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by GoldenSun

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FAQ/Walkthrough by GoldenSun

Version: 1.7 | Updated: 04/04/19

Basic Information

In Anthem, you are a Freelancer, with access to your choice of four metal suits (think of Iron Man), called Javelins, each with different abilities and powers.

After completing the tutorial missions of the game, you'll reach Level 2 and have your choice of the four Javelins: Ranger, Storm, Colossus, and Interceptor. Each Javelin has a different use and skill (for example, the Storm Javelin can harness elemental attacks, and the Colossus Javelin utilizes brute strength [like the Hulkbuster armor].)

Throughout the game, you'll eventually earn access to all four Javelins. After making your first choice at Level 2, you get to pick another one at Level 8. Once you hit Level 16, you get your pick of a third Javelin, and when you reach Level 26, you receive your final Javelin.

When picking which Javelin you want to start with, just keep in mind that they are all equally capable of taking on any challenges you will face. So the choice is ENTIRELY yours. Whichever style of fighting sounds like a good fit for you, choose that one. If you don't like it, just work your way to Level 8 and make another choice. It isn't very hard to level up in Anthem (at least, not at the beginning).

Whether you play on a PlayStation 4, an Xbox One, or on the PC, the basics are pretty much the same.

To navigate the game use the menus. These will show you everything, including your current missions, the map, your squad, weapons, etc.

One menu shows you the following tabs: (I'm not sure how accessing these differentiates between consoles. For the PS4, hit the 'Options' button to access this menu.)

JournalShows the most recent things that happened to you. These can be completed quests, or 'Feats'. Feats are basically side challenges/objectives you can attempt while on a mission.
ChallengesThis tab shows a large list of additional challenges and objectives you should attempt throughout the game, as well as what rewards you will receive for doing so.


Basic history involving your recent finds, people, geography, etc.
ArmoryShows your weapons, armor, and blueprints to craft additional items.
MailboxBasically the E-mail of the world of Anthem. You'll get random updates of the goings-on of the cities, as well as other miscellaneous information. You'll even get spam mail and chain emails!
TutorialsThis tab contains Tutorials on the things you have already learned.

The other menu shows you the following: (For the PS4, hit the touchpad to access this menu.)

MapA map of the surrounding area, including a legend.
FeaturedThe in-game store, which allows you to spend Coin to customize your Javelins.
SocialAllows you to Squad Up with your friends.
SettingsAllows you access to your average gameplay settings. Controls, Audion, HUD, etc.