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by Arkia

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Guide and Walkthrough by Arkia

Updated: 05/03/2018

Basic Walkthrough

Notes Before Starting:

Areas and Shops may change over time. This can include the individual items of shops.

Estimate gaining 4 levels per chapters on average for both your Crafting levels and character levels. This will keep you roughly at the expected levels.

This guide will assume you intend to complete everything and are on Hard difficulty. Many objectives can be skipped and many enemies will be easier on Easy/Normal difficulty.

Shortcuts tend to give fewer rewards than doing things completely.

Certain resources are infinite even in the field: Fishing and Water nodes in particular. In Chapter 4, you'll be able to start making your 999 Quality Synthesized Materials, but you may wish to wait for later to make it easier to do. In addition, there is little benefit to using 999 Quality items except for a few very specific usages.

Time is mostly important for Requests from the Notice Board. Aside from the limited portions of the game that have time limits, feel free to spend as much time as needed.

Most events are Daytime based and unavailable at nighttime. This can include some shops during certain chapters.

If you've played the other Mysterious series games, many of the same strategies still apply here such as One Hit Kill on your high range bombs and material cycling.

Key: Basic Materials 1:

Look for three interactive nodes with a pinkish objective marker rune above them and collect the Taum from them. If you can, note the yellowish sparkle effect as the sparkle effect is the sign of a harvest node.

Key: Basic Materials 2:

Now look for a rock nearby with the same objective marker above it. Hit it a few times (You don't have any bombs yet) and it should break for a Broken Rock. Note that these types of nodes don't show an obvious sign of being a harvest node so you have to recognize them by sight or be close enough to see the action menu and will only provide the resources once broken. The left side of the menu corresponds to attacking the node while the right side corresponds to using an item on the node if you have one.

Key: Basic Materials 3

There will be a nearby tree with the objective marker. Hit it a few times for some Uni. Similar to the rocks, these will have to be recognized by sight, though these tend to be easier to spot due to the fruit. Unlike breakable type nodes, these will give you resources each attack and do not disappear when depleted. Note that it does not matter if you use Lydie or Sue for damageable nodes, the Kicks and Swings both do about the same effect.

Sadly, despite the nice scene that you may see after, this is not the end of the tutorial.

Chapter 1: The Twins

In Dad's Place 1:

If you have the bonus items DLC, you may receive Bomb, Puni Jelly, Uni Bag, Plant Oil, and Smoke Fungus.

Craft a Healing Pads. The quality does not matter.

In Dad's Place 2:

Remember to save if you haven't already.

Leave the Atelier for Lune Street. This will unlock the map for map travel. Using map travel shouldn't hurt at this point, but you can walk around town collecting materials such as paper scraps or red flowers. (Later you can get water from the well as well) These materials might not be worth much, but time can matter once you unlock requests and this is a good time to get used to recognizing breakable objects, harvesting nodes, and other interactive objects.

Note: Time progresses whenever you are outside or map travel.

We will head for Soleil Street first.

Note that you can find Main Story events at locations marked by a Star. Later, you will find sub-areas where both the main area and the appropriate sub area will be marked with an event marker. As the Main Story marker is generally the highest priority, it will usually be the one displayed on the main area while the sub-areas may show a star on one and a different marker on another.

Talk to Hagel and give him the Healing Pads you made earlier. Quality doesn't matter here.

Head to Sea-view Hill. Give Grace the Healing Pads you made earlier. Quality doesn't matter here.

You'll return to your Atelier and then...

Looking for Work:

As your 'Dad' is a good for nothing stealing his daughters' food money and letting them starve out of a selfish desire to feed his paintbrush addiction, you'll need to find work. We now know why the sisters keep complaining about not having food to eat.

Head to the Castle Plaza where you will see a scene with a rival Atelier, then approach the Notice Board.

Home to Rest:

Return to your Atelier in Lune Street.

Infiltrating the Basement:

We now have voices coming from the basement. Your Dad doesn't allow his daughters to go into the basement, spends long lengths of time down there, the sisters' mother is missing and now you can hear a voice talking about what is most likely the sisters. This may be our first clue that our Dad is a kidnapper that locked their mother in the basement and didn't want his daughters finding out.

Enter the Basement in your Atelier to look for your Dad's skeletons in his closet..

A Mysterious Place 1:

Is that our Mother who is walking around? The footsteps here are rather pretty either way.

Follow the path Northeast and prepare yourself for a...

Chroma Rose: 45 HP

This should be an easy fight regardless of difficulty. Just keep attacking or using skills.

A Mysterious Place 2:

Oh, we lost someone who may be our mother. Maybe we should go and gather ingredients instead of doing what we came here for.

You can now collect materials from here. Collect some material from the plants and you should enter a cutscene.

Mysterious Synthesis:

Craft another Healing Pads and you will soon find that your Dad has been hiding some rather deep secrets.

Chapter 2: A Mentor and An Official Notice

Chapter 2 Character Events Unlocked:

Grace 1Church of VegneC2 Paying the BillsFor being in a hurry, the Sister and Ines seems to be rather patiently waiting around the statue area...
Lucia 1The Notice BoardC2 Teacher 2An event with our neighborhood Tsundere
Twins Lv 15AtelierC2Lydie does... 'training'
Twins Lv 30AtelierC2Lydie becomes strong enough to sacrifice a Puni with one hand and her eyes closed. Or at least strong enough to knock Sue unconscious with a slap.
Twins Lv 50AtelierC2Lydie reaches the point where sends dragons flying with a single attack and tells Sue that she has no muscles. Or at least strong enough to knock Sue out.
Alchemy Lv 8AtelierC2 Ilmeria teacherCatalyst Tutorial
Hagel (Craft)SmithyCraft Ingot or ClothHagel will unlock Weapon and Armor Crafting.



AtelierCraft Insect NetSuelle will talk about how you don't need to catch bugs and run away.
Twins JournalAtelierCraft 10 different ItemsThe twins write in their diary

Note that while it is possible to get all the Lydie training events now, it is not worth it to grind excessively at this point in the game.

Paying the Bills:

Head to the Castle Plaza, which is North of your Atelier if you use Lune Street.

Atelier Ranking Excitement 1:

Head to The Royal Castle (North exit from the Plaza) to meet your tsundere friend and receive your first Task.

Task: Craft a Dream Paintbrush.

Atelier Ranking Excitement 2:

At this point, you will have the ability to pick up events and sidequests so we will do some exploring. Head South towards the Sea-view Hill.

Make a note of the butterfly marker. You won't be able to catch them yet.

Head into the Church of Vegne once you've finished looting all the harvestables. For being in a hurry, the Sister and Ines seems to be rather patiently waiting around the statue area...

Head back to your Atelier where you will receive 2 Uni Bags.

Atelier Ranking Excitement 3:

Make sure you equip the Uni Bags and any Healing Pads you have. As a general rule, always keep healing items and some decent attack items on you. This can mean the difference between bringing home a rare material and coming home empty handed.

Two areas will have unlocked: Nearby Forest and Spring-green Odahlia. As these are fields, the materials and enemies will change depending on time of day and weather. Don't worry about wasting time just yet as there are no time limits yet.

You can now gather water from the wells around town and there should be chests around town as well, but for now we'll head to the fields. Note that Nearby Forest is the area we started in so we already have most ingredients from there (Unless you need Princess Grass to make more Healing Pads). Instead, we want to go to Spring-green Odahlia to collect new materials.

Note that on certain maps, there are areas that you cannot reach until certain requirements are met. In addition, some enemies will not spawn until certain requirements are met.

Another thing to note is that some enemies may look very similar with only minor differences, such as here where the horned rabbit has a horn and has a darker shade while the cotton rabbit is lighter and has no horn.

The third thing to note is that sometimes, in addition to the regular rewards, monsters may drop chests. If the monster drops a chest, there will be a chest icon on the rewards screen and a moment after the enemy despawns, a chest will spawn in their place. The chest may have rare loot that the monster may drop as well as loot that the monster won't drop normally.

You will likely fill up your bag rather quickly, but don't be worried about making a few trips as time isn't important. Try to get used to hitting enemies with your field attack whether the stick or the kick as this will help with many common fights for the turn advantage it provides and the ability to start the battle with a special skill later on.

