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Guide and Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 10/31/2017
FAQ of the Month Winner: October 2017 | Highest Rated Guide

    ^        _____________________________________________________        ^
  ^/ \^   .'¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯'.   ^/ \^
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                                                   Blitz Knight Stunt Presents:

                  \¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯| |¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                   \__    | |   | |   | |    ___|
                      |   | |   | |   | |   |
    W H A T  D O      |   | |   |_|   | |   |___
                      |   | |         | |       |
  Y O U  F E A R,     |   | |         | |    ___|
                      |   | |   |¯|   | |   |
     L I T T L E      |   | |   | |   | |   |
                      |   | |   | |   | |    ¯¯\
         O N E ?      |   | |   | |   | |       \
                      |   |  ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
           ___   ___  |   |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |   | |   | |   | |¯¯¯|  T H E  U L T I M A T E
|    ___| |   | |   | |   | |   |                          |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\
|   |     |   | |   | |   | |   |     S T R A T E G Y      |___     \
|   |___  |   | |   | |   | |   |                              \     |
|       | |   | |   | |   | |   |        G U I D E              |    |
|    ___| |   | |   | |   | |   |                              /    /
|   |     |   \ /   | |   | |   |           B Y               /    /
|   |      \       /  |   | |   |                            /    /____
|    ¯¯\    \     /   |   | |    ¯¯\    B K S T U N T       /          |
|       \    \___/    |   | |       \                      |___________|
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯             |   |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯              
    ___   ___   ___   |   |  __________
   |   | |   | |   |  |   | |          | |¯¯¯| |¯¯¯| |¯¯¯| |¯¯\     |¯¯|
   |   | |   | |   |  |   | |__     ___| |   | |   | |   | |   \    |  |
   |   | |   | |   |  |   |    |   |     |   | |   | |   | |    \   |  |
   |   | |   | |   |  |   |    |   |     |   |_|   | |   | |     \  |  |
   |   | |   | |   |  |   |    |   |     |         | |   | |  |\  \ |  |
   |   | |   | |   |  |   |    |   |     |         | |   | |  | \  \|  |
   |   \ /   \ /   |  |   |    |   |     |   |¯|   | |   | |  |  \     |
    \             /   |   |    |   |     |   | |   | |   | |  |   \    |
     \     /     /    |   |    |   |     |   | |   | |   | |  |    \   |
      \___/ \___/     |   |    |   |     |   | |   | |   | |  |     \__|
                      \   /     ¯¯¯       ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯   ¯¯
                       \ /      1 0 0 %   S P O I L E R - F R E E
                        `       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
            Platform:   PlayStation 4
             Version:   1.00
        Last Updated:   10/31/2017

               Email:   FAQs @ bkstunt .com
            Web Site:   http://bkstunt.com/
       Facebook Page:   http://www.facebook.com/Bkstunt

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    If the ASCII above/below and the charts used throughout the guide look
  strange, please change your settings to display text in a FIXED-WIDTH font.
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /    T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S         |
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

   (-NOTE-) Press Ctrl+F and enter in the code to skip to that section.


 - Introduction.......................................................[EW-INT]
 - Controls...........................................................[EW-CON]
 - Game Basics & Tips.................................................[EW-GBT]


 - Chapter 1: Into the Flame...........................................[EW001]
 - Chapter 2: Something Not Quite Right................................[EW002]
 - Chapter 3: Resonances...............................................[EW003]
 - Chapter 4: Behind the Curtain.......................................[EW004]
 - Chapter 5: Lying in Wait............................................[EW005]
 - Chapter 6: On the Hunt..............................................[EW006]
 - Chapter 7: Lust for Art.............................................[EW007]
 - Chapter 8: Premiere.................................................[EW008]
 - Chapter 9: Another Evil.............................................[EW009]
 - Chapter 10: Hidden from the Start...................................[EW010]
 - Chapter 11: Reconnecting............................................[EW011]
 - Chapter 12: Bottomless Pit..........................................[EW012]
 - Chapter 13: Stronghold..............................................[EW013]
 - Chapter 14: Burning The Altar.......................................[EW014]
 - Chapter 15: The End of This World...................................[EW015]
 - Chapter 16: In Limbo................................................[EW016]
 - Chapter 17: A Way Out...............................................[EW017]


 - Trophy List........................................................[EW-TPH]

 - Version History....................................................[EW-HIS]
 - Credits............................................................[EW-CRE]
 - Last Words.........................................................[EW-LST]

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /           I N T R O D U C T I O N            |     EW-INT
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

 Hello everyone!
 I'm back with yet another walkthrough, this time for the excellent Evil
Within 2! As I write this, it is just a few days before Halloween 2017, so
I'm really hoping you think its time to try out a new horror game!

 The Evil Within 2 is of course a sequel to The Evil Within, but I wouldn't
say you NEED to play the first one to play this one (watch a story recap at
the very least though!). Lot's of people just didn't  "click" with the first
Evil Within game, but The Evil Within 2 has changed pace quite a bit.

 Frankly, the game feels like a mix of Resident Evil 4 and Silent Hill.
There's a lot of city to explore this time around, which is its own brand
of terror. Overall though, I enjoyed my time with this game immensely and
liked the direction they went it.

 I wrote a guide for the first Evil Within guide with my friend "Absolute
Steve" back in 2014, but this time it is just me. If you DO need a guide to
that game, or one of the DLC episodes that were released back then (there
were three DLC episodes), you can either check my profile or just use these
links down below:

 The Evil Within (FAQ/WALKTHROUGH):
 o www.gamefaqs.com/ps3/711439-the-evil-within/faqs/70314
 The Evil Within: The Assignment (FAQ/WALKTHROUGH):
 o www.gamefaqs.com/ps4/134496-the-evil-within-the-assignment/faqs/71333
 The Evil Within: The Consequence (FAQ/WALKTHROUGH):
 o www.gamefaqs.com/ps4/149529-the-evil-within-the-consequence/faqs/71994

 The Evil Within: The Executioner (FAQ/WALKTHROUGH):
 o www.gamefaqs.com/ps4/162672-the-evil-within-the-executioner/faqs/72026
 So, if you are a fan of Resident Evil, Silent Hill or just horror games in
general and want to get EVERY COLLECTABLE in a single play through, you are
in the right place and I hope you all find this guide useful! Many thanks to
everyone who's cheered me along to this point and all my returning readers!
And if you're not a fan yet, consider stopping by my Facebook page and saying
"Hello!". Interaction with fans is literally the reason I'm still here,
writing guides after all these years!

 Now... let's delve into STEM once more and face our nightmares again...

 ~ Bkstunt

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /               C O N T R O L S                |     EW-CON
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

               _,.--.,_                                _,.--.,_
              |  _____ |                              | _____  |
              |-'     `'.____________________________,'`     `-|
            ,'    __     `.   _  |          |  _    ,'    .,.    `.
           /     |  |      \ | | |          | | | /     (/_\)     \
          !   __  \/  __    | ¯  |          |  ¯ !  ,-.  `-'  ,-.  |
          |  |__ >  < __|   !__  '----------'  __| ([_])     ( O ) !
          !       /\        ___`-.  ::::::  ,-'     `-'  ,-.  `-'  |
          |\     |__|     ,'   `. \  ::::  / ,'   `.    ( X )     /|
          | `.           /       \ | SONY | /       \    `-'    ,' |
          |   `-.____,-. \       / |______| \       / ,-.____,-'   |
          |           ,'\ `.___,' /        \ `.___,' /`.           |
          |          /   `-.___,-'          `-.___,-'   \          |
          \         /                                    \         /
           \       /                                      \       /
            `.__,-'                                        `-.__,'

 (-NOTE-) You can change the controller layout in the OPTIONS menu at any
          time. You can also toggle some of these options for HOLD or TAP
          (such as running). Be sure to check out what options there are
          for controls, toggles, and camera inversion/sensitivity.

|- L analog  | = Moves Player                                                 |
|- R analog  | = Moves Camera                                                 |
|- L1 button | = Arsenal Menu                                                 |
|- L2 button | = Aim Weapon                                                   |
|- L3 button | = Sprint (Must have stamina...)                                |
|- R1 button | = Cover (Default: Hold to maintain cover)                      |
|- R2 button | = Melee Attack / Fire Weapon (when aiming)                     |
|- R3 button | = Duck / Stand Up (Enter Sneak Mode)                           |
|- D-pad     | = Select Weapon (Weapon Shortcut - Can Assign in Inventory)    |
|- Options   | = Pause Menu                                                   |
|- Touchpad  | = Communicator Menu (Map, Files, Items, Stats...)              |
|- X button  | = Examine / Perform Action / Confirm                           |
|- [] button | = Reload Weapon                                                |
|- /\ button | = Toggle Communicator On/Off                                   |
|- O button  | = Turn Flashlight On/Off / Cancel Action / Skip Cutscene (HOLD)|

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /    G A M E   B A S I C S   &   T I P S       |     EW-GBT
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

 You can find a few game basics and tips here. General things that will help
you survive the horror that is The Evil Within 2. A lot of this game is, well,
centered around exploration and resource management, so being smart at those
things can help you out quite a bit.

 Following this guide will help you out a TON with exploration and finding
every item that can possibly help us out, so you'll really be a head up if
you plan on doing that, but here's some more tips in general that should help
anyone and everyone out as well....

 Now, onto the basics and tips!
 (-NOTE-) SOME of these tips can be considered SPOILERS. If you want to go
          all-in without spoiling things you can skip this section.

 o This is general common sense, but whenever you encounter a SAFE HOUSE,
   you can afford to be a little more reckless than usual since you just
   saved. If you expend too much ammo or have a bad outing, you can always
   just reload to get your ammo back.
 o CONSERVATION and VARIETY! By the end of the game, you can literally have
   a stash of gunpowder and bolt materials (as well as herbs... I had 80 of
   them by the end). This stash of goods can make your life MUCH EASIER, but
   be sure to have some VARIETY in your attack. Use your handgun for awhile
   while you accumulate items, then your shotgun, then your harpoon bolts...
   Keeping things switched up lets you replenish your ammo for other things!
 o Be sure to focus on finding the LOCKER KEYS if nothing else (the guide
   focuses on all collectables), as the locker keys in particular give you
   a ton of resources and ammo for virtually free.
 o In general, try to SNEAK KILL enemies. This saves ammo and kills the
   regular enemies outright. This is why you should also focus on BUFFING
   YOUR SNEAK SKILLS first and foremost in the game, as it makes getting
   these sneak kills much easier.
 o Speaking of skills, the "Bottle Break" skill is pretty nice. I would
   try to get that after the sneaking skills to make life easier and (for
   me at least) give you a reason to use your bottles. Another FANTASTIC
   skill is the LEVEL 3 SMOKE BOLT skill, which lets you sneak kill the
   enemies caught in its smoke cloud...
 o As a general rule of thumb, when enemies die they DROP SOMETHING. Look
   for the item drops to know its safe. ALSO, enemies LOVE to "Play Dead"
   throughout the game. The guide will tell you which enemies are indeed
   playing dead and which of them aren't, so be sure to follow along, but
   knowing they are playing dead is good nonetheless.
 o Be sure to BREAK BOXES and CHECK TRASHCANS throughout the game, as you
   can get random items from them. Often it is just 5-10 Weapon Parts or
   some gunpowder, but those really add up over time!
 o Watch out for ENVIRONMENTAL KILLS. Gasoline on the ground can be lit
   with a gunshot and water covering an area can be lit up with a Shock
   Bolt from your crossbow. These little tricks can kill 2-3 enemies at
   once when used, which can save you ammo for sure!
 o Upgrading your STAMINA isn't a bad idea at all. Often times, in a large
   area where you must fight, you can sneak kill enemies but if you are
   caught you can locate a safe place away from the action to run to and
   the enemies will eventually give up and return to their normal patrol
   routes, giving you another chance not to use your ammo.
 o The COFFEE MAKER MACHINES in safe house will REFILL your health when
   used. If you know one is ready and you are taking damage, try to hold
   off until you can use it to conserve ammo!

 o Be sure to do all of the OPTIONAL OBJECTIVES as they often reward you
   with new weapons and items, which you will definitely need (for example,
   some of the EARLY side missions give you the SHOTGUN and SNIPER RIFLE,
   so you really want to do these!).

 o Use the SHOOTING RANGE when it unlocks. Practice and get good at every
   stage, as each stage hands out items for good performances, which is
   just fantastic!

 (-NOTE-) Have some more (General) tips? Send them in!

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /       ~ Chapter 1: Into the Flame ~          |     EW001
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

(-NOTE-) This walkthrough was written for the game's SURVIVAL difficulty
         mode (which is the game's "Normal" difficulty option).

 Enjoy the opening scene as a cigarette butt falls onto the newspaper and
transitions to a house fire. Well shit, this can't be good. Run forward to
the front door and try to open it for a scene (that IS what would happen...)
and then head right and try to open the sliding glass door for another scene.
We'll be inside soon. Try to head left, but the rafters will block your way,
forcing you to go through the kitchen and to the left. Follow the path to the
upstairs and duck (R3 - default) under the beam here, then make a left to see
Lily's Bedroom. Enter it for another scene...

 Yikes. Yeah, it is very apparent that Sebastian is not in a good place after
the events in "The Evil Within". It's downright amazing he's even still alive
to be quite honest, but here he is, drunk again. I really can't blame him.

 Enjoy the scenes here as he re-unites with an old "ally" and is politely asked
to help them out with a problem. How no one gets shot there is, again, just
downright amazing...

 Soon we'll be tied up to a chair with Julie Kidman leading us down a hallway
and leading us to... Dear God. You know exactly what this is. They've done it
again... just wow. There's a lot of plot exposition here, so enjoy the story
as Sebastian really has no choice but to participate. They... they really have
him on a leash here. The reward is too great not to do this, and so in we go...

 As you fall into the STEM Machine, the opening credits will roll (nice touch).
When you land safely, you will be given control after a time. Go ahead and try
sprinting forwards. You'll see another house in the distance. Try to head to it
and when it disappears, head left to the light as Sebastian recalls "Beacon
Mental Hospital". Oh man, that was a nightmare that we're bound to remember over
and over again... Still, the light will blind us a few times and then turn into
a table eventually, so continue forwards and pick up the walkie-talkie when you
reach it to have a world materialize around you as you make contact with Kidman
once again.

 You'll quickly recognize your old Krimson Police Department office (from
the first game) as Sebastian talks to Kidman. Our "Safe Space". Every mental
patient needs their own room, right? We'll be told to look around after a
short chat with Kidman.

 In the office, you can examine a drawing Lily did for us to your left, and to
the left of that on the wall you can examine your commendations. However, the
material she wanted us to look at is on the right, with the telltale "Mobius 1"
sign. Profiles of their agents who are lost. Interesting. Go ahead and examine
them to progress the story and to officially start "Chapter 2".

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /   ~ Chapter 2: Something Not Quite Right ~   |     EW002
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

 Be sure to check out every profile on the wall here. Yukiko, Julian, Liam,
Miles and William. It seems like we have two techs, a Psychologist, and two
combat specialists. Well, those two SHOULD have some odds of surviving this.
Note that you can also examine the STEM picture here for some dialog with Julie
and, to the right, the "Union Photographs" for even more dialog with Julie. It
seems they had the "Anytown, USA" vibe going on here, that's for sure.

 Head outside the office once you are ready and move forward to see the cat
(and get some dialog). If you've played through "The Evil Within DLC Chapters"
you may very well remember this guy, although shouldn't it be with Kidman? Go
right next to it for the [_PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDE 1/11_], which is definitely a
blast from the past. 

 Well, while we are here, be sure to USE THE PROJECTOR and press right to
change the slide to a picture of Lily swinging. Talk to Kidman here to get
some... very awkward... subjects out of the way with her. He's right, you
know. We never REALLY knew here whatsoever...

 After the chat, get up and take the [_GREEN GEL_] from the floor. This is a
gift for looking at the slide and usually comes from dead enemies in random
amounts. We won't be listing enemy item drops, as they are random, but this
gift definitely isn't and will be a good basis for upgrading our abilities in
the future!

 Head past the projector now for a short scene with a mirror. Our way out.
Of course it would be a mirror again. Of course. BUT FIRST! On the right is
a Save Station. Go ahead and make your first save of the game here and then
enter the mirror.

 We'll have a scene on our way into the machine. This is a new event (we've
never had scenes before!). Enjoy the family time, but soon we'll regain control
once again and we'll only have one way to go. Open the doors to enter a very
large area and see the curtain rise...

 Huh. Well, go ahead and head to the curtain (up the stairs and through the odd
doorway here). Go examine the picture up ahead and note that the sign by it says
"William Baker". That name should sound familiar! Turn around to find that door
and enter it (STEM is playing mind games on us already).

 The doors here are all locked, but try them if you wish. The only one unlocked
is the one at the very end. Enter it to find William. What the hell...? He is
locked in time somehow, re-winding him. Examine the blue area here and Sebastian
will enter, then examine the body. It's him alright, but how is this possible?
You can enter and exit this blue field to restore time. Be sure to examine the
camera nearby and a door will open up to your left...

 Go ahead and head through the new door (ordinarily a bad idea...) and on the
table up ahead is [_FILE 1/40_]. A picture of William. Someone is doing this
for art, maybe? From here, head right and ignore the doorway on the right (it
just leads back to the room with William and has nothing on the way) to come to
a dead-end with bookshelves. One of them in the back, on the left was recently
moved though. Investigate it and then use it to move it out of the way so we
can continue.

 This hallway just FEELS wrong. Head forward to the path split and you'll see
there's a gate to the left. Locked. Of course it is, so head right to see a
staircase. A phone will ring here. It is to the right, past the hallway, so go
interact with it. Heh. The hallway leads to an open door that's blocked, so we
are really just forced to go up the staircase for now (as the way OUT seems to
be locked by a gate as well).

 Head up the stairs and you'll see a gate half-raised on the left. Go try the
door up ahead to see it is locked as well (heh...) and then go under the gate
nearby (R3 to duck). You'll find [_FILE 2/40_] on the table here. Flip the
envelope over to see the REAL message. 

 Head back under the gate and continue up the stairs. We've got another locked
door up here, but also a room with a TON of drapes in it. You'll see a body as
you enter, but it will disappear (more tricks?). Head past the curtains and to
the door at the end and enter it.

 Walk forward here and you'll see a scene. Holy shit! That man up ahead will
be straight-up murdered in front of us as another man makes "art", freezing
him in place. We've hid automatically, but Sebastian's mistake is about to
give us away...

 We'll get the "Entering and Exiting Cover Tutorial" here so we have a chance
of getting away. Press R1 to stick to cover and go left as the man (who clearly
has some sort of PHASING power... like Ruvik...) comes to investigate, and then
hold up to round the corner. You'll be safe here and the man will leave soon

 Once the coast is clear, you can go examine the dead man. Yep, this is just
like what happened with William. Less fancy though. Head through the door on
the right now and down the hallway. To the left there is a TON of art hanging
up in the air that sort-of makes pictures? If you line them up, that is. Still,
very disturbing. Keep going forwards until you are at another set of stairs.

 BEFORE you head up them, look to the left to see an eye in the distance. Heh.
Then go RIGHT down the dark hallway (we're heading to a collectable) and the
door here will SLAM shut. Open it up and enter the bloody hallway. The doors
here are locked, but jump over the barricade here (UP + X) and on the table to
the left is [_FILE 3/40_]. More "Art".

 Head back out of this area (the two doors here are both locked) and check out
the lobby here. The phone is dead, and there's a pendelum by the stairs (along
with some hanging bodies, apparently). You can try to go through the door by
the stairs, but the floor is out, so once again we have no choice but to head
upstairs. On the way, note the head falling down...

 Follow the linear path here and pay attention to the artwork and who phases
in and doesn't notice us (big sigh of relief here). As you head forwards, you'll
come to a GIANT art display. Go ahead and examine it. The plaque nearby it will
just say "Rebirth". After you examine it, one of the elevators on the left will
open up. Go ahead and enter it (as we can't do anything else here and the doors
straight ahead are locked).

 After a short ride down, we'll be in a basement? To the left is a hole in the
fence you can duck under, and up ahead... gah. This is my first "nope" moment
of the game and well... gotta push on to make a guide! You can do this BK! Go
ahead and walk to the end wall (where the eye is) and then turn around... yeah,
next up walk to the video camera and turn around again to see a way out. More
mind games...

 Walk to the door now and we'll have our picture taken... Gah! That was very
disturbing. We're in a "new room" now (facing the symbol again...), so walk
around the boxes here to see a large mirror with an item on it... and sure
enough, it's our picture. Of course it is. Take it and you'll get a scene here
where a GIANT MONSTER will show up! Jesus!

 Lead it around the box in the room and then run past where it came in at.
You have to dodge some boxes here, but that's beyond easy, just be sure to
keep on SPRINTING (L3). The monster will destroy the boxes as it chases you.
You'll also have to jump a barrier on the left as you run (L3 + X) but that
is easy as well. Just keep running to a new room to be safe for a short while.

 As you are in the new room, you'll see you are "trapped". Not really though:
go forward and climb the ladder on the left. We'll be in the vent system just
as the monster breaks through. Follow the vent system and watch what happens
to the rat, then take a left and keep following the linear path until we can
jump down.

 We're "safe" for now, but as you head forwards, you'll be chased once again.
Be sure to sprint here, straight forward and watch the scene as the door opens.
Smash the "X" button when prompted and Sebastian will slash at the monster,
than jump forward into the light to start a cut-scene.

 Well then... we're in some sort of house, but seem safe. We'll get a new
tutorial here, the "Automatic Health Regeneration Tutorial". We've taken
damage here, but just stay still a bit and you'll regen a portion of it. But
hey, we also have got the [_SURVIVAL KNIFE_], courtesy of the "art loving"
maniac! It will come in handy, trust me!

 Head through the door here and go forward to the table (although you can
explore a bathroom and small kitchen) for the [_SYRINGE_]. DO NOT USE IT.
We can make it without using it, trust me.

 (-NOTE-) You can now use L1 to access the Weapons / Items menu!

 From here, look to the LEFT and use the door you see. Inside on the far
table you can find [_FILE 4/40_]. Very nice! This unlocks another access

 (-NOTE-) You can now use the TOUCHPAD to access the Main Menu. This lets
          you keep track of files and acquired items.

 Go ahead and exit the house here for a couple of free (and automatic) items,
including the [_SEMI-AUTOMATIC HANDGUN_] and  [_FILE 5/40_] (which is the last
collectable for this chapter, so no need to worry about any more of them!). We
will have a chat with Kidman once we exit the house as well, and we'll get our
first TROPHY of the game.

 (-NOTE-) I am a HUGE Trophy Collector, so this guide will be FULL of trophy
          tips throughout it. Look forward to notes like these to help you out
          with future trophies!

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Welcome to Union" Bronze Trophy here for "Taking
          the plunge back into STEM". Congrats!
 Now that we are out of the house, the world has OPENED UP a bit. Still, for
this first part of the game, the area we'll explore is quite linear. We've got
ITEMS we can find though. For example, to the right, past the mailbox you can
find an [_HERB_]. All sorts of items we can find out in the open world!

 Head up the road now and check out the car. You can break the windows to let
the insects out if you wish. Continue up the road towards the house on the left
now and you'll soon get a cut-scene showing a woman running in. A chance to see
a human!? Enjoy the cut-scenes here as Sebastian enters the house and, well...
you will see...

 Once you DO regain control, QUICKLY shoot the monster approaching us! Aim for
the head here and take 2-3 shots to down it (remember you have low health, so
be quick and careful!). Once it is dead, grab the prize it drops and go check
out the corpse in the kitchen. This sort-of reminded me of that ONE scene from
Resident Evil 7 (which my wife loved... heh...).

 There's not much to check out in this house. You can turn the TV on and off,
but BE SURE to go upstairs and open the door up here for some [_GUNPOWDER_] on
the right. Nothing else up here, so head back outside, but be sure to go RIGHT
on the deck to find another [_HERB_].

 Head onwards down the road and near the trunk you'll get a quick knife
tutorial (R2, but you likely know that already...). Break the boxes here (the
ones you can break) to get some random items that will be helpful. Continue on
down the road (we'll see a "Union" sign) and soon you'll hear GUNSHOTS! Not
good! Run forward to see a cut-scene here. Survivors! Well... one of them at
least! Wait, is that Liam!?

 We'll get a SNEAKING Tutorial here. OK, so, there is WAY TOO MANY monsters
here right now to take them all on. Way too many to the RIGHT anyways. For now,
head to the LEFT of the vehicle you are by for a [_BOTTLE_] (and a bottle
tutorial... you can use them to create diversions, which is great) and, up the
hill on the left (in the grass) you can find ANOTHER [_HERB_].

 We are going to head to that house now and avoid drawing attention of the
crowd of enemies on the right. Head forward on the left and once you get to
the FENCE, look down it to the left. There's another [_HERB_] here and you're
behind the dumpsters by the building's parking lot. There's also a [_BOTTLE_]
on them. From here, we can sneak forward and kill the enemy by the car (who
will hopefully drop something for us), and then sneak forward and kill the
enemy by the door.

 That's all of the enemies we're going to kill right now (too many to the right)
BUT you can get [_GUNPOWDER_] from one of the cars outside this house (the white
SUV). You may be worried that it'll make too much noise, but trust me it won't.
Once you have it, enter the door here. You'll have to mash "X" to open it, but
that WILL get the horde's attention. We'll be stuck in here now...

 Well, that's not a big deal. All part of the plan. Enter the nearby bathroom,
where to the left is a med kit cabinet. Open it to get the [_SYRINGE_], but
once again DO NOT use it. We're saving them (you'll thank me later). Continue
down the house and to the stairs to have a scene take over...

  "O'Neals Safe House"

 We're finally safe in our first "Safe House". Talk to Liam here and you'll
get some dialog (it turns out that wasn't Miles that was with him, just some
standard security personnel... so we could still save four out of five targets
it looks like... assuming they are safe...).

 We'll actually switch chapters right now, before continuing our talk with
Liam. Whatever you say, game...

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /          ~ Chapter 3: Resonances ~           |     EW003
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

 OK, onward to our talk with Liam. Be sure to talk with him about EVERYTHING
in the talk menu for a lot of good dialog. I especially like how he tells us
about Baker here (a "powerful signal"... something to keep in mind?). He'll
also tell us about a signal leading to a weapons cache. Oh HELL yes!


 One last big thing of note: something about possible help nearby: "A Mobius
APC location has been added to the map". We should definitely check it out.
After that, we will be free to explore the room we are in.

 OK, there are a LOT of things in this room to help us out (including a SAVE
POINT to the left of Liam). First, let me point out the COFFEE POT to the right
of Liam. Approach it for the "Coffee Makers Tutorial". Basically, drinking
coffee restores us to full health. Very nice! We saved two syringes this way,
which is why I was so adamant about not using the syringes before. There's a
trophy for using all Coffee Makers by the way, so we'll be numbering them as we
play. This is [_COFFEE POT 1/7_].

 ALSO, in this room you can collect a number of items. To the right of the
coffee pot, you can find [_GUNPOWDER_] and [_ HANDGUN BULLETS x4_], as well as
the WORKBENCH, but go get the [_WEAPON PARTS x10_] and [_WEAPON PARTS x15_]
around the room before you use it.

 OK, so the WORKBENCH is where we can craft items and upgrade our weapons.
We don't quite have enough to upgrade our weapon, so let's put a pin in that.
We CAN make some items though. I recommend making a couple of bullets here
as we'll get a trophy for making SOMETHING, so we may as well...

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "DIY" Bronze Trophy here for crafting ANYTHING
          for the first time. Nice!

 OK, let's head out. Use the door here and go down the hallway to see... a
spirit. Forget the door on the right for now and go check out the mirror. You
will be transported to "Your Room". Our office. Go around the corner and then
approach the WHEELCHAIR to get a scene...

 It is Tatiana. She's here to help us with her... particular brand of medicine.
Go ahead and check the UPGRADES MENU here. As you can see, the entire upgrade
process has been re-vamped for this game. I didn't end up upgrading ANYTHING
here, but I recommend checking everything out to see what you can do.

 Exit the Wheelchair now and go back into your office, using the MIRROR to go
back to UNION. Go out the door by the mirror now and we'll be OUTSIDE. Head
forwards a bit and we'll have to find what signal we want to track. For now,
and then head forwards once more for a scene.

 Yeah, the world is falling apart. Lovely. Let's go get some items! Head to the
WHITE SUV and on the bench by it is a STATUE. You may recognize these from the
first game. Break it with your knife for the [_LOCKER KEY 1/32_]. That should
be a welcome chunk of items for us later.

 From here, head forward to the house in front of us. The deck has a [_HERB_]
on the left. Enter the house now and check the right for some [_GUNPOWDER_]
and to the left for another [_HERB_]. This area is safe, by the way. Inward
on the desk to the left you can find [_FILE 6/40_], which is a welcome pamphlet.
The door back here is locked, so head back outside.

 Now, let's go check out the CHURCH to the left. BEFORE you enter though, note
that you can get a [_BOTTLE_] from a bench up the street. Now, head towards the
pile of bodies nearby, using the boxes as cover (there's another [_BOTTLE_] on
them) to see a monster come throw a body on the pile and then move on down the
road. He's to fast for us to shank from behind, so for now just hide behind the
box and let him pass. Then, go examine under the truck to find some more
[_GUNPOWDER_] and then examine the body pile for an [_AXE_]. Axe's are one-hit
kill weapons which temporarily replace our KNIFE, so this thing is awesome and
we'll use it well soon... there's also [_WEAPON PARTS_] on one of the boxes out
here as well.

 Now, go enter the CHURCH nearby. We'll get a scene here. Oh man... things are
NOT good. Watch as the priest CHANGES and then we'll soon be joined by some
other monsters...

