Are there any same sex romantic NPC relationships between each other? (without involving the player character)

  1. I know the npcs are kinda..... agh, but are there any NPCs with same sex relationships? I'm just curious. Hell, has there ever been same sex relationships in any monster hunter game in lore?

    User Info: Weamphn

    Weamphn - 1 year ago
  2. No, this is an action game, not a dating sim. Take that crap elsewhere.

    User Info: Rhio2k

    Rhio2k - 3 months ago
  3. Couldn't have said it better myself. This is exactly what's wrong with some game fans & journalists today.

    User Info: Stealthbushido

    Stealthbushido - 2 months ago
  4. C'mon, the guy asked politely.

    User Info: Ryu_Mizuchi

    Ryu_Mizuchi - 3 weeks ago
  5. Some monsters hand me my own ass if that counts, otherwise, no. There are no romance options of any kind in this title.

    User Info: Slyde1052

    Slyde1052 - 2 weeks ago
  6. No thankfully. That stuff is your own business but not something that needs to be foisted on the public.

    User Info: MegalaserLAWS

    MegalaserLAWS - 2 weeks ago

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  1. The game doesn't really tend to focus on non-familiar relationships as anything other than a joke or NPC side quest where they don't really go into detail. Story isn't super important to the MH series. World probably has the most detailed story of any game in the series, and is very typical of a MH game (no real focus on the characters, focus primarily set on the monsters).

    User Info: anubis24354

    anubis24354 - 1 year ago 4   2


  1. The only one I remember was the girl that gave you quests kinda like the handler in MH4U was kinda into the monster Brachydios. It wasn't anything serious. More just kinda silly humor for fun. They didn't go into any kind of relationship details or anything. It was more like she had a crush on it, saying it was strong and powerful or something. I think it's possible one of the villagers you got a quest from was asking you to slay the monster to help their significant other in some way but I can't remember for sure. But if they did, again, it never really went into any detail about the relationship. It would have usually been in there just as a quick cute or funny line. Before World, Monster Hunter was even more cheesy (in a fun way in my opinion). Half the characters you spoke to were cats and they all had cat puns, making as many words as possible include a cat sound of some kind. But, yeah, they never gave you any real back story on characters. It was more just talk to the NPC, get a quest from them and likely never talk to them again.

    User Info: bluahbluah

    bluahbluah - 1 year ago 2   1
  2. Oh ok, cuz i got curious when I read a comment in a thread once about characters being into each other or something like that and I was kinda curious about it. Gays are like meh for me but i was just curious about MH lore.

    And here's the comment that made me kinda curious about it. when someone else was asking a question about romance in MHW, the other user replied with:

    "no, romance really isn't a thing in MH. Outside of maybe an offhanded mention about some random NPCs being into each other."

    Sorry i'm not a native speaker so i couldn't fully understand what it meant. Could u try to explain what it exactly means?

    User Info: Weamphn

    Weamphn - 1 year ago 0   1

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