Your goal will be to gather Cobalt Grass from bushes, Kifa from logs, and Rabbit Fur from either Animal Bones or Rabbit enemies. Once you have one of each, you can progress.

If you are having trouble, try to gather enough materials from Spring-green Odahlia and Nearby Forest so that you can comfortably bring 3 full Uni Bags and 2 full Healing Pads with you each trip plus any leftovers from previous trips. These will be your primary means of damage and healing for a bit so it will be good to get used to using them now. You can use Healing Pads on the field by going to your menu and into the Basket section.

Note: You'll soon be able to start making better versions so don't use up all your materials crafting and progress when you can to unlock better crafting as soon as possible.

You will want to head to Nearby Forest to restock on Princess Grass from time to time until you have access to better healing options.

Once you have the material to do so, craft the Dream Paintbrushes? and continue on. While you could level up more, you'll find it easier to do so later. If you decide to keep leveling, Level 5 is a good stopping point for now while there are no stronger enemies around.

Well, I guess those are dream brushes since clearly they were formed from the nightmares of someone who was traumatized by a surrealist's artwork.

Atelier Ranking Excitement 4:

Go to The Royal Castle's Entrance Hall where the turn in icon is.

Turn in the Dream Paintbrushes? to Mireille and you will soon learn after some cutscenes... The recipe was a lie!

Teacher 1:

Return home to your Atelier and you will move to 8 am of the next day.

Teacher 2:

You can now teleport to the Castle Plaza for an event with our neighborhood Tsundere, then head over to Ilmeria's Atelier on the Northern side of Lune Street. There, you will find that our ever so studious Sue is not the kind of person that learns from lectures. So we'll skip the lectures.

Teacher's Lesson 1:

It is time to learn how to do REAL synthesis. One can almost feel the training wheels starting to loosen... Except for the clear training wheels here.

We'll be using preset recipes and ingredients here with preset placements. Now, pay attention to Components. Each Component has a color and pattern. These will be important for us as the patterns determine what can fit on the board and where we can place them. One key element to making some of the more complicated recipes even with weaker materials will be understanding how patterns and the board work. The earlier you learn this process, the better.

Notice that Princess Grass has a two piece, diagonal pattern of green element. When you select these, notice that the GREEN bars went up two bars. Taun has a two piece vertical pattern of green element, which when selected will move the Green bars another two places. Finally, the Blue Flower has two components, one green with a single piece and a blue with two vertical pieces. You'll notice that the Green bars move up one and the blue bar moves up two. This will be especially important later.

You will see that putting an piece on a tile with the same color will provide a bonus point. We won't get the blue bonus, but we reached the first high bars for the two green bars and thus we activate the effects of those bars, turning HP Recovery XS into HP Recovery S and unlocking Recovery Bonus S.

Also, as an extra note here. Some materials show a black circle next to their Quality.

This means the item is a Catalyst or Enhancing Agent. (Some equipment may have a different black circle). Catalysts alter the board while Enhancing Agents alter ingredient components.

Teacher's Lesson 2:

Now, after this time will begin to matter, but it isn't a major source of worry as most requests have a long duration.

Head to the Castle Plaza and approach the Notice Board.

Now, each request (Quests in your journal) has a time limit, a reward, and conditions.

  • Time Limits:
    • These tend to be several days and you can see the end date as well as the time you have.
  • Rewards:
    • These tend to either be COL or ingredients.
      • Ingredients may not be the best, but can still be useful if the item would be otherwise difficult to obtain.
  • Conditions can vary:
    • Monster hunting quests tend to show at least one location where the monster can be found.
      • Monsters with multiple locations can be killed at any location.
    • Turn in quests may have up to two additional conditions.
      • The additional conditions may be a trait, component, or effect.
      • Synthesis turn-in quests require a craftable item.
      • Gathering turn-in quests require a material item
  • You may only have 5 quests active at a time.

Teacher's Lesson 3:

If you already have some quests you can turn in, go ahead and grab and turn in those, grab any quests for the Green-spring Odahlia enemies as well. After, head to Hagel's Shop at Soleil Street.

Hagel's shop is now open. It may be worth looking at the weapons and armor to see if you can get some better equipment now even if it means selling some of your more common ingredients. Go ahead and sell some of your lower quality ingredients that you have plenty of and are traitless. While you may need some lower quality ingredients, you can gather more later. (If you are in desperate need of money, you could potentially draw some well water for money). Try not to sell your starter gear just yet if possible as we'll be using them later.

In particular, Colorful Robes with Increase MP and Riveted Leather Armor with Increase HP and Parameters +10% are particularly useful for Lydie and Suelle respectively. This will cost you 460 Coll. You can buy another Riveted Leather Armor now if you have the money, but that is another 360 Coll and you can buy it in the next chapter for an added bonus. Excluding monster drops, these will likely be your best armor for a little while.

If you have an event at the Atelier, go ahead and head there now. You will meet everyone's favorite mascot, Pamela Ibis. This will open up her store.

We will now head to Spring-green Odahlia. Bring some Uni Bags to make the battles easier and to unlock a recipe. We will want to gather and fight the following:

Target or CategoryPurpose
Mineral OilMulticolor Dye recipe
(Thread) - Rabbit FurCloth recipe, Dream Paintbrush ingredient
(Ore) - Kaen StoneIngot recipe
Kaen StoneBomb recipe
Weiss WheatWheat Flour recipe
BeehiveHoney recipe
3 Plant Enemies (Night)Insect Net recipe
(Clay) - Red Sand, Broken RockYellow Neutralizer recipe
(Fuel) - KifaRed Neutralizer recipe
Red Puni (Night, Rigrein Farm)Red Neutralizer recipe
Blue PuniBlue Neutralizer recipe
Plant OilPure Oil recipe
Use Uni Bag 3 TimesCraft recipe
Cobalt GrassDream Paintbrush ingredient
KifaDream Paintbrush ingredient

Our next craft will require Cobalt Grass, Kifa, and Rabbit's Fur as well as a Neutralizer of any color. (You should be able to craft Green Neutralizer at least with how abundant the materials are for it)

Once we have Cobalt Grass, Kifa, and Rabbit Fur and at least two new recipes, we can return to our Atelier to activate the recipes (and unlock information about connected recipes). I recommend getting the Insect Net recipe unlocked now if you have Alchemy Lv 8 or higher.

You can craft Ingots or Cloth to make better gear if desired, but you likely won't be able to make anything significantly better yet.

Teacher's Lesson 4:

Head to Ilmaria's Atelier to obtain your next objective.

Teacher's Lesson 5:

Return to your Atelier and craft the Dream Paintbrushes.

If we have the recipes, we have the option to craft Wheat Flour, Blue Neutralizer, and Red Neutralizer to unlock more recipes. If you have the Insect Net recipe and Alchemy Lv 8+, go ahead and craft one.

In addition, you may wish to visit Spring-green Odahlia and gather some Kaen Stones for the bomb recipe and some Weiss Wheat for the Wheat Flour recipe. In addition, you should craft Honey at this point.

Teacher's Lesson 6:

Return to Ilmaria's Atelier to show off your Dream Paintbrushes.

Retaking the Test:

Head to The Royal Castle where you will turn in the item and then report.

After getting what is almost a guaranteed flower mark, you may see someone familiar and will soon learn of the plot to gather alchemists and develop the potential of the twins.

For those that want to see the minimum requirements for true end, the lowest successful for true end has been 19 (There may be factors that could raise or lower this)

Total Full MarkTotal Half MarkTotal Min MarkTotal Points
7 122
6 220
35 19

Chapter 3: A Mysterious World

Chapter 3 Character Events Unlocked:

Pamela 1AtelierC2 Teacher 3You will meet everyone's favorite mascot, Pamela Ibis. This will open up her store. This event is effectively unmissable.
Ilmeria 1AtelierC3 Expelling the Monsters 1 - After Liane EventWe learn that Ilmeria has a height complex
Corneria 1AtelierC3 Expelling the Monsters 1 - After Liane EventCorneria prepares to move in.
Hagel 1SmithyC3 Expelling the Monsters 1 - After Liane EventHagel wants to 'upgrade' things by adding some 'extra functions'
Lucia 2Church PlazaC3 Expelling the Monsters 1 - After Liane EventWe talk about Tsundere Lucia's past of playing with the Sisters
Grace 2Church of VegneC3 Expelling the Monsters 1 - After Liane EventWe learn that Grace is a Vampi-Gracefully aged.
Pamela 2Church of VegneC3 Expelling the Monsters 1 - After Liane EventWe learn about Pamela's amazing clutziness.
HagelSmithyCraft Ingot/ClothHagel enables crafting of weapons/armor. Talk to Hagel to initiate.
HagelSmithyObtain a Weapon Core/Sub-coreHagel enables customization of weapons. Talk to Hagel to initiate.