 Shit! We'll get the "Enemy Alertness Icon Tutorial" here, but we have much
bigger problems (still, if you are stealthy, you MUST pay attention to these
icons!). Take out the pastor with the AXE we got and then use the pulpit to
separate you from the enemy here and shoot him down. As you go towards the
doors, a third enemy will show up (again?) and you can shoot him down too.

 Whew... we are safe now. Time to loot. Up by the pulpit you can find several
goodies like a [_SYRINGE_], a [_HERB_], and behind the pulpit on the floor a
STATUE you can duck and break for [_LOCKER KEY 2/32_]. Also note that one of
the pews here has some [_GUNPOWDER_] in it. Very nice!

 From here, head out the WINDOW to the left of the pulpit where you'll hear
some sounds. To the right you can find another [_BOTTLE_] but behind the
visitor's center there is a monster chowing down. You can get near him to
make him get up and pace back and forth. From there, you can hide behind the
box, wait for him to turn away, and then sneak up behind him to take him out
without wasting ammo.

 THIS is a good time to go BACK to the SAFE HOUSE and get some items. On your
way back, get the BOXES by the white truck. While you go back, you want to use
your KEYS on the locker to get some items (hopefully you get something good).

 777: SELF NOTE: I'm looking into whether these are random or not, please
                 be patient!

 I would highly recommend buying the "AMBUSH" skill from the STEALTH section
on this trip back. We'll use it soon and we'll get a trophy for it as well. Be
sure to SAVE as well and craft some more bullets (I made 10 on this trip, for
16 total).

 Head back outside now. Head to the Visitor's Center and to the left, by the
trash cans, you can find a [_METAL PIPE_]. A new crafting component. On this
side of the sidewalk (by the store fronts) you can find some more items: a
[_BOTTLE_] and [_HERB_]. Very nice! Head back now and go down the alley (the
left side of the Visitor Center) and get the [_BOTTLE_] in back here, as well
as break all the boxes under the stairs. After that, head up the stairs here.
The door is locked, but you can use the ladder to get up to the roof...

 Up here there is an enemy wandering around. We can sneak up on him, but
instead, sneak down the boxes on the LEFT SIDE until you get three down and
can hide on the far side of the box and wait for the enemy to come to you.
With the AMBUSH skill, we can stick to the corner (by the dead officer) and
wait for the enemy to come to US, and then we'll get a quick-kill prompt to
finish him off, as well as a shiny new trophy!

 (-NOTE-) You can get the "Wait For It..." Bronze Trophy here by killing this
          rooftop enemy with an Ambush Kill. If you've been following this
          guide, of course.

 With the threat dead, it is time for a TON of loot. Loot the officer here
for [_SNIPER RIFLE ROUNDS x2_] and then the items by the roof edge for some
[_WEAPON PARTS x15_]. The weapon here is a [_BROKEN SNIPER RIFLE_], by the
way. We can fix it later, but its useless for now. Check the officer nearby
for [_FILE 7/40_], which tells us WHERE to find the Sniper Rifle parts (in
the northwest of the area). Bah...

 Well, there's still a wealth of items here. You can find [_HANDGUN BULLET x3_],
[_GUNPOWDER_], and a [_BOTTLE_] in the suitcase nearby. There's also some more
[_WEAPON PARTS x15_] on one of the roof boxes up here. Take a look around while
you are up here as well. Of note, there is an enemy to the west on a roof who
is perfect for an ambush. Let's go get him...

 Head down and continue north, going west when you can. A monster will run to
your left, into the garden area. Follow it (you can jump the fence if you want)
and you'll learn that being in BUSHES will make you hidden. Good to know. Where
is the enemy though? Head to the middle bush and hide (you can grab a [_HERB_]
nearby) and the monster will show up to walk back and forth, letting you sneak
kill her fairly easily with good timing.

 Head past the wooded area and west to the ladder of the super-market, using
it to get up and kill the enemy up here. We are CLOSE to our side objective
by the way. Just go west over the roof to the corner (check the map) and drop
down. You'll have to stand up and use your communicator to TUNE to the shadow
figures here, but do so to see their MEMORIES and get [_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 1/24_]
which is another "Collectable" we will now start tracking. Also, note that there
are [_BOTTLE x2_] in the trash can here. Finally, be sure to check IN FRONT of
the super market for [_WEAPON PARTS x15_].

 OK, so taking on the enemies here would NOT be a good idea. There's a lot of
boxes you can destroy though, for random items (including some IN the truck),
but after that, run back to near the Safe Room. From here, we are going to go
west of that building (to the right if you are facing it) where there's another
parking lot. Explore it and note the item in the car (hold off on it for now)
and in the back note the TWO enemies feeding on corpses.

 Yeah, we're going to take them out. Sneak up in between them and then aim for
the right one for a sneak kill. This will definitely alert the other one, so
you'll need to shoot him down. Our reward for doing this is worth it though:
we get an [_AXE_] from the enemy we killed and three boxes to destroy. Be sure
to check the TRASH BIN here as well (more random items) and nab the [_FUSE_] in
the back. Be sure to go get the [_GUNPOWDER_] out of car as well.

 Now, it is time to tackle main street. This is a little odd, but on your way
towards the enemies chomping on the soldier, you can get some items from the
left side of the street (the south side): a [_HERB_], [_BOTTLE_] and trash bin.
Approach the center where they are feeding and everyone will move away towards
the super market. We can get [_HANDGUN BULLET x3_] from dead soldier at least.

 Now, I didn't know it at the time, but there's a TRICK here. You can keep
following the south sidewalk to the "APC" that Liam told us about. There are
a TON of good items here: [_GUNPOWDER_], [_WEAPON PARTS x30_] and even more
importantly the [_WARDEN CROSSBOW_]! Very nice!

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Good to See You Again" Bronze Trophy here for
          acquiring the Warden Crossbow.

 Picking up the crossbow gives you a tutorial on its use, of course, but you
also get a SHOCK BOLT. You then have a cut-scene of a car making a hydrant spit
water out. What you are supposed to do here is shoot your shock bolt into the
water as the enemies come, then stomp them to death afterwards. I, however...
killed all the enemies BEFORE I got the crossbow. Yeah... pretty dumb. You can
still get 3-4 kills doing this though, just be sure to STOMP before you pick up
items and finish off whoever is in the area with your AXE that you got earlier.
It's important to note one of these enemies actually has ANOTHER [_AXE_] for
you, so you should be set by going this path.

 Also, be sure you get the [_HARPOON BOLT x2_] from where you got your crossbow
at, as well as explore the area to the very south from the crossbow to find a
dead man in a corner with some [_HANDGUN BULLET x3_] near his corpse. Very nice!

 (-NOTE-) This is a GREAT TIME to go back and upgrade your weapons / abilities.
          I bought the "Prowler" stealth ability here and gave my pistol and
          my crossbow each an increased damage upgrade (which costs about 150
          Weapon Parts, which you should have easily).

 OK, let's head back outside and right, up the right road (past the church).
This lead's to outside of a house with lights on where you can find a [_BOTTLE_]
near the trash bins and [_HANDGUN BULLET x5_] on the soldier. Enter the house so
we can track down the "Rogue Signal".

  332 Cedar Ave

 Head inside the door now and look to the left for a [_BOTTLE_], then to the
couch on the right for some [_SMOKE POWDER_]. Head into the nearby bathroom
now for a [_SYRINGE_], then make your way to the back (the door on the way is
locked, by the way). In the back is [_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 2/24_], where the two
rogue soldiers make their plans. Bastard. Well, that explains some of the dead

 Grab the [_WEAPON PARTS x15_] here and go through the door.  You'll find some
more [_WEAPON PARTS x15_] and a [_FUSE_]. Go ahead and open the hatch here and
follow it down to a computer. Use the computer to move onto "The Marrow: Armory"
and continue to look for new weapons...

 Hey, if any place has some new gear, it's GOT to be an armory!


  The Marrow: Armory
 As we transition to this area, we will get some WEIRD screen. This is new,
but in the end it is just a loading screen (you can run around if you want,
but it isn't needed).

 Once yo uget to the armory, we will have some loot to grab. On the right
in the locker is [_HANDGUN BULLET x3_] and in one of the cabinet's here you
can find some [_GUNPOWDER_].

 Exit the door now and go down the stairs. Keep your eyes on the left for an
[_HERB_] and enter the door here. Up ahead is a STRONGER enemy. I'm going to
call this thing a "WITCH". These things kind-of look like the witches from
Left for Dead and have butcher knives on them. Yeah...

 Still, you want to sneak attack this enemy, but that will NOT be enough, so
after you sneak attack it, be ready to put 3-4 handgun bullets in it afterwards
(aim for the head!). As a reward, the Witch WILL give you more Green Gel though
(about 1,200 or so), so that is fantastic. Grab the [_WEAPON PARTS x15_] in the
corner and head further in to the door.

 You'll hear some screams here. Nothing we can do. Grab the [_METAL PIPE_] in
this room and knock out all the boxes here for some random items. Duck into the
hole in the wall and sneak attack the guy on the left as he eats (wait for him
to stop his rampage). Also, behind you in the corner is an enemy sitting down.
He is very much alive, so be sure to headshot him and take him out before you
continue on...

 To the left in this next room is a FUSE BOX. You can examine it to get a small
tutorial about opening them up, as it requires a SHOCK ARROW. However, DO NOT DO
THIS as we don't need to open up this door. Instead, go to the other door and
play the mini-game here to open it up.
 This mini game is fairly easy. You need to use your left and right sticks to
match the amplifications. Your left stick is for amplitude (height) and your
right is for frequency (width). Match both up to unlock the door.

 Here is our reward! In the corner by the dead soldier is [_HANGUN BULLET x3_],
and there's some [_SHOTGUN SHELL x3_] in the locker. The RIGHT box here has
some [_WEAPON PARTS x15_] and [_GUNPOWDER_]. The LEFT box is the real prize
here though: a [_SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN_]. O H   G O D   Y E S ! We have some power
now, and we'll use it soon...

 Go back the way you came and as you do you'll hear the elevator open up. Try
out your shotgun here as two enemies come out (finish them off with handgun
bullets). But BE SURE you go into the elevator for [_LOCKER KEY 3/32_]. Head
back to the computer now and make your way back to Oasis proper...

  Oasis (Cedar Ave)

 We're back in Oasis now, but as you make your way out you'll see a body get
dragged out the door. Fantastic... well, two new enemies are outside of the
house. Here, use a BOTTLE and throw it out the door to distract them, then
sneak to the right. You can do this (run if you are seen) in order to come
back from the south and sneak attack the female wanderer. Then, you can get
on the right side of the road and use the bushes to go north, so you can
sneak kill the enemy in front of the house AND get an [_AXE_] in the

 Up the road here, on the right, you'll see the road goes up. Go up here a
bit and an enemy will crawl out near the bushes. Use the bushes to hide here,
then sneak attack the enemy to save ammo.

 Go back and work your way up the left road (Cedar Ave). On the left side
there is a car with [_GUNPOWDER_] inside, a [_BOTTLE_] by the trash past that
and an [_HERB_] on the deck up ahead.

 To the left is a GARAGE. Go ahead and enter it, but note that it CLOSES when
you do so. The person in front of you is an enemy, so go ahead and harpoon bolt
him to take him out and claim the goodies. There's some [_GUNPOWDER_] in the
cabinet on the left, [_WEAPON PARTS x15_] on the right, and a [_METAL PIPE_]
and [_WEAPON PARTS x15_] in the back. Go ahead and exit now (which means you
need to mash the "X" button a bit and enemies might hear).

 OK, action time! To the north of the garage is a bunch of bushes and then an
open field. There are a LOT of enemies out here by the way, just LYING down.
First, note that the fence here has an [_AXE_]. Up ahead on the right side is
an [_HERB_] and on the right against the house a man with green gel by him.
I should note that I thinned out the enemies a bit here. From the fence bushes,
I hit a nearby enemy with a bottle (the BOTTLE hit him...) to get him up and
killed him with an axe (so I could grab the other one).

 To make these enemies react, on the left you can find some [_SHOTGUN SHELL x4_]
just sitting out. Once you pick this up though, the enemies will get up (just
the two fat ones). Run away to the bushes (or around the house) and come back
to take them out with stealth. They each pace around, so you can time it and
kill both of them fairly easily. ALSO! There is an enemy on the left in this
area leaning up against a fence (he IS alive, but you attack first) and one
more on the right laying down. Take them out as you wish.

 Be sure to note the MOVEABLE CONTAINER on the left, by the fence here. Leave
it alone for now. We're still "exploring" for now.

 Head north to the RED GARAGE now. There's no enemies in here, but there sure
is a LOT of loot. There's some [_GUNPOWDER_] in the cabinet on left unlock the
door here), some [_WEAPON PARTS x25_] in the back and on the right you can
find a bag with [_SMOKE POWEDER_], [_METAL PIPE_] and [_GUNPOWDER_]. What a
nice haul!

 Head EAST now and get the [_HERB_] in the front yard. There is a WITCH out
here in the road. One of the harder monsters, as you remember. We need to
sneak attack it (although that is hard as it likes to switch which direction
it faces) and then shotgun/handgun it to death for some good gel. Once it is
dead, grab the [_HERB_] in front of the nearby house (to the south) and then
check the soldier in the road for a [_HANDGUN AMMO POUCH 1/5_], which lets
us carry 6 more rounds! VERY worth killing the Witch!

 To the south, you can find [_BOTTLE x3_] scattered about. Also, head a bit
further south and two new enemies show up. One male, one female carrying a
fire bottle. Wait for them to get near each other and you can shoot the bottle
to kill them both (two for one!).

 To the east there is a brick house. We can't get in, but on the porch you
can find a [_BOTTLE_] (not a very good prize). The house just to the north has
an enemy on the roof (with a fire bottle), so sneak around it to the woodshed
in the back to find an [_AXE_], then further up the hill you can get inside
the gated area, undo the lock, get up on roof and sneak attack the enemy to
kill it off. You can also find the [_MYSTERIOUS WEAPON REPLICA_] up here, which
will be taken back to Sebastian's Office (this looks like an RPG from DOOM or

 Now, the next house to the north is a multi-story affair, but you can't get
inside (although it is impressive...). Head up the ladder on the southeast
corner to get to the second story and you'll see a TRIP WIRE up ahead. This
took me FOREVER to figure out, but you are SUPPOSED to trip it... once you do,
the area will turn into that blue SLOW MOTION area. Start to go BACK now and
get your SHOTGUN out as a WITCH will attack us soon. She will take quite a few
hits since we CANNOT back-stab her (it took me a Harpoon, 3 Shotgun Blasts, and
then some handgun bullets).

 This is worth it though, as once she is dead we'll get her nice Green Gel drop
and can move past her. Past the trip-wire here is [_BOTTLE x2_] and in the back
the real prize: [_HANDGUN BULLET x4_], a [_SYRINGE_] and the big payoff: the
[_SHOTGUN AMMO POUCH 1/4_]. We can now carry more SHOTGUN ammo! Love it!

 Head back to where we killed that Witch in the road. We're going to explore
the house she was in...

  336 Cedar Ave

 Open up the house door and head in. You can find [_BOTTLE x2_] in the back
here (not that you need it) and just to the left (not down the hallway), you
can enter the bathroom to find another [_SYRINGE_].

 Head in the back now (down the hallway... never mind the spark) and open the
door. To the left in this room is a cabinet with [_GUNPOWDER_] in it. More
importantly, there is [_FILE 8/40_] on the table here... and it is a good
read. Oh man...

 After you read it, the room will get COLD. This... this isn't good. Before
you leave, nab the [_FUSE_] in back. Go ahead and try to leave now and, well...
enjoy the scenes as we get transported away.

  Sealed Hospital Ward

 We're in some sort of hospital. Quickly hide behind the counter and go left,
away from the ghost. We can't kill this thing, so don't try and just avoid it
as much as you can. It will enter the door soon.

 From here, you can examine the OTHER door in the room we're in to see it has
a key card. This is the EXIT, but we can't get out without that card. This
means you need to go into the room the ghost did. Go watch her and she should
be moving between the near and far doors (you can see her through the door
window if you try). When she goes to the BACK door, enter and go through the
door on the right (by the stretcher). Here, look to the left wall for a hole
you can go through and open the cabinet by YOUR FAMILY PHOTO to find the item
you're looking for: the [_SEALED HOSPITAL WARD KEYCARD_]. Retrace your steps
while LISTENING for the humming to make sure she isn't near. When it's clear,
head back to the previous room and use the card on the door to escape.

 We're safe... for now. As a reward, on the table where the journal was, we
also get the [_PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDE 2/11_]. Very nice!

 (-NOTE-) That experience with the Ghost was INTENSE, but I would be a bad
          guide-writer if I didn't warn you of an unfortunate side effect:
          Due to us triggering her event, the Ghost will not haunt us out in
          Union. This is a RANDOM EVENT, but at certain times as we explore,
          the atmosphere will turn blue and the Ghost will appear.

          Whenever this happens, you can often locate her and RUN AWAY. It
          is wise to run back to a previously-cleared area to stay safe and
          after a short time (a minute or so) the Ghost will disappear and
          we can carry on like normal. It is a bit stressful, but it's better
          that you know that this will start to happen now than not knowing.
          Just remember: you cannot kill this enemy, so avoiding her is the
          best thing you can do!

  Oasis (Cedar Ave)

 Continue to head up the street and note we're almost at the end. Lovely. The
house on the right up here will broadcast a SIGNAL when you get near it. Our
OWN signal... what the hell?

 Go ahead and enter it. We need to get to the bottom of this...

  345 Cedar Ave

 Enter the house and head to the back hallway. It's spooky for sure, but note
the back hallway also has a door you can open that leads outside. Head down
the hallway and to the garage. Here you'll find a bunch of goodies, including
some [_WEAPON PART x10_], a [_FUSE_] and a [_METAL PIPE_]. More importantly,
we can find [_FILE 9/40_] here, an order for a psychic evaluation for...

 After reading it, head back towards the living room and note the door in the
hallway closing as we head in. Oh shit. Head to the living room and try to
leave. Yeah, we're not leaving. This section is spooky, but we need to walk
around the house and search for shadows as we listen to our past experiences.
The important thing in this section, by far, is the fact that you can do into
the bedroom (past the TV) and find the shadow left [_FILE 10/40_] here. Once
you have that, keep going around the house, back to the garage and back to the
living room (turn off the water) until you are transported...

 We're back in the mental ward. Just LOVELY. As you head forward in this area,
be sure to be on the lookout for [_PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDE 3/11_] on a RED CHAIR on
the way forward. Keep going after that and you'll be in a very familiar looking
place (if you played the first game...). Go ahead and interact with the person
here (yourself) to end this.

 After you are done, you'll be back in the house. Lovely. We'll get a call
from Kidman here as our vitals have spiked and we almost bit it, but we've
made it through this section. Our reward for this are those files of course,
but also a [_HARPOON BOLT_] and our first [_RED GEL_]. Nice!

 OK, if you go north from this house, you'll wake up all the monsters who
are laying around to the north. Screw that, let's go west. You'll be at
"344 Cedar Ave", and to the right you can duck under the fence to get to
three boxes, but there's an enemy laying down to so take him out.

 To the north is the SAFE HOUSE, but we have to clear the front area out.
Be sure to go into the back of the trailer for some [_WEAPON PART x10_] and
a [_BOTTLE_]. There's a trash bin nearby as well.

 By the safehouse, there are THREE monsters lying around. Open the FIRE
HYDRANT here to get the ground nice and wet (wait a bit), then get a shock
bolt ready. Run around now and get the three enemies up by using a melee attack
on them and they'll chase you. If you can only get two before it gets too
dangerous, that's OK. Get two at least, then lead them into the water and shock
them to take them out.

 Deal with the other enemy and you'll likely have a trophy here (or you may
have had it already if you did this earlier when I personally missed it).
 (-NOTE-) You should get the "Shock Therapy" Bronze Trophy here for stunning
          an enemy standing in water using a Shock Bolt! Nice!
 The soldier here has [_SHOTGUN SHELL x3_] on him. There's also a [_SHOCK BOLT_]
by the fuse door, so go ahead and use it to open up the door. Inside is a body
that is a monster, so be ready to take it out. Once it falls, you can watch the
[_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 3/24_]. There's also some [_WEAPON PART x15_] on the left.
Head inside now to access the SAFE HOUSE properly.

 There's a whole bunch of goodies here, of course. First up is our health
regen item: [_COFFEE POT 2/7_]. In a case there's also a [_SMOKE BOLT_], a new
arrow item. The desk here has [_GUNPOWDER_] and [_FILE 11/40_]. I absolutely
LOVE how much this "Mu" thing represents Scientology. Heh... how do we even let
an organization like that exist in this world? Just so scummy...

 Oh, you can also find [_WEAPON PART x10_] in the cabinet in the corner of the
first room. Now, the other side of the room has a [_SYRINGE_] and some more
[_WEAPON PART x15_]. Head into Sebastian's Room now.

 Remember that you have two new slides. They EACH give you [_700 GREEN GEL_],
so be sure to watch them both. Next up, use those weapon parts (I upgraded
the Crossbow this time... Harpoon Bolt damage and Smoke Bolt duration) and
upgrade your abilities (I went with Prowler Level 2 and used the Red Gel on
the lock by the "special" sneak attack move upgrade.

 Spending your Red Gel will get you a trophy, actually:

 (-NOTE-) You should get the "You Got Red in You" Bronze Trophy for using
          your first Red Gel! Nice!

 You can also use your KEY at the locker bin as well. OK, once you've done
all your upgrades and saved, go back to the safe house.

 FYI, you can try to use the computer in the Saferoom to head to "The Marrow:
Operations", but it is LOCKED by a password, so no go for us. That's ok, we
have more to do outside.

 Now, this is a PERFECT chance to take out the enemies to the EASt of the
safehouse. We've saved recently, so we can afford to be a little risky. There
are a LOT of enemies around here, but there's quite a few bushes to. There are
TWO things to note out here:

 First, the NEW ENEMY. The game doesn't name these things, so I'm calling the
glowing, tall enemy here a SPITTER. This guy is a bit like the spitter from Left
4 Dead and can COVER an area in spit. He's also got a one-hit kill move if he
grabs you from up-front. You can sneak-attack him, but it alone likely won't
kill him (sneak attack and an axe or sneak and shotgun/handgun will really hurt
him  though).

 Second, there are two enemies eating a pile of corpses. This is one of those
situations you can sneak attack one (which is fine) but you will need to shoot
the other one to death.

 Here, I recommend dealing with the corpse pile enemies and then picking off
whoever you can. Leave the SPITTER for last, so we can sneak attack him and
then have a fire fight without any add-ons. From there, make your way east
and pick off the other enemies wandering around. There's two distracted by a
car and corpse pile as well (easy pickings) and one north by the road to the
main objective (pick him off, but stay off the objective for now).

 It should go without saying that you can RELOAD if you feel like you lost
too much ammo/health/resources here. We're not losing much progress.

 I should also add that there is a car to the right of the safe room that has
an "item" underneath it (don't know HOW I didn't see this until now!). There
is an enemy that crawls out of it, so be careful. There's also a [_BOTTLE_] by
it. You are rewarded for taking care of the enemy with some [_GUNPOWDER_].

 Finally, check out the SIGN to the east of the safe house (before the hill
area in general) to find a STATUE for [_LOCKER KEY 4/32_]. Very nice! There is
a [_BOTTLE_] by the sign too.

 What came next, for me, was VERY odd. I went south towards "Cedar Ave" and
saw a WOMAN screaming for help with three enemies chasing here! She needs help,
but DO NOT do what I did (which was rush in) and instead, go try and sneak
attack them and shotgun whoever is left. The reason is because  the woman has
run into "334 Cedar Ave", and has LOCKED herself into the house. She is a little
safe and doesn't need you RUSHING in, so try to get some smart kills.

 The other reason this is smart is because TWO MORE enemies show up near her
house as you approach (from the sides). This lets you keep some more ammo for
them as well. Once all the enemies are dead, go to the door and she'll let you
in. Talk to her to get her side of the story. Sounds like they are mind-wiping
these "residents" and putting them in here for research. Huh.

 Well, she's thankful, so she'll let us take whatever we want from her house.
This nets us some [_GUNPOWDER_], [_HANDGUN BULLET x10_] and [_SMOKE POWDER_].
Not bad, but we probably spent that much getting here at least.

 OK, time to explore some more. We're going after those SNIPER RIFLE parts
in the NORTHWEST CORNER. From the Safe House, head west. Along the way, you
can find [_HERB x3_] as you go (one before the hedges, near the Safe House
building, one past the hedges in a creepy circle, and the last one at the
house with the wrap-around deck).

 From here, we have another fight on our hands... to the north is another
SPITTER enemy. The problem here is, there is also a LOT of enemies lying
around on the ground. This isn't going to be easy. What I would recommend
is to either use Harpoon Bolts to kill enemies on the ground (silently) or
use any Axes if you have some OR (and this is hindsight), up near the garage
area is a RED BARREL. You can knock this over, let the oil spill, and then you
can lead some enemies over here, shoot the oil, and kill them that way.

 Either way, you have that Spitter to kill. Getting a Sneak Attack on him and
then just shooting him to death is ideal, although at least THREE enemies will
rise up if you do so. You can do this and let them chase you if you wish, or
you can hopefully lower that number my pre-killing some with harpoon bolts, but
the reward is worth it, so be ready to kill them all.

 Once they are dead, walk AROUND the garage to find a STATUE on the northwest
side of it (hiding!) for [_LOCKER KEY 5/32_]. That will help with the fight we
just had. Things are about to get easier though, trust me. Head INTO the shed
now and sneak kill the enemy there, then it's time to loot. The BIG item here
is of course the [_SNIPER RIFLE PARTS_]. PLUS, there is a WORKBENCH here so
you can put it together RIGHT NOW and start using it!

 There's more goodies here too: there's [_GUNPOWDER_] (in the cabinet), some
[_SNIPER RIFLE ROUND x2_], [_METAL PIPE_], [_WEAPON PARTS x15_], another
[_WEAPON PARTS x10_], and some [_NAILS_] (which are another component part...
we'll get a lot of these throughout the game).

 If you need to go SAVE / RE-EQUIP, this is a good time, with those keys you
got and all. The next few areas are going to be a bit easier on us than the
hill fight and that spitter fight.

 We're going to head SOUTH now, down the west street, making our way slowly
towards the "Rogue Signal" mission. There are several enemies playing dead
out here. Perfect targets for your new sniper rifle, harpoon bolts (to stay
quiet) or any axes you get, but I would recommend killing them for the gel

 The first house here has a [_BOTTLE_] on the deck (boo!). The second house
has MUCH better loot: a STATUE for [_LOCKER KEY 6/32_] and a [_HERB_]. We
should be next to one of our goals now:

  Union Auto Repair

 Here we are. This is a pretty-safe place... until it isn't! But for now we
have a lot of items we can pick up. Look around for some [_NAILS_], a [_FUSE_]
and a [_METAL PIPE_] in the first area, and then back in the office area get
the [_NAILS_] in the cabinet and [_WEAPONS PARTS x25_] on the shelf.

 Nearby, by the fuse box, you can find [_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 4/24_]. Looks like
he hid something UNDER this place. Sounds good to me. We have to do this puzzle
though, where the goal is to light up all the lights on the bottom. You can do
this easily by turning on fuses TWO (2) and FOUR (4).

 After you do that though, get by the door and HIDE. A Witch comes out of a
locked door here. We can sneak attack her fairly easily, although you will
still need to shotgun/handgun her after that a few times to put her down (but
some SWEET Green Gel!). Also, check out the room she came out of to get a
[_SYRINGE_] and [_WEAPONS PARTS x25_]. Not bad!

 To get the hidden stash, we need to use the LEFT lift here and go down the
floor hatch. You'll find a [_METAL PIPE_] in a corner up ahead, and further
in is [_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 5/24_]. Poor guy, betrayed by his friend...

 Go further in and soon you'll see the left door has a LOCK (which needs a
number password) while the right door is OK. There's a dead soldier here too,
but I recommend going RIGHT here first.

 In this room, you can find some goodies: some [_WEAPON PARTS x10_], [_NAILS_]
and, on the table to the right, [_FILE 12/40_]. Sweet! It doesn't feel like we
should be at 12 right now huh? Open the container on the right after that to
get a new weapon: the [_EXPLOSIVE BOLT_] for our Warden Crossbow. This thing can
be put down as a trap as well as a trip wire. You can recover any you place down
if you dont' end up using them, but note THIS one will hurt you TOO!

 We can really use this thing though. Go back out to the previous room and
look around the area. See that small floor grate by the dead soldier, near
the door with the keypad? Yeah, put an Explosive Bolt just outside of it.

 From there, check the soldier to find the [_UNION SECURITY CARD_], a key
item. We'll use this soon. Go get the [_GUNPOWDER_] on the barrel nearby as
well (which DEFINITELY gets the enemies attention). Now, from here, just wait
around a bit as the enemies disappear. One will come through that floor grate
and, well... BOOM! Heh. Grab what he drops and then go check out the locked
door. Note that it says "B-34". From here, you can look at card in your MENU
to see it has numbers by it (or just use the keypad). Follow the logic here
though: B3 is 96, B4 is 76, so put them together for "9676".

 Sure enough, that opens the door and we have several goodies to claim. First
grab the [_HANDGUN BULLET x6_] and the [_MEDICAL KIT_] from the back (we can
now CRAFT these Medical Kits now... for 5 Herbs, which isn't bad). There's
also some [_WEAPON PARTS x20_] and a [_HIGH-GRADE WEAPON PARTS_] here. That
last item will break a weapon upgrade barrier at the workshop! Not bad at all!

 Head back into the RIGHT room now and go up the ladder at the end (this is our
way out). Up here, we'll see we are in a new area. DO NOT MOVE though...

