bit unlucky - I'd expect 2-4 low tier gems per run. Nobody else has mentioned a shortage of gems nor tracks in those quests. Of course, finding enough tracks usually isn't a problem and you'll soon be awash in low tier gems, so maybe those two quests are a waste of time anyway.

    User Info: Placid01

    Placid01 - 1 week ago 0 0

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