Rank Increase?:

We'll first head to The Royal Castle here. You will learn that in order to increase your rank, you need to meet certain requirements and then take the test.

Expelling the Monsters 1:

For now, we'll head over to the Garden of Merk where you'll meet Liane. You can leave the area and then return for another event. Don't buy anything from Liane yet unless you desperately need the item.

Afterwards, head for the fields. If you are at least level 5, head over to Spring-green Odahlia. If not, you may wish to grind a bit or bring extra items. Make sure you bring at least 12 uses of Uni Bags for the fight. If you decide to bring Bombs, don't use them for the big fight.

At Spring-green Odahlia, you'll fight a Red Feather of Level 9 with 211 HP and fire resistance, but ice and lightning weakness.

You likely do not have ice or lightning at this point, but Special Reload will be useful here due to the defense down effect. Buff Sue with Battle Cry and use Special Reload to keep the Red Feather's defense down. Between these, use Uni Bags and Healing Pads in order to do damage and heal. It shouldn't take much effort to bring the Red Feather down.

Return to your Atelier after you are done exploring.

Expelling the Monsters 2:

Head over to The Royal Castle once you are ready. If you can, save one Quest/Request and about 1000 Coll.

Raising Our Reputation:

We will be performing tasks in order to push our reputation higher. First, we'll start with the easy ones.

  1. We can pick an easy request from The Notice Board and finish it if we didn't have a turn-in saved.
  2. While walking around, jump 10 times for an ambition.
  3. Our first Area will be visited, but we will go around town.
    1. First head to Soleil Street.
    2. While we are nearby, visit the Smithy..
      1. At the Smithy, If you haven't bought a spare already, go ahead and buy a Riveted Leather Armor to get the 100 Coll purchase.
    3. Head to the Gates of Merk.
      1. We can buy some items from Liane if we didn't meet the 100 Coll purchase ambition already. You could buy 30 Coll worth and buy a 70 Coll Talisman from Pamela or buy 100 Coll worth of items here or spend your Coll at Pamela.
    4. Head to the Church Plaza, you can draw from the well 10 times for 30 Well Water. This will complete the 10 Materials and give you 30 Well Water to sell to Pamela to complete the Earn 30 Coll ambition.
      1. Enter the Church Plaza and selling enough items such as 30 Well Water to earn 30 Coll.
        1. You can also sell your old gear for Coll.
        2. We could buy 2 of the Limited Church Talismans to earn the 100 Coll purchase ambition
    5. Head to Lune Street for the final area. We should have 8 requirements now.
  4. 3 Synthesis will happen naturally.
    1. I recommend crafting 1 Bomb, 2 Wheat Flour, 1 Simple Cookie if you have not already done so.
  5. For some fighting, we can make sure we use our attack button to start fights and during fights, use Lydie's first skill: Defensive Blow at least once.
    1. Nearby Forest has Beasts (Daytime) and Mushrooms (Nighttime). (We should have enough ambitions to do the test once we complete these)
    2. Spring-green Odahlia has Rabbits (Daytime) and Plants (Nighttime).
  6. You can find Broken Rock relatively easily at Nearby Forest or Green-spring Odahlia, just break breakable rocks.

Note: If you have enough money, you can start buying some ingredients as well as you continue along, such as with Lias's shop. Get the Princess Grass Limited from Lias. At Pamela's shop, you can buy the Lucky Find Wheat Flour and Limited Church Talismans. While these aren't strictly necessary, they can make tasks easier.

To the Rank G Test:

We should have an event in the Atelier..

Go ahead and talk to Mireille in The Royal Castle's Entrance Hall and start the rank up quest. Note: this will add an event that will cause Gryphon type enemies to start spawning in Spring-green Odahlia as well as Nest type nodes.

Note that the Eggs dropped by monsters can be found from Nest nodes at a much lower drop rate.

Rank G Test 1:

Head to the Garden of Merk where we will meet...

The Great Puniman! Wait, no. Just no. We don't know this person. Definitely not.

We'll start saying bad things about the poor guy and he will soon reveal himself as Mathias, your personal meat shield, also known as your third party member. He will be level 10 to start, which may be higher level than you.

Rank G Test 2:

If you have 360 Coll and haven't already done so, you can go to Hagel to buy Riveted Leather Armor for Mathias. Head to Spring-green Odahlia once you are ready. You can either fight a big enemy or gather the eggs from the new Nest type nodes. This guide will assume that you will be fighting the enemy. You want a total of 20 Unknown Eggs or 4 Large Eggs.

If we haven't already, we have Rabbits in the daytime and Plants at night here. Remember that to craft the Insect Net, you need to kill 3 Plants.

Once you are prepared, go attack the Griffon type enemy.

We will be using Uni Bags and other non-fire items as well as Battle Cry and Special Reload as well as maintaining Accel Guard. The battle should be relatively simple and rather formulaic, heal items with Lydie as needed, Special Reload and Battle Cry when the effects run out, and otherwise Uni Bags for Lydie and Attack or Uni bags for everyone else. Unless you are about to return to town, try not to use Defensive Blow as it will likely slow you down more than it will help due to the lack of MP this early in the game.

Once you've collected enough eggs or run out of MP/items, you can return to your Atelier, returning if you still need more eggs.

If you have enough eggs, you can turn them in to Mireille now.

Each large egg is the equivalent of 5 Unknown Eggs. It will take 10 Unknown Eggs to fill up the first bar, then 5 more to fill the second bar and another 5 to fill the final bar for a total of 20 Unknown Eggs or 4 Large Eggs. Make sure you have some Bombs equipped as otherwise you will have some trouble doing damage soon.

A Mysterious World 1:

Nope, totally not creepy at all Mireille.

We'll be heading East from Mireille to reach the Gallery where you will learn a deep and dark secret. You will also learn that Alchemists have the power to create worlds.

A Mysterious World 2:

You may notice that while Mireille mentioned collecting paintings (plural), there is only one painting in the gallery. We'll ignore that for now though and walk up to the painting where we will learn that Sue is afraid of ghosts. Wait... Then how can she act normally when she sees...

Well, we don't have much time to be thinking about this because you will soon be thrown into a battle where you will find that ghosts are near immune to physical attacks, but weak to bombs.

As a warning, the Little Soldier Fairy type enemies have a very high dodge rate so they are much tougher than they may seem from stats alone.

Head towards the second area by first heading West, then heading to the Northeast part of the map, gathering materials on your way there. When you get close to the second area, you'll hear fighting.

If you are struggling, you could craft some Ingots and Cloths with the materials available from this painting and use those to craft improved Weapons and Armor, but for Armor to be worth it, you need at least Crafting level 10 if not 30. Weapons may see a small increase before Crafting level 10, but leveling up may provide greater gains.

A Mysterious World 3:

Enter the second area where you will fight Chromel Rose with 195 HP.

While you likely won't be able to take advantage of the weaknesses, you likely won't be affected by the strengths either. This should be a relatively easy fight. Special Reload with Sue, Accel Guard with Mathias, Battle Cry with Lydie, then use Uni Bags, Crafts, and attacks to finish the fight

A Mysterious World 4:

In the second area, head west and then take the middle path Eastward to find the entrance to the third area where you will discover that you cannot enter.

Note: Save the chest here for Chapter 6.

A Mysterious World 5:

Find some Natural Fertilizer in the nearby area if you don't have any, then give one to the trees.

A Mysterious World 6:

As an option if you are struggling, instead of continuing to the third area, we have the option to farm for some materials to craft some ingots and cloth with decent effects in order to apply ATK and STR up to our weapons, but it is unlikely for us to need this at this point.

Once you are ready, head to the Northeastern section of the third area.