  Mitchel and Sons Construction

 Up here, look at the corpse up ahead with the sniper rifle... wait a bit and
she'll run off. This is GOOD though, trust me. Now, I mentioned not to move a
bit earlier and the reason for that is the TRIPWIRE TRAP here. This is good
again though. Trip it and an explosive bolt will make a tripwire. However, you
can sneak up to it and acquire it for a free [_EXPLOSIVE BOLT_].

 Sneak around now to where the enemy was. There is an enemy moving around here
and the female from earlier is stabbing a soldier further in now. Sneak attack
the wanderer and then move onto the woman (who is facing away from us). Easy.
We can loot now. Check the area for [_WEAPON PARTS x15_], an [_EXPLOSIVE BOLT_]
on the shelf and then check the soldier for [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_].

 OK, now there's an enemy up ahead who will try to ambush us. We can ambush him
instead. Use an exploding bolt by the boxes where we started at, then move to
the forklift (you likely see the enemy to the right up here, beyond the boxes).
Moving to the forklift makes him jump at us. Lead him to the bolt to take him
out, then go back and move the forklift to be able to get to the area past the

 There are a TON of boxes in this room (lots of good random items). Move the
cart blocking the door here, then go check out the area to the left of it for
even more goodies: [_WEAPON PARTS x10_], a [_FUSE_], some [_HANDGUN BULLET x3_],
[_GUNPOWDER_], some [_SMOKE POWDER_] and another random box. Gather it all (Feel
good, ammo-wise? You should!) and exit the building.

 Near the exit (to the left) is a VENDING machine. You can hit this thing
MULTIPLE times for a lot of green gel (300 per can). Keep doing it until it
stops rewarding you (in the first Evil Within games, these machines will drop
a bomb if you do them too much, so you better believe I was ready to run when
I did this! Heh!). There's also some [_WEAPON PARTS x15_] nearby.

 (-NOTE-) This is a GREAT time to go back and upgrade if you wish. Personally,
          I got Damage 1 and Critical 1 for the Shotgun (which means I had to
          use the Weapon Upgrade part). This nets you a trophy though, so it
          is worth it (see below). I also got the "Predator" ability from the
          stealth tree.

 (-NOTE-) You can get the "Making Things a Little Easier" Bronze Trophy here
          by using the "High-Grade Weapon Parts" item we got recently back at
          the Safe House! Very nice!

 OK, back to business. We're going to continue to go down the west (left) road
and make our way towards the "Rogue Signals" mission. There's a van shaking on
the way that has enemies in it. You can set an Explosive Trap here, but set it
away from the van so you retreat past it (because you have to OPEN the van).
Doing this helps a ton, but follow up with Handgun shots to whatever enemies
remain. At least two of them have axes, so you should also get [_AXE x2_] on
the ground afterwards (we will DEFINITELY use those). Go inside the van to
find your reward:a [_MEDKIT_] and [_SHOTGUN SHELL x4_].

 Continue south to find a [_HERB_] on the left, then go EAST now (left) and
destroy the boxes you see. There is a red garage nearby that has a tone of
goodies in it (and no enemies). Go loot the place to find [_WEAPON PARTS x15_],
a [_METAL PIPE_], a [_FUSE_], [_WEAPON PARTS x10_] (in the cabinet), some more
[_WEAPON PARTS x15_] on the shelf and some [_GUNPOWDER_] on the shelf. Not bad!

 Now, from here, to the NORTHWEST is a field. Out here you can find (should
find) two enemies laying around. This is PERFECT for those axes from earlier.
We can use one on them, go back, and try to use the other one (although for
me, the enemy got up when I went back... so you may have to sneak attack him
instead... use the bushes!). There's also [_HERB x2_] in this area, so it is
worth checking out.

 Northwest, by the yellow house, there is another enemy laying against it on
the northern side. Perfect for that other axe if you didn't get to use it
like me (we're getting our money's worth!). Kill him and grab the [_HERB_] by
him and go get the last axe after that.

 Continue to the south now, south of the field, to find a fenced-in area with
a dead soldier. This may or may not be locked, but you can unlock it either
way (I swear this world is a bit wonky sometimes). The soldier himself has
[_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_], but the area also has some [_GUNPOWDER_], a [_BOTTLE_]
and [_WEAPON PARTS x15_] in it. After you get that, move to the west side
of  the small white garage you are near for a trash bin with a random item.

 Now, climb the ladder here on the east side. Move south along the roof to
beyond the fenced-in area and drop down so we can explore the garage we were
just on. Inside you can find [_WEAPON PARTS x15_], a [_METAL PIPE_] and some
[_GUNPOWDER_]. Oh, and that cabinet inside here has nothing. Use the ladder
outside the garage and head south. We're going to clear out another big area...

  Tredwell Trucking

 Keep going south and stay on the boxes. You've seen the enemy up above, but
her particular route is PERFECT for us from this approach. You can watch her
and easily sneak attack her, which gives us the upper-hand.

 Now, look around to see that nearby is an enclosed container, all locked up.
Just to the south is a patch of oil... you KNOW what I am thinking...

 We can get a trophy here pretty easily. What we want to do is open the
enclosure, lead both enemies to the oil (back away calmly and semi-slowly),
and then SHOOT the oil. Burn them both to death to get the trophy below!

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Kick, Shoot, Burn" Bronze Trophy here for killing
          2 enemies at once using oil on the ground! Congrats!

 One of those enemies had an [_AXE_] by the way, so now you have it. There's
plenty of more enemies in the trucking yard nearby to use it on if you need
to. Before we engage them though, on the east side of the yard is a truck you
can enter. Open it and get the [_GUNPOWDER_] and [_MYSTERIOUS MACHINE_] inside
of it (that machine is the robo dog from Wolfenstein, by the way... another
title from Bethesda).

 Just south of the truck is a door that needs power. Power from the area we
just cleared out. Let's clear out the rest of the junkyard here first though.
There is a total of FOUR enemies here, but there's a central bush you can use
to sneak up on all of them. Focus on the ones to the north first, as the big
trucks here section them off. If you absolutely need to, remember the exit to
this place is to the west and you can run north down the street if needed, but
this is great practice in order to take them all out.

 Remember that you should also have an axe! Two of the enemies in the area
also have axes, which is [_AXE x2_] for you if you can take them all out of
course. We can loot the yard once you take them all out. To the north is a
truck (the one with the ramp leading up to it) with [_HANDGUN BULLET x4_].
There's also [_WEAPON PARTS x15_] outside that truck (on the big container

 South of that (on some wooden crates) is [_WEAPON PARTS x15_]. The truck
nearby can be opened up, and has some more [_HANDGUN BULLET x4_]. There's
also a [_BOTTLE_] by port-a-potties and another [_BOTTLE_] just to the north
by the trash dumpster.

 OK, let's go turn on the power now. Head to the area where we killed the
enemies with fire, go into the gated area, and flip the power switch. Go
interact with the door now and it will open up. Head inside...

 Despire how foreboding this area is, you aren't in danger so relax a bit.
A man will die further in, right near us. Take his gel and then grab the 
[_FUSE_] past him. Further in is another dead guy. Grab his gel as well and
the [_GUNPOWDER_] nearby. That's ALL we can do right now, so go ahead and
leave. We'll be back here later (we aren't supposed to be here this early,
so the path is blocked). Head west and leave the trucking compound.

 Near the bus outside is a dead soldier on a van. Go check him to find some
[_HANDGUN BULLET x4_]. Now head inside the bus to find a dead woman with some
gel on her. Head north now, past the trucking area fence, to see a bunch of
boxes on the right you can loot.

 Head west now, to a yellow house. We can find a total of [_HERB x3_] in this
are (one on the front porch, one behind the house, one just south of the house).
You should be near a white trailer now. There's a trash bin and [_BOTTLE_] here.
In the tree nearby (just to the north) is also an [_AXE_]. There's an enemy
under the white care over here, but you may need to pass by it a few times to
spawn him and get him to come out (or check for the "item" by the car). Be sure
to check it afterwards for [_WEAPON PARTS x5_].

 OK, go ahead and head south to the Visitor Center now (we'll come back for a
few things, including that train, in a bit). Head in and the back door will now
open (it wouldn't budge before!). Inside of it you'll see a message as you go
down. Is this from Lily?? The butterfly? Well... go down anyways and enter the
door. Look to the left here for [_WEAPONS PARTS x25_] and then go forwards to
the scene for [_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 6/24_]. You shouldn't have been so selfish,

 Well, nearby on the left shelf you can find [_FILE 13/40_], which is special
as it is "Turner's Communicator Log". This SHOWS YOU where all of the UPGRADES
are on the map!

 (-NOTE-) You can check the map, like the game suggests, to see that we've
          already got a number of the upgrades already, so much so that there
          is only ONE left. Heh, well, that's what happens when you're using
          a guide and playing with ol' BK, right!?
 Head towards the exit now and the man will take a picture of us as we leave....
 Well damn...
 Head forwards here and into the room on the right. There's some "art" up on
display in here, but there's some enemies too. First, be sure to grab the
[_GUNPOWDER_] to the left, and then look to the upper left corner so see an
enemy sitting down (take him out with a harpoon) and to the right, past the
desk, is a second enemy (I just used a sniper bullet on her). Examine the
central case here now to get some creepy laughter, and to the right you can
see some art of recent events. Move the bookcase in the upper right corner to
see the light (literally!) and then move forward and out the door.
 Well... that was weird, but ultimately not too bad. Head to Liam's Safe House
now and go report in to him. He will end up making some very insensitive
comments here (what a douce!) but will give us [_150 WEAPON PARTS_]. Not bad
for a reward at all! I ended up buying a variety of cheap weapon upgrades here
(mostly Handgun Damage 2 and various reload options).

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Backup Ain't Coming" Bronze Trophy for completing
          the game's first side mission, "Rogue Signal".

 OK, we've got to go check out that train now! We're making a short detour
first though. Head down the road near the grocery mart and look to the left
as you go. There's an obvious brown door we haven't entered yet. Go in and
head forward to examine the soldier for [_HANDGUN AMMO x4_], then go past
it to the small room for a [_METAL PIPE_], a [_NAIL_] and [_WEAPON PARTS x5_]
from the cabinet.

 Duck under the hole here and nab the [_WEAPON PARTS x35_] from the table
here, and the [_WEAPON PARTS x10_] from the cabinet. You can craft here if
you wish, then head back outside.

 (-NOTE-) On the way back, I was bothered by the GHOST. I had to move to
          the exit, which was locked, and then back to get her to go away
          and she wasn't even there. Huh...
 OK, head up the street now and left, through the yard to the red boxcar.
BEFORE you interact with it, go PAST it and around the corner. You'll see a
[_BOTTLE_] by a wreck, but go AROUND the wreck for [_LOCKER KEY 7/32_] from
the statue. Very nice!

 Go back now and interact with the red door. The handle breaks off here, but
that doesn't stop an enemy has he barrels into you (hey, the door is open at
least!). Kill him off and let's go explore!

 Get the gel from the corpse here and push forward (the camera bothers me...).
The soldier here has a FANTASTIC item though: the [_HANDGUN AMMO POUCH 2/5_].
Getting back out won't be easy though. We are FORCED to trip the tripwire here
and take out an enemy rushing us (one harpoon bolt takes him out).

 Head outside now and go right, past the wreck and into the opening of the
left train. You can take a LEFT here and go down the pathway, watching the
very odd scene that happens. Get the gel afterwards and break the boxes at
the end. One of them has a [_HIGH-GRADE WEAPON PARTS_] in them, along with
a loose [_HERB_] and [_SMOKE POWDER_]. Huh... making me think these crates
aren't random.

 Continue north through the train now and you'll note there is a TON of rats
up here. At the very end of this path, check the RIGHT chair to find an easter
egg item: the [_MYSTERIOUS MASK_]. This thing is from Dishonored, another one
of Bethesda's games (and a damn good one). As another bonus, the rats here are
likely a call to one of Corvus' powers from Dishonored, where you can make a
pack of rats take out a guard. Hehe...

 Head back and keep going north to the last boxcar on the left. There's not
much here, but you can find a [_METAL PIPE_] and [_WEAPON PARTS x25_]. Head
out and look for an opening on the right-side of the train to enter the car
(you should have a signal pop up when you are searching). The signal is to
the north, but to the south is an enemy walking around. Let's take care of
the ENEMIES first. Once you kill the first one, THREE will stand up, so be
ready for that! I chose to snipe the first one and then hold the narrow door
here against them with a shotgun, switching to my handgun when they stagger
for easy shots. You'll get a lot of loot from these enemies. There is ONE
MORE enemy on the right as you go down who is sitting down, so kill them as

 Go north now for the real prize of this area: [_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 7/24_] of
a woman trying to leave (it sounds like the ghost got her to me). There's some
[_RED GEL_] here too! Very nice. Go south and exit east of the train car to
get out (near the corpse and door).

 There is an [_HERB_] past the fence here, by a DEAD enemy (I wasted a bullet
trying to shoot him and he didn't react, so I'm sure you can save the bullet
unless the game is just trolling us...). You can head north from here, but note
there's another [_HERB_] to the left (past the fence, north of the train).

 ONE MORE THING we can do out here. As you headed north, you saw the fenced
area with the car wreck, right? On the west side of the fence is a crate you
can climb up and get over. There's some boxes by the truck here, but open up
the truck for some [_NAILS_].

 The BIG prize here is the dead man by the wreck. Go examine him to try and
take the gun, but an enemy will ambush us here. Shotgun her once you can get
up and take her out, then claim the gun nearby for the [_LASER-SIGHTED HANDGUN_]
which is DIFFERENT than our gun (of course, because it has a laser... use this
one if you are used to laser-sighted weapons like the handguns in Resident Evil

 Head to the north Safe House now for a breather (and because it is on the way
to our goal). I should note that we did miss an item here: behind the safe
house there is an enemy pounding away. You can find a HOLE in the fence back
here (the northern fence, on the west side) so you can go kill the enemy, grab
an [_HERB_] and destroy the boxes back here.

 Go save and upgrade now, then head back outside. OK, we are FINALLY ready to
go progress the MAIN OBJECTIVE. About time, right? Head northeast to the gas
station, but go PAST it and to the west to find an over-turned vehicle up here
for some items: a [_FUSE_], a [_MEDKIT_] and some [_GUNPOWDER_]. Off to the
west, you can find another [_HERB_] as well.

 Approach the Gas Station now and go AROUND it. To the back. Back here, look
to the corner, right of the dumpster, and up to find a STATUE out of reach.
We can SHOOT it here for [_LOCKER KEY 8/32_]. Heck yes!

 Head to the main entrance now and use your communicator to see "Lily" enter
the place. Follow her in and around to the back. Try to use the door and you'll
see it is locked. Move the counter nearby and crawl under in order to find a
key item: the [_LILY DOLL_]. This was definitely her!

 Head back outside now and around to the back. Investigate the dumpster here
for a scene and our next goal. Southwest. We can do this. As you head towards
the marker though, you'll get a small scene.

 Gah! A new enemy! As you reach the edge of the grass, it will attack! We
will call these things "FLESH HOUNDS" since they are so small and, well...
I guess are people more than hands? Ugh...

 Still, these things are annoying. Run to the cars in the gas station and
use them and your shotgun to stun them, then follow up with a CLOSE shotgun
blast to their face (or handgun bullets if you need to).

 OK, go ahead and head southwest to the marker. It should be right next to a
green SUV. Use it and follow Lily as she takes us on a run to a blood mark on
a house nearby. We need to go southwest again. This is REALLY easy since we
cleared this area out already! This time you should be near a green truck.
Use the communicator again to see where Lily ran off to and check the ADULT
FOOTPRINTS past the car first and then the car after that (someone is very
obviously watching Lily, I would say...).

 This will lead us to the trucking shop nearby, where Sebastian reasons she
must have gone to. THIS is where the game would make you power up the door
nearby, but since we already did that, just enter the warehouse. Inside, you
will hear screams, so head forwards and examine the board on the fence that
thwarted us earlier and we'll have access to go further in now!

 Head forward now and take a left to go back to the fence. To the left up
here (in the corner) is [_WEAPON PARTS x20_]. You can break the door here
too (you may as well). Now, you may thing we need to head up the stairs here,
but there's nothing up there, so continue on down the path.

 You'll hear an enemy up ahead, but through no fault of your own it will run
off. Keep going and loot the soldier you find for  [_HANDGUN BULLET x3_]
Keep on going and at the end, be ready for the enemy to bust out. It is
possible to get in a sneak kill here, but be ready to straight-up kill him
when he busts out too. He should drop you an [_AXE_] as well...

 Head up the ladder here to get to a set of rooms. The first room here is
great as it has a [_SHOCK BOLT_] and [_FILE 14/40_]. The last collectable in
this chapter! Awesome!

 (-NOTE-) I also got a [_HIGH-GRADE WEAPON PARTS_] here on the Workbench, but
          it may have been because I actually downloaded the "Last Chance" DLC
          before playing. If it was, let me know!
 There's also a [_SYRINGE_] and workbench in this room, so stock up while you
can. Head to the next room now to see a doll on the ground. Yeah, she was here
it seems. Grab the [_SHOTGUN SHELL x4_] and [_HANDGUN BULLET x5_] here, then go
interact with the doll to see a scene. We'll also get the [_MYRA DOLL_] item.
Enjoy the cut-scenes here as Sebastian figures out what happened...

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Taken" Bronze Trophy here for "seeing a chilling
          vision". This is a story trophy, so you'll get it no matter what.
 We'll get a cut-scene showing Sebastian trying to contact O'Neal, but we
need to get out of the warehouse. BEFORE you go, head left out the door to
get some [_GUNPOWDER_] at the dead end and then go visit the workbench if
you need to (I recommend at LEAST 6 Shotgun Shells for this upcoming part...).

 Head back down the ladder and you'll get some... interference. Things aren't
going to well. Exit the warehouse now as you trail the unknown serial killer,
but don't waste the ammo (he'll just dodge). Once you get outside, you'll get
a little scene with the man who won't respond and instead... just CREATES some
monsters to toy with us!

 JESUS, we've got THREE Flesh Hounds here. Retreat back into the warehouse
and get to the containers to force the enemies to round corners to attack you.
You can shotgun them easily like this and take them out.

 Only two will likely follow you in here, so watch out for one more out in
the truck yard (you can likely snipe this one). Kill it off for another scene
showing the town being RE-POPULATED WITH ENEMIES.

 Well crap...
 We need to make our way back to Liam's Safe house, but on the way we can
fight a bit if you wish (if not, just be stealthy). I'm not going out of my
way to re-explore EVERYWHERE, but here's some places of note:

 1) Near the GROCERY MART. There is a SPITTER with FIVE Roaming Enemies. I
    ended up sniping the Spitter (Sniper Rifle and Exploding Bolt) and then
    sneak attacking two enemies before caught. Two more chased me to the
    water where I electrocuted them (smart move). Sneak killed the last one.
 2) There is a FLESH HOUND on the roof where we got our Sniper Rifle. It
    is pretty harmless up there, but is very noisy...
 3) There is a WITCH that patrols the wooded area north of that building down
    the nearby alleyways. I actually sniped her from the top of the building
    in number two. She had NO idea where I was. One sniper bullet and then I
    sneaked attacked her for the kill.

 After that (and only if you choose... we're killing for gel at this point...),
head to Liam O'Neal's Safe House and talk to him. He'll tell us all about the
"Marrow" now and its function, including giving us the password for the computer
in the North Safe House and telling us to go to "Exit B2". He also happens to
give us a [_GAS MASK_] to make it through. Good reason to come visit him...

 And with that, we have FINALLY completed Chapter 3! That is definitely one of
the longest chapters I have EVER written for a Horror Game. By far. But still,
so good!

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /      ~ Chapter 4: Behind the Curtain ~       |     EW004
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

 At the start of this chapter, note that we can ask O'Neal some NEW questions
to fill in some plot questions. Good stuff. He's smart too, there is NO way
I would leave this place unless forced out.

 Be sure to visit your own personal room on the way out. You will discover
a NEW DOOR when you visit. This, my friends, is the SHOOTING GALLERY. This
game is turning into Resident Evil 4 more and more! Hahaha.

 Check out our SHOOTING GALLERY section of the guide for more info on this
part of the game. It's just easier to segment things up like that for guide
purposes. I do recommend playing it though, until you can get the two items
in the note below!

 (-NOTE-) While doing this SHOOTING GALLERY is optional, you can gain
          [_LOCKER KEY 9/32_] and [_LOCKER KEY 10/32_] from playing it.
          Both of these items require some practice to gain, but the gallery
          doesn't require ammo and with some patience and practice you can
          gain both of these items. There's GREAT items and a trophy in it
          for collecting all of the locker keys, so do yourself a favor and
          get both of these!

 Head north to the Safe House now, but let's take the scenic route... just
because I'm ready to kill some things. Let's head up the right road, "Cedar
Street". It is a fairly boring journey until the end, where you see a woman
enemy banging on a house. As you get close, FOUR MORE ENEMIES will show up
virtually out of nowhere. For me, all of them were the same character model
as well. Quickly get into the bushes on the left as you go up!

 There's a number of ways you can handle this. One is to see which of them
has a fire bomb, wait until they get together, and shoot it. That may kill a
couple at once. You can also try Exploding Bolt traps and Smoke Bolts to take
one out, leading the rest to exploding traps while chasing you. Or you can
combine the two, get them to chase you, and shoot the fire bomb to hopefully
get multiple in the trap. Either way, take out these enemies to keep going
north (note that one of them has an [_AXE_] as well).

 At the North Safe House you will see a SPITTER patrolling about. I just
sniped this enemy. One shot to the face did the trick, but it may take two
for you unless you've upgraded the Sniper Rifle a bit. Worth it though, as
there are THREE enemies lying around here as well. With the Spitter dead,
you can walk up to these foes and shoot them in the face to start a fight
(or use an AXE). More gel for us!

 Continue onward to the safe house and use the facilities (heal/save) and
then use the computer to continue. There's another long loading scene, but
soon we'll be back in The Marrow...

  The Marrow: Operations

 Once you've loaded in, check to your left for a [_METAL PIPE_] and then to
the right for [_WEAPON PARTS x20_] and [_HANDGUN BULLET x4_]. Head out into
the hallway now and forward to a vending machine on the left. Hit it a few
times for some green get, but note this one puts out a smoke bomb on the third
hit, no more for us...

 Straight ahead is blocked (you can examine the corpse), so head right into a
door that leads to some sort of command center. In the opposite corner over
here (past the stairs going down) is a [_FUSE_] in the cabinet and a [_SYRINGE_]
in a box. Head down the stairs now and check out the city map, then go around it
to a computer for [_FILE 15/40_]. You can check the map on the wall to the left
and nab the [_WEAPON PARTS x15_] from the shelf as well.

 Head on to the next room where the servers are and get the [_GUNPOWDER_] from
the soldier. Go through the vent to be behind the big door from earlier (do not
open it up). There IS a box with goodies to the right of the big door though, so
loo it for [_WEAPON PARTS x10_] and [_SHOTGUN SHELL x4_]. Not bad!

 Head past the elevators now into the dark room. To your LEFT is an enemy, so
take him out. Across the way on the catwalk is another one, so take him out
as well (be sure to let him drop down so we can loot him... use your pistol).

 Go down the stairs now. To the left is another enemy playing dead, so get the
drop on him. Go to the ladder across the way and to the right is yet ANOTHER
enemy playing dead, so take him out too (this will be good for later). I should
mention that you must have noticed the doors we passed on the way here. They are
all locked, but the one by the ladder ISN'T. Go inside and kill the enemy on the
ground here, then loot the soldier for the [_WARDEN CROSSBOW AMMO POUCH 1/3_],
which is FANTASTIC, as well as some [_GUNPOWDER_], a [_METAL PIPE_] and some
[_WEAPON PARTS x25_] in a bag on the nearby table. There's also a [_FUSE_]

 Head back down and put some EXPLOSIVE BOLTS around this room. We're about to
be attacked. Now, go interact with the door with the frequency communicator and
play the minigame to line up the waves. After that, the doors around here will
start to unlock. Enemies will come out. Three normal enemies at first, and then
a WITCH. Use you shotgun when they get close and handgun when they are at range
to take them all out (with the help of your traps).

 (-NOTE-) IF you are hurt, try to WAIT and not heal. We have one more real
          fight in this area and then a coffee pot up ahead, so try your best
          to just overhelm the next fight with firepower and heal further on
          when it is free (although if you are swimming in syringes, use one
          at least!).

 From here, go back up the stairs and into the room on the left. The gun here
is good for [_HANDGUN BULLET x5_] and there's [_WEAPON PARTS x15_] on the table
(with nothing in the cabinet). Go down to the room under the stairs to find
[_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_], a [_METAL PIPE_] and some [_GUNPOWDER_] on the soldier.
Next, head into the other room down here (the one without the minigame thing on
it) for [_HANDGUN BULLET x5_] from the gun.

 That's all there is here, so head through the door we opened and onward, past
the locked gate to reach the tunnels...

  The Marrow: Access Tunnels - Central

 Ugh, we are in a sewer... lovely. Head to the switch in the distance and flip
it to lower the sewer level. Ugh, we have to do down there. Use the ladder by
the dead soldier and head down.

 Keep to the left up here and go up the steps to a dead soldier for a nice
bonus of [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_]. As you head to the ladder, an enemy will appear.
Back up and he won't see us, but as soon as you can, go sneak kill him (as he
may see you if you don't). Go up the ladder, hit the switch up here to lower
the platform, and head into the next room.

 Examine the door here to see THIS is where the gas leak is. Thanks Liam! This
gas mask will be really handy! We will actually go into FIRST PERSON MODE here
with the gas mask, and we are NOT allowed to use our weapons! I hope you are
feeling stealth!

 In this first room, straight ahead, is an enemy wandering around. You can still
use cover, so do so and sneak up on her to kill her (or let her come to you by
using the boxes... she's easy to kill on the right). There's also [_BOTTLE x2_]
here (one up where we are, one lower).

 Continue on to go down a large staircase and into a big sewer main. On the
right as you go is a door you should try. It is locked electronically, so we
will have to go set it free. Across from it on the other wall you can find a
[_METAL PIPE_] in the corner. Keep on going and you'll come to a path split.
BE CAREFUL HERE as a SPITTER patrols to the right. We want to go LEFT though,
down to the end (never mind the body) and in the right corner you'll find a
STATUE for [_LOCKER KEY 11/32_]. Very nice!

 Head back now and wait for the SPITTER to go north into the hallway (do NOT
hide nearby as it walks out towards the path split as well). Go towards its
area once it walks north and hide by the big crate, then wait for it to walk
towards the path split and head north into the room.

 You can find a [_FUSE_] in this room and the power grid. This is a puzzle
like the last one, but the solution here is the FIRST, SECOND and FOURTH
switches. Now we need to follow the spitter back down, wait at the crate for
it to go back up, and make our way to the door. After you enter the door,
Sebastian will leave behind his mask and we can use firearms again!

 Climb the ladder back up and around the left corner check the computer here
for [_FILE 16/40_]. The other wall of this room has a dead soldier by it with
some [_GUNPOWDER_] and a [_SYRINGE_] near him. Continue on and go RIGHT when
you can to find a room with a Mobius Box in it you can open and loot for some
[_WEAPON PARTS x25_] and some [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_]. There's a [_HARPOON BOLT_]
in the back as well.

 Go back now and continue forward. Note the VENT to the lower left, but first
go check out the area inward to find some shadows! Tune in to them to get
[_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 8/24_], then go back to the vent and follow it to the very
last room, which has our way out! You can find [_HANDGUN BULLET x3_], some
[_WEAPON PARTS x20_] in the cabinet and a [_HERB_] here before going back to
Union. Yes, we have to go back...

  Union: City Hall

 Back in the nightmare. Not that the Marrow is a picnic. But we start off in
a SAFE ROOM at least. Here you can use [_COFFEE MAKER 3/7_] and save if you
wish. The room to the right has a [_RED GEL_] and a way back to your room
(use both if you wish, and take this chance to upgrade / heal / save).

 (-NOTE-) It is a GREAT IDEA to make a separate save now, for an optional
          trophy coming up. You can re-use this save to pick another action
          and pop an easy trophy, so keep this in mind (you'll know when to
          do it as you follow the guide!).
 Once you are ready to continue, climb up the ladder and take the [_METAL PIPE_]
you find. Head outside now, but STOP! Go LEFT around the building and look at
the ground to find [_LOCKER KEY 12/32_]. Very nice!

 Walk forward now and soon we'll officially enter the new chapter...

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /        ~ Chapter 5: Lying in Wait ~          |     EW005
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

 Well, this place is just... screwed. The camera lens in the sky bothers me
so much. Let's get some collectables though. Head left to the gazebo and
you'll find [_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 9/24_]. A good day in union! Now, head to
the van to the left to find some [_GUNPOWDER_] and a [_SMOKE BOLT_]. Not

 From here, head back to the main road and up to City Hall's entrance. You
can examine a dead soldier here for [_FILE 17/40_]. He's been WAITING for us,
and he has a little surprise in store...

                         --- BOSS: THE AMALGAMATION ---

 (-NOTE-) There are TWO WAYS to do this fight... each with their own
          separate trophy rewards. The standard one of just fighting is
          down below, but below that is the "Alternative" version of this
 Our first real "Boss Fight" is upon us. This thing is just an amalgamation
of corpses, but that sawblade on its hand is still serious. For the record, we
will leave the "Item Gathering" for AFTER this boss fight, so for now, you just
need to focus on the fight!

