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  1. I've noticed a few things the grant tremor resistance (footing jewel and a few armor pieces) and I've tried using it against the radobaan thinking it was for when he slammed the ground and you stagger around like a drunk idiot for all eternity but it still happened even with level 2 (out of 3) so not complete resistance but it didn't seem to make any difference at all so I was wondering what actually counts as a ground tremor

    User Info: Ghostcode

    Ghostcode - 10 months ago

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  1. The two tiers of ground tremors are as follows: Minor and Major

    Minor Ground Tremors are when a monster burrows into the ground and passes beneath you, like the Diablos will do

    Major Ground Tremors are mostly from attacks, like the Radobaan and Uragaan chin slams.

    It seems that two levels of Tremor Resistance gives you immunity to the former, while lessening the latter. You can move normally while something passes beneath you, but slow to a crawl when the attacks shake the ground.

    User Info: MercenarySeive

    MercenarySeive (Expert) - 9 months ago 0 0

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  1. This is a ground tremor, but that attack causes a "major ground tremor" - the mitigation you get from tremor resist level 2 is being able to move at all while vulnerable. Minor tremors are things like being directly under a landing Rath.

    User Info: Kazmahu

    Kazmahu - 10 months ago 0 2
  2. Standing directly under a landing rath needs wind res, not tremor res.

    User Info: MH_VOID

    MH_VOID - 10 months ago 0 0

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