A Mysterious World 7-9:

Grab some holy water from the well, but before we splash the graves nearby, we can go north for some paper scraps and hidden in the corner is...

A statue of Hagel. If you decide to go after the chest, be warned that the rock has a large amount of health so without a mining bomb, it may take some time, but it may be worth it.

Once you are ready, grab some Holy Water from the nearby water and splash two of the graves behind Lucia and you'll see an event.

You have two choices:

  1. Water roughly 8 more graves for 3 Wild Cotton and 3 Golden Threads with good traits (recommended).
  2. Talk to Lucia and go ahead and follow her plan. You'll end up fighting some ghosts, but you can just use some Bombs.

Well, we will forever be marked as Cheaters now, but at least Sue will have the Queen of Mischief skill for some speed and we will have Leaf Pattern Fragments.

Chapter 4: Rivals?

Chapter 4 Character Events Unlocked:

Roger 1AtelierC4Roger pushes his work onto the Twins. Available at night
Roger 2AtelierC4Task: Dad's Crazy Recipe
Fritz 1AtelierC4Fritz is searching for his lost daughter, Drossel. You will end up in Lune Street's beach area.
Corneria 2Soleil StreetC4Corneria invites the twins to see her shop
Corneria 3Soleil StreetC4The twins are amazed at Corneria's stock quality. Activates by opening the Shop Menu then leaving.
Fritz 2Soleil Street/AtelierC4Drossel shows off her spacial warping lack of direction sense and reunites with Fritz. (Note: This event will send you to Soleil Street if activated elsewhere)
Lucia 3Soleil StreetC4Lucia shows off her bartering skills and gives the Twins some cookies.
Hagel 2SmithyC4Task: Metal for Hagel
Grace 3Church of VegneC4Task: Event Preparation 1
Pamela 3Church of VegneC4Task: The Broken Goblet, Goblet Recipe
Painting WorldGalleryC4Learn that Painting Worlds change with story progression (New paths)
Mireille 1Entrance HallC4: Making a NameThe Twins tease Mireille
Mireille 2Entrance HallC4: Making a NameTask: Quality Paper...?
Alchemy Lv 10AtelierC4Ilmeria gives us Ilmeria's Homework, Task: Homework
Lucia 4AtelierC4: Making a Name + 1 dayTsundere Lucia visits, but the Twins are too busy
Lucia 5AtelierLucia 4+1 DayTsundere Lucia trades sweets with the Twins. A day will pass
Liane 1Garden of MerkC4: Retaking the Rank F TestTalk to Liane after entering Atelier Firis to find the obsession of a sister.
Twins (Anima)AtelierC4: Painting Restoration 2The twins learn how to use Battle Mix
Twins (Crafting)AtelierCraft Water BagSue talks about Lydie's new portable toi-water bag.
Twins (Bugs)Atelier1 day since first Insect Net eventSue talks about how she was traumatized by bugs.
Twins JournalAtelier15 Items Crafted, C4Lydie talks about her love for Romance novels
Twins (Crafting)AtelierCraft Fishing RodThe twins talk about their past of fishing for food.
Enhancer TutorialAtelierGather (Enhancer), Level 14 AlchemyIlmeria teaches the Sisters how to use Enhancers
Dad's Crazy RecipeDeliver 3/6/10 Ingots to Roger (Can be bought)Increase Storage from 2500 to 5000
Metal for HagelDeliver 1 Ingot to Hagel (Can be bought)Small Statue of Hagel. 50 Quality.
Event Preparation 1Deliver 6 Zettel to Grace
The Broken GobletDeliver Goblet to Pamela
HomeworkDeliver Leather to Ilmeria (Can be purchased)
Quality Paper...?Deliver Quality 60+ Zettel to Mireille1800 Coll

Towards the Next Rank:

Head to The Royal Castle to talk to Mireille and gain 1000 Coll. You will very likely have completed some of the requirements already, but it will take 9 completions to start the next rank up.

Making a Name:

Note: Once you've complete a battle in any field, you will have an event with Lucia. After finishing some ambitions, you should have an event with Roger. Note that synthesis and battles and sometimes day changes can all progress event triggers, while not are fully interchangeable, many are.

  1. For Starters, we likely already have completed all the entries for at least one tab, if not, Unparalleled Beauty or Thorough Investigation is easy.
    1. We will first head to the Gallery then return to the Entrance Hall.
  2. After this, you may wish to visit Soleil Street until you have Corneria's shop open in order to have easier access to bombs and other offensive items.
  3. We will next head to Liane's shop and buy 3 Waschers for 45 Coll.
    1. Buy the Ore Processing Text while you are here.
  4. We will next head to The Spooky Forest:
    1. Fight 3 Little Soldiers (Use Mathias's First Skill, Temple Slide, at least once)
    2. Fight 3 Fang Bats (use Mathias's First skill, Temple Slide, at least once)
    3. Gather 3 Winged Plants (Found in Bushes with Berries in all areas).
    4. Obtain 3 Black Tree Stones (Found from Chrome Verde enemies or Logs in the second area)
  5. Completing the above should give you enough points to progress.
  6. Princess Grass is obtainable from bushes in Nearby Forest or from Flowers in the city.
  7. Plant Oil is a rare fruit harvest from the Nearby Forest or an uncommon drop from the Nighttime Sunny Plants in Spring-Green Odahlia
  8. The recipe for Tanning Fluid and Leather are obtained from an event for reaching level 10 Alchemy.
    1. You will get 10 Alchemy rather naturally, but you should start by working towards crafting any items you have yet to craft.
  9. Pure Oil recipe is obtained by gathering Plant Oil
  10. Distilled Water Recipe is obtained by crafting a Blue Neutralizer with 50 or higher Quality. This can be done rather easily by using even well water and slime mushrooms from The Spooky Forest or Large Eggs. Quality Up of any tier, including Well Made, Pro Perfection, and Superb Quality.
  11. Yarn Coat can be obtained now by crafting Cloth (if you don't have any), then going to Hagel. Choose Craft Armor and then Yarn Coat will require (Armor Materials), Soul Stone, and (Animal Materials).

At this point, you should be able to craft Zettel with Alchemy Lv 12 and Distilled Water, which will allow you grab traits from almost any material with Neutralizers in consideration.

Some good Traits that you may be able to find now: (You can find most of these from Griffon type drops and other materials):

  • Parameter:
    • Parameters +10%
    • Parameters +12%
  • Enhance and/or Boost:
    • Enhance All Stats (Enhance ATK-SPD & Enhance DEF-SPD)
      • Enhance Speed
      • Enhance Attack
      • Enhance Defense
      • Enhance ATK-SPD (Enhance Attack & Enhance Speed)
      • Enhance DEF-SPD (Enhance Defense & Enhance Speed)
    • Increase MP
  • Consume MP
    • Consumed MP -10%
    • Consumed MP -15%
    • Cut Consumed MP (Consumed MP -10% & Consumed MP -15%)
  • Other
    • Absorb Damage
    • Light as Wind

To the Rank F Test:

At this point, you may want to craft some more Accessories and Weapon Accessories, but we should be ready for the next area.

Head to The Royal Castle Entrance Hall to talk to Mireille to unlock the next area.

Rank F Test 1:

After, if it is Daytime, you should be able to head to Soleil Street, Castle Plaza Atelier Borthayre, and Royal Castle Entrance Hall for three events.

Once complete, we will head to Great Woods of Gurm-Adis in the Outskirts.

Note: There are wood golems here that are weak to fire, but they may be difficult to defeat at this point due to their relative immunity to physical. Avoid them for now unless you have a large amount of bombs to spare.

If you manage to find a Water Crystal from a rather rare node and have at least Level 14 Alchemy, you can return to your Atelier for an event. Regardless, head to the second area where you will learn that Firis brutally murdered everything. Also, she is the source of that weird tent in the Garden of Merk!

The Mysterious Alchemist Firis:

Once you return to town, you should be able to craft the Red Neutralizer, which will help with significantly improving you crafting. If you found a Crystal, you can also start making Activators.

Regardless, head over to Garden of Merk where the tent is to learn that where you learn that the tent is actually a hyperdimensional portal and about how much love sisters can give to each other.

Retaking the Rank F Test 1:

We'll first head over to Liane and talk to her for an event before we will run away for the Castle's Entrance Hall.

