Does Monster Hunter World have a storyline?

  1. Just wondering if it's all about hunting or is there a story behind it.

    User Info: Shoody78

    Shoody78 - 1 year ago

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  1. Monster Hunter games usually do have storylines, but they focus way more on gameplay than on plot. Monster Hunter 3 had a pretty good story in my opinion, but it was still fairly light. 4 had a plot that I found a bit less engaging, and generations barely had a story at all. It looks like the story will be more important in World than in many previous games, though from reviews I've seen, it sounds like the story is a bit underwhelming.

    User Info: OCDGamer15

    OCDGamer15 - 1 year ago 2   0


  1. It's more about hunting than anything else. The more and storylines behindit are cool though

    User Info: Dguzma07_PSN

    Dguzma07_PSN (Expert) - 1 year ago 1   0
  2. Going by older games and the new Trailers yes. It is not something huge or really deep but there are story bits why certain things happen or rather why you are hunting certain monsters. If I remember correct one of the trailer also mentions what happens in game and possibly why the game is named World.

    User Info: TropicDragon

    TropicDragon - 1 year ago 1   0
  3. Yes, it has story lines, quest, exhibition, free roam, and online play.

    User Info: Abouye

    Abouye - 1 year ago 1   0

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