 Now, there are a few ways to hurt the boss a TON without expending a lot of
ammo. The first is in the upper right, where you can find a water pool where
you can shock the boss and get in several close-range shotgun blasts. The next
is the RIGHT side of this area. You can find two separate gas cans over here
that you can knock over. Do so and run away, then lead her back and set her
on fire for good damage for one bullet. There's also some TRIP WIRES on the
upper left and lower right corners of the area that SLOW TIME when you trip
them. You can duck and have the boss trip them in order to get in several easy

 Use those tips and then follow up with some Exploding Bolts on the ground (as
traps) in order to take this monstrosity out! Running away and firing with
space should be your goal otherwise. Note that past the truck to the upper left
you can take a RIGHT and climb the ledge to give yourself good breathing room
and an easy way to hurt the boss while it climbs. A bit cheap, but use the traps
I mentioned before this and the exploding bolts and you'll likely have no need
to be cheap...

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Not Running This Time" Bronze Trophy for taking
          out the Guardian outside City Hall.

 Alternatively, we can get through this fight WITHOUT fighting. You will still
want to grab the items AFTER this boss fight though, as we don't have a chance
to pick everything up if we do this alternative path, so if you are doing this
be sure to run around and loot the place (see below, after the boss encounter
for what you can get).

 The key to getting through this fight without wasting ammo is to head to the
LEFT SIDE of City Hall. It is blocked by a truck, boxes and THREE RED BARRELS
which, when you shoot one of them, a path will open up around the building.
Note that doing this will alert the creature, so be ready to run! Personally,
I went and hid in the front area so I could explore in peace, although the
monster WILL start to explore this back area...

 Behind the crates here is a box, and inside the bus (a BAD place to go) is
a [_BOTTLE_] and some [_HANDGUN BULLET x2_]. Past that you will encounter a
TRIPWIRE that puts up two traps around the building for [_EXPLOSIVE BOLT x2_]
amongst the boxes back here.

 The DOOR back here is our goal. You can go for it right away, but I should
note that past it you can find a [_BOTTLE_] and around to the right side of
the building you can find some more boxes, a [_HARPOON BOLT_], some
[_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_] and some [_HANDGUN AMMO x5_] (if you didn't grab it
through the fence earlier, of course). Head back to the door and bust through
it (which involves MASHING "X" to get in) to get the trophy below and make it
to the basement.

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Sometimes Fighting Isn't the Answer" Bronze
          Trophy for getting through this fight WITHOUT killing the boss.

                          --- END BOSS ENCOUNTER ---

 (-NOTE-) IF you went to the BASEMENT, you will have to kill two regular
          enemies down here (fairly easy to sneak kill), but you will
          also get [_HANDGUN BULLET x7_] on the right. Move the cart down
          here to get up into the City Hall proper...

 For killing this beast, you'll get [_5,000 GREEN GEL_]. We can also explore
this area and gather up the loot laying around. To the upper left by the water
is a TON of boxes, and the tipped over van has [_HANDGUN BULLET x3_], some
[_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_], a [_SMOKE BOLT_] and an [_EXPLODING BOLT_]. Not bad. Can
you imagine getting stuck in here!?

 In the left enclosure you can find another tripwire and [_HANDGUN BULLET x3_]
in it. On the right side of the area in the cage is an [_EXPLODING BOLT_] and
some [_HANDGUN BULLET x2_] outside to the north (by the boxes). You can also
find some [_HANDGUN BULLET x3_] to the upper right (through the fence). After
that, head to the main entrance for [_HANDGUN BULLET x2_] and a [_SHOCK BOLT_].

 Go ahead and head inside now, then forward for a scene. We've found another
one of the operatives, Miles Harrison. He'll stress that we need to restart
the emitter or there won't BE a core to save, then giving us a key item,
[_HARRISON'S COMMUNICATOR_], which we'll need to restart the emitter. Well,
he won't be coming out with us...

 Check the central desk now for a [_SYRINGE_] and some [_GUNPOWDER_], then
continue north. Take a RIGHT here and go right to the "Mail Room". Inside,
you can find [_FILE 18/40_], where plans are put on hold. The cabinet behind
us has [_WEAPON PARTS x5_] and there's also [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_] in the room
to the right of the door (right after you enter). Further in the back is a
SAVE POINT (be sure to save) and a WORKBENCH. Ignore the ladder downwards for
now, as it's a dead end (a cart is blocking a door down there... this is where
you would EMERGE if you didn't fight the boss up above...).

 Head back now and left, going through the double doors inward here (the other
path is a dead end with no items). There's another murder here. Up in the air.
His shadow falling on the wally. He's definitely here... head left to a hallway
now and then to a path split in the back. To the left you can find a wooden
cabinet with a [_METAL PIPE_] and to the right is some stairs (you can also
find a [_HERB_] under the stairs). Get those items and head upwards.

 Follow the (linear) path and soon we'll come to a room with a large picture
of a woman on the left. Go check it out and notice she has a NECKLACE on and
some roses by her. Nearby is a mannequin and an empty vase... yeah, we have
to make the pictures match. Grab the [_ROSES_] by the picture and then in the
left corner grab the [_EMERALD NECKLACE_], then go put them both by the
mannequin. We have to rotate the mannequin as well so that it is facing the
camera (maybe SLIGHTLY to the right), then go take the mannequin's picture
with the camera (put the FOCUS to 5).

 This makes the hallway in FRONT of us real. Somehow. Ah, nothing has to
make sense here! As you go down this hallway, take a moment and LOOK at all
of the art (including the clock on the right), but as you go down it, be SURE
you keep an eye on the left for a NEWSPAPER as it is [_FILE 19/40_]. Note that
all of the doors here are locked as well (our way back is blocked too!). Head
to the very end now and read the message. Now you just need to head back, start
to check out the art again (make sure you look at it all!) and then a doorway
will appear on the right-hand side (the sound of a camera will be the key here).

 Go check out the new picture... yeah, it's Lily. Of course it is. Soon a door
will be pounded on. Wait a bit and approach it and soon you'll have a way
forward. Go through and we'll be played with a bit. Just keep running back and
forth down this hallway and listen to the speech and soon a door will be open
for us...

 Go ahead and enter it and head right. Check out the table here for a picture:
[_FILE 20/40_], which pops the trophy down below since we've got half of the
files now. There's a cabinent here with [_GUNPOWDER_] and a [_HERB_] between
the dressers near the door.

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Doing Some Detecting" Bronze Trophy for getting
          20 files, which is half the files in the game! Congrats!

 Head back where you came from and right to see... he's there! Try running
at him to have the doors locked, then turn around. Ugh, the art... keep going
down the pathway and continue down the steps and through the door you find.
In this dark room, against your better judgement, go check out the head on the
seat. Ugh... yeah, that was about what I expected. Enjoy the scene here...

 Soon we'll be able to move again. Ugh, these corpses are disgusting. Turn
around and go BACK to the door, but note the table on the left here that has
[_FILE 21/40_] on it. A hand-written note. "Other Artists" kind-of disturbs
me... like he's not alone...

 Keep going to exit the area and we'll be back in the model room. Head past it
to find a WEALTH of items: [_HANDGUN BULLET x12_], a [_SYRINGE_] and then some
[_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_]. You KNOW something is coming.

 And sure enough, the next room has the EMITTER in it. BEFORE you go interact
with it, note the items in the room here: a [_SYRINGE_] on lower left corner
and some [_HANDGUN BULLET x4_] on right.

 When you are ready, go use Harrison's Communicator on the Emitter to start
a scene and let it begin...

                         --- BOSS: CAMERA OBSCURA ---

 This... is more of a "puzzle" than a boss fight, but finding out that fact
is honestly half the battle here.

 As the battle starts, the emitter has started up and needs to countdown 90
seconds before starting. The Camera Obscura is preventing that though, and
will take PICTURES of it to stop it from counting. This isn't good and is
what we need to prevent. To break its spell, we need to shoot the Camera
Obscura in its (stupid... and creepy...) camera face to "break" it. Doing
this will start the timer again, but after a period of time, Camera Obscura
will freeze the emitter again.

 And so this fight is us breaking its shot over and over. The BEST way to do
this is with a shotgun shell, up close to its face. One good shotgun shot is
guaranteed to do the trick (on normal at least), so that's what I would
recommend here. If you are lucky, it should only take five shots in total
for this entire fight.

 Optionally, you can use your handgun but that may take more shots. Note that
the Camera Obscura is super fond of running around the edges of the area, but
can also jump up on the walls and ceiling. As far as damaging you goes, the
Camera Obscura only really has a close-ranged melee move, which makes our
shotgun strategy a bit more dangerous but it's still by far the best way to
break its photographs. You are quite safe from range in this fight. Whittle
that timer down to 90 seconds and the emitter will take care of the Camera
Obscura for us...

                          --- END BOSS ENCOUNTER ---

 OK, once the fight is over we can continue in a much more "normal"
setting. Go through the doorway and to the left you'll see an [_HERB_]
while to the right is a wooden cabinet with [_WEAPON PARTS x5_]. Grab them
and continue on. To the right over here is a locked door with a [_HERB_] in
the corner, so grab it and go left for a bag with [_GUNPOWDER x2_] as well as
a [_FUSE_] go through the door over here to continue.

 On the desk straight in front of you is [_FILE 22/40_]. I like the election
stuff in here (it's about right...). On the other side of the desk you can
find a [_SYRINGE_] and to the left in the other room is another [_SYRINGE_],
so you should be fully healed! Continue on and soon you'll find yourself in
the room where the "art" was earlier. No floating body this time! Go STRAIGHT
here though to break a STATUE for [_LOCKER KEY 13/32_], the last collectable
in this chapter.

 Make your way out of City Hall now and we'll get several scenes here as
Sebastian reports in and then talks with Liam afterwards. It's pretty easy
to figure out where to go next, but how to get there. It sounds like we're
going into The Marrow again. Lovely. Looking for "Exit D5" this time. But
hey, at least the chapter officially comes to an end now...

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /         ~ Chapter 6: On the Hunt ~           |     EW006
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

 Head back to the Safe House now but once you leave the gated area, take a LEFT
and go look for a soldier on the ground out here. Examine him to find he has a
key item on him: [_MEDICAL POUCH 1/2_]. We can carry one more healing syringe

 Head back to the Safe House now and heal / save / upgrade as you wish, then
go back to The Marrow once you are ready. As you leave the room with the
computer in it, a passage way will open up...

  The Marrow: Access Tunnels - West
 Head forwards here and a voice will play with your mind. Wonderful. Go ALL
the way to the END now and open the door, with your shotgun ready. As you enter
the room, kill the enemy right to the left and then examine the soldier here to
find another pouch upgrade: the [_HANDGUN AMMO POUCH 3/5_]. Very sweet! There's
[_WEAPON PARTS x15_] in the cabinet and [_GUNPOWDER_] on the shelf too!

 Head out the door now and straight ahead is a hole in the fence. Go in and go
RIGHT here, but look at the celing as you go back! There is a STATUE up here,
hiding, but shoot it for [_LOCKER KEY 14/32_] and [_WEAPON PARTS x15_] from the
barrel at the end. Trying to hide from us. The first game did this trick too
(grey statue in grey ceiling area...).
 Go back through the hole in the fence and go to the door we passed earlier,
with the frequency mini-game on it. Match the frequency and enter, opening a
Mobius Package for [_1,000 GREEN GEL_], [_WEAPON PARTS x25_] and on the box to
the right a [_METAL PIPE_].

 Go back to the hole in the fence and go LEFT this time to continue. You will
run into two enemies feasting. Here, I'd just put an Explosive Bolt on the
floor to the right and let them find and rush us to take them both out (you
can sneak to the left and tip the gas can too, if you want). Past that is a
large stair case. Remember these stairs from the first game? Yeah, very bad
memories there. Go all the way to the bottom and continue to enter a new area.

  The Marrow: Facilities
 There's something... GROWING here. Bubbling. Wax? Head forwards down these
corridors until you enter a LARGE room down below. Check the cabinet on the
right here for a [_FUSE_] and then continue on until the TV's' come on and
show us some of our past...

 Oh wow... Mira was right, and Sebastian... oh no...
 Once the scene is over with, check to your LEFT (by the photo slide) for
[_PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDE 4/11_]. Nice, we'll watch that later. Nab the [_HERB_]
up ahead and go through the door. Something shuts the door to our right, but
that's the only way to go, so head that way and open the door to see a new

 JESUS, that thing is big. This is a sneaking section and it isn't too hard
as long as you don't rush. The head swaps between three direction, looking
for you, so just wait until it looks away and make your move, moving around
the room counter-clockwise until you can back up into a new hallway and get
your reward from a shelf: [_WEAPON PARTS x25_].

 Keep going onwards and left into a LARGE room. The cabinet on the left up
here has [_WEAPON PARTS x10_] and just past that, behind a crate against the
left wall, is a [_MYSTERIOUS BOBBLEHEAD_]. Yet another easter egg from the
Fallout Universe this time. I have one of these at home!

 Try to leave now and you'll be STOPPED by the monster. Here, you need to
blast away at its face about four times to get it to drop you. Thankfully,
ammo IS NOT a concern here, so blast away and get it to drop you so we can
carry on...

 Continue on and keep your eye on the left for another frequency minigame
to play. Open this door and go forward to find [_FILE 23/40_] on the desk.
You can also find [_WEAPON PARTS x25_] in the cabinet right near it. In the
other part of the room, you can find a small stash with [_SHOTGUN SHELL x3_],
a [_HERB_] and [_WEAPON PARTS x15_].

 Head out and enter the next door to see a scene. Enjoy! After the scene you
will be introduced to Yukiko, one of the five people we came in here to find
and only the second alive! 50/50 for this scenario isn't that bad, right!?

 (-NOTE-) You will get "The Team Psychologist" Bronze Trophy here, for
          meeting up with Yukiko.

 Ask here whatever questions you wish and then we'll have free reign once
more. To your left you can find a [_RED GEL_], a [_SYRINGE_] and then some
[_GUNPOWDER_]. This room also has [_COFFEE MAKER 4/7_] in it. Very nice.
Across from the coffee maker, check the computer for [_FILE 24/40_]. We are
really racking these up! Note the door over here leads out to where we came
in from.

 We need to work our way to the computer to continue. Look around the area
for [_WEAPON PARTS x20_] and in the computer room there's some [_SMOKE POWDER_]
to pick up, then use the computer to make your way back to Union proper...

  Union: Post Plus

 We're back in the nightmare. This room we're in is safe at least. Pick up
the [_GUNPOWDER_] here and use [_COFFEE MAKER 5/7_]. Only TWO MORE of these
in the game. We'll use this one a bit though.

 This room also has some [_HI-GRADE WEAPON PARTS_] and [_HARPOON BOLT x2_]
which is quite nice. Head into the left room now (the one with the doorway
that doesn't have a door to open) for [_WEAPON PARTS x40_]. You can also use
the MIRROR in this safe room, as now it may be worth your time to go back and
upgrade weapons / abilities at this time.

 Oh, we can also watch that SLIDE we got for [_700 GREEN GEL_] as Sebastian
talks to Kidman about Mira a bit... good back-story here!

 From our safe house, let's exit outside and then up ahead you will see some
shadows. Check it out for [_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 10/24_]. Poor guy never made it.
You can open the cabinet here for [_WEAPON PARTS x10_] as well. Exit out to
the world now.

 Before we go trigger Chapter 7, let's do a LITTLE bit of exploring and make
the immediate area safe. To the left (and right, out in the grass) you can
find [_BOTTLE x2_]. Now, off to the south is a small building (the building
the memory was talking about), and there is a [_HERB_] here as well, but there
is also a SPITTER and THREE wandering enemies (one has an [_AXE_]).

 Go ahead and take them out. Personally, I had to LEAVE shotgun shells behind
in The Marrow, so here I decided to snipe the Spitter, have it and some allies
come investigate, and used shotgun shells on them all (then I actually went
back and got those shells).

 Head west now. The building over here has an enemy on the roof. He also has
an [_AXE_], so axe him and take his. This roof also has [_WEAPON PARTS x25_]
and a mysterious LOCKED container on it. Huh...

 Jump down and find a vending machine nearby. Hit it for goodies until it
stops and then go west to the THEATER. Interact with the paintings that are
blocking the way for a small cut-scene and you will officially start the next
chapter (which didn't actually pop up for me, but this is where we're going
to divide it at...).

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /        ~ Chapter 7: Lust for Art ~           |     EW007
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

 Head SOUTH down the street (stop by and nab the [_HERB_] outside coffee shop)
and a TENTACLE will bore down into the street, releasing SEVEN enemies who
will spread out a bit. They clump together by the corpses over here often, so
I used some exploding bolts to thin their numbers and killed the rest with
sneak attacks and handgun bullets.

 Note that there's a trash bin by the coffee shop dumpster as well (almost
missed this one!). Head southeast a bit to the FRONT of the bank to see a
STATUE on one of the planters for [_LOCKER KEY 15/32_] and a [_HERB_] as well.
Grab both and be sure to break the boxes over by the teller window.

 OK, now, this next collectable is going to be PAINFUL for us. Go to the east
side of the bank and lay some EXPLODING BOLT traps around (preferably around a
car or something) and then go check out the shadow nearby. The conversation
SHOULD give away what is about to happen, but we need to do this in order to
get [_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 11/24_]. That's right... we're fighting ANOTHER one of
those Amalgamation Guardians!

 This thing is weaker than the boss from earlier, but can still kill you. Draw
it into the bolts you set up and then use your shotgun while running around a
car to stay safe and take it out. Switch up to handgun bullets or bolts if you
MUST, but with two exploding bolts and a clip of shotgun ammo (if you've been
upgrading these weapon's damages... and you should be) you can take this thing

 Enjoy the green gel as a reward (there's lots of it at least!) and look around
the area for some[_WEAPON PARTS x25_]. To the north of the fight area, you can
also find some barriers with three boxes in them, [_WEAPON PARTS x15_] and even
a [_SYRINGE_]. Very nice! Also, on the southeast corner of the building nearby
is a trash bin you can get a random item from.

 Next up, before we go explore the diner to the south, let's go explore the
trains to the east. The first one can be boarded on the north side, but go in
with stealth as there is a FLESH HOUND on the ceiling. You can snipe it down
and handgun it to death after that. There's nothing in this train car though,
which is a bit of a bummer (flesh hound gel...).

 At the end, drop off the LEFT side of the train and to the left of the next
train, out in the grass, is a SECOND Flesh Hound. I put down traps for this
one (more exploding bolts) and used a shotgun on him to take him out. Go and
explore the second train after that for [_WEAPON PARTS x30_]. That's the east
portion explored. Head back to where you fought the Amalgamation at and head
south to the diner...

  Juke Diner

 There's quite a few good things here. First, as you head south and cross the
fence area into the diner, take a sharp left (you should be in the northeast
corner of the area). Tucked away by a plank is [_LOCKER KEY 16/32_]. Very well
hidden, but not the best in this chapter! Head west along the back parking lot
now and in the tipped-over ban you can find some boxes. Destroy them and in the
back here you can find [_WEAPON PARTS x30_] and a [_MEDICAL KIT_]. Nice. There's
a trash bin out by the street too.

 OK, before we go inside the diner, let's get the goodies around it. On the WEST
side of the diner you can find a VENDING MACHINE. Go ahead and use it until it
spits out a rat. Circle around to the EAST side now and you can find a stash of
[_HANDGUN BULLET x3_] and [_WEAPON PARTS x25_]. You can also go check the dead
soldier here for [_SNIPER RIFLE AMMO POUCH 1/3_]! Very nice!

 Head to the front of the building now for a [_HERB_] and then LOOK UP AT THE
SIGN. You should see a STATUE up there, on the right side of the sign, so shoot
it down for [_LOCKER KEY 17/32_]. A very well hidden one!

 Let's head into the diner now. In the left corner over here (on the booth
seat) is some [_SMOKE POWDER_] and you can find [_WEAPON PARTS x20_] behind
the counter. Head into the middle room now and get the [_HANDGUN BULLET x3_]
from the gun, then watch the [_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 12/24_]. Wait, she!? Oh shit.

 Sure enough, try to leave and the JUKEBOX will come on. Because of course it
will. Go examine it to get a scene and she will show up. Se-baaaa-stainnnnn...
Sorry, I'm not helping. Run away to the left of the diner to get to immediate
safety. From here, work around to the middle room and then near the jukebox
and wait for the ghost to move towards the southwest corner of the restaurant
and move towards the ext... and we're back in the metal ward. Lovely.

  Unknown Mental Ward

 This first area has a mirror on the left and a door on the right. Try the
door and you'll start a scene. It's locked, but the ghost will come in.
Thankfully, Sebastian takes cover automatically. Stay in cover and watch
what the ghost does as it enters the mirror and opens the door... which
opens the door behind us. Fantastic!

 Head forward now and we'll be in a circular room. Notice how it is well-lit
as well? There are four doors here (left to right, door 1, door 2, hallway,
door 3, door 4). What you need to do here is go investigate the mirror in the
back. You'll get a jump-scare here, but run away and head back and you'll see
one of the doors is glowing. It is random on which one it is, but you need to
enter the real-world door of the one that is glowing. If it's the first door on
the left, you need to enter "Door 1" (not "Door 4"). If you do it wrong, you'll
just come back to this room though, so just try again.

 If you do it right, you'll be in a darker, more cluttered version of the same
room. We need to do it ONE more time, so approach the mirror but look for the
glowing door QUICKLY as the ghost comes out of the mirror this time and will
move around the room. If you are QUICK, you can get the room and go through it
before even having to be chased.

 Head forward and you'll get some visions before being left right by the man
who committed suicide. He'll have [_PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDE 5/11_] in his hand at
least. Something for our troubles. I have a feeling we'll see her again...

 OK, let's explore our surroundings a bit more. For now, head to the buildings
on the west. We can't go into them or anything, but there's a [_HERB_] on east
side and the west side has boxes, a [_METAL PIPE_] and an [_AXE_] stuck in a
tree near the street intersection.

 Let's go explore to the south now. As you go south, you'll notice one of our
objectives is nearby, in "The Devil's Taproom". This is where one of the two
paintings is, but to the southeast there's some goodies for us to get. First
though, we should deal with the three derps to the very south. There's three
enemies down here running around a corpse pile. Seriously. It's... pretty
weird. They each have a fire bomb too, but if you use a smoke bomb when they
run around, they will cough and drop it, killing themselves. Yeah, they are
really derps...

 Still, we can loot the area here for some [_NAILS_], [_GUNPOWDER_] and some
[_WEAPON PARTS x35_]. There's a LOT of boxes to break as well so you'll likely
get some random parts from them. With that done, let's head to "The Devil's
Taproom" nearby.

  The Devil's Taproom
 This place looks... abandoned. There is an [_HERB_] to the left and you can
find [_BOTTLE x2_] in here (makes sense). More importantly, in the upper right
corner in here you can find "The Barkeep's Journal", [_FILE 25/40_]. You can
also get the [_SMOKE POWDER_] behind the bar.

 Head to the backroom now to find the art on wall. BEFORE you interact with
it, nab the [_FUSE_] and [_NAILS_] to the left (in the cabinet) and then try
to destroy the art...

 Yeah, not so easy. We'll be pulled into this "Art World".
 This place isn't too bad, but after Sebastian gets his bearings and tries to
destroy the art we'll be pulled out of the room. The art is trying to protect
itself, I suppose, and we'll need to find a key to get to it.

 Head to the back now, getting some story on "art" as you go (this is some
pretty messed-up stuff). We'll need to head all the way to the back, where
you can take the key here, even if it doesn't feel right ([_SMALL ROOM KEY_]),
and sure enough doing that will change this area. The room we're in will
change quite a bit, and now has a body that gives us [_HANDGUN BULLET x4_] and
a [_SMOKE BOLT_] from across the room.

 We've now got TWO rooms with patrolling enemies we need to take out. The good
news is that they are full of boxes we can hide behind. Use these to kill the
two patrolling enemies in the first room (or use traps) and then cross the
hallway and use the boxes here to kill three more enemies. The furthest one is
chowing down on a corpse, but will get up and move around in a SHORT pattern
when you get close, so you'll need to either smoke bomb her or trap her to
take her out.

 With that done though, you can make your way to the door and use the key to
get to the "art". When you do, a TON of trip wires will come down to try and
stop you. The best thing you can do here is to go COUNTER-CLOCKWISE and follow
the wall for a bit until you can get to the ropes to your left and then follow
them. This gets you near the art where you can attack it from behind and destroy
it, removing one of the two locks to the theater! Sweet! We'll be out in Union
after that.

  Out in the Open

 OK, we're going to trigger an event now so we can get it out of the way.
This event WILL require some ammo though, and I highly recommend you use
some EXPLOSIVE BOLTS (I'll tell you when to use them), so be sure you are
stocked ammo-wise and have at least two explosive bolts.

 From the tap room, we want to head west to the intersection. There's some
enemies wandering to the west, but for now, just cross the intersection and
check the cop on the northwest corner here for some [_HANDGUN BULLET x5_].
Being near this enclosed parking space will start the event, and you'll hear

 Watch the monsters to the west head to a fence nearby and get over it. SOMEONE
is by the semi over there and they are about to be swarmed. Follow the monsters
west to the fence and open it (you can open it manually) and you'll see a man
climb up the semi. This is a "Mobius Operative" and he only has limited health,
but for completion's sake we MUST rescue him.

 Now, this first part will be a little dicey. We can actually sneak up and kill
the monster in the back, but that's about it. The rest I would use your bolts
and shotgun on to wipe out (MAYBE an explosive bolt if they group up nicely for
you and you have 2+ of them). Once you've wiped out this first group, a second
group of monsters will come in from the southeast corner. Now THIS is where you
want to use those explosive bolts. Get them set up as you are rushed and you
can kill the bulk of these reinforcements. If you need to, the west side of
this area has TWO red barrels you can kick over and shoot to kill multiple foes
at once.

 Once everything is dead, the man will want you to follow him. We have LOOTING
to do though, so clean up all the drops here. Of note in this area is the loot
to the northeast: some [_HANDGUN BULLET x5_], a [_SYRINGE_] (DO NOT USE THIS),
and an [_AXE_]. On the west side of this area you can also find TWO different
[_SHOTGUN SHELL x3_] items and some [_WEAPON PARTS x25_].

 Follow the agent now to his safehouse to the west and enter. Inside, the
first thing to do is use [_COFFEE MAKER 6/7_]. Only one more of those to go
for a trophy! Not bad! There's plenty of items in this room too, so be sure
to nab the [_GUNPOWDER_], [_HANDGUN BULLET x6_] and [_EXPLOSIVE BOLT_] in the
main room and to the right (the mirror room), some [_WEAPON PARTS x40_] and

 Go talk to Sykes now (Another one alive! Our record is improving!) and ask
him everything you can. He'll be a bit more open with us than the other agents
were, and wants us to go restart a server in the Marrow so he can look for a
way out. It will also unlock the CACHE BOXES we've seen, including the one in
this room and the one back by the coffee shop.

 Well... it sounds like we have a new job to do...

  Getting Back Online
 On your way out of the Safehouse (be sure to Save / Upgrade) you will hear a
large crash. Exit and look to your IMMEDIATE left. The gate fell down here.
Also, the fire to the east is gone (opening a path out of this area). Let's
explore to the northwest a bit since that gate fell down.

 I should warn you: there are TWO WITCHES out here. The first is to the north
by the chain-link fence and will walk to the right (I ended up sniping her to
take her down). The second comes from the small area to the southwest, so be
ready to back-attack her and shotgun-blast her after that to kill her, then be
SURE to go examine the area she came from to find [_SHOTGUN AMMO POUCH 2/4_].
Not bad! The area with the cars also has some [_NAILS_] and to the east a small
barrier you can leap for [_WEAPON PARTS x40_].

 OK, make your way back to Post Plus now and enter the Marrow. Here we need
to basically backtrack through the "Wax Enemy" area, so go ahead and do so and
you'll see... there's not much to be afraid of. In fact, not only is the wax
enemy gone (thank god...) but there's NO enemies on the way to the server at
all. It's a little TOO easy, to be frank, but go ahead and restart the server
once you get to it (note the [_BOTTLE x2_] in the room) and the CACHE BOX in
the room will be open.

 Now, there's enemies outside after that server reboot. Because of course
there is... but we have a CACHE BOX at least. Open it up to check it out and
claim the [_WEAPON PARTS x50_], [_SHOTGUN SHELL x3_] and [_HANDGUN BULLET x8_].
Now, the enemies outside. Get your shotgun or bow ready and open the door, then
retreat back into the room and let them come in to kill them. Note that they
have an [_AXE_] as well, so that's a plus.

 Start to make your way back the way you came and in the large room where the
wax monster was is now THREE patrolling enemies. The one to the left, out in
the open can be back-stabbed easily, but you may be seen (not likely if you
retreat right away). From there you can stealthily move to the right and kill
that woman monster, but the far enemy WILL see you if you do this, although if
you have that axe you can just kill him off easily.

 As you try to leave, not that a fourth monster will crawl out and just...
stand in the hallway. Very lame. I put a harpoon through her head and then
just continued. The upcoming warehouse room has a WITCH moving around in it,
but if you are patient you can backstab here (she moves towards you and then
away at some point) and then shotgun her to take her out. That's it for this
area, so head back to Union after you take her out.

  Union (Theater District)

 We need to go back and see Sykes, but on the way you can stop by the nearby
Coffee Shop (just to the east of the safehouse exit) and get on the roof for
a CACHE BOX. This one has [_WEAPON PARTS x25_] and [_HANDGUN BULLET x10_],
which is quite nice.

 Make your way back to Sykes Safehouse now and talk to him. Exhaust his dialog
once more as he searches for the backdoor. Sounds promising. We can open the
CACHE BOX here as well for a total of [_WEAPON PARTS x75_] and a new handgun
weapon: the [_SILENCED HANDGUN_]. Good for trying to pick groups apart, but
weaker than our other weapons. Nice to have options!