Talk to Mireille for your new task.

Retaking the Rank F Test 2:

Assuming we don't put much effort into it, each golem will take about 7 uses of bombs to kill. That means 2 full bombs per golem we want to kill with fire. Even if you decide to fight them with attacks, try to start each fight with bombs to each golem for the extra burn power. It is recommended to avoid golems for now as they give very little Col for the effort unless you really need the high Quality wood that they sometimes provide. Mushrooms at night are much easier to kill.

For the purposes of the test, the enemy killed does not matter as long as they are in one of the Great Woods of Gurm-Adis areas. After killing 10 enemies (the battle must end in your victory to count), you should get an event that you are done. This will give you the minimum pass.

Retaking the Rank F Test 3:

Kill another 5 enemies for the second bar and another 10 for max credit, you should be ready to turn in the Task (You can check before you turn in). While you are at it, you may wish to reach level 20 or more, but level 15 is plenty for now. Once you are ready, return the the Castle's Entrance Hall to turn in the Task to Mireille.

You may see an event before you turn in the task.

A New Mysterious Painting:

You'll soon find that your reward... was a trap!

Painting Restoration 1:

Time to go and get to repairing your reward.

For now, we will head to Atelier Ilmaria where we will gain the power of pairings. We can now attach supporters to our frontline for bonus effects. Right now, Firis is very useful so either put her in the frontline with Lydie as her support (for MP recovery) or in the backline with an attacker (for the aoe support). As we gain more characters, we'll be able to use them to their full advantage.

For now, we'll put Firis in the frontline and put Lydie as her support. This will allow us to use her skills at a greatly decreased cost and keep her healed up. Note that Firis's most useful attack skills before level 50 are her first two, the first which activates hit all enemy supports and the second being her primary damage dealer (it seems to outdamage her third and fourth attack skills)

Painting Restoration 2:

Return to your Atelier and we should get an event that unlocks Battle Mix, allowing you to do alchemy during battle. This uses items in your harvest bag so gathering water can be especially useful here if you start battles with your staff.

If you have at least Alchemy Lv 10, you can skip this step, but if you have less, you need to do some crafting to progress. If you are still at the minimum, which should be around Lv 6 and unlikely unless you are on NG+, we have a good amount of crafting to do. Start with recipes that unlock recipes and recipes you haven't crafted yet while crafting the highest level recipes you can, falling back to uncrafted recipes of lower levels if you run out. This list should be ordered to prioritize important crafting:

  • Lv 6
    • Craft Blue Neutralizer with 50+ Quality. (Use ingredients from Great Woods of Gurm-Adis and The Spooky Forest if needed)
    • Craft Cloth, Ingot, Red Neutralizer, Honey, 2 Wheat Flour (For Simple Cookies)
    • Craft Uni Bags if you are out.
  • Lv 7
    • Craft Craft
  • Lv 8
    • Craft Insect Net, Water Bag
    • Craft Yellow Neutralizer, Pure Oil,
  • Lv 9
    • Craft Distilled Water, Ice Bomb, Honey Syrup
  • Lv 10 (You can stop here, but these are your recommended Crafts)
    • Craft Tanning Fluid, Leather, Water Bag,
    • Energy Alliance x3
      • You can craft 4 if you can make better than the chest one or put the chest one on your Support.

At this point, if you have the Distilled Water, Zettel, and (Neutralizer) recipes, you can start making some very high quality materials, but it is of minor importance in A19 so we will skip this for now. Just note that this does provide a good amount of Alchemy Exp for the material cost.

You should have enough materials to craft Paint of Proud Heart already so do so. If you do not have a bomb, craft one or buy one from Corneria.

Painting Restoration 3:

Head to The Royal Castle Entrance Hall in order to progress.

Painting Restoration 4:

Use the Paint of Proud Heart on the painting to enter it. There are a few things to consider doing at this point.

Target or Category or ActivityPurposeLocations for Target/Category
Buy Ore Processing TextPolish, Granite, Jet recipeLiane Shop (Gates of Merk)
Craft Neutralizer Blue with 50+ QualityDistilled Water recipe
Craft Tanning FluidLeather ingredient
Craft LeatherWater Bag recipe
Craft HoneyHoney Syrup recipe
Craft GranateBravery Alliance recipe
Gather 2 InsectsTasty Bait recipeAlmost anywhere
Gather Winged PlantLuft recipeGreat Woods of Gurm-Adis/The Spooky Forest
Gather Hakurei StoneIce Bomb recipeGreat Woods of Gurm-Adis/The Luminous Ice Grotto
Gather Wild Cotton, Craft ClothMoffcloth recipeGreat Woods of Gurm-Adis
Defeat (Bat)Imp's Mischief recipeThe Spooky Forest
Gather Golden ThreadAngel Ribbon recipeThe Spooky Forest
Defeat (Fairy)Fairy Dust Bag recipeThe Spooky Forest/The Luminous Ice Grotto
Gather (gem)Energy Alliance recipeThe Spooky Forest/The Luminous Ice Grotto/Ghosts/Fairies
Gather (Wood)-Kifa, Gather (Thread)-Rabbit FurFishing Rod recipeGreen-spring Odahlia
Craft Tasty BaitFishing Rod ingredient
Gather 20 PlantsZettel recipeAlmost anywhere
Gather Blue CrystalCabochon Gear recipeThe Luminous Ice Grotto
(Enhancer) - Water Crystal, Alchemy 14.Activator recipe/eventGreat Woods of Gurm-Adis/The Luminous Ice Grotto/Ice Spike Cavern chest

In the Luminous Ice Grotto 1-2:

Make sure to gather some water if you plan to do some Battle Mixing as these can soften a large group when you start combat.

Collect some Crystal Shards, Blue Crystal, Ertona Crystals. Also, if you head North from the starting point, you can find a chest. If you wish, once you have some pieces, you can return to do some crafting to improve your Weapons, Weapon Cores/Sub-Cores, Armor, and Accessories such as enhancing your gear with Cut Consumed MP (Consumed MP -15% & Consumed MP -10%), Consumed MP -15%, Consumed MP -10% (Requires 30 Alchemy or catalysts for two traits on a single item, but you can put them on multiple items). Combined with Lydie, these traits can make skills have negligible costs. Currently, your max is likely 4 traits with Weapon Core, Weapon Sub-Core, Armor, and Accessory unless you happen to have 30 Alchemy. This gives you a current maximum possible of -75% MP costs at level 10 Alchemy or -115% MP Costs at level 30 alchemy and Cut Consumed MP and Consumed MP-15% on three items plus Consumed MP-10% on the Core/Sub-Core. Later on, you could potentially get -100% MP Cost off of one or two items.

Here is a table with examples in of a single item with 1,2, and 3 traits, two items with 4 traits total, and 3 items with the same trait

SkillBase Cost

Cut Consumed MP

Cut Consumed MP

Consumed MP-15%

Cut Consumed MP

Consumed MP -15%

Consumed MP -10%

Cut Consumed MP

Consumed MP -15%

Consumed MP -10%

Eco Skill Use

Cut Consumed MP

Cut Consumed MP

Cut Consumed MP

Lil' Damper2016131198
Flore Mirage403226221912
Quick Trigger543222

Temple Slide

Special Reload


When you approach the passage to the next area, an event will play, continue to the second area for another event.

In the Luminous Ice Grotto 3:

Lucia might have taken chill out a bit too literally. We now must use a bomb that is 'just right' for Lucia (If you have any bombs from Corneria's shop, they should work).

Once you have freed Lucia, continue to the third area.

If you haven't completed your tasks yet, this is a good time to do so. Prepare for your strategy here:

Make sure you have some Crafts and plenty of healing items for Firis to use in order to activate Lydie's MP recovery. Keep the boss debuffed with at least defense down and keep Mathias on the defensive, using his skills freely, but always keeping his guard buff up and guarding as needed. Firis should barely need healing this fight with Lydie attached to her while Mathias will be soaking up all the damage, thus making it important for Firis to heal him. If you are struggling, remember that Firis's second skill is much more effective than her third skill and you may switch Lydie to Support Sue for more constant damage, especially if you have Sue set up for reduced MP usage.

Once you are ready, head towards the end of the third area to start your fight.

