Investigate the Rotten Vale?

  1. Got this quest to start an expedition - sighted the monster im meant 2 - tells me i need 2 investigate Rotten Vale to finish it - i notice there are a total on 4 X's on the map - been to 2 of them nothing has happened - the other 2 are on a level lower i cant get to - been everywhere and nothing has happened - ideas?

    User Info: frozenfrost

    frozenfrost - 3 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. ^ wrong map lol

    To OP: You probably already figured it out but just in case tou didnt or maybe someone else is in the same bind, you didn't have to go to the X's. You should run into Radobaan and it'll tell you to hunt him and find Great Girros(basically just discover him). Then you'll be free to go back or explore the area if you feel like it but you still can't go past the X's.

    User Info: LocDog

    LocDog - 3 years ago 16   4

Top Voted Answer

  1. To finish this god awful quest you must:
    .hunt down a giant boney monster that loves to cover itself with bones, (I forgot the name sorry about that) loves to roll around, and releases sleep gas. Good luck killing it.

    .see a great girros (or something. I'm not really good with names). No need to kill it. If you see it you will be instructed to go back to research base.

    But seriously, good luck with the giant rolling freak. Took me 1hr to kill it.

    User Info: Sid3wind3r

    Sid3wind3r - 3 years ago 11   6

Other Answers

  1. I believe you'll run into a tzitzi and it will trigger an event to come back

    User Info: Schizogrimm89

    Schizogrimm89 - 3 years ago 6   20

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