 OK, with that side quest out of the way we can get back to exploring (and
the artwork quest, I suppose...). Head south from the safehouse, back to the
intersection we were at. To the southwest of the intersection, nab the [_HERB_]
you see and check out the little dead end to the west of that for a [_FUSE_]
and [_METAL PIPE_] on the dumpster.

 Let's head down the south street now (south from the nearby intersection).
There's some good items to find here, but as you go south, some enemies will
drag some body parts to your right. Ignore them for now and nab the items to
the left: a [_METAL PIPE_], some [_WEAPON PARTS x30_] and an [_HERB_]. Follow
the enemies now and take them out. You can sneak-kill at least one, but the
others will probably see you, so axe them if you can, or just shotgun them.
Notice the HUGE corpse pile here. You know what I'm thinking, but thankfully
the Guardian / Amalgamation enemy won't rise.

 Break all of the boxes here for some good random drops, and then loot the
area. You'll find a [_METAL PIPE_], [_WEAPON PARTS x30_] (inside the van),
some [_NAILS_], another [_METAL PIPE_] and [_WEAPON PARTS x40_] by looking
around this area.

 BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! You can get [_LOCKER KEY 18/32_] here too. It is a
bit tricky. Walk past the van opening and look UP at the brick building. The
Statue is up there so you'll have to shoot it down. Very tricky, but another
key for our collection!

 Continue to the west now, breaking the boxes here. At the end, you'll see an
enemy attacking a body nearby, but as you approach him he will start to patrol
the area back here, so do your best to get behind him for a stealth kill. You
in the corner for the [_MYSTERIOUS ACTION FIGURE_]. This is a "Doom Guy", one
of the collectables from the PS4 Doom Reboot. What a good game, by the way. It
was my personal game of the year in 2016 (mostly because Stardew Valley on the
PS4 was just... so darn buggy...).

 Nearby you can also find [_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 13/24_]. Tune into it and listen
in, but note the scream nearby afterwards. Investigate the woman now to find
the [_STORAGE ROOM KEY_]. This thing is for the building near the POST PLUS,
which has some "firepower" like the other memory told us about.

 Well, no time like the present to go check it out (we've investigated all we
can back here). On your way out though, you will have to fight another one of
those Amalgamation / Guardian enemies as they rise from the giant corpse pile!
Dear God... We can hide using the crates here to get set-up at least. There's
a fire barrel to the west and we can lay explosive bolts between us and her as
she walks to the street. Do that and snipe her if you can, then use the boxes
to run around and shotgun her (or use the gas barrel as well if you can). It is
worth it in the end just for the Green Gel!

 Once she is done, head to the Storage Facility just to the south of Post Plus.
Use the key you just got to unlock it and feel free to loot the place! In total
you will find [_WEAPON PARTS x30_], [_GUNPOWDER_], [_NAILS_], [_SMOKE POWDER_],
and an [_AXE_] stuck in a body. Fun! There's also a CACHE BOX in here, with some
[_WEAPON PARTS x30_] and [_HIGH-GRADE WEAPON PARTS_]. Nice! The BIG prize in
this place however is the [_FULL-BARRELED SHOTGUN_] in the back.

 Now, once I looted that, the room turned BLUE. You know what that means! Go
try and leave and the door will be locked. From here, head back to the back
and the ghost will enter, singing calmly. We have nowhere to hide or go in
this room. Personally, I stayed in the back and was CAUGHT by the ghost, but
it just teleported me in the same room and the atmosphere cleared up. Huh...
still, very much heart-pounding!

 Exit the storage room now and head back to the intersection west of the bar
to continue. We're going to keep exploring. Head west down the street and soon
a tendril will come out of the sky. Gah! No monsters though, which is really,
really weird (this isn't just me, right?!).

 Well, from here you can go all the way west (to fill out the map) and in the
southwest corner you can find an [_HERB_]. There's nothing in the bus either,
by the way. That hotel is our next destination, but before you head inside, go
back, nabbing another [_HERB_] from the porch of the brick house and going up
the alley past it to destroy some boxes. Past the boxes you can find some more
[_WEAPON PARTS x20_] and to the left [_WEAPON PARTS x25_] and [_GUNPOWDER_].
Walk around to the front of the hotel now and enter.

  Sanctuary Hotel
 As soon as you go inside, you can nab a [_HERB_]. To your left you can also
find a [_SYRINGE_] and some [_HANDGUN BULLET x4_]. To the right down here you
can find a [_FUSE_] in a cabinet and TWO vending machines. Beat on both of them
until they stop giving you items, than go ahead and head upstairs.

 Here you'll see the second painting. The doors up here are all locked, so go
interact with the painting and Sebastian will accept what is about to happen
more readily this time...

 As you get sucked in to the painting, you'll be locked out once again. No
choice but to go down the stairs and search for a key, but as you do so, the
CAMERA OBSCURA monster will walk to the left.

 Oh man... so this is a bit stressful, but we need to sneak past it. Getting
to the key is easy... getting away is less so. Head forward and take the first
left to a red room, then continue and stick to the left to a blue room, being
careful to not get anywhere near the monster (I watched for quite awhile and I
don't think it bothers you on that route).

 This blue room is where things get tricky. The key is in here, so get behind
the table and pick up the [_CHAMBER KEY_]. This triggers the Camera monster to
come and investigate, so for now stay behind the table. It's general pattern is
to come explore this blue room, head to the left, walk slowly down the hallway
to the main hallway, look behind itself for a bit, then SPRINT away from the
door towards the blue room and repeat. It will sometimes go back the way it
came however, once it reaches the main hallway.

 This means you can follow it as it moves from the blue room to the main
hallway and then move into the red room and back towards the door. BE SURE
that you sneak the entire way or else it will hear you. There's a gate near
the stairs, so you'll have to MASH the "X" button to get past it, but once
you do you'll be safe.

 Now, to approach the figure go CLOCKWISE this time, sticking near the ropes
past the first tripwire and moving to the wall after that. Look for a break
in the ropes and move in, following the inside of the ropes past a wire and
then getting behind the figure to destroy it.

 And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the second picture destroyed. This will
open the barrier to the theater, so make your way there now. BEFORE YOU ENTER
though, we have one last goodie to nab! When you are going north past that
north tendril, look to the left to get out into a field area (just BEFORE
where the barrier was), and then follow the concrete barrier on your right to
find a STATUE (it should be just south of a blue car... and yes, we probably
could have gotten this earlier, but we've got it now!). Go ahead and break it
for [_LOCKER KEY 19/32_].

 Continue on to the theater now. On your way up the stairs, look to the right
for a black bag with some [_GUNPOWDER_] in it, then enter the theater. We'll
get a chapter transition shortly after entering...

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /          ~ Chapter 8: Premiere ~             |     EW008
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

Yeah, he's in here somewhere... now we just need to find him!

 Head further inward and Stefano will give a little speech. He's not trying
to hide, it appears! You can explore this lower level area if you wish (there
is some [_GUNPOWDER_] to the right, on the counter), but we'll have to head up
the stairs eventually. Head up and IMMEDIATELY go up once again. To the right
up here is [_WEAPON PARTS x50_] but more importantly, in the back you can find
[_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 14/24_]. Head down the steps after that and check to the
right here for a [_SYRINGE_] if you need it, then enter the doors straight
ahead and you'll get a scene.

 This scene... of this scene! The whole "Crimson Period" thing is just... wow.
He's committed, that's for sure. Enjoy the scenes and dialog here until you
can move again, then try to chase him down and the world will just go crazy.
Keep moving forward and jump down, then move onward to get another scene, this
time with a giant tentacle breaking the wall once more and a giant blue light
shining through.

 This is the camera lens, trying to spot us. You MUST NOT LET IT SEE YOU! If
it does see you, it is instant death, so time your run to the next wall section
when it looks away, and then again off to your right. Let the light go to your
left now before you drop down. Up ahead behind the corner wall you can find
[_HANDGUN BULLET x3_], so be sure to grab that and get back to the ledge to the
left. When the light goes to the left again, you can climb up and run to the
right, getting to the next wall easily (the one with the picture frame).

 Stop here and wait for the light to go left again, but look around. See that
chunk of wall right behind you? That's our next destination. It seems out of
the way, but that's because [_LOCKER KEY 20/32_] is behind it (a nice reward).
Wait for the light to go left again (if needed) and continue ahead, going behind
a big wall in the back for some more destruction and an area you can jump down
to once again (be sure to grab the [_FUSE_] you land next to!).

 STAY WHERE YOU ARE! Duck and stay in the dark as the blue light passes.
Follow it forward when its safe down to the end and stay in the dark. To your
left is a slope leading down to another wall and dark area. Aim for that next,
then under the ruins after that. Wait for the light to recede once more and
hurry forward, jumping the ledge up ahead and sprinting to the end where a
scene will take over and we'll be out of this area for good.

 Head forward now and enter the next room, checking to the left for a [_FUSE_]
and then grab the [_RED GEL_]  (a good prize after dodging that light) and
some [_NAILS_] to the left (there's also some [_GUNPOWDER_] and a [_SYRINGE_]
past the curtain by the nails). There's a MIRROR here as well, as I'm sure you
noticed, so be sure to SAVE / UPGRADE if you wish while we have the time.
Tatiana has a pep-talk for you as well, if you want to listen to her. Heh.

 Make your way out into the hotel atmosphere and head downwards. Stefano will
taunt us a bit as we proceed and you can look at some good artwork on the way,
but we're forced down a  couple flights of stairs here. At the bottom, check
out the area to the left for a [_MEDKIT_] and then continue on down the hallway.
Keep your eyes open to the right for [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_] and keep heading 
inward to get a scene with Stefano, after which we can FINALLY confront him:

                       --- BOSS: STEFANO VALENTINI ---

 We FINALLY get to take on this psycho! This is a fairly unique battle as we
are essentially being hunted by Stefano throughout the fight. Seriously, there
is no time when you aren't being seen/heard, so treat this battle as a straight
up fight.

 Stefano's biggest advantage is of course his teleportation, so trying to
engage him from range is a poor idea. Your main weapons in this fight should
be your shotgun and crossbow bolts. In particular, you want to set down traps
for Stefano, but first notice the arena you are in.

 There are half-built walls all throughout this room. You want to use the
edges of these walls to lay down traps at the corners and space them out from
there. This will lead to free direct damage for explosive bolt traps, but for
shock traps you are instead given the chance to get in a free shotgun shot at
Stefano (and those are the two types of traps that help the most here).

 While you are waiting for you traps to work, your other tactic here is to
have your shotgun out and back up slowly while keeping one of those walls
at your side or back (limit where he can teleport into from). What you want
to do is bait out Stefano's close-range knife attack. Since you are backing
away, he will miss, allowing you to blast him with your shotgun.

 In the meantime, you want to watch out for his ranged knife-throw attacks
and his "camera photo". The knife is hard to dodge unless you are dashing
while the photo slows you down (you've been a victim of this before) and lets
Stefano get in close for a knife attack, likely resulting in some melee damage.

 During this first part of the fight, you should also run around the room and
look for the treasure items here: which include TWO [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_], some
[_HANDGUN BULLET x6_], and a [_SYRINGE_]. Once you do enough damage, Stefano
will enter "Phase 2". During this phase our tactics remain the same, but for
his part Stefano will add a few new attacks.

 The biggest new attack to watch out for is the Camera Eye in the background,
that will slam tendril's down at you. This is another reason to always stay
behind the walls, to stay safe from this attack (and another reason why I
recommended you pick up items early). The second attack to watch out for is
"Explosive Space" attacks, where Stefano will freeze explosions in the air,
like proximity mines that you must avoid. The final attack is a melee rush
where Stefano will charge you and, if he connects, will stab you in either
shoulder or gut (use a syringe if needed).

 Still, pick a good wall horizontal to the camera in the sky and keep up
your trap-based tactics along with your shotgun and with these tips you
will soon put Stefano down for good...

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Premature Finale" Silver Trophy for taking
          down Stefano, the artistic serial killer...

                          --- END BOSS ENCOUNTER ---

 Enjoy your cut-scenes after the fight as Sebastian is utterly floored by
what happens. Yeah... this is. This is game changing...

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /        ~ Chapter 9: Another Evil ~           |     EW009
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

 We'll wake up in our office after the revelation that was that wax monster.
She's here, and she has Lily. Just unbelievable. Is that really her, though?
In the office, you can check out Stefano's picture for some flavor dialog,
but after that go check out the weird altar in our space for some more scenes
and an eventual change of scenery.

 What the hell? We're in a mausoleum of sorts it looks like, and those fire
monsters look like trouble for sure. Explore the area you are in for some
[_GUNPOWDER_] and a [_HARPOON BOLT_] in the back then continue on through the
door in here for a short scene. Vision? We are the "seeker" I suppose?

 As you continue, you'll come to a path split. Ignore the door and passageway
on the right for now and go straight. There's several boxes back here as well
as some [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_]. Go back to the path split now and go forward to
the DOOR up ahead (it is another dead end, but PAUSE here as the chandelier
falls and creates a room of flame for a little bit).

 Enter the door. There's a bunch of guck here with an enemy laying in it, so
be sure to take him out. Despite appearances, this area is a dead end, so go
grab the [_GUNPOWDER_] near the end of the area on the left (there may be an
enemy here instead of near the entrance, just FYI) and then go right and duck
under the passage to find some [_HANDGUN BULLET x5_] in the back.

 After that head back through the door and right into the torture room. Wow,
this place... you can actually view a couple of corpses in here for commentary
but there's also some [_GUNPOWDER_] and [_NAILS_] to be had here. Continue
through the torture room now to continue and we'll head down some stairs. Be
sure to PAUSE here and look behind the stairs for a small passage. Go through
it and kill the enemy here (who is SITTING to the left of where you come out
at... tricky...) to find [_700 GREEN GEL_] and a [_SYRINGE_].

 Go back now and continue through the iron doors. There's some boxes here you
can destroy at the end of the hallway, so knock them down and go through the

 THIS area is going to be our "HUB" for a bit. Consider this room the "middle"
area to help out with what's coming up and note the [_BOTTLE_] and [_GUNPOWDER_]
items here. There's also TWO enemies in the back playing dead, so be sure to
take them out. Also note that we need a "Crank Handle" in the back here to

 The room to the left is all prison cells (three of them), all locked, but note
the [_BOTTLE_] and box over here. In the middle room there's also a door to the
right, and to the right are even more locked cells, with numerous enemies that
are being contained. We need to head to the right to continue, going all the
way back to the "Crank Room" for [_HARPOON BOLT x2_] and the [_CRANK HANDLE_].

 (-NOTE-) You will get an AUTOSAVE after taking the crank handle here. This
          is GREAT as we can get an easy trophy thanks to it, just remember
          that you can LOAD this autosave if you don't get the trophy tip

 (-TROPHY TIP-) You can get the "Death From Above" Bronze Trophy here, but
                we have to be a little craft.
                Exit the room and look up. See those hanging lamps? We are
                going to shoot one. Move forward and LET the two enemies in
                the cell up ahead SEE you. Draw them out to right under the
                lamp (stand under it with them to make this REALLY easy) and
                shoot the lamp to have it fall and burn them both to death,
                which will make the trophy pop!
 Taking that handle has released ALL of the doors in this place, filling it
with enemies but letting us get to the treasures they were guarding (an overall
plus, if you ask me!). Head out the door and go forward to see an enemy moving
around. You can sneak kill this first one. Head to the cells now and note the
third cell has an enemy that is alive, so take him out as well (be silent with
a Harpoon Bolt).

 There's also an enemy near the entrance of this hallway, which I would take
out with a Harpoon Bolt as well (I personally needed to use some since we got
two in that crank room). Now, the main hub area has three enemies in it, two
patrolling around. Here, you can sneak kill one at a time and RUN BACK TO THE
"Crank Room" (or right outside), using the walls to hide and make the enemies
give up... only to go back and sneak kill another one. This tactic saves ammo
for sure, but you could also get through this a lot faster by just pulling out
your weapons and fighting them straight up.

 Once you kill them, check out the right door in this middle area (right from
where you entered) to see it is OPEN now (that's where these enemies came
from, I suppose). Head inside to find some [_WEAPON PARTS x50_] (very nice!),
[_HANDGUN BULLET x4_] and, in the back, an enemy worshipping at the altar. Take
him out with a sneak attack and claim the [_WARDEN CROSSBOW AMMO POUCH 2/3_] in
the area (very very nice!). There's also some [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_] and on the
altar you can find [_FILE 26/40_]. You can also unlock the door here to lead
back to the middle room from here.

 Move to the left side of the area now (left of door we entered in) for some
more goodies. The first cell has an enemy playing dead in it, but be sure to
kill him for [_WEAPON PARTS x20_]. The second cell is the big prize here, as
it has [_LOCKER KEY 21/32_] sitting out in the open. The furthest cell has a
[_METAL PIPE_] and a box in it, but also an enemy lying down, so be careful.

 That's all that there is in this area, so go use the crank now and we'll
come to a hallway with prison cells on either side (LARGE prison cells). We
can explore these. The first door on the right has nothing in it, so go into
the left door to find a [_SYRINGE_]. For the record, the next few enemies we
should use Harpoon Bolts to take out.

 The second door on the right has a dead soldier and some [_WEAPON PARTS x20_].
I'm really wondering where the heck we are right about now. Look in here for a
small tunnel leading to the next right cell where you can find a shadow. Tune
into it for [_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 15/24_] and nab the [_GUNPOWDER_] after that,
but BE READY for an enemy coming from the tunnel and kill him with your shotgun.
It's the soldier from the previous room. Very weird...

 Head back out to the hallway and explore the second room on the left. You can
find [_WEAPON PARTS x20_] here, but be SURE to destroy the boxes here to uncover
a hidden tunnel (I KNEW there would be a hidden tunnel here...). In this third
room on the left there's an enemy alive in the back, so take him out and nab
the [_HANDGUN BULLET x4_] by him. Check the middle soldier now for some
[_SHOTGUN SHELL x3_], then head back to the hallway and continue on to the
door in the back.

 We'll get some more dialog here as you head down a ladder. Ugh, that hurts...
Open the door here and continue on for some more dialog as the hallway we are
in lights up and a man appears. Fun. We'll get a scene as we head forwards. Is
this... some sort of preacher trying to help us? Very weird. We get a scenery
change here with a house in the distance. Go ahead and try to run towards it
for another scene...

 Gah, we are in a fight!? Jesus. These new enemies are definitely made of fire,
so we'll call them "Fire Monsters". Why not?! The KEY to fighting these enemies
is to AVOID firing at them when they are ON FIRE and only engage when their fire
goes out. A shotgun shell to the face works well here, so give them each one or
two if needed (or one shotgun blast followed up with handgun bullets) and take
all three of them out (there's no hiding here, by the way, so don't try). If you
do take damage, and have a Medical Kit, feel free to use it.

 Check the area here once the enemies are dead for a [_MEDICAL KIT_], some more
[_HANDGUN BULLET x5_], some [_HARPOON BOLT x2_] and [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_]. A nice
little refill. Those enemies reward slightly better gel than the normal enemies
as well, which is nice.

 Approach the symbol on the wall by the pulpit for some more dialog. Stefano?
This guy knew Stefano? Dammit... Continue through the wall as we're "rewarded"
and drop down. You can grab some [_WEAPON PARTS x20_] here and access a mirror
which means we can FINALLY save and upgrade here (it's about time!). Be SURE
you stock up on shotgun shells and a couple of Explosive Bolts here, as we'll
need them coming up.

 Head back to the messed-up prison world and further in you'll find a BIG
circular room. You can grab [_HERB x2_] in the room here, but MORE IMPORTANTLY
from where you came in at, look UP and to the RIGHT. There's a big gate here
and to the left of the big gate is a statue HOLDING a key statue. Shoot it down
for [_LOCKER KEY 22/32_], another well-hidden statue.

 Go up the ladder now (either one) and head to the middle area for a puzzle.
BEFORE you move these valves, look DOWN at the floor. We need to make a
picture of the cult's symbol to continue. I ACCIDENTALLY moved the first valve
a bit before I realized this, but I quickly realized what we had to do and came
up with a step by step solution.

 For this solution, we have the valve's number 1-4, left to right.

 o STEP 1: Move the THIRD valve right ONCE.
 o STEP 2: Move the FOURTH valve right TWICE.
 o STEP 3: Move the SECOND valve left TWICE.
 o STEP 4: Move the FIRST valve so the line goes up/down (with the fat
           part on the bottom).

 This will unlock the way forward as... blood fills out the symbol and unlocks
the gate in the distance. Head down now and continue on. As you continue, you
will get a scene as you meet "Father Theodore". Enjoy the scenes here as the
two get to know each other and, well... don't exactly get along. Theodore will
send us away to learn a lesson as the chapter comes to a close...

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /    ~ Chapter 10: Hidden from the Start ~     |     EW010
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

 THIS chapter... we'll wake up and IMMEDIATELY be under siege, with an ally
on top of that. Immediately help defend the front windows here from enemies
trying to come in (try to use your handgun and shoot while they are outside
if you can, whipping out the shotgun when they get close). We have a LOT of
Handgun Bullets around this cabin, so try to use your handgun here.

 Once you get a break in the action (and trust me, it is just a break...),
QUICKLY scan the house for goodies. You can grab [_HANDGUN BULLET x15_] and
a [_SYRINGE_] from the front here and then KNOCK DOWN the red barrel behind
you to pour oil on the ground. If you can, quickly set up an explosive trap
in the opening behind you as well.

 After another round of enemies from the front (be sure to loot the enemies
that you kill!), head to the back and loot the area back there for some more
goodies: [_HANDGUN BULLET x10_] and another [_SYRINGE_]. There's some boxes
back here too.

 Next up is a round of enemies from the back. They will come in from the
boarded-up window here first and the other windows next. Try to kill them
and save the explosive bolt if you can, otherwise once this wave is done put
down another bolt in the space behind us, as the fourth wave of enemies will
be from the front AND the back. Kill them all as they come, and help out your
teammate if she needs it (she really does help here).

 After the enemies die, pay attention to the LEFT WALL in the room (left as
if you were facing the windows) as a FLESH HOUND is about to burst through.
If you have the oil on the floor still, this is the time to use it. Otherwise
pull out your shotgun and help your teammate take it down. A second one will
come in as well, so take him out.

 Now, go through the hole in the wall and follow the left wall here, keeping
your eyes UP to see the ceiling destroyed and a STATUE up here. Shoot it down
for [_LOCKER KEY 22/32_]. Search the room here for [_HANDGUN BULLET x7_] as
well, then approach the area the woman went to to get a scene (as well as a

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Another Ally" Bronze Trophy for making another
          friend while surviving the attack on the cabin.

 BEFORE you go follow Torres out of the house, head back in and nab some of
the goodies here, including [_WEAPON PARTS x70_] in two pickups and get the
[_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_]. Head outside now and... yeah, we're back in Union...

  Union Nature Preserve

 A nature preserve, huh? Grab the [_HERB_] behind the house here and then
follow Torres. We'll get a scene after following here as the path is, well,
blocked. Continue following her now and we'll get some story exposition as
we move past some big logs and into a cave.

 ...and we're not THAT old!

 So, their plan is rather grandiose. FOUR people are going to take down
Mobius, but it seems that Theodore at least isn't in on this anymore (or the
power just went to his head). Keep on going and soon you'll see destruction
in the distance. As you jump a barrier you'll see who's responsible. Some
flamethrower-wielding man is setting fire everywhere, destroying a building
here while Theodore's followers roam around. Wonderful.

 Soon we'll have control and can move around. Now, these fire enemies are a
lot like normal enemies and we can sneak attack them when they aren't on fire.
To the right here you can find a [_BOTTLE_], but then go to the left where you
can find a bunch of bushes you can use to sneak-kill the fire enemy.

 Continue following the left path here and you can sneak kill two more enemies.
We can sneak kill two more enemies by following this path. One is patrolling
nearby (we can get behind him) and another one just looks away the whole time
so he's an easy mark. There's also a [_HERB_] out here.

 Head back a bit and check out the crates we passed for a [_SYRINGE_]. There's
also an enemy looking off to the right, which we can sneak kill easily. Check
the right side of the area where we came from to also find a [_HARPOON BOLT_],
and past that [_WEAPON PARTS x30_].

 Continue forward towards the house now and you'll see it's been burned to a
crisp. Past it on some metal girders you can find [_WEAPON PARTS x30_]. Head
past the house now to see some more enemies, as well as to find [_BOTTLE x2_]
in this area (not that you need it). There's an enemy patrolling nearby, one
to the immediate right and one further back. It's a bit easier to lure away
the closer enemy and kill him up by the house so you can then sneak kill the
enemy further away without being interrupted.

 There's also two enemies by symbol to the left, currently distracted. You
can sneak attack one of course, but you'll have to shoot down the second one.
There's a dead end ahead, so go back to the house and take the left path here
to the vehicles. In the back of the first car you can find [_WEAPON PARTS x20_]
but in the back of the other one is the [_SNIPER RIFLE AMMO POUCH 2/3_] (which
is awesome!) and some more [_WEAPON PARTS x20_].

 The safehouse is just past these cars, but for now head PAST the safehouse
and on the left side of the area, in the bushes, you can find a [_HERB_].
Head to the safehouse now and to the left BEFORE you go past Torres look in
the boxes for a [_METAL PIPE_] and [_WEAPON PARTS x40_]. Now, go inside the
safe house for a scene.

 Enjoy the dialog here as Sebastian tells Torres about what he's experienced
with Theodore so far, as well as Myra. We'll contact Kidman here and let her
know about Stefano. After that, Sebastian will try to contact O'Neal, but
won't be able to get thorough. Well crap. The game transitions chapters here,
as one of our next priorities is reconnecting with O'Neal...

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /        ~ Chapter 11: Reconnecting ~          |     EW011
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

 Well then... we need to find a way to get back in contact with O'Neal, and
there happens to be a Marrow connection here as well. Very good! First things
first though, use the Coffee Maker here for [_COFFEE MAKER 7/7_], which gives
us a trophy!

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Caffeine Addict" Bronze Trophy for using every
          Coffee Maker in the game at least once.

 There's also a lot of loot here: [_WEAPON PARTS x60_], a [_FUSE_], some
[_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_], some [_GUNPOWDER_] and som [_HANDGUN BULLET x7_]. A
nice restock overall. Also, be sure to check the book across from Torress to
find [_FILE 27/40_], a copy of her journal. Finally, in the middle of the
area is a case with a [_FREEZE BOLT_] inside of it. Our first one, really,
so we'll get a special note about it. We got these things MUCH earlier in
the first game!

 Be sure to talk to Torres here if you haven't already. Lots of good dialog
to be had, although she seems more of a grunt than anything. She sure does
trust Myra though. Head in the room behind her and check the left shelves tor
some [_HIGH GRADE WEAPON PARTS_], then enter the mirror here.

 Back in our office, be sure to visit your office in the back. You can find
[_PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDE 6/11_] here, as well as new info on Theodore (be sure to
check that out for more dialog... seems he was in charge of the "Mu Centers"...
Now I really hate him!). You should take this chance to watch any slides you
haven't so far. For me, that's the last two in a row, so [_1,400 GREEN GEL_]
was my reward. Save and upgrade after that (we have enough locker keys that
you can likely get some good ammo reserves or upgrade materials!).

 Head back to Union after that and onward to the room The Marrow computer is
in. Note the [_SYRINGE_] on the right before you enter the Marrow and then go
ahead and enter to continue.

  The Marrow: Facilities

 We're in a new place in the Marrow, but it's close to the previous area's
we've been to. Open the cabinet here for a [_FUSE_] and [_WEAPON PARTX x40_]
from the shelf, then get the [_CONDENSER_] across the way (this is a new part
used for freeze bolts).

 Go out the door now and in this area grab the [_NAILS_] on the right and
check out the fuse box by the door. Here you want to turn ALL of them on to
open it up and then you'll see... candles. Fantastic. Theodore has been here.
Look to the LEFT as you press on to see a light by the cabinet over here. Go
grab [_PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDE 7/11_] here and then make your way towards Hoffman's

 On the way, you can now actually enter the RIGHT DOOR (before the skeleton)
to find a dead agent. He's got a [_SYRINGE_] on his body. You can also pull
the CART out of the way here to get behind the barricade to find some goodies
in a Mobius Case here: [_WEAPON PARTS x40_] and some [_GUNPOWDER_]. You can
find some more [_GUNPOWDER_] in the cabinet here as well.

 Head back and enter Hoffman's Safehouse to find she is... gone?! You will
automatically get [_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 16/24_] here which shows she's left
the safehouse to try and meet up with O'Neal, which seems oddly out of place
for O'Neal. Huh. Guess we better follow her.

 BEFORE you do though, go check her computer for [_FILE 28/40_]. There's also
a [_FUSE_] on her desk. Once you have that, use the door near the computer to
go back to the Marrow Laptop back here. You'll get a call from SYKES back here
which triggers another side mission!

  Mission: The Last Step

 Sykes needs our help? Well, helping him has always paid off up to now, so I
suppose we can look into this. Back here you can find [_WEAPON PARTS x40_],
some [_SHOTGUN SHELLS x3_] and a [_CONDENSOR_]. You gotta love when they add
new items to previously explored rooms! 

 Head back to Union now and you'll see this Safe Room has been replenished
as well (who is doing this!?). You can find all sorts of goodies here such as
and probably most importantly some [_RED GEL_] in the side room.

 Exit the door now and nab a [_FUSE_] from the cabinet straight ahead. STOP
right here though and look in the CORNERS of this small room for a statue and
[_LOCKER KEY 24/32_]. Yes indeed, there are NEW COLLECTABLES in this portion
of the world as well!

  Union: Post Plus (Re-exploration)
 Exit out into the world and you'll see it is COMPLETELY different out here.
We may have explored this area thoroughly before, but there's new items and
enemies all throughout it. For that reason, I'm going to guide you to all of
the goodies you can find and give you some combat tips.