In the Luminous Ice Grotto 4:

Ice Cavern Conqueror Lv 18, 795 HP.

Despite the cutscene, the boss appears to be resistant to Fire, Lightning, and Ice damage, making physical abilities highly useful and only physical bombs effective outside of debuffs.

The boss will deal high damage so make sure Mathias is soaking up the damage whenever possible. If Firis does not have Lydie as support, be sure to keep her healed. If Firis does have Lydie as support, using an item to heal Mathias should also heal Firis if the boss ever does enough damage to put Firis in danger.

The boss may drop a Big Scale on defeat.

In the Luminous Ice Grotto 5:

Continue towards the end and before you reach the water point, you will leave the painting and the group will return home.

Lydie should learn Gentle Heart at this point.

Optional Section: Material Cycling for Crafting EXP, Traits, and Raising Quality

Note that for Atelier Lydie and Suelle, Quality has minor importance. This is more for setting up or making more materials with desired traits.

You can Distilled Water to craft Zettel and Zettel and Distilled Water to craft Distilled Water. You can also use Distilled Water in the Neutralizers. By doing some cycling of materials, you should be able to already craft Zettel, Distilled Water, and Neutralizers with rather high values even using low quality plants. As plants are rather easy to obtain, this is an easy way to reach high Crafting levels with little effort. Simply go to Spring-green Odahlia when you run low on plants and gather some plants of any quality, then craft without caring about the additional Effects and you should easily be able to make 150+ quality Distilled Water. This will allow you to make 100+ quality Neutralizer and Zettel with relative ease, but you can go much higher if desired. Reaching 150 Quality will make some subsequent tasks easier while reaching 300 Quality will make subsequent quality related tasks near guaranteed until you can obtain better quality increasing traits.


  1. Gather Materials with Quality Up, Quality Up+, Quality Up++, Pro Perfection, Well Made, Superb Quality.
    1. Quality Up++ and Pro Perfection may not be obtainable yet, thus making Well Made and Quality Up+ our best options at this time.
    2. You will need Crafting Level 30 to create Well Made, so you will be limited to Quality Up+ at this point until you reach Level 30.
  2. Craft a Neutralizer, Distilled Water, or Zettel with the best Quality Increasing effects as possible.
    1. Quality Up Provides +10% Quality.
    2. Quality Up+ Provides +15% Quality
    3. Quality Up and Quality Up+ on the same synthesis will create Well Made for +20% Quality. (You will want to remove these once you can make Superb Quality)
    4. Quality Up++ Provides +25% Quality.
    5. Quality Up++ and Quality Up+ on the same synthesis will create Pro Perfection for +35% Quality.
    6. Well made and Pro Perfection on the same synthesis will create Superb Quality for +50% Quality
    7. The Best combination for quality increase is Superb Quality, Pro Perfection, Quality Up++ at level 50 Crafting for +110% Quality, making Quality 999 possible with as low as 476 base quality.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Gather plants if low. (Nearby Forest and Spring-green Odahlia are easy locations for large amounts and you can also gather around town)
    1. If first time, also gather Well Water until you find one with Quality Up + and one with Quality Up.
  2. Craft Green Neutralizer using Distilled Water (or Well Water if first time with Quality Up +.
    1. This will cost 2 plants, 1 water.
    2. Alternatively, Red Neutralizer can be crafted using Zettel and Distilled Water for faster Quality improvement.
      1. This will cost 2 fuel, 1 water.
  3. Craft Zettel using Distilled Water (or well water if first time) and Green Neutralizer with Quality Up +.
    1. This will cost 3 plants, 2 water, 1 neutralizer
  4. Craft Distilled Water with 1 Zettel and 3 Distilled Water (or well water if first time), making sure to pass Quality Up+.
    1. This will Cost 3 water, 1 fuel
  5. Repeat Step 4 until out of Zettel.
  6. If you are out of plants, go to Step 1
  7. If all of these conditions are met, go to Step 3
    1. Green Neutralizer Remaining
    2. Less than a 20 Quality difference between Green Neutralizer and crafted Zettel before Quality Up+
    3. Green Neutralizer Quality is over 33% of Distilled Water's
  8. If not Satisfied and under 999 Quality, go to Step 2
  9. If satisfied and/or at 999 Quality. You now have you base set of high quality materials and can easily make more as needed.
    1. Note that around 150 Distilled Water and 100 Zettel/Neutralizer quality, quality gain will slow down significantly.
  10. If desired, once satisfied with Quality, you can also start adding effects by using only 1 Distilled water and aiming for effects, filling in any remainder with your high quality materials.

Chapter 5: An Omen

You start off seeing a Puni with a letter and soon your next set of Reputation increasing will begin. If you did the crafting from before, you'll likely have already met some of these requirements. Note: You can get crab in the pier behind your home for the Kriev reputation. You will also unlock Braisewest.

Some Events for this Chapter.

Lucia 6Atelier BorthayreC5Lucia teaches the twins
Corneria 4Soleil StreetC5Task: Transport and Logistics
Fritz 3Weissberg HouseC5Fritz and Drossel give a puppet show
Liane 2Gates of MerkC5Liane tries to push off her money to Firis
Liane 3Gates of MerkC5Mathias tries to hit on Liane
Lucia 7Atelier FirisC5, Firis Friendship 5 EventLucia tries to learn from Firis
Fritz 4Soleil StreetC5, 1 day passesFritz reveals his true ghost form-wait, no, it is just his puppet crafting sound.
Fritz 5The Notice BoardFritz 4Lucia gets a book signed by Drossel
Fritz 6The Notice BoardFritz 5Lydie and Drossel talk about books
Fritz 7Soleil StreetFritz 6, 1 day passesDrossel goes shopping
Alchemy Lv 15AtelierC5, HomeworkLydie checks out Ilmeria's textbooks
Ilmeria 2Entrance HallAlchemy Lv 15 eventWe discover messenger Puni abuse
Grace 4?Church of VegneC5?Task: Event Preparation 2
Pamela 4Church of VegneC5? The Broken Goblet
Roger 3AtelierTask: Dad's Crazy Recipe 2
Twins (Crafting)AtelierCraft Gathering GlovesLydie's hand gets stuck.
Transport and LogisticsIce BoxDuplication
Dad's Crazy Recipe 2Deilver 6/12/18 Kifas to Roger3000 Coll
Event Preparation 2Deliver Quality 60+ Cloth to Grace

A Burgeoning Reputation:

If you finish a battle in the fields or a day passes, returning to your Atelier will start an event where Firis asks about Thunder Gods and gives you Strength Meat. After, do another battle and you should have another Atelier event about your promise with your Mother. After a day passes, you might have an event with Lucia about Certified Alchemists.

  1. First we can change characters (we can swap back after)
  2. Craft (You can do some material cycling if you need to transfer traits or raise quality):
    1. Green Neutralizer (Quality 50 should be easy as you likely have several good quality plants and water - well water is 50 Quality).
      1. You can gain another 10 Quality by using Mystic Herb as a Catalyst
    2. Red Neutralizer (Quality 50 is easy if you use Wood Golem chest Kifas, but you should have enough high quality fuel)
      1. You can gain an extra 10 Quality by using Mystic Herb as a Catalyst
    3. Blue Neutralizer with High Price
      1. Can be found on Slime Mushrooms, Plant Oil, Well Water, etc.
    4. Yellow Neutralizer with Quality Up
      1. Can be found on Suspicious Liquid, Well Water, etc.
  3. Gather 30 Materials, this can include Well Water from the well outside of your Atelier. This will also unlock Gathering Gloves.
  4. Visit:
    1. Atelier Ilmeria
    2. Atelier Borthayre
      1. Grab 3 Requests for The Luminous Ice Grotto or other areas
        1. Red Quests tend to be especially important and they should be appearing at this point.
    3. Atelier Firis
      1. Buy some Encyclopedia of Gem texts from Liane for an immediate 500 Coll spent.
    4. Note: Alt's Atelier does not count.
  5. Go to The Luminous Ice Grotto first area
    1. Gather Ertona Crystals
    2. Combat
      1. Use Strength Meat 3 times (Save the last use if you want to refill it later)
        1. Return to town after each battle if you haven't already obtained all the main Atelier events. (The Firis one will give Strength Meat)
      2. Kill 3 Turtles
      3. Kill 3 Chromas
  6. Go to Braisewest
    1. Return to town after each battle if you haven't already obtained all the main Atelier events. (The Firis one will give Strength Meat)Use Strength Meat 3 times (Save the last use if you want to refill it later)
    2. Win 10 Battles (You can go elsewhere if you have requests)
      1. Try to find some Leiden Ore while you are here.
  7. 10 Synthesis Should come naturally.
  8. Krievs are Crabs. They can be found in various fishing nodes, including the fishing node on the Soleil Street beach pier.

