Just curious: Monster "friends"?

  1. Well, out of all the years I been hunting Monsters here in MH series, this is the first I've ever seen a case where a few enemy monsters actually turned tail to join me and rebel against bosses. Wow! I wonder can we keep them in the full version when released, or do they simply leave after the quest is over/if he or she accidentally dies?

    Also? How do we even charm/persuade them to join us in the first place? Is it something our Palco does? Is it the scoutflies? This just got more exciting as compared to the fan-art of cases where hunter and monster actually do get along, this confirms it no longer just a myth of fanworks!

    User Info: WhiteLen

    WhiteLen - 1 year ago

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  1. Your Palico will learn this ability from the wild Felynes that are in the levels. The small monster will join you for the fight, and then leave either when it's over or when it dies. You won't get to keep the monsters.

    You do, however, get to capture small animals from around the levels and make them into pets (like the Pilot Hares that are scampering around)

    You might want to check out Monster Hunter Stories. In this game, you do befriend monsters and fight alongside them.

    User Info: nightmares06

    nightmares06 - 1 year ago 1   0


  1. like nightmares06 said you can capture small creatures an have them sorta as pets.
    This is done by just putting them in your house an letting them roam about till your carpet is moving mass of small things

    User Info: AddictedGamer

    AddictedGamer - 1 year ago 0   0

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