 (-NOTE-) I will go light on the direction, however. You are already somewhat
          familiar with this area already after all, so there's no need to
          go TOO in-depth.

 The first thing you'll notice is a Flamethrower Enemy killing things just
to the south. There's a [_BOTTLE_] here by the exit and just to your left is
a [_METAL PIPE_] and another [_BOTTLE_].

 OK, now these Flamethrower Enemies are TOUGH, but we have a good incentive
to beat them (special items AND 5,000 Gel per kill). We need to make sure our
weapons are upgraded though. Specifically, damage on sniper shots, explosion
bolts and shotgun shells. You can kill these guys easier by picking a box or
vehicle to sneak around and set traps for the / snipe them when they are at a
distance. It's cheap strats, but you do NOT want to be near them for their
melee attack or let them burn you, and having those boxes between you helps a
ton. Note that you can also FREEZE them and snipe their head multiple times to
kill them faster as well.

 After taking down this first Flamethrower Enemy, you'll gain that sweet Green
Gel bonus as well as a [_FLAMETHROWER FUEL TANK_]. We'll definitely use that

 Next up is the STORAGE SHED up ahead, which is replenished and re-locked. Our
key still works though, so go in for [_WEAPON PARTS x50_], a [_FUSE_], some
Not bad at ALL! There's also a [_HERB_] by the storage room on the outside.

 Now, to the south (bank parking lot) you will have THREE Fire Monsters who
start to wander around (once you approach the area). You can kill the north
one pretty easily, but the southern ones are semi-protected by an enemy who
is sitting in a car. He's playing dead, so take him out and sneak kill the
other two enemies. We can loot the area now. To the north by the barricades
is a [_CONDENSOR_] and [_SMOKE POWDER_], along with a [_HERB_] and [_BOTTLE_]
nearby. You can also find some [_GUNPOWDER_] by a military vehicle (a lot of
it), the north bus has [_WEAPONS PARTS x55_] in it and the south bus has some
[_HANDGUN BULLET x7_] in it.

 Head back north now and head to the coffee house. You can find more items on
top of it (go figure): a [_METAL PIPE_] and [_WEAPON PARTS x70_]. The CACHE BOX
is also renewed with [_WEAPON PARTS x25_] and [_HANDGUN BULLET x10_].

 Southwest of the coffee shop are three more enemies and a BIG enemy. The big
guy is new, but he'll wander off to t he west while the enemies go south once
you approach them. They'll go near the bank, so go ahead and kill them all
once you can (hard to sneak kill this group, so I just use Harpoon Bolts and
my Handgun here).

 HOWEVER! There is another Flamethrower Enemy southwest of the bank. Go ahead
and draw him over with your sniper rifle and kill him. I recommend using the
truck just northwest of the bank to snipe him from and draw him over to, as it
can block his fire blast and you can trap the corners to hurt him. Like the
last guy, he is HARD to take out, but worth it for that 5,000 Gel and another
[_FLAMETHROWER FUEL TANK_]. You can also find a [_FUSE_] on a crate and another
[_HERB_] by this truck as well. Also, southeast of the coffee shop (by the car
barricade) is [_WEAPON PARTS x70_] on a barrel. Be sure to grab that.

 (-NOTE-) I personally needed to refill ammo at this point after that last
          Flamethrower Enemy fight, so I went back and upgraded, saved and
          generally just refershed myself. You likely need to as well. While
          you are here, be sure to check the slide machine for that last slide
          we got which nets you[_700 GREEN GEL_].

 OK, we've got TWO Flamethrower Enemies down. There's one left in this area.
We won't see him for awhile though, and there's TONS of good stuff to get.
Once you get back, let's explore the train area again.

 North of the trains you can find [_HERB x2_] (again), but then get in the
northern train (you'll have to use the south entrance). This northern train
is great though as you can find [_SHOTGUN AMMO POUCH 3/4_] (VERY NICE!) and
in the back [_HANDGUN BULLET x7_] and a [_BOTTLE_. The southern train has
some [_SHOTGUN SHELL x3_] in it.

 OK, onto the DINER. Man, this place has some bad memories! You can find a
whole bunch of goodies inside though, with no enemies, so go in and loot the
place for a [_FUSE_], [_BOTTLE_], [_GUNPOWDER_], [_HERB x2_] (the dead body
in the middle is gone...), some [_SMOKE POWDER_], a [_CONDENSOR_] and finally
some [_GUNPOWDER_] on the dead body. HOWEVER! The most important thing here is
in the BATHROOM as you can look near the ceiling to see a STATUE that we can
shoot for [_LOCKER KEY 25/32_]. Very nice!

 From here, head towards the Sykes Safehouse area now. Just towards it. In the
middle of the street to the east of it are three enemies around a corpse pile
you want to take out. I used Harpoon Bolts and Smoke Bolts with backstabbing.
Enter his parking lot now, to the south are wandering fire enemies and bloated
enemies. In the parking lot is a [_HERB_] and in the northeast corner you can
find some [_WEAPON PARTS x40_]. Just SOUTH of his safehouse (where that small
alleyway was) is also [_WEAPON PARTS x70_].

 BEFORE we go see Sykes, we're going to explore the rest of this map. To the
north of the safehouse are three wandering fire enemies. You can actually take
them all out with stealth if you try, although you can run to the east if you
need to. They are worth killing though, as this area has a [_METAL PIPE_],
some [_WEAPON PARTS x60_] and the final [_SNIPER RIFLE AMMO POUCH 3/3_]. So
very nice!

 To the north of them are the BLOATED Enemies (Official name! Why not!?).
These guys try to get near you and EXPLODE, so we want to take them out from
range if you can. Sniping works quite well (aim for that face), but you can
also kill them with ONE HARPOON SHOT if you have upgraded it to the EX VERSION
(wreathed in flame). If you can afford that, I HIGHLY recommend it. There's a
Bloated to the north, a [_HERB_], and another Bloated Enmey north of that. Take
them both out for the nice gel rewards.

 OK, let's continue exploring. Just east of the safehouse, search the parking
lot across road for boxes and [_WEAPONS PARTS x55_] on top of a dumpster. Now,
head SOUTH of the diner. See that blue house? To the east of the blue house you
can find [_WEAPON PARTS x10_]. To the west of it you can search the parking lot
area for plenty of boxes, some [_WEAPON PARTS x55_] up on a trailer (climb it),
a [_CONDENSOR_], [_WEAPON PARTS x60_] on crates, [_1,500 GREEN GEL_] on the
soldier near the ledge, even MORE boxes, and a [_METAL PIPE_].

 It's time now to kill the enemies in the road to the west (the wandering fire
enemies). You can sneak kill the two fire enemies here, although that may
require running away if you get spotted. Take them out though. Past them, to
the west, are THREE Bloated Enemies. Again, use those Harpoon Bolts if you can
for quick kills, otherwise use Sniper Rounds. If you can get two near each other
(kill one and the other two will gather), you can kill two for one which is of
course ideal!
 Now, let's go explore the "Devil's Own Taproom". No enemies (or paintings) are
here, so grab the [_HERB_], [_GUNPOWDER_], [_CONDENSOR_], [_BOTTLE x2_] and the
[_WEAPON PARTS x65_] on the back table. There's also some [_SMOKE POWDER_]
behind the bar. Go check in the back check for a [_FUSE_] and some more
[_WEAPON PARTS x70_] in the cabinet, but the BIG PRIZE here is the STATUE
where the old painting was for [_LOCKER KEY 26/32_].

 Head back outside and STOP! Look UP and to the LEFT out here and up on top
of the TRAFFIC LIGHT BAR is a STATUE. Shoot it down for [_LOCKER KEY 27/32_].
Just to the west of that is a man you can check for [_WEAPON PARTS x250_] as
well. Oh wow, two great prizes!

 South of the intersection is our next destination. Oddly enough, this area
is devoid of enemies (take a deep breath!). Stick to the left as you go down
here to find a dead soldier for the [_ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO POUCH 1/3_]. Well,
it seems we'll get an Assault Rifle at some point, I suppose! Heh...

 To the west, by the burning corpses, there's a lot of boxes (including inside
the truck). Loot the area to find some [_WEAPON PARTS x70_], [_NAILS_], and a
[_METAL PIPE_]. South of the red car is also [_WEAPON PARTS x10_]. Hey, every
little bit helps! Further in to the west is a [_CONDENSOR_] in the back of a
truck and some [_WEAPON PARTS x70_] past that. There's also some [_GUNPOWDER_]
and [_METAL PIPE x2_] back here.

 Head back to the intersection now and to the west is the THIRD Flamethrower
Enemy. Ready for this? Find a good place to attack from (a car is ideal) and
start to snipe him, laying down traps and just bombarding him in general to
take him out. This is getting easier for you, no doubt. We don't get a special
item this time, but we get some good gel, p lus to the west by the barricade
is [_WEAPON PARTS x70_]. Plus, up in the  burned up house (the house just south
of Sykes Safehouse) is a STATUE you can reach now, for [_LOCKER KEY 28/32_].
Very nice! We almost have all of them!

 Go explore near the hotel now. On the east side of hotel there's a ton of
boxes and north of hotel (out in the alley) you can find a dead soldier with
the [_ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO POUCH 2/3_] on him. Very nice! Still no weapon though!
There's some [_WEAPON PARTS x65_] nearby as well. We're finding so many pouches
that we'll be able to hold ALL the ammo soon!

 Head inside the hotel now and to the right you can find a [_FUSE_] in the
cabinet. Be sure to try the vending machines here as well. Now, go BEHIND the
desk to find the [_MYSTERIOUS MUG_], another collectable for Sebastian's room.

 (-NOTE-) What the heck is this thing? I'm personally unsure what game this
          is from. If you know what this is, shoot me a message about it!
 There's nothing upstairs here, so go ahead and exit. We are now DONE with
re-exploring this portion of Union now. We got a lot of goodies out of doing
it though. No regrets here for sure! Congrats!

 Go ahead and head to Sykes' Saferoom now. Go talk to him and he'll explain
his plan a bit to us. Huh, so he needs us to turn the power back on and clear
out monsters for him in The Marrow... Fun... Note that his bit of Latin there
essentially translates to "Who will watch the watchmen?". A good point...

 This safehouse has been replenished too, by the way. Be sure to loot it for
some [_WEAPON PARTS x110_], [_GUNPOWDER_] and a CACHE BOX with some more
[_WEAPON PARTS x100_] and [_HANDGUN BULLET x4_] in it. Not bad. We're now
going to continue with the Side Mission proper, so use the laptop here and
let's head back into a special section of The Marrow to continue...

  The Marrow: Experimental Wing
 The room we land in has [_WEAPON PARTS x100_], some [_NAILS_], a [_SYRINGE_]
and some [_GUNPOWDER_] so grab them all and use the doors here. Head forwards
for some dialog from Sebastian (spooky!) and in this room there's TWO enemies
up ahead in the back, both playing dead. Kill them off and note the enemies by
the green doors. These doors are locked, but its funny to see the enemies who
try to get to us regardless.

 To the right of where we entered at is an [_AXE_] an a corpse (the left area
is empty). Use the vent by the axe to proceed. There's an enemy up ahead who
is banging on a door, but the enemy by it is alive as well. I'd use a freeze
bolt to kill them both, and then my axe on the corpse near the vent exit to
kill that enemy (who is alive) and who has another [_AXE_].

 From there, there is a patrolling enemy by the central pillar and one eating
on a corpse around the corner. If you use the box by the vent you can peak out,
let the patrolling enemy glance at you, and then axe her as she comes close, as
she has an [_AXE_] as well. Use that third axe to kill the enemy around the
corner. Heh. We're chaining axe kills at this rate! There's one more enemy who
is lying down in the area, so be sure to kill them as well.

 On the east side of the room is the fuse box we need to help turn the power
back on, inside the fence area. Go ahead and turn in on, then open the nearby
doors to get back to the first area. You can enter the other door here now (the
one across from where we entered) and Sebastian will automatically call Sykes
over at this point.

 Enjoy the scenes and dialog here as Sykes paves the way ahead of us, despite
Sebastian's bad feeling. Once he's done, he'll just be... gone. Huh...

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Sykes Out" Silver Trophy for completing the
          "The Last Step" side mission. Congrats!

 Head into the room he was in and grab the [_PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDE 8/11_] from
the table. Loot the room now for [_WEAPON PARTS x60_], [_SHOTGUN SHELLS x3_]
and a case with the [_DOUBLE-BARRELED SHOTGUN_] in it! Whew, another shotgun
option! There's also a [_SYRINGE_] and [_GUNPOWDER_] here. Finally, be sure
to try to "Operate" the terminal here for the chances of success. Oh wow...
Man, I really hope Sykes made it out, although I can honestly say that would
be some interesting DLC...

 OK, time to head back. Once you return to Sykes Safehouse, be SURE to check
his desk (where he always sat) for [_FILE 29/40_]. Good luck, man!
 All that's left is to return to Hoffman's Safehouse in the Marrow and to
continue our main quest of looking for her (and Liam).

  Following Hoffman (Main Quest)
 From her Safehouse, head south to the "Restricted Area" section and grab
the [_WEAPON PARTS x40_] you find. Head down the hallway now. Once it opens
up, search the dead guard on the left for the [_SHOTGUN AMMO POUCH 4/4_], our
last one of those! Go into the room on the right now and note that there are
two enemies playing dead in the back (one on the left, behind a small corner
and one behind the far table). Kill them both and grab the big prize here:
the [_HIGH GRADE WEAPON PARTS_] and {_WEAPONS PARTS x40_] on the table in the
 Head back out and use the elevator now, as we head deeper into the "Restricted
Area" now. This can't be a good thing...

  The Marrow: Restricted Labs
 Well... things look FUBAR here. Grab the [_METAL  PIPE_] just to the right
and go through the (broken) security doors now and into the left security
room. Here, check the dead guard for some [_SHOTGUN SHELL x3_] and nab the
[_GUNPOWDER_] from the locker. There's a mirror here too, but more importantly
check the computer for [_FILE 30/40_] about security protocols. Heh, fat lot
of good that did them!

 (-NOTE-) There is a fight coming up where you will want a LOT of Sniper
          Rifle damage, so consider crafting as much as you're comfortable
          with and raising your Sniper Rifle damage as well. Try to keep
          your ammo for the fight. You'll know when the time comes, trust
 Continue on now to a white hallway. Ominous. After that is a room FULL of
tanks, with what looks like enemies in them. Resident Evil has taught me to
NEVER trust this situation. Gah... head through to the end and then nab the
[_300 GREEN GEL_] before the doors here. After the doors IMMEDIATELY look to
your left for [_WEAPONS PARTS x30_].

 Continue forward and hang a left here for [_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 17/24_], which
you can't miss whatsoever. Hoffman's got access with her ship, but we sure
don't. Sounds like we need to find a head...

 Turn around and put the doors at your back, and then look to the opening on
the right. There is a TRICKY STATUE here, up on the light to the right (turning
on your light can help). Shoot it down for [_LOCKER KEY 29/32_], then explore
this room for a [_FUSE_]. Head to the back now to find [_FILE 31/40_] on the
left (by the projections) and nab the [_WEAPON PARTS x30_] in the cabinet.

 While you are back here, you probably heard a "THUNK". Yes, the enemies are
free now. Go back to the opening and kill the enemy up ahead (you can let him
see you and sneak kill from cover). Now, let's explore to the LEFT of the door
next. Down this hallway an enemy will jump out of the glass, so be ready for
them. At the door, we have some options. Let's go RIGHT into the enclosed area
space before the door. You can find some [_GUNPOWDER_] and [_NAILS_] in the
cabinet here, but as you try to head further in the table behind you will flip
over. Kill that enemy that hits the ground (he is pretending to be dead), then
go back further in for a [_BOTTLE_] and [_300 GREEN GEL_].

 Return to the lab door now and head in. To the right is a [_SYRINGE_] (note
that a Resonance Point will be logged here). Grab the [_NAILS_] in the cabinet
here too (again!?), and the [_CONDENSOR_] by the door. Go through the door now
and... yeah, it's the morgue. Great... But hey, at least you can check the
table here for [_FILE 32/40_] and get the [_RED GEL_]. Very nice! I just...
don't trust morgues in horror games...

 Head out of the lab and hang a left now. There's some stairs here and on the
table [_WEAPON PARTS x35_]. Up ahead on the left is a locked door. Shoot a
Spark Bolt into it to open it up and head in.

 To the left here you can inspect the bodies if you wish. To the right you
have some items, some [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_] and some [_NAILS_]. Continue down
the VERY spooky hallway now. The end here looks like it leads to a giant pit.
This is... despicable. Enter the door on the right now and check the computer
to find [_FILE 33/40_], after which that familiar blue light will start to
glow. Dammit, this is bad...

 Go ahead and try to leave, back the way we came. And, well... it's not that
easy. The Ghost will catch up with us and transports us away again. Gah!

  Destroyed Mental Hospital

 This is yet another area where we must avoid the ghost at all costs. This
will be a game of hide-and-seek really. The ghost will float in the middle
of the area and look around, while we must move when she isn't looking.

 Stay in cover and wait for her to look away, then TRY to go right but the
ghost will have a fit and block our path. Go back left when you can (be very
patient) and hide behind the destroyed pillar. Next, go to the far pillar when
she looks away and down the stairs.

 When, go ahead and try going into the room down here to get a scene. She will
move down now and re-arrange the furniture. Try to follow the right path here
but as you do, our way will be blocked. She'll block us off like this a number
of times. Next, try to go left, cutting a bit through the center of the room
(be careful here!) and then down and around, following the left wall until she
blocks the path once more.

 Well, damn. It should be noted that the RED DOOR in the back is our goal, but
she keeps blocking us. From this left portion of the room, cut to the middle so
we can get around the morgue drawers and try to continue around the corner but
we'll get blocked one more time. From here, you have to head back to the middle
area and use the sheet and table to make your way inward, then focus on getting
behind the pillar behind you (take a look at your goal). When the ghost looks
away from the red door, make a dash for it and enter (she won't follow us past
the door, even if she sees you!).

 In this hallway, be SURE to enter the left room once you come to it. You'll
find [_FILE 34/40_] in here. They were watching us the whole time (they really
do have people everywhere). After that, head across the hall to the room on the
right and take a right to find [_FILE 35/40_] on the table back here. Remember
this file from earlier? We can now read the rest of it.

 From here, go ahead and head down the hallway. We'll see several images as
you carry on, reminding us of our past trouble, but soon we'll be in a room
facing them head on. Enjoy the scene here as Sebastian decides to let go and
stop forcing himself to stay stuck to the past...

  The Marrow: Restricted Labs

 And just like that, we're back. It's good to be back in this horrific lab!

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Finally Free" Silver Trophy for completing this
          Ghost Encounter and confronting the part of you that was still
          stuck in Beacon...

 Once you have control, be sure to pick up the [_PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDE 9/11_]
right in front of you. One of the good things about these encounters, I
suppose. Oh, and...

 (-NOTE-) Just like the scene pointed out, we now have the [_REVOLVER_]
          handgun weapon. You can check it out now if you wish. It is a
          bit less accurate but does more damage overall.

 OK, let's get out of here for real this time. Head back down the hallway
to the door we opened up. From here, let's explore to the left really quick
as its a small enclosure. No enemies, but you can find a [_BOTTLE_], some
[_200 GREEN GEL_] in the back, and a [_CONDENSOR_]. As you were back here,
a noise should occur and back over by the stairs an enemy will be chomping
on a corpse, but it is easy to kill.

 Head up the stairs now (just as a note, there's [_BOTTLE x2_] around the
sides of this upper area, should you need them). Take a right really quick
and grab the [_FUSE_] on the machine here, then turn around and enter the
"Lab 2" door. In here, check the cabinet to the left for [_WEAPON PARTS x40_]
and then go check out the shadows in this room for [_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 18/24_].
That researcher knew they were doomed, huh? You can loot the rest of this room
for an [_HERB_], the [_MEDICAL POUCH 2/2_] on a dead soldier (heck yes!) and
some [_GUNPOWDER_] past the soldier in the back.

 Move out of the room now and head right, going down the center aisle. Up
ahead there's an enemy eating on a corpse. Try to approach her and another
enemy will drop down. Let them settle so they are both eating on the corpse
and then use something like a Freeze or Exploding Bolt to kill them both
off (there's some  [_200 GREEN GEL_] by them as well). After that, make your
way towards the "Lab 3" door.

 In here, grab the [_HANDGUN BULLET x2_] from the case and then you'll see
there'a a whole lot of bodies. Ugh, I hate this, but go through the middle
of them and in the right corner check for [_WEAPON PARTS x50_], then go
through the door at the end.

 In here you'll see a man on a table. Huh, he looks fairly normal. Check the
left corner in here for a message though (this is [_FILE 36/40_] by the way),
which gives us an activation code: "0128".

 Grab the [_300 GREEN GEL_] in the other corner (there's nothing in the nearby
cabinet this time) and then use the code on the machine nearby as we need the
man's chip to proceed. Heh... Watch the scene here. They make us manually pick
up the [_UNITY CEREBRAL CHIP_] when the machine was done, but that should be
our key!

 And of course, getting OUT of the labs is going to be a chore. Open up the
door here and you'll see the MAJORITY of the bodies are gone. That is just
fantastic. Head out into the upper area and go right. There's an enemy messing
with a corpse around the corner you can kill (Harpoon Bolt). Head towards the
stairs now and an enemy comes out of the "Lab 2" door that you can also kill
(again, I recommend the Harpoon Bolt).

 Go down the stairs now and follow the "Lab 1" hallway to see an enemy who is
patrolling in the distance. You can sneak kill this one easily. By the chip
reader door you have TWO enemies eating on corpses and a SPITTER patrolling.
The best thing to do here is FREEZE BOLT the two enemies to take care of them
and then deal with the spitter. I would Snipe or Harpoon Bolt it (with max
harpoons, otherwise just snipe) and then hide, coming back when it is not
looking for you anymore to sneak attack it (or just snipe it again to finish
it). Get the nice gel that drops and then go through the chip door to continue.

 Jump the barricade here and check out the stash of goodies on the right. We
have [_GUNPOWDER_], [_SHOTGUN SHELL x4_] and [_HANDGUN BULLET x7_]. Not bad.
This next room is rather big and segemented. Go to the right first to find
some [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_] on the left shelf and a fire extinguisher you can
interact with (hold off on that for now).

 Continue on and to your left is an open area. Explore it for some more ammo
in it: some [SHOTGUN SHELL x2_] and [_HANDGUN BULLET x5_]. Head onward past
the gap and follow the wall, noting the second fire extinguisher and then nab
the [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_] by "Lab 4" door. Approach the door now for a scene,
which will eventually turn into...

                          --- BOSS: LIAM O'NEAL ---

 Liam! No! What are you doing!?
 Bah, Liam isn't going to listen to reason, so it's up to us to fight. The
first thing you should know is that we CAN GO STEALTH through this fight,
which can be good and bad in its own right. You'll also notice they really
want us to use our shotgun during this fight, which is fine, but isn't the
best way to kill off Liam quickly.

 (-TROPHY TIP-) Before we get too deep into this boss fight section, I
                should note you can get the "No More Playing With Fire"
                Bronze trophy here.
                You get it by shooting Liam's TANK on his back over and
                over until you destroy his flamethrower. I actually did
                this AFTER beating him the proper way (from a previous
                save), so I felt free to use ammo freely. Ideally you
                will use Freeze Bolts to stop O'Neal and focus on his
                tank. Combine that with running around pillars to get to
                his tank (or just losing him and then sniping his tank)
                and this trophy is fairly easy to get and yours if you
                want it.

 The first thing you should do is face away from the "Lab 4" door and go
down the left hallway. See that FREEZE TANK we pass. This is a source of
MAJOR damage to Liam. I would let him chase you to this thing (one time you
DO want him to see you) and shoot the tank when he gets near it to freeze
him. This is temporary of course, but you can pull out your SNIPER RIFLE
here and shoot him in the face multiple times afterwards. Just a few more
shotgun shots or explosive traps after that will likely be enough to put
him into the second phase of the fight (especially if you have been
upgrading your sniper rifle damage or have the "Bullet Cascade" skill).

 You'll know when you hit the second phase as Liam tears off his mask and
starts to get serious. He'll also start torching the place, which forces us
to periodically use the Fire Extinguishers in the area before we start to
take heat damage. The area in general also has a lot more fires around the
various pillars and walls, which will damage you if you aren't looking where
you are going.

 There's another Freeze Tank we can use during this phase if you wish, but
you can also just run away and get out of sight and then start to snipe Liam
from across rooms and hallways, setting traps for him once he catches on to
you and retreat to continue to snipe him. Just remember to keep using the
Fire Extinguishers and keep laying on the damage.

 It's a bit riskier, but if you need to you can also use a pillar (like the
one near the "Lab 4" door) to block his flame sweep attack and then pump him
full of shotgun shots. This is riskier as he can catch up to you much easier
like this and do his lunging melee move, which can hurt, but it does save on
your Sniper Rifle ammo for sure.

 Overall, a pretty fun fight that isn't too hard since you can run away and
ambush Liam at will. Use those Freeze Tanks to really lay into him and keep
your health up when needed and you'll emerge victorious.

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Crossing to the Other Side" Bronze Trophy for
          taking out Liam and ending his suffering...

                          --- END BOSS ENCOUNTER ---

 Once you regain control, grab the [_BROKEN FLAMETHROWER_] to the left of
Liam's body. Very nice. You can grab any ammo in the area that you didn't get
earlier as well.

 Head through the "Lab 4" door now and walk up to the shadow here. Use your
radio for [_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 19/24_], showing some of Liam's final moments.
Huh. There's also a [_HIGH GRADE WEAPONS PART_] to the right of the door and
a Book / Workshop area you can check for some dialog. There's also a MIRROR
here you can use if you wish. Replenish your ammo and heal/save if you need
to. I'm surprised we didn't get a closer mirror for that boss fight, to be

 Head down the next hallway now and grab [_GUNPOWDER_] on the right as
Sebastian has a talk with Yukiko about what's happening. Still can't believe
we had to do that to Liam. I definitely didn't see that coming, as much of a
jerk as he was.

 Open the door at the far end of the hallway and you'll get a scene. Yeah,
that thing really does look like the Stable Field Emitter. Enjoy the scene
here as Sebastian calls on his ally to hook up the good stuff.
 When you get control, DO NOT talk to Torres. Instead, go BEHIND her and look
behind the machine to find [_LOCKER KEY 30/32_]. Almost have them all! You can
also find [_WEAPON PARTS x45_] in one of these broken tubs. After you've nabbed
that, take some time to talk to Yukiko and then Torres. Tell Torres you are
ready when you want to proceed and then enjoy the scenes as the game will
transition to the next chapter.

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /       ~ Chapter 12: Bottomless Pit ~         |     EW012
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

 Well then... this surely can't be good. We're in a world of ankle-deep
blood, and Lily's Voice is haunting us. The game will prod us to get out
our communicator here and locate "Lily's Voice", which you should lock onto
to get a general sense of direction. For the most part here, we need to head
north through this guck. However, there's several enemies and items along the
way we can find, so we'll essentially zig-zagging across the next few
muck-filled areas for goodies.

  The Bottomless Pit

 First up is an enemy to the right. He can be tricky to kill, so use your
Handgun if you must, then head to the left after killing him to find some
goodies over here (with an enemy patrolling nearby - sneak attack him when
you can). The goodies here is some [_GUNPOWDER_], [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_] and
[_200 GREEN GEL_].

 Head forward to the center light and then DIRECTLY to the right (towards
the next lighted statue) to find one of the big prizes in this area: the
[_HANDGUN AMMO POUCH 4/5_]. From here, head northwest and kill the enemy
here, grabbing some [_GUNPOWDER_] you should see. As you look around, you
should also notice an EXPLODER (one of the fat enemies) wandering around
nearby. Hopefully you can kill him with a Fire Harpoon Bolt easily. There's
another enemy wandering up near the next statue too that you can take out,
but definitely check out this second giant statue to find [_WEAPON PARTS x40_]
by it.

 Continue on and you'll eventually come to a GIANT door, with an enemy
chomping on a corpse nearby (you can sneak kill this one easily). This door
leads to a second area, so use the crank and open it up so we can continue.

 This second area is pretty much more of the same, with much everywhere and
scattered sections of walls and ruins. There are more... family items...
scattered around though. Like our subconscience is playing games with us.

 Right away to the right is another Exploder enemy, so take him out. There
will also be a normal enemy who comes to check out his corpse, so shoot him
down as well (with your Handgun). Past the wall in the center there's two
patrolling enemies. You can sneak kill them if you time it right, but their
patterns may make that hard to do (axe the one that catches you if you need
to stay safe).

 There's a reason so many enemies were guarding this central area, as you can
find a small altar here (on the north side of the wall) for [_HARPOON BOLT x2_]
and [_FILE 37/40_]. We're nearly done with all the files too! Just three more!
Don't forget the [_500 GREEN GEL_] just north of the altar area as well
(there's random gel deposits here, which is quite weird...).

 Back on the right of this area you can find [_WEAPON PARTS x60_] laying out,
but beware as TWO enemies drop down when you approach the glimmering parts
(use that axe and shotgun!). You'll want to head west of the central altar
area after that for some  [_GUNPOWDER_] lying out, although an enemy jumps up
when you approach it (another good axe opportunity). From here, go to the
northwest (around the building) to find an enemy staring off to the east
(although he may be patrolling) and kill him. If he is just starring off, you
have a chance for an easy sneak kill by going this way.
 Continue north from altar area to find [_HANDGUN BULLET x4_] lying out and
what looks like wreckage of your home. Fantastic. Continue north to next
lighted area, then northeast to the next lighted area for [_WEAPON PARTS x30_]
on the dresser here, than work your way northwest. Go ahead and head to
"Lily's Room" and interact with the doll here for a scene.