Go ahead and buy the Limited Angel Ribbon if desired. The Ice Bombs may also be useful to get.

You will have these three tasks to complete (you may have already finished some)

  • Dad's Crazy Recipe 2 18 Kifa = 3000 Coll
  • Event Preparation 2
  • Head to the Church of Vegne. You can visit Pamela's shop for another event.

You will need high quality Cloth, 18 Kifa, an Ice Box

You can already make Ice Box if you have some Ice Bombs and you likely have plenty of Kifa and making high quality Cloth should be easy. Head over to Soleil Street and turn in the Ice Box. You will now unlock item duplication! In exchange for some money, Corneria will duplicate your items. Not all items can be duplicated this way, but it is still worth using.

If we still need the Lightning Bomb recipe:

For now, We'll put the Strength Meat that we gained from Firis as it has Pro Perfection (Quality Up+ and Quality Up++) on it. You can add more if you want, but you are limited to 3 items that she will duplicate. While you won't be able to pull Pro Perfection off of Strength Meat, it is still a good healing item.

If you turned in the Event Preparation 2 earlier, you may have an event at your Atelier. Either way, craft a Blue Neutralizer with High Price (High Price and High Price+ are different) and a Yellow Neutralizer with Quality Up. We can head back to The Luminous Ice Grotto to do more of our ambitions, but for now we will head to the new area, Braisewest.

Here, gather some clay type materials and Leiden Ore. In this area you can get Triple Taun, a catalyst that lets you increase the amount of an item produced by 1. This will be very useful for rarer crafts.

If you want to fight some turtles, note that the turtles here are generally weak to elements, but strong against physical. Helio Strike will still work well against large groups. Clay Puppet type enemies tend to be strong against fire and lightning so Ice bombs will be your bomb choice if you choose to use bombs.

Now, you can make Gathering Gloves, but we want the best we can. Once you hit level 35 Crafting, you can use Catalysts such as Chaotic Dirt to add to the maximum effect. If you need more Chaotic Dirt, Groblair enemies such as in The Luminous Ice Grotto should be able to drop some.

For now, go ahead and craft Gathering Gloves with Rare Discovery M if you can't craft Rare Discovery L yet. Black Tree Stone, Bat Wings, and Silver Thread commonly have purple components and Jet can add an extra 3 points. Equip the Gathering Gloves immediately as you want to raise you chances of finding Rare nodes.

If you hit level 25 for Lydie, you will see why we want Lydie as Firis's support. Lydie has a party heal follow up for hitting all enemies and with the right setup, Firis's attack all skill barely costs any MP. This provides with a rather powerful increase in sustainability.

Once you are ready, we will continue on.

Level 14 Alchemy and Lightning Finder.

If you are still at level 10 Crafting, we will do the following:

Ambition Crafting:

  • Green Neutralizer (Quality 50 should be easy as you likely have several good quality plants and water - well water is 50 Quality).
    1. You can gain another 10 Quality by using Mystic Herb as a Catalyst
  • Red Neutralizer (Quality 50 is easy if you use Wood Golem chest Kifas, but you should have enough high quality fuel)
    1. You can gain an extra 10 Quality by using Mystic Herb as a Catalyst
  • Blue Neutralizer with High Price
    1. Can be found on Slime Mushrooms, Plant Oil, Well Water, etc.
  • Yellow Neutralizer with Quality Up
    1. Can be found on Suspicious Liquid, Well Water, etc.

Level 10:

  • Honey Syrup with Uses +1
    • Can be found from water such as Holy Water or from Princess Grass (Craft Healing Pads)
      • Be sure not to have Uses+2 on the same craft.
  • Imp's Mischief, Puni Jelly

Level 11:

  • Goblet (if you haven't already made one), Activator, Strength Meat, Angel Ribbon

Level 12:

  • Lightning Bomb, Moffcloth, Zettel, Acid Mist

Level 13

  • Alchemic Clay (Enhance Attack)
    • Enhance Attack can be found relatively easily from Unis.
  • Gathering Gloves with Rare Discovery M (Bat Wings, Wicked Fangs, Black Tree Stone, Raw Jet, and Silver Webs have high purple counts).

Level 14

  • Fishing Rod (option)
  • Mining Bomb (option)

To the Rank E Test:

Head to the Entrance Hall and accept your next task.

Rank E Test 1:

We will now want to make a High Quality (60+ Quality) Lightning Finder. While we have less control over Steel Balls, we have significant control over Ingots. You can do some synthesis cycling if you need to raise the quality, but Quality Up++ and Quality Up+ can be found in Braisewest.

Rank E Test 2:

Go and turn in your Lightning Finder (Quality 1/Quality 30/Quality 60+).

Rank E Test 3-4:

Head to Braisewest where we will meet a mysterious person. Return to town once you are ready and go to the Entrance Hall to talk to Mireille who will inform us that our reward hasn't been obtained yet. Instead, looks like we have to find our own reward.

In Search of a Mysterious Painting 1:

We will head to Garden of Merk to talk to Liane,.

In Search of a Mysterious Painting 2:

Head to Soleil Street. Head towards the North side and you should end up in a cutscene where you will meet Alt... again.

In Search of a Mysterious Painting 3:

Head to the Gallery to find you have to do more work.

Restoring the Fall of Flames:

Craft the Paint of High-minded Waters and then return to the Gallery to restore the painting and obtain Alt. Alt will be very useful as he provides easy access to elemental damage, which allows us to deal with the enemies that have been resisting physical attacks. Before we continue, we may wish to improve Alt's gear.

Our formation will depend on our intent. Alt in front with Lydie is good for physical immunity enemies while Alt in the back is good on Mathias and Firis for the extra damage. Firis in the front with Lydie is good for party healing and enemies that aren't resistant to physical. There are many other combinations as well.

In the Great Cascades of Anfel 1:

Continue forward to meet Fuoco.

In the Great Cascades of Anfel 2:

Enter the second area for another event and then the third area for one more.

In the Great Cascades of Anfel 3:

Head Northeast for an event if you want to fight the dragon now, but we will go Northwest to potentially solve the issue more peacefully (You will need to gather 10 Kaen Stones, and 3 Ice Bomb along with some materials if you want to do it peacefully. 10 Kaen Stones and 1 Ice Bomb is enough to gain the recipe)

Repelling the Fire Dragon 1-3:

Give Fuoco 10 Kaen Stones, then 1 Ice Bomb and then receive the Cold Wind Engine recipe.

You now have the choice again to either fight the Dragon or repel it.


Craft a Cold Wind Engine. (Crackling Water is an easy source of gas). You will give Fuoco a Cold Wind Engine to repel the dragon. You get less rewards, but this is the intended path for your first run.


This will be a very difficult fight so be sure to have your healing and ice well stocked and ensure that you have plenty of defense. You will almost certainly need Mathias to soak up damage here, but remember that you can swap your support and frontline pairings by using up a turn. Do realize that this is a fight that you aren't really meant to beat at this point unless you are significantly leveled.

Head through the Northeast portion of the third area in order to challenge the boss.

Fran Pfeil Lv 33

HP: 4579

The boss is weak to ice if you choose to fight, but the boss does very high damage. You will want to hit the boss with ice and debuffs constantly while using Firis's first skill to heal the party with Lydie as well as using Firis to heal the party to recover hp and mp for herself using Lydie. This fight is simply going to be rough no matter what you do outside of leveling up to an extreme degree. (We want to avoid this because we still have a party member later)

Recommended pairings: Lydie or Alt with Firis (Alt pairs well due to elemental damage allowing for a strong starting burst, but Lydie can get a similar effect with items and works better for keeping the party alive). Alt with Sue or Lydie with Mathias will be your second pairing.

