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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Darth_Havok

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 04/30/18 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dragon Ball FighterZ


    Version 1.5


    4/29/2018 - Added all special Character Interactions for the Enemy Warriors and Android 21 Story Arcs.

    4/25/2018 - Added links to the Full Movies for the 3 story Arcs

    4/25/2018 - Added all special Character Interactions for the Super Warriors Story Arc.


    While I am certainly no stranger to fighting games, I have yet to find a Dragon Ball type fighting game that plays as fun and smoothly as this game.

    To be clear, this game plays more like a '''traditional''' fighter in the same vein as Marvel VS Capcom, BlazBlue or Guilty Gear as opposed to other Dragon Ball type games, such as Xenoverse or the Budokai series for example.

    The game features 3-on-3 gameplay and utilizes a very similar tag/switch character mechanic to the MVC series, with some exceptions covered further on in the guide.

    Since even before the game’s launch, it has suffered from online issues – in particular – with matchmaking and lag. So, I’m planning to focus more on the core mechanics of the game and cover the offline and story modes, since that call all be translated to the online component seamlessly.

    The Controls

    The default control scheme for the PS4 / XBOX One layout is as follows:

    Light Attack (L)SquareX
    Medium Attack (M)TriangleY
    Heavy Attack (H)CircleB
    Special Attach (S)CrossA
    Primary AssistL1LB
    Secondary AssistL2LT
    Character TagHold L1 or L2Hold LB or LT
    Dragon RushCross + CircleA + B
    Ki ChargeCross + SquareA + X
    Sparking BlastCross + Circle + Square + TriangleA + B + X + Y
    Super DashSquare + TriangleX + Y
    VanishTriangle + CircleY + B
    JumpD-Pad / A-Stick Up (in air will perform a second or double jump)
    CrouchD-Pad / A-Stick Down
    BlockD-Pad / A-Stick Away from Opponent (crouching block is done by holding down and away from opponent)
    DashD-Pad / A-Stick Toward the opponent twice rapidly. (hold toward on the second tap)
    Snap BackDuring a Dragon Rush, press either assist button
    Deflect / ParryD-Pad / A-Stick Away from Opponent + Special button
    Guard Cancel into TagWhile blocking, D-Pad / A-Stick Toward the opponent + Primary or Secondary Assist
    Anti-Air / LaunchD-Pad / A-Stick Down + Heavy Attack
    Overhead AttackD-Pad / A-Stick Toward the opponent + Medium Attack

    The Basics

    Dragon Ball FighterZ also hosts a few, unique elements that are a part of the core gameplay mechanics.

    Auto Combos

    For every character in the game, there are 2 different types of Auto Combo.

    Auto Combo Light is performed by pressing Light attack 4 times in rapid succession. (L, L, L, L.)

    Auto Combo Heavy is performed by pressing Medium attack 4 times in rapid succession. (M, M, M, M.)

    Note: this version will end with a level 1 Super Move if there’s available Ki Meter.

    Auto Combos are a great way for beginners to jump in the game and perform some decent combos, but at the same time, they are far from optimal.
    Each character has a specific move that can only be performed via an Auto Combo. As such, even when more optimal combos exist, it’s a great way to change things up and keep your opponent guessing.

    The Dragon Ball Mechanic

    Any time an auto combo is completed, (by either team) a Dragon Ball will be added to the bottom of the screen. Once all 7 balls are on screen, if either player has a full 7 bars of Ki meter and performs an Auto Combo again, then Shenron will be summoned and will offer you a time sensitive choice of 1 of 4 possible wishes to be granted: Restore My Health; Bring back My Ally; Give Me the Ultimate Power; Make Me Immortal.

    Note #1: Restore My Health is 100%; Bring Back My Ally revives them with 50% health; Give Me the Ultimate Power fills the Ki Gauge for all 7 levels; Make Me Immortal gives you a little health back and auto-regeneration for your super meter.

    Note #2: Auto Combo isn’t the only way to add Dragon Balls to the screen, performing combos with a certain hit-count can do this as well. However, each ball requires a certain hit-count and the Auto Combos don’t discriminate; making it the much easier option.

    Outside of these mechanics, the basic flow of combat will see each team try to fully deplete the health of all the members of the opposite team. This will likely be accomplished via the combo system, special and super moves.