 We'll soon be in a third area full of blood and rubble... and oddly what
looks like oil machinery for whatever reason. We're almost done with this,
just keep on soldiering through.

 We'll start out with an enemy on the left this time, so go sneak kill her
and pick up the [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_] near the machine. There is a [_SYRINGE_]
on the machine too (on the east side). Keep going up this left side for
another enemy by another machine, plus [_800 GREEN GEL_] by a corpse pile.

 Head to the right side now (more zig-zagging for us...) to find some more
[_500 GREEN GEL_] lying out, but also an enemy patrolling nearby and east of
him a FLESH HOUND. We haven't seen one of these in awhile, but they are still
good gel so if you can spare the ammo take him out (I either sniper or harpoon
them and  then let them come in close and shotgun them to kill them).

 To the northeast of this area is perhaps the most IMPORTANT thing in this
section. Head that direction on the right side to the giant pillar (statue)
and beware of an enemy that pops up when you approach. Take him out and claim
the [_800 GREEN GEL_] here, but look behind the statue for the the big prize:
the [_WARDEN CROSSBOW AMMO POUCH 3/3_]. A very nice find (we can carry SO MANY
bolts now!).
 Head around the wall to the east and north, killing another enemy up here
as they go north for an easy kill. After that, head southeast, back to the
central area, and be careful as an enemy will pop up as you go but you will
be automatically behind them (go you!) and can sneak kill them easily. We're
looking for some [_300 GREEN GEL_] just past that enemy.

 From there, continue southeast to go back to the "left" side of the area,
where you should see a Flesh Hound and a regular enemy patrolling over here,
by a lighted pillar. Kill them both for the [_200 GREEN GEL_] by the pillar
(man, these gel prizes are getting smaller and smaller arent' they!?). Head
just to the east now, where you can find [_HANDGUN BULLET x2_] on a rock by
a machine.

 We're almost done. From the bullet pickup, head north now. There's two more
big statues in this area before we reach the middle area where we're supposed
to go. The upper left statue has [_HERB x2_] and a Flesh Hound, while the
upper right statue has nothing and a Flesh Hound. Kill them both for the gel
drops if you can be bothered.

 Finally let's head north to our objective. You'll see a set of stairs
leading downwards, but just to the northeast of that is another Flesh Hound,
which makes sense since there is [_GUNPOWDER_] and [_WEAPON PARTS x50_] over
here. There's nothing by the other statue nearby, so after grabbing those
goodies head down the stairs and enjoy the dialog as you go. At the end,
approach the person before you and enjoy the scenes that play out...

  Sebastian's House
 After all of that, we'll be back at Sebastian's House. Are we out of it?
Maybe knocked out? Huh... well, exit your room and go ahead and enter Lily's
Room to get some dialog, but there's also [_PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDE 10/11_] on the
left in here (you can pick it up after the dialog). One more!

 Exit Lily's Room now after you look around and take a sharp right, going
past the stairs and into the door up ahead. This is the office, it looks like,
but inside you can find the [_MYSTERIOUS SYMBOL_], this time from Bethesda's
most popular game "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim". I actually wrote a guide for
that game as well! Heh. Man, I can't wait for the sixth title (I'm really
hoping it is in Hammerfell).

 OK, back to the horror! Now, there's a couple things we HAVE to look at to
get a TROPHY here. In the office, be sure to check the DESK (opposite of the
cup) to talk about work. Next, exit the office and look at the PAINTING to
talk about Lily a little bit.

 Head downstairs now and you'll see Lily run to the left. Round the corner
and you will glimpse Myra as well. Huh... Once you are in the living room
head to the BOOKCASE on the right and examine it to have some dialog about
Myra and that should be all you need for this trophy!

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Melancholy Memories" Bronze Trophy for
          reminiscing about your past while you visited your house.

 Next up, head into the kitchen and check out the letter on the table to
get some dialog on it. Not a memory, apparently. Go around and read it now
to have Myra actually SPEAK to us (wow) and start a series of scenes as
Sebastian receives some much needed mental guidance and finally starts to
come to terms with his past. Enjoy the scenes here as the game will reward
us with a trophy (see below) and, in the end, we will transition to the
next chapter.

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Spiritual Awakening" Bronze Trophy for coming
          to terms with your past and laying blame where it REALLY belongs...

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /         ~ Chapter 13: Stronghold ~           |     EW013
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

 Oh wow...

 The things that have happened between destroying Liam's machine and now are
just... I mean, some good things happened for us, mentally, but look at the
cost. Yokiko will drop some bombs here as well, telling us the extent of
Torres' influence in our lives that we never even knew about. Just... wow...

 Well, she's gone now, so there's no point in letting that [_ASSAULT RIFLE_]
go to waste. Can't wait to try this thing out. Each bullet costs us one unit
of gunpowder by the way, and you can of course upgrade this thing at the
workbench if you so choose. Check the bag nearby as well for some goodies:

 After grabbing that stuff and talking with Yokiko, take this time to head
into the mirror to save / upgrade / refresh your ammo. Of special note here
is the SLIDES, which you should go check out. There should be two we didn't
watch at this point, so watch them both.

 After the last slide, the cat will actually LEAVE us, leading us out into
the hallway and down to the ability upgrade area. Approach the wheelchair
and... wait, what!? Is... is Tatiana the cat?! Well then... once this little
vision is over, you can pick up [_PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDE 11/11_]. Be sure to go
watch this one for a special note on our partner from the last game (I miss
you, Joseph! I miss your axe as well!).

 Also, take the time now and BE SURE you have chatted with Kidman about every
 slide so far, all ELEVEN on them. Doing this will unlock a trophy at this time:

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Chatting With Kidman" Bronze Trophy for finding
          all of the Photographic Slides in the game AND talking with Kidman
          about each one of them.

 You should also have gotten [_2,100 GREEN GEL_] from those last three slides,
which is quite nice. OK, be sure you've upgraded and saved, then exit the
mirror as we have business to take care of.

 (-NOTE-) Be sure you created the FLAMETHROWER with the Broken Flamethrower
          item we got from Liam and the tanks we got in Chapter 11 from
          killing those rogue Flame Thrower enemies. We will use this item
          in an upcoming boss battle for a trophy, so just hold onto it for
          now until we need it...

 As Yukiko told you when you talked to her, our goal for this chapter is to
make our way to the HOTEL in Union and secure it as a base of operations (this
is the same hotel we were at earlier in the game when we had to find Stefano's
Artwork). Now, if you've been following this guide, you have already re-explored
this area of Union in Chapter 11, and so a large part of the challenge of this
goal has already been accomplished. Hurrah for us, I suppose!?
 Go ahead and make your way to the Hotel in Union, which should be an easy
task since we've cleared the area out (and once again, you need to check out
the "  Union: Post Plus (Re-exploration)" section in Chapter 11 if you want
a guide to re-exploring this section, which you SHOULD as there's a TON of
hidden keys in this place).

 Once you get to the hotel, you'll get a scene. Yokiko will join us here and
show us the machine that Liam was working on: a portable field generator, the
perfect thing we need to get past the flames. But someone needs to operate it
and Yokiko advises she is coming with us.

 Here, make sure you tell YOKIKO TO HOLD ON so we can explore a bit. This is
important as Yokiko brought a TON of items to help us out: [_SHOTGUN SHELL x5_],
a [_FREEZE BOLT_], [_WEAPON PARTS x80_], some [_GUNPOWDER_], a [_FUSE_] and
Hoffman's Journal, which becomes [_FILE 38/40_]. Nice! We also have the mirror
here so we have a chance to save and upgrade if needed (and it is needed... see
the note below!).

 (-NOTE-) If there was EVER a time to upgrade your handgun, this is the time
          to do it. Our upcoming ordeal heavily favors the handgun so if you
          can afford it, bump up the damage and possibly clip size at the
          very least...

 Once you are done, we will be in a big escort mission. Yokiko is carrying the
field emitter and walking us THROUGH the flames. Good for proceeding onwards,
but bad for, well... Yokiko. She is utterly defenseless, so it is up to us to
protect her. She DOES come with [_HANDGUN BULLET x36_] though, which is just...
I mean, that makes her a walking handgun bullet repository, which is why we
recommended upgrading your handgun earlier.

 Keep by Yokiko here and follow her to kill a Fire Enemy from the front and
then two from behind. Note that all of the enemies you'll encounter in this
area are Fire Enemies. After killing that third enemy you'll continue forward
but keep your eyes on the right for a SMALL CASE on the ground that has a
[_SYRINGE_]. There's another one on the left that has [_SHOTGUN SHELL x4_].

 Shortly after you grab that, you will have to HOLD OUT for a bit while we
are attacked. There's three enemies from the front and back here (mostly from
the back right here, but this could be random). Yokiko will fix it soon and we
can continue. On the left up ahead (in the big case) is a [_FREEZE BOLT_], and
on the right in a small box is another [_SYRINGE_]. You'll have to fight two
enemies from the front as you go along and one from behind, but keep on pushing
ahead until we have to hould out again.

 This hold-out time is a little rougher, so I would recommend using your
Shotgun a bit here with your Handgun (be SURE you are taking the bullets that
Yokiko has, by the way!). There will be 4-5 enemies in this hold-out section
from the front and back, and some [_SHOTGUN SHELL x4_] on the left side (which
helps with your shotgun). Kill them all and use the area around Yokiko to dodge
about so you don't get surrounded.

 After this hold-out section we'll get a scene where our hero's will be
running for their lives. Enjoy the scene here. It's one of my most hated
scenes in the game, to be honest... We'll proceed to the next chapter after
the scene is over.

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Fire Walk With Me" Bronze Trophy for making
          it inside the enemies stronghold. If only it didn't cost so high
          of a price...

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /     ~ Chapter 14: Burning The Altar ~        |     EW014
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

 Well shit. He IS going to pay...
 We're in a giant fortress, that's for sure, with elements of a church
throughout it. There's [_BOTTLE x2_] in this area, by the way. Head to the
far right corner for [_WEAPON PARTS x50_] and in the upper left corner you
can find a [_HERB_]. Continue down the middle of the area now to nab some
[_GUNPOWDER_] on the left and then go up the steps further in to a center
altar for another [_HERB_] and [_FILE 39/40_]. Only one more left!

 Continue forward past the door and go up the RIGHT stairs here. Take a right
as soon as you enter to go through a smaller door and see some corpses on the
wall. Lovely. We'll see this a lot in this area. There's some [_HERB x2_],
[_METAL PIPE x2_] and some [_NAILS_] here too though. Exit the door and go up
to a MIRROR room (save/upgrade if you wish), but you can find a nice prize here
as well: the [_ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO POUCH 3/3_]. There's also some [_GUNPOWDER_],

 Go back to the center room now and through the other path (the area past the
left stairs) for some [_GUNPOWDER_] in the corner. Go up the stairs here (you
will get an illusion and some dialog, but keep going) and into the next room.
We'll have to fight our way onwards from this point...

 There's several Fire Enemies in here, but we can take them out one at a time.
First, there's a [_BOTTLE_] to the left, but sneak kill the enemy to the left
first. He comes down the stairs here and goes back up them. You can either get
him when he goes dowh the stairs or follow him up the stairs and use the box
up here to stab him as he comes back. Also, be sure to nab the [_FUSE_] to the
lower left on the barrels while you are over here.

  (-NOTE-) This is a good place to run back to and hide if you are caught
           sneak killing enemies in this area. Almost guaranteed the Fire
           Enemies aren't going to find you back here.

 I went east now, around the corner, and sneak killed an enemy patrolling
around in the northeast, but was caught by an enemy in the east room, so I
hid by those barrels I mentioned in the note up above. After that, you can
sneak kill the enemy in the middle area fairly easily (no one to see you as
you do so now) and then EXAMINE an ash pile in the middle for a random item.
Note the FREEZE CANISTER here as well. You can use it on these normal fire
enemies if you wish (there's no reason to save it for anything else...).

 Check out the northeast catwalk for some [_GUNPOWDER_] and then move over to
the upper left corner to find some [_HANDGUN BULLET x8_]. Head into the north
room now and sneak kill another enemy, nabbing the [_HARPOON BOLT x2_] from
the corpses on the wall. Go down the northeast hallway now, noting the FREEZE
CANISTER here and then in the northeast room kill the next enemy (use the
canister if you want).

 This northeast room has a LEVER, but DO NOT use it right now. It also has
a [_SYRINGE_] in case you get hurt. Head down the east hallway now and here
you want to CHECK THE RED CART here for [_LOCKER KEY 31/32_]. Almost there!
That was a sneaky one! To the south, in the eastern room, you can find a
[_BOTTLE_] and [_HERB_], as well as some stairs.

 Go down the stairs in this room to a small area. You can let the enemies
see you here, as they can't get to you. Hehe... grab the [_SYRINGE_] here
and use the lever to kill all the enemies (the door opens after they are
dead, so enjoy the gel). Go inside this incineration room now for a
[_FREEZE BOLT_] and [_HARPOON x2_], as well as several ash piles you can
examine, but TWO FIRE ENEMIES will show up (try to get behind one and sneak
kill it if you can to make things better).

 Head back up the stairs now and to the northeast corner and use the lever.
This will open the door to the west that locked when we entered, as well as
spawns multiple enemies. Head out there and kill them. I actually used my
sniper rifle here and two well-placed head shots to thin them out and then
sneak-killed the third one.

 Head upstairs now to get some more dialog with Theodore. He's desperate for
us as an ally, but it is too late. At the top you can get some [_RED GEL_],
a [_METAL PIPE_] and an ash pile for a random item. Use the lever here to stop
the flames and go up the stairs to a hallway.

 Enter the room on your left up here and on the far table, you can find the
last [_FILE 40/40_] which nets you a trophy!

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Diligent Reader" Silver Trophy for finding
          every file in the game. Congrats!

 This room also has a [_FUSE_], [_NAILS_], [_SYRINGE_] and [_GUNPOWDER_] in
it as well. The room to the north from here has [_WEAPONS PARTS x60_] and a
MIRROR, so be sure to save / upgrade, etc...

 Go back out the door and continue left, grabbing the [_WEAPON PARTS x15_]
on the way and head up the stairs. Shoot the lever by the fire to continue
on and we'll have to deal with some more enemies (despite the rather small
area here...).

 Nearby there is a Fire Enemy and Regular Enemy pair patrolling about, but
their patrol patterns are rather tight. You can likely sneak kill the regular
enemy here but you'll be spotted so gun down the Fire Enemy (or you can sneak
around the center to lose him, but just gun him down).

 Up to the north is another fire / regular enemy pair, so take them out as
well. The room to the north here has an [_AXE_] and the big prize here: the
fantastic [_HANDGUN AMMO POUCH 5/5_] (we finally have them all!). You may
have also noticed the Flame Thrower enemy to the north (which is fantastic),
but head to the left room (when the flames aren't spouting out) to get the
[_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_] here abd go south through the door.

 Some enemies will barge in once we do that (note that we've skipped the
fire wall to our left) so wait a bit out of sight and one of the enemies will
walk off to the right, leaving two. Sneak kill the nearby one and follow the
other one to the south to sneak kill him as well. This small southern area
has some [_GUNPOWDER_] and a [_MEDKIT_] in the dust. After you've grabbed that
we need to follow that third enemy onward.

 The path he went down has SEVERAL fire streams that we can turn off if we
shoot the levers next to them (although, with the lower path on the right,
it isn't exactly necessary). Still, stalk this enemy and kill him off and
use the lever further on to continue.

 You'll eventually move on to a room on the left from a short hallway. When
you do, you need to STOP and look up to the UPPER LEFT, up on the PIPES, for
a statue (use your light to make it easier to see). Shoot it down for the
final [_LOCKER KEY 32/32_]. Sweet. No trophy yet, we need to head back to our
Safe House and actually open all the lockers for that to pop. Soon though!

 Now, ready to fight?! Good, use the LEVER here and you will unleash THREE
Flesh Hounds. Kill the first one near the gate here with up close shotgun
blasts, but after that the second one will come from the back, to the right
(set a trap for him or just snipe him), but don't spend long on him as a
third one comes from the hallway, behind us. Focus on HIM once he spawns with
close shotgun blasts and clean up the last one to wipe the threat out. After
you take care of them, be sure you go check around in the back of this area
for some [_GUNPOWDER_], [_WEAPON PARTS x75_], and a [_SHOCK BOLT_].

 Go up the stairs now and you'll see that there is a MIRROR nearby. Take
this time to go into your room and go open all of the lockers. Doing this
now that we have all of the keys will net you another trophy, so it is
definitely worth it!

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Locksmith" Silver Trophy for finding all of
          the Locker Keys in the game AND opening all of the lockers.

 (-NOTE-) BE SURE you have upgraded your SNIPER RIFLE DAMAGE at this point
          and bring 6+ bullets with you for an upcoming fight. This will
          make things MUCH easier on us.

 Head back to the nightmare now and into the elevator to continue. You'll
get some dialog here and enter into a large area. In this open area, check
the left side for a [_HARPOON BOLT_] and the right side for [_GUNPOWDER_]
and a [_FUSE_]. Now, go to the BLOOD PIT and jump down into it. You'll find
a shadow here for [_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 20/24_] and in the back there is a

 Head back out of the blood pit and past the altar, to the door. Head through
it for a scene with Theodore. He's finally confronting us. Enjoy the scenes
here as it all leads into a boss fight...

                     --- BOSS FIGHTS: PAST NIGHTMARES ---

 This fight is... well, it is a sort-of "Boss Rush" against Sebastian's past
Trauma's from "The Evil Within". This fight against The Sadist though isn't
anything to worry about.

 Run away when you are given control, though the door and down the hallway.
You will soon run INTO the Sadist and Sebastian will have had enough. Enjoy
the scene here as Sebastian displays some extreme bad-assery and knife's
the Sadist from behind. Amazing! Once you have the chainsaw, you just need
to mash the "X" button to finish things off...

 That's not the end of this fight though. The Sadist is gone, but our well
of terror is deep indeed as Theodore draws out The Keeper. Now, for the
start of this fight you want to GATHER ITEMS... while there is only one of
these enemies to face...

 Just to your left you can find [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_] and an [_EXPLOSIVE BOLT_],
but this is a dead end, so get out of there QUICK. Go forward and to the right
on the shelves is some [_HANDGUN BULLET x5_] and a [_MEDKIT_] (remember this
and USE IT in this fight if needed). The center area (the area you can run
around the wall) has some [_SNIPER BULLET x3_] which you definitely want.
Finally, (with the last bullets on your left) you can check the next corner
up ahead for a [_FREEZE BOLT_] and [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_].

 With that done, it's time to kill this Keeper foe. If you have an upgraded
Sniper Rifle it will take TWO gut-shots (don't aim for the head). That's it.
By far the best way to handle this fight (and the first shot drops the Keeper
so you can wait for the second shot and carefully aim).

 Once you kill the first Keeper, TWO MORE will spawn in. One over near the
Sniper Rifle Bullets and one where we came from. Try to take one out as soon
as you can using the long firing lanes, even if the other corners you (you can
take a hit at the cost of killing one of them off). Ideally, use four more
sniper shots to kill theses guys off. The alternative to that of course is to
use trap bolts and run around the center wall, combining traps with shotgun
blasts to take these enemies out.

 The fight isn't over though: we still have to face LAURA! You remember this
nightmare creature from the first game, I hope. Ruvik's "sister". She is a
very dangerous foe, but we're in a good place if you've been following this
guide, as you should have the FLAMETHROWER. You can use this thing on her to
take her down fairly quickly (fire is her weakness). By killing her yourself
instead of using the environment, you can get a TROPHY as well.
 BEFORE you do that though, note that you can run around the area and find
[_SHOCK BOLT x2_] lying around. Once you've collected those, feel free to
light Laura up. Do controlled bursts of flame to her so you don't waste any
ammo, but it will take your entire ammo bar and then some to kill her off.
Somewhere around 110-120 ammo total, so some field-crafting may be necessary
which will cost you a bit of gunpowder, but it is worth it. Just keep torching
her and soon you'll get the trophy:

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "I'll Take You Down Myself" Silver Trophy for
          using the FLAMETHROWER to toast Laura and take her out yourself
          (instead of relying on the environment).

 If you need to do the fight the "normal" way, the idea is to run around and
turn the two levers on the outside edges of the area, which stokes the fire
in the pipes. It takes TIME to do this though, so you are best off using a
Freeze Bolt on Laura and then quickly turning these levers (so, two freeze
bolts in total). After that, look for the yellow switch. Pulling this thing
makes flames come down in the middle of the area. Once again, it is best to
use a Shock Bolt to get Laura STUCK in the middle area, then flip the switch
to cook her.

 Once you've dealt with her, a scene will start which will end this boss
encounter as you see WHO was taking these forms (which is quite amazing...).
The encounter afterwards is amazing as well...

                          --- END BOSS ENCOUNTER ---

 After the scene you will wake up back in the room before the boss fight.
Head through the door here to get another short scene, a trophy (eventually)
and to transition to the next chapter of the game.

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Overcome the Past" Silver Trophy for killing
          off your past trauma nightmares once more...

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /     ~ Chapter 15: The End of This World ~    |     EW015
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

 Yeah. The world has changed quite a bit. It looks like it's all under Myra's
Influence, to be honest. We need to find her. Head forward in this area and
you'll trigger a short scene (whee!), then keep on heading forward and we'll
come to a doorway eventually. Head down into a house now for a [_HERB_], some
[_GUNPOWDER_] and some [_SMOKE POWDER_]. There's also some obvious items down
below, but we can't get down there from here.

 Continue on for a scene with Myra. Hmm.. well, shit. We still need to go
after her. Things don't seem to be going good with her at all (thanks, STEM!).
BEFORE you follow her, head back into the room for [_HANDGUN x5_] and a [_FUSE_]
then head down the stairs to a MIRROR. Note that the room to the left of the
mirror has a [_HIGH GRADE WEAPONS PART_], so nab that and save / heal / upgrade
as you need to.

 Keep going down now and at the bottom STOP and turn around. Go to the right
down here, around the rubble to find a big MOBIUS Crate for a couple of items:
an [_EXPLODING BOLT_] and some [_GUNPOWDER_]. Head back now and shoot the red
explosive barrel to your right (under the stairs) and head past if for a big
crate with [_WEAPON PARTS x100_] and then check the two smaller cases here for
some [_HANDGUN BULLET x5_] and [_SHOTGUN SHELL x3_]. Go back outside now and
jump down for a small scene.

 Yep, we get to kill more enemies. Wax-based enemies it looks like. These
enemies are much tougher than the "Lost" foes we have been killing (They take
TWO Harpoon Bolts to kill!? Rubbish!), but they still fall to the sneak kill
easily enough. Sneak kill all three of these foes to drop the barrier. The
first enemy will come examine where you were, so hide to the left and kill him
off as he approaches, then you can get behind the other two pretty easily.

 When they die, we can loot this area! There's [_BOTTLE x2_] by the vans in
case you need them, and further in to the left there's [_HARPOON BOLT x2_]
stuck in the car, with some [_GUNPOWDER_] on a dumpster after that. In the
middle of the area (by the rubble on the left side) nab the [_SHOTGUN SHELL x3_]
and then go to the right side of the area, on a bench for [_HANDGUN BULLET x5_].
Lastly, check in the house on the left for [_NAILS_], [_BOTTLE_], some more
[_HANDGUN BULLET x5_], [_SHOTGUN SHELL x3_], and a [_SHOCK BOLT_] in the back.
A lot of items for three sneak kills!

 Continue on and we'll be forced down to a lower area. Getting tired of
falling yet!? Myra is so hard to follow! Once again there's [_BOTTLE x2_] by
the cars down here, and more enemies to kill. I actually used a bunch of my
exploding bolts and harpoon bolts as I was full-up on ammo for them here, as
well as some Handgun Ammo to take these enemies out. There's 4-5 of them this
time (hard to tell with the explosions), but you can alternatively sneak kill
some of them if you wish OR you can make use of the two exploding barrels
north of the cars in this are (or both, really...).

 Once you take them out we can loot the area. In the back look for a cart to
find [_HANDGUN BULLET x5_], then follow the left edge of the area (towards the
house) for a [_BOTTLE_] and [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_]. Head back and on the left
side of the area (on the lumber) is a [_MEDKIT_]. Past that, to the left (by
some more lumber left of the tree) you can find a [_SMOKE BOLT_]. Next, on the
north house's deck, you can find [_SHOTGUN SHELL x3_].

 Continue on and jump down to the next area. STOP and note the gasoline spill
here, as well as the half-built fences to the left and right. These are both
important, as once you press onward you'll see the abomination that confronts

                  --- BOSS FIGHTS: ELECTRIC POLE MONSTER ---

 Honestly, I didn't know if this fight was worthy of being a "Boss Fight"
but I suppose we can call it one. This monster is rather large, with half of
a telephone pole sticking out of him. Fantastic.

 As this fight starts, wait for the monster to charge us, then shoot the
gasoline spill in front of you to damage it quite a bit. From there, scramble
to the right and get under the fence. Here, shoot him with your sniper rifle
to draw him over, then switch to handgun / shotgun as he goes through the
fence (it takes him a little while to go through the fence).

 From there, lead him north (up the right-hand side as he chases you) and
shoot the next gas barrel as he passes it. From here I personally just ran
around the house to hide from him (fairly easy) and then sniped the monster
4-5 times in a row to finish him off (high sniper rifle damage + Bullet
Cascade really help).

 Alternatively, you can also lead him to the left of where you started to
find another red barrel by some boxes and items, or to the upper north for
yet another red barrel. Shoot him by those items to help damage him further
for a low ammo cost. Follow that up with Exploding Bolts and your Shotgun as
there's a LOT of Shotgun Ammo around this area.

 As far as the Electric Pole Monster's attacks go, he will try to squash you
with his gigantic hands and generally just charge into you. He can also bring
down his telephone pole to create an electric area of effect that will shock
and damage you. In general, you don't want to be anywhere close to him as he
has overwhelming melee attacks, but little from range. Also, you may be tempted
to shoot that electric box on the pole with a Shock Bolt, but it really won't
do anything to him, so don't bother and stick to our plan of attack up above.

 Your reward for this fight is to lower the barrier so we can continue as
well as [_10,000 GREEN GEL_] from the monster's corpse. There's also a lot
of loot in the area, but we'll go through it down below.

                          --- END BOSS ENCOUNTER ---

 With the boss dead, we can explore this area in peace. I'll go over all the
loot in this area, although you may have grabbed some before now (and that is

 To the right, leaning against the house is an [_EXPLODING BOLT_] (past the
fence area). Head north from there to the back area. To the left over here
there's [_SHOTGUN SHELL x3_] by some boxes and north of that (by the red barrel
and even more boxes), some [_SNIPER BULLET x3_] and [_SHOTGUN SHELL x5_]. Quite

 Head back to the beginning of the area now and under the left fence. You can
find [_HANDGUN BULLET x7_] on some boxes and on the ground [_SHOTGUN SHELL x3_]
and a [_SMOKE BOLT_]. There's also some more boxes behind the left house, to
the side.

 OK, let's continue on now past where the barrier was and drop down again.
You'll get into a scene here with Myra (did you notice the diner nearby!?).
Things don't go so well. Again. Almost like our presence isn't welcomed.
Sebastian tries SO hard not to fall here, it's quite impressive! Enjoy the
scene as the game transitions us to the next chapter...

 We'll also get a trophy at the beginning of the next chapter, but I'm
going to put it here as it's really a reward for traversing this chapter:

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Everything Comes Crumbling Down" Bronze Trophy
          for "Reaching the very end of the world".

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /           ~ Chapter 16: In Limbo ~           |     EW016
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

 This place... is like a desert. Coated in a white wax substance. Limbo, huh?
Well, the music here really re-inforces that idea. So sad sounding... From
where we start, head forwards to the pole with the giant flag flapping down
to find [_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 21/24_]. The plan first being talked about, huh.
Damn Theodore... Note that we DID NOT have to tune in to see this memory.

 From there, head to the right. Northeast, towards the statue and the pole
just beyond that to find [_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 22/24_] for some more story
exposition. Huh, Myra has more planned than we realized.

 Continue on from this pole, out to the next one off to the right. As you
go you'll get the resonance point, but start to veer to the left a bit
towards the hole in the building for [_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 23/24_]. You'll
get to see the moment Union and STEM in general started to fall apart. Huh.

 We're near our office, but DO NOT go inside just yet. Instead, go north, up
the hill to the very large tree in the distance. As you approach you'll see
a resonance point. Approach for [_RESIDUAL MEMORIES 24/24_], the LAST one in
the game, which pops a trophy here:

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Echoes Within STEM" Silver Trophy for finding
          and observing all of the Residual Memories in the game! Congrats!

 Very nice! We actually only have ONE MORE THING to grab in the game. Head
back to your office now and check your desk for [_HANDGUN BULLET x6_], then
look past that to the black bag to the left for some [_GUNPOWDER_], [_NAILS_],
and a [_SYRINGE_]. Grab it all! You can also check the posters here for Yokiko
and Theodore for some dialog (Sebastian talking to himself...).

 Head out of your office now and nab the [_1,500 GREEN GEL_] on the table by
the cat, then the [_WEAPON PARTS x150_] and [_GUNPOWDER_] past that. Finally
we get some [_RED GEL_] even further in by the save station (be sure to save
if you haven't done so lately!).

 Head back outside after that and back up towards the tree. Go past it now
towards your house. It's a steep climb, but it's very linear at least. When
you approach the house, you'll trigger a cut-scene with Myra. Enjoy the scene
here, but sadly this will turn into our final boss fight...

                     --- BOSS FIGHTS: GUARDIAN MOTHER ---

 Myra's motherly instinct is out of control here, and she's prepared to
protect Lily from ANYONE, including us...

