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  1. In the Wildspire Waste in the caves underneath area 12 there appears to be nine circular pits that, when set alight with torch pods, burst into large flames that remain for a time (I didn't stay to time them as I needed to obtain more torch pods to complete the lighting).

    Does anyone have any further information on these and their significance? I noticed the expansive cave painting, so maybe it's just for lore implications. I would like to experiment and see if anything occurs when all nine are set alight simultaneously if anyone is interested. My PSN is themedic11

    TL;DR Mysterious fire pits under area 12. Let's experiment!

    User Info: themedic11

    themedic11 - 10 months ago

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  1. I dont believe there's anything important about them. I believe they are just extra environment hazards you have to avoid should a rathian or bazelgeuse retreat there.

    User Info: CommunistMadman

    CommunistMadman - 9 months ago 0 0

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