 This boss fight can be done wholly with our Handgun and Shotgun, although
if you want to use other guns you can. We are going to be straffing around
this area as Myra attacks, trying to avoid her while attacking her weak point.
Throughout the fight,  her weak point will MOVE AROUND, but in general it is
represented by a giant orange glow (as video games often go...).

 At the start of the fight, the glow is in her belly. Myra will raise her
hand and slam it down at us, causing a wave to shoot out towards us, which
is why we want to move around (SPRINT to the side as you see the hand coming
down) . As you do, shoot at her belly, breaking through the wax shell and
damaging her until her BELLY BURSTS.

 This releases several spiders which will scamper around trying to leap at
you. You can stomp these things to kill them, or use some Exploding Bolts
or your Shotgun to take them out en-masse. They also drop items such as ammo
and gunpowder, so you can replenish your stores here if you are quick enough.

 Soon Myra will be ready for round two. Her weak spots are now on her
shoulders but you should really focus on one or the other for now. She also
has a few more attacks to watch out of. Besides her slamming attack, she will
also release pods that grow and explode over time and release more spiders.
Keep focusing on one of her shoulders until a scene starts.
 Yeah, you've shot off her arm. It will come and grab you. Fantastic!
After you've been grabbed, focus on shooting the orange extremity of the arm
to make it let go of you. Your handgun is the way to go here and it'll drop
you in four good shots or so.

 This will start the third phase of the fight. Myra grows a LONG... tail?
This thing gives her a few more attacks. The tail/hand thing will try to
land on top of you, for starters. It can also plunge down into the earth and
make wax spires shoot up at your location. You'll want to stay ont he move
for this attack, but even then it doesn't do a lot of damage so heal through
it if you need to. The tail arm can also rush your location along the ground,
which is like her arm wave attack except more direct.
 While this is happening, you want to concentrate fire on her remaining
shoulder. You'll eventually shoot her other arm off (look around for any
spider drops to re-supply as needed). She's not cone yet though. The weak
spot has moved to her mouth. The tail is still very much a threat, but here
we can move in a bit closer and use our shotgun to start to blast away at
her. Keep on shooting at her to end the fight.

                          --- END BOSS ENCOUNTER ---

 We'll get some cut-scenes after this boss fight, as you would imagine. We
also get the below trophy as well (eventually, right before the next chapter

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Unfortunate Consequence" Silver Trophy for doing
          what you needed to do in order to get to your daughter...

 Enjoy the scenes here and soon the game will transition to the next chapter.

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /          ~ Chapter 17: A Way Out ~           |     EW017
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

 Well damn...

 We've still got to find Lily. Head forward and climb up the ledges when
you need to. Eventually we'll come up to the side of the house, where you
can bust through the front door.

 Doing this starts a scene with Kidman back in the real world. Enjoy, as
Kidman finally has to choose which side she is on (which is just amazing).
When it comes time to gun down the guards, pop out of cover and focus on
guard at a time. You have UNLIMITED AMMO here, so don't worry about reloads
and kill each one of them.

 After another short scene, we'll be back in Sebasastian's House. STOP RIGHT
HERE! The game's final collectable is nearby, so go RIGHT into the living
room and check the bookcase here for the [_MYSTERIOUS TOY_]. Aw, it's a little
Keeper Doll! I love it! It also unlocks the final collectable trophy for us:

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "All in the Family" Silver Trophy for collecting
          all of the game's "Mysterious Objects". Congrats!

 Head up the stairs now and go towards Lily's Room for another cut-scene.
This is a rather long one and quite touching. Soon we'll be taking over as
Kidman once again, trapped in a hallway with agents showing up to stop us.
Use the boxes as cover and once again pop up and take care of the enemies
as they pop up. No need to worry about ammo once again, so take them and
their re-inforcements out and hang a right up ahead, going down into the
STEM room to help out Sebastian.

 This starts another cut-scene, but after that we'l be taking on Sebastian
once again. This place is undoubtedly collapsing. Head down the hill, away
from your house and dodge the rubble that comes down. We'll have to zig-zag
back to our office a bit coming up, but as long as you stay on the move you
will be safe.

 Once you reach the office you'll get another cut-scene. Several of them,
actually. These are the game's ending cut-scenes, so sit back and enjoy them
as you've safely gotten through "The Evil Within 2"! Congrats!

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Rookie" Bronze Trophy here for finishing
         the game on CASUAL difficulty or higher.

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Survivor" Bronze Trophy here for  finishing
         the game on SURVIVAL difficulty or higher.
(-NOTE-) There are THREE MORE TROPHIES you can get fairly with a Casual
         NEW GAME + run:
         1) The first is to get the MAGNUM (see the unlocks below) and craft
            some ammo for it for the "Handyman" Bronze Trophy.
         2) The second is to upgrade all your weapons. This will take some
            playing for the weapon parts, but on Casual you get more of them.
            Upgrade everything for the "They Never Even Stood A Chance" Silver
         3) The third is to use the gel to upgrade all of your abilities. This
            may require some more Red Gel, but once you do get it and upgrade
            everything you'll get the "Stick it in My Veins" Silver Trophy, as
            well as a special scene with Tatiana! Whee!
(-NOTE-) I hope you've found this guide helpful. Be sure to give the guide a
         recommend using the link up at the very top if you've enjoyed it.
         Also, be sure to swing by my Facebook page (Facebook.com/Bkstunt)
         and say Hi, or shoot me an email! I appreciate it!


 When you beat the game, you will unlock a number of bonus modes, items and
outfits. Let's go through them down below:

 o UNLOCKED: NEW GAME + (Utilizes Game Clear Save Data)
 o UNLOCKED: CLASSIC MODE (New Game Mode - "Very Hard" mode, this is basically
                           "Nightmare Mode" with only SEVEN saves allowed and
                           no upgrading allowed)
 o UNLOCKED: 40,000 GREEN GEL (You can use this starting from Chapter 3 in a 
                               "New Game +" run)
 o UNLOCKED: PROFESSIONAL OUTFIT (Use the Coat Rack in Sebastian's Room)

 o UNLOCKED: DRIFTER OUTFIT (Use the Coat Rack in Sebastian's Room)
 o UNLOCKED: CLASSIC OUTFIT (Use the Coat Rack in Sebastian's Room)
 o UNLOCKED: MAGUNUM (You will be able to use it once you acquire firearms
                      in Chapter 2)
 (-NOTE-)  You can get a TROPHY from this last unlock. From the Title Menu
           you can go to OPTIONS and the "HUD Display Settings" to turn it
           on, the start a NEW GAME + to get the "That Cinematic Feel..."
           Bronze Trophy.

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /             T R O P H Y   L I S T            |     EW-TPH
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

 Here you can find a list of all the trophies in the game. This is the
complete list, and is sorted just as it appears on the PlayStation Trophy

 Some of these trophies are tied to certain chapters and events, and others
are ties to different difficulties. You'll also need to play through some of
a New Game + to get some of these trophies. Either way, there are trophy tips
in the guide that will help, as will this section for specific trophy tips!

 (-NOTE-) SOME of these trophies imply SPOILERS, so be careful about looking
          at this section before you beat the game. I also talk freely about
          how to obtain trophies here. For the most part, if you space out
          your saves (every couple chapters) you can always go back and get
          any trophy you may have missed.

   .——————————————————————.                                 .——————————————.
 __|   Learn to Survive   |_________________________________|   Platinum   |__
    Description | Survived the nightmare, and everything in between.
  How to Obtain | The Platinum trophy for the game! The ultimate trophy for
                | the ultimate fan!

   .————————————.                                             .————————————.
 __|   Rookie   |_____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Completed the game on Casual difficulty or higher.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is one of the difficulty-related trophies
                | and the easiest one. Beat the game and you are guaranteed
                | this trophy.

   .——————————————.                                           .————————————.
 __|   Survivor   |___________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Completed the game on Survival difficulty or higher.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is another difficulty-based one and is gained
                | for beating the game on Survival difficulty or higher.
                | This guide was designed for Survival Difficulty, so you
                | should have some major help along the way!

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   Against All Odds   |___________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Completed the game on Nightmare difficulty or higher.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is another difficulty-related one, this time
                | for beating the game on NIGHTMARE difficulty or higher.
                | I have not done this one yet. If you do, good luck! I KNOW
                | that they add enemies and change enemy placement, as well
                | as adjust enemy difficulty stats...

   .———————————————————————————————.                            .——————————.
 __|   You Asked For It... Again   |____________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Completed the game in Classic Mode.
  How to Obtain | Oh boy... did anyone ask for this? Did we ask for Akumu Mode
                | in the first game.
                | Sigh.. OK, BK, if you can beat Akumu Mode, you can beat this!
                | Classic Mode is essentially Nightmare Mode except you don't
                | get to upgrade weapons OR abilities and you only get SEVEN
                | SAVES total in the game. Lovely.
                | I haven't done this mode, but when I do (and I plan to,
                | eventually) I will add in tips and maybe its own special
                | section to the guide.

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   Welcome to Union   |___________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Took the plunge back into STEM.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is story-related and you'll get it by simply
                | playing through the game. I can't believe we're back in
                | STEM...

   .————————————.                                             .————————————.
 __|    Taken   |_____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Saw a chilling vision.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is story-related and you'll get it by simply
                | playing through the game. We're on her tail, but we've
                | still got to locate her!

   .———————————————————————————.                              .————————————.
 __|   Not Running This Time   |______________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Defeated the Guardian outside City Hall.
  How to Obtain | You get this trophy by defeating the first proper boss in
                | the game (which you DO NOT have to do...). You should
                | definitely check the boss fight in Chapter 5 to see what
                | your options are in this fight (ideally, you will do both
                | choices as each one has a trophy tied to it!).

   .———————————————————————————.                              .————————————.
 __|   The Team Psychologist   |______________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Found a potential ally in The Marrow.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is story-related and you'll get it by simply
                | playing through the game. It's good to have another ally!

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   Premature Finale   |___________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Shut down a bloody performance.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is story-related and you'll get it by simply
                | playing through the game. Be sure to put this psychopath
                | down for good! You can check the boss fight section when
                | you get to Stefano for help.

   .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
 __|   Another Ally   |_______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Survived an ordeal with the help of a new friend.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is story-related and you'll get it by simply
                | playing through the game. This entire section reminded me
                | of Luis and Resident Evil 4 so much! I loved it!

   .————————————————————————————————.                         .————————————.
 __|   Crossing to the Other Side   |_________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Provided a Harbinger sweet release.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is story-related and you'll get it by simply
                | playing through the game. This one is gained for defeating
                | the, um... "Flame Thrower Boss" which you can't avoid in
                | the story. Be sure to check the guide for help with him
                | if you need to!

   .—————————————————————————.                                .————————————.
 __|   Spiritual Awakening   |________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Came to terms with your past and present.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is story-related and you'll get it by simply
                | playing through the game. In STEM, you need all of the
                | inner willpower you can get.

   .———————————————————————.                                  .————————————.
 __|   Fire Walk With Me   |__________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Made it inside the enemy's stronghold.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is story-related and you'll get it by simply
                | playing through the game. This section can be hard, but
                | you can follow the guide for help. I really didnt' like
                | what happens after this trophy...

   .———————————————————————————.                              .————————————.
 __|     Overcome the Past     |______________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Your trauma is no more.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is story-related and you'll get it by simply
                | playing through the game. This is right after the "Past
                | Nightmares" boss fight, so follow the guide for help if
                | needed.

   .—————————————————————————————————————.                    .————————————.
 __|   Everything Comes Crumbling Down   |____________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Reached the very end of the world.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is story-related and you'll get it by simply
                | playing through the game.

   .—————————————————————————————.                            .————————————.
 __|   Unfortunate Consequence   |____________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Did what needed to be done to save your daughter.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is story-related and you'll get it by simply
                | playing through the game. You'll take down whoever you need
                | to in order to save Lily.

   .—————————————————————————.                                .————————————.
 __|   Backup Ain't Coming   |________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Completed the "Rogue Signal" side mission.
  How to Obtain | This Side Mission is done early in the game (Chapter 3,
                | right when you start to get a little bit of freedom). Be
                | SURE to focus on side missions over story missions to do
                | this mission (and get this trophy). The guide focuses on
                | side missions first as well, so you could just follow the
                | guide to get this trophy.

   .———————————————.                                          .————————————.
 __|   Sykes Out   |__________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Completed the "The Last Step" side mission.
  How to Obtain | Yet another side mission. You know the drill: as soon as
                | you are able, do this side mission over the main mission.
                | The guide focuses on this mission once you are able to do
                | it, so you could just follow the guide for all of the extra
                | items and to get this trophy as well.

   .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
 __|   Finally Free   |_______________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Experienced every traumatic encounter and made peace
                | with your inner demons.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is rewarded for doing a series of side missions
                | throughout the game. Namely, the three encounters with the
                | "Ghost Lady".
                | The first is in Chapter 3, at "336 Cedar Ave". You need to
                | enter and grab the collectable and then follow the guide
                | to escape (its pretty easy).
                | The second encounter is at Chapter 7, in "Juke Diner". Once
                | again, you should follow the guide to see what you need to
                | do here, but enter from here and check the body in the diner
                | to start the encounter.
                | The third encounter is at Chapter 11, in the Restricted Labs
                | in the Marrow. In the lab area you need to use a Shock Bolt
                | to open a side passage that leads to a pit. Check the side
                | room here to start the third encounter (and get a collectable
                | as well). Follow the guide to see what you need to do to get
                | out of this encounter, and at the end you will get this
                | trophy as a reward! Congrats!

   .————————————————————————.                                 .————————————.
 __|   You Got Red in You   |_________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Used your first Red Gel.
  How to Obtain | This is another trophy you really don't have to worry
                | about. You'll find more than a few of these things as you
                | play through the game, and using just one will net you this
                | trophy. Just follow the guide and you are bound to get one
                | sooner or later.

   .——————————————————————————.                               .————————————.
 __|   Stick it in My Veins   |_______________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Completely upgraded all abilities.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is going to require that you play some of the
                | "New Game Plus" mode (and you may as well get the "Upgrade
                | all weapons" trophy while you do this. Play a new game plus
                | mode on casual to get more GREEN GEL than usual and then
                | upgrade all of your abilities for this trophy. You may have
                | to play enough to get another Red Gel or two, but you will
                | get this trophy before the weapons one.

   .———————————————————————————————————.                      .————————————.
 __|   Making Things a Little Easier   |______________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Used your first High-Grade Weapon Parts.
  How to Obtain | This trophy will come while playing through the game. You
                | will find a TON of these high-grade parts as you play (well,
                | not a TON, but quite a few, especially if you follow the
                | guide as you play). Simply use one to get this trophy.

   .———————————————————————————————————.                      .————————————.
 __|   Now You're Playing with Power   |______________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Upgraded a weapon to Level 3.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is for maxing out one of your weapons. You
                | may get this in a single game if you focus on one weapon,
                | or you may have to do it in New Game Plus if you spread the
                | love around too much. Either way, you will definitely get
                | this trophy while going for "They Never Even Stood A Chance"
                | down below...

   .———————————————————————————————.                          .————————————.
 __|   A Little Extra Kick to it   |__________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Upgraded one of your Warden Crossbow bolts to max level.
  How to Obtain | A fairly simple trophy. Do you have a favorite crossbow
                | bolt? If you do, use your weapon parts and high-grade
                | weapon parts to upgrade it to its max level and this
                | trophy will be yours.

   .————————————————————————————————————.                     .————————————.
 __|   They Never Even Stood A Chance   |_____________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Completely upgraded all weapons.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is going to require you playing some New Game
                | Plus for a bit. I had to. I got this trophy by doing a new
                | game plus on Casual, as weapon parts are increased here and
                | it was super easy playing on a lower difficulty for sure.
                | I had this trophy by Chapter 7, for reference. It does take
                | some time to get as you have to upgrade EVERYTHING, which
                | includes the MAGNUM weapon you unlock after beating the game!

   .————————————.                                             .————————————.
 __|     DIY    |_____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Crafted something for the first time.
  How to Obtain | You're bound to get this trophy shortly after starting the
                | game, as you reach your first safehouse. Just make any item
                | whatsoever and this trophy will be yours.

   .——————————————.                                           .————————————.
 __|   Handyman   |___________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Crafted every type of item at least once.
  How to Obtain | This trophy will require a NEW GAME + game, as it includes
                | that you craft a bullet for the MAGNUM gun as well, which
                | you only get in a new game plus mode. Other than that
                | though, do every side quest throughout the game (and craft
                | the Sniper Rifle / Flamethrower) and then make one of every
                | item that you can so that all you have to do is make one of
                | the magnum bullets in a new game plus to pop this trophy.

   .————————————————————————.                                 .————————————.
 __|   Echoes Within STEM   |_________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Observed all Residual Memories.
  How to Obtain | The Residual Memories are another type of collectable in
                | the game. If you followed the guide, you'll find every one
                | of them (they are also numbered so they are easy to keep
                | track of and collect).
                | I'll add a Residual Memory section in a future update of
                | this guide to make keeping track of these things even
                | easier.

   .——————————————————————————.                             .————————————.
 __|   Doing Some Detecting   |_____________________________|   Bronze   |____
    Description | Collected 20 files.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is for finding half of the files in the game.
                | A nice "halfway" reminder. You will want to go for the
                | trophy below as you play through the rest of the game
                | though...

   .—————————————————————.                                    .————————————.
 __|   Diligent Reader   |____________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Collected all files.
  How to Obtain | This is the trophy for finding ALL of the game's files,
                | one of many collectables throughout the game. If you are
                | following this guide, then you'll gather up all of them as
                | you play. They are numbered as well, so they are easy to
                | keep track of.
                | I'll add a Files section in a future update to help out
                | with finding all of them. I'll probably also write them
                | all out because I'm that crazy.

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   Half the Stash   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Opened 16 lockers.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is like the "halfway mark" of finding all of
                | the game's Locker Key items. Following the guide will
                | lead you to every single one of them, but also leads to
                | the trophy down below.

   .———————————————.                                          .————————————.
 __|   Locksmith   |__________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Opened all lockers.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is for opening all of the lockers in the game
                | which essentially means "find all of the Locker Keys in
                | the game". A very hard thing to do if you are not using a
                | guide of some sort.
                | Be sure to follow this guide all the way through to find
                | every one of them, as many of them are very hard to find!
                | I'll add a Locker Key section in a future update to help
                | out with this even more.

   .———————————————————————————.                              .————————————.
 __|   Good to See You Again   |______________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Acquired the Warden Crossbow.
  How to Obtain | Early on in the game you'll recover this weapon from the
                | first Evil Within game. From the exit of the first safehouse
                | you can head left down the street to find it by a military
                | vehicle. Easy to find, an easy trophy, and more importantly
                | this is a weapon that will help you all game long.

   .——————————————————————————.                               .————————————.
 __|   Chatting With Kidman   |_______________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Talked to Kidman about all of the photographic slides.
  How to Obtain | This is another collectable trophy, this time for the
                | Photographic Slides throughout the game. Many of these
                | require exploration throughout the game, so it is a great
                | idea to follow the guide as you play and make sure you
                | get all of them.
                | I'll add a Photographic Slide section in a future update
                | to help out with this even more.
                | Note that you MUST head back to your office and TALK WITH
                | KIDMAN about every slide to get this trophy. Just getting
                | the slides doesn't count.

   .————————————————.                                       .————————————.
 __|   Powerhouse   |_______________________________________|   Silver   |____
    Description | Acquired all standard weapons.
  How to Obtain | THIS is one of the few trophies I DO NOT HAVE yet.
                | The main reason for this is you must beat "Classic Mode"
                | in order to unlock one of the weapons (the Brass Knuckles,
                | from what I've read), which is of course its own major
                | obstacle.
                | Other than that though, you also need all of the rest of
                | the weapons in the game. This guide will include a Weapon
                | List in the future, but it may be awhile before I can get
                | to Classic Mode. Good luck with your attempt if you have
                | not done it yet!

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   All in the Family  |___________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Collected all of the Mysterious Objects.
  How to Obtain | Another collectable trophy. This one requires you to get
                | all of the Mysterious Objects. They are all pointed out
                | in the guide, but I will update this guide shortly in the
                | future with a Mysterious Object list to make sure you can
                | find them all easily.

   .—————————————————————.                                    .————————————.
 __|   Caffeine Addict   |____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Used every Coffee Maker at least once.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is essentially a "collectable trophy" of sorts
                | as there's only seven coffee makers throughout the game.
                | I have them all numbered throughout the guide so you can
                | easily search for "Coffee Maker" and find where they are.

   .———————————————————————.                                  .————————————.
 __|   Thinning Them Out   |__________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Killed 30 enemies.
  How to Obtain | You'll naturally get this trophy as you play through the
                | game (as long as you aren't being a pacifist!), so don't
                | worry about it as it will come in time.

   .—————————————————————.                                    .————————————.
 __|   Clearing a Path   |____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Killed 60 enemies.
  How to Obtain | Just like the trophy up above, killing 60 enemies will
                | come naturally as you play, so don't worry too much about
                | this trophy. Just keep sneak killing everything you can
                | get away with and this will come in time.

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   Smoke Assassin   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Killed 3 enemies using upgraded Smoke Bolts.
  How to Obtain | This is another trophy I got on a New Game +. This only
                | is possible once you fully upgrade your smoke bolts as that
                | is what poisons enemies in the mist. After that, just shoot
                | three enemies with the bolts to kill them off and you'll
                | have this trophy.

   .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
 __|   Shock Therapy   |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Stunned an enemy standing in water using a Shock Bolt.
  How to Obtain | A clever trophy. You can get this trophy from the first
                | time you get your Warden Crossbow as the nearby hydrant
                | puts water everywhere and they give you a shock bolt. Use
                | it on the enemies who come to explore once you are able to
                | shock them all and get this trophy.

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   Wait For It...   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Killed an enemy using an Ambush.
  How to Obtain | For this trophy you need the "Ambush" skill from the
                | Stealth Skill Tree. After you buy it, you can hide around
                | corners and let enemies come to you and kill them from the
                | corner, which will pop this trophy.

   .———————————————————————.                                  .————————————.
 __|   Kick, Shoot, Burn   |__________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Killed 2 or more enemies at once using oil on the ground.
  How to Obtain | There's quite a few places where you can get this trophy,
                | but in general you want to tip over a red barrel, let the
                | gasoline fill the area, then LET two enemies see you and
                | chase you to it, then shoot the gas to kill them off. It's
                | best to stand in the oil with them if needed to ensure you
                | get two kills so the trophy will pop.

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   Bootable Offense   |___________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Stomped and killed 15 fallen enemies.
  How to Obtain | This is one of the last trophies I got (besides the Classic
                | Mode of course, which I still need to do). You can do this
                | on a new game pretty easy though. The best way to get the
                | enemies on the ground is to LET them see you and shoot them
                | in the legs as they rush you. Quickly go stomp them after
                | that. Probably best done on Survival, to be honest, as on
                | Casual the enemies die a tad too easily.

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   I Am The Night   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Killed 10 enemies using Sneak Kills.
  How to Obtain | Hmm... I'm kind-of disappointed they didn't do another
                | trophy with even MORE sneak kills. You will definitely get
                | this trophy naturally as you play through the game, so I
                | wouldn't worry about it.

   .—————————————————————————————————————————.                .————————————.
 __|   Sometimes Fighting Isn't the Answer   |________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Avoided unnecessary bloodshed outside City Hall (Ch. 5)
  How to Obtain | This is one trophy I had to come back for! During your fight
                | with the Guardian Beast (the Amalgamation) in Chapter 5,
                | you don't actually have to fight the beast!
                | To the left of City Hall you can shoot the explosive barrels
                | by the car to open up a new path. Follow it to a door that
                | you can open to escape the fight. Note that you may need to
                | shock/freeze the boss to give yourself TIME to get through
                | the door itself.

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   Death From Above   |___________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Killed 2 or more enemies at once using a hanging lamp.
                | (Ch. 9)
  How to Obtain | This is another clever trophy that you may not get naturally
                | if you didn't know about it. The guide points out the best
                | place to get this, but I'll post it here to (these following
                | instructions are once you get the CRANK SHAFT in chapter 9):
                | Exit the room and look up. See those hanging lamps? We are
                | going to shoot one. Move forward and LET the two enemies in
                | the cell up ahead SEE you. Draw them out to right under the
                | lamp (stand under it with them to make this REALLY easy) and
                | shoot the lamp to have it fall and burn them both to death,
                | which will make the trophy pop!

   .———————————————————————————————.                          .————————————.
 __|   No More Playing With Fire   |__________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Stopped a true believer from playing with his favorite
                | toy. (Ch. 11)
  How to Obtain | Another fun trophy! This one you get during the "Liam Boss
                | Fight". Here, you want to focus on shooting the FLAMETHROWER
                | TANK and not Liam. Doing this until it explodes will pop
                | this trophy.
                | Personally, I came back from an earlier save just for this
                | trophy and used Freeze Bolts on Liam over and over and then
                | focused on shooting his tank (resources don't matter if you
                | replay the area leading up to the boss fight).

   .—————————————————————————.                                .————————————.
 __|   Melancholy Memories   |________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Reminisced about every moment from your past. (Ch. 12)
  How to Obtain | In chapter 12, there is a moment when you are back in your
                | house and you must check to get this trophy:
                | After getting the slide from Lily's Room, head to your
                | office (don't forget about the Mysterious Object here!).
                | In the office, be sure to check the DESK (opposite of the
                | cup) to talk about work. Next, exit the office and look
                | at the PAINTING on t he wall to talk about Lily a little
                | bit.
                | Head downstairs now and you'll see Lily run to the left.
                | Round the corner and you will glimpse Myra as well. Once
                | you are in the living room head to the BOOKCASE on the
                | right and examine it to have some dialog about Myra and
                | that should be all you need for this trophy!

   .———————————————————————————————.                          .————————————.
 __|   I'll Take You Down Myself   |__________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Brought your own equipment to the barbecue this time.
                | (Ch. 14)
  How to Obtain | This is a pretty neat trophy that centers around getting
                | the FLAMETHROWER in the game and using it against Laura in
                | the "Past Nightmares" boss fight in Chapter 14. You get the
                | Broken Flamethrower in the main story, and then when you
                | are re-exploring the "Postal Plus" section of Union you can
                | take down TWO Flame Thrower enemies for spare tanks. Use
                | those to fix the flamethrower and then save it's use for
                | Laura for this trophy.

   .————————————————————————————.                             .————————————.
 __|   That Cinematic Feel...   |_____________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Opted for a cinematic experience.
  How to Obtain | You can get this trophy after beating the game. Once you
                | do beat the game, this "cinematic bar" option will unlock
                | From the Title Menu you can go to OPTIONS and the "HUD
                | Display Settings" to turn it on, then start a NEW GAME +
                | to pop the trophy.
                | This trophy is an obvious nod to the "Cinematic Bars" from
                | the first Evil Within game, which a lot of people didn't
                | like (I didn't mind them, honestly...).

 _____      _____ ____________________________________________________________
| __\ \    / /_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
| _| \ \/\/ / / /                    C L O S U R E             |
|___| \_/\_/ /___|_____________________________________________'_______________

 Every good thing must come to an end my friends. I've got all the closing
items in this section. Boring stuff like version history, credits, last
words... all the stuff that no one ever reads! Heh. Wait, you're reading this?
Looks like I was wrong!

 -- V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y                              |     EW-HIS

 Version 0.50 October 13th - October 20th, 2017
 Couldn't help myself. Even though I've still got half-finished guides out
for Final Fantasy 12 and Ys 8, this just came in the mail, and... well I had
to try it out! I got about half the guide done in this time. Good progress!

 Version 1.00 October 21st - October 30th, 2017
 Well, just finished the game on the 29th, as well as the walkthrough. I still
need to flesh out the guide a bit as I just have the trophy section done and I
usually put up all documents and files and whatnot. I would also like to get a
"Classic Mode" run done and offer tips on it as well. Those things will probably
take some time though.

 TO DO: Statue List (Locker Keys)
        Weapon List
        Mysterious Objects List
        Residual Memories List
        File List
        Classic Playthrough / TIPS

 -- C R E D I T S                                              |     EW-CRE

 .~ Bkstunt ~.
 o Big thanks to Vinheim, A Backdated Future, Absolute Steve, Krystal109,
   BacterX, Thnikamanl33t, noz3r0, Chao and Haeravon. All of my past and
   present FAQING brothers (and sister) in arms. I appreciate you guys!

 o Thanks to my family for giving me the time to work on this. Love all of
   you girls!

 o Thanks to the people who make GameFAQs what it is. The contributors who give
   of their own time to try and enhance and help others. Unsung heroes of our
   time that truly make gaming better.
 o PowerPyx for pointing out the few collectables I just couldn't find on
   my own (mainly LOCKER KEY STATUES). Makes me wonder how in the world you
   (or anyone else, to be honest) found these things! Hats off to you!
 o Maybe you? Send in a correction or tip and you can find your name here!
 -- L A S T   W O R D S                                        |     EW-LST
 Here we are, at the end! Man I love Horror Games, and The Evil Within 2
definitely delivered in my book. A good mixture of exploration and organic
horror. I'm hoping they have some DLC planned, actually, as I'd love to
continue writing for this series.

 If you've found this guide helpful, I'll once again stress that I'd love to
stay in touch and talk games in the future. You can find me on Facebook fairly
easily (Facebook.com/Bkstunt), so feel free to stop on by and post!

 With that said, much love to all my fans and friends and I hope to see you all
for further guides and walkthroughs! Yours,

          __  __                 __  __                        _
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         |_|¯¯|_|\__,_|___/\__,_|_|¯¯|_|\__,_|_| |_|\___|     |·| (BKSTUNT)
YOU HAVE SUCH A                                     Document © Bkstunt_31, 2017
WELLSPRING OF FEAR                            The Evil Within 2 © 2017 Bethesda
TO DRAW FROM...                                   E N D   O F   D O C U M E N T

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