Method 1:

I recommend Lydie in front with Firis as Support and Sue in front with Alt in back and Mathias by himself for this battle to start. Throw some elemental bombs at the boss to weaken it, while healing if needed.

Once Firis's supports are exhausted, switch Firis to the front to keep doing damage while healing (her first skill does about half the damage of her second skill, but also triggers Lydie's heal and defense buff. Let Firis take some of the damage if she can survive a critical. Keep Accel Guard on Mathias at all times and have him focus on defense. Sue should be spamming Special Reload whenever you run out of defense debuffs. For a faster fight, have Sue using her Quckk Trigger to trigger Alt's support or switch Alt to the front between debuffs for much higher damage with his ice skill.

Luck Method:

As an alternative, forget everything else. Put Lydie on Sue and Alt on Firis. Keep healing and defending and Accel Guard on Mathias. Firis and Alt's focuses are purely damage and healing Mathias. The only character that matters here is Sue.

Put all the Speed increase and MP cost reduction you can on Sue and spam Fatal Snipe. There is a small chance (about 1-5% for someone who is appropriately leveled) that Fatal Snipe will instantly kill the target. This is double RNG if you want good drops, but some may consider it worth the trouble as this allows you to gain certain traits/materials early.


If you manage to win, you may get Dragon Core, Dragon Eye, Dragon Scale, Black Star Stone, Black Tree Stone, and/or Quartz Gear. You will also get Wild Cotton and Mineral Oil from Fuoco.

In the Great Cascades of Anfel 4:

Suelle will receive Talent for Strategy. After some cutscenes, you may recognize two familiar characters.

Chapter 6: Ancient Times

Some events for this chapter:

Pamela 5?Hagel 3?SmithyC6Pamela asks Hagel for a doorknob
Fritz 8Weissberg HouseC6Task: Stomach Medicine
Corneria 5Soleil StreetC6, Task Transport and Logistics completeCorneria talks about how there are issues with duplicating too much.
Corneria 6Soleil StreetC6Talk to Corneria to have Corneria talk to the twins about upgrading her services to include refills
Alchemy Lv 20Atelier IlmeriaC6The Twins run from homework
Lucia 7Atelier BorthayreC6, The Goal of Alchemy 2Task: Lucia's Request...? (Note, you won't be able to complete this task this chapter)
Roger 4AtelierC6? Task: Dad's Crazy Recipe 2 CompleteTask: Dad's Crazy Recipe 3
Fritz 8The Notice BoardTask: Stomach Medicine completeTask: Fixing a Blade
Fritz 9Soleil Street1 Day after Task: Fixing a Blade turn inDrossel looks for Corneria and meets her.
Twins (Crafting)AtelierCraft Special NutrientSue considers trying to help grow something on a barren wasteland before realizing it is futile.
Twins (Extra Mix)AtelierC6: Lightning StrikeThe twins learn how to use Extra Mix
Lucia's Request...?Deliver 3 Breezy Aromas (Chapter 7 recipe) to Lucia200 Coll
Dad's Crazy Recipe 3Deliver 1/2/3 Imp's MischiefRoger's Idea Note
Fixing a BladeDeliver Polish to Drossel

Playing with Ilmeria:

First we'll head to the pier behind our home to fish a crab, then we'll head to Atelier Ilmaria.

The Goal of Alchemy 1:

You should have another event in Atelier Ilmaria.

If you are keeping up with Corneria's events, head to Soleil Street for a Corneria event, then talk to Corneria to unlock Refills. This will allow you to spend Cole to refill your items when you return from an area, allowing you to keep using items. If you can afford it, you may wish to obtain the Knuckle Guard limited.

Next, head to Atelier Borthayre where you will break Lucia's mind, then Atelier Alt, then Church Plaza.

The Goal of Alchemy 2:

Head back to the Atelier.

Reputation on the Rise:

After a battle, you should have an event with Sue 'cooking'. After another battle or some time passage, you should have an event with Alt about the thunderstorms. After another, you should have an event where Lydie recalls her mother.

We will be doing some ambitions.

  1. First head to Atelier Ilmeria
  2. Head to The Spooky Forest
    1. Breakable rocks and crystals can provide Ripple Stones
    2. Logs in the first area can very rarely provide Raw Jet and the Chest in the second area can provide Raw Jet if not already taken.
      1. Alternatively, you could craft Raw Jet.
    3. Logs can provide the Wood
    4. Boxes can provide Golden Threads
    5. Boxes and Pottery in the first area can provide Paper Scraps
  3. Head to The Great Cascades of Anfel
    1. Defeat 2 Chromel Rose
    2. Defeat 2 Auto Armor
    3. Gather 3 Lava Ores from the second and third areas lava mineral nodes.
    4. You can gather Big Beast Bone from Animal Bones in the second and third areas
    5. Golden Rock can be found from Mineral piles and black rock piles in the second area.
  4. Head to The Luminous Ice Grotto to defeat a Groblair
  5. Head to Braisewest to defeat 2 Potteria
  6. Head to Nearby Forest or Spring-green Odahlia to kill Punis for (Puniball) materials.
  7. Craft:
    1. Puni Jelly
    2. Angel Ribbon
    3. Fruit Tea
    4. Ori Bomb
  8. Battle Level 20 and Alchemy Level 20 should come naturally.
Preparing for Rank D Test:

You should be able to craft Special Nutrient, which increases the quality of materials in the area which is very useful when trying to improve crafting or when you have rare materials to gather. You may wish to put Special Nutrient into duplication if you manage to get Grow Great Materials?.

If your Alchemy level is too low and still at 14, we can do some crafting here:

You should also craft a Yellow Neutralizer with Fixed Recovery if able to unlock Purple Neutralizer. Also Synthesize Raw Jet if able.

Level 14:

  • Craft Fishing Rod, Mining Bomb
  • Craft Yellow Neutralizer with Fixed Recovery
    • Fixed recovery can be found in ingredients like Red Sand, Natural Fertilizer, and Well Water.
  • Craft Cold Wind Engine, Stomach-ache Medicine
  • Craft Imp's Mischief, Strength Meat
  • Craft Ingot, Silveria, Fruit Tea

Level 15

  • Craft Bomb with Fire Damage L (top row 15 points).
    • Kaen Stone, Kaen Stone, and Pamela's Limited Church Talisman provide high red values.
      • Kaen Stones for red values can give 8 points at this point.
      • Church Talisman can give 4 points
      • Golden Threads from The Spooky Forest proper completion can give 4 points
      • Several fuels can provide at least 3 points.
    • Chaotic Dirt and Golden Beehive both provide 4 max effect level and 5 Mars points.
      • At level 20 Alchemy, this will only require +3 max effect level
    • Enhancers can help:
      • Marble Salt can turn placed colors to red
      • Activator can shift colors by one
      • Lava Ore will turn one item's components to red
      • Dragon Eye will restore the usage of one item's components.
  • Blason of Ferocity

Level 16

  • Warheit
  • Ori Bomb
    • Try to start working towards one hit kill.
      • One Hit Kill (Critical Finish & Half Critical)
        • Critical Finish (Critical & Critical+)
        • Half Critical (Critical+ & Critical++)
        • You may have difficulty finding Critical++ at this point
    • Do not get the last blue effect (Pinpoint) if you are putting One Hit Kill on.

Level 17

  • Orb of Speed of Light

Level 18-20

  • Liquid Gold
  • Ice Box

Level 21

  • Special Nutrient
    • Craft 1 for yourself and then craft for the future test.
    • Triple Taun, Fruit Tea, and Ruby all can give +1 Quantity.
      • Fruit Tea can also increase quality.

We will craft the Special Nutrients now instead of traveling back and forth as these are needed for the next test.

Out of 100%, Each item gives 1% plus 0.3% per Quality.

Tier 1 is 50%, Tier 2 is 75%, Tier 3 is 100%

QualityGain per itemTotal for Tier 3Total for Tier 2Total for Tier 1

As most players will be crafting around Quality 50 to Quality 80 at this point (unless you are using your initial one to gather higher quality materials or are using material cycling to raise the quality), expect to need 4-7 for the test.

To the Rank D Test:

Talk to Mireille at the Entrance Hall to accept your next task.

Rank D Test 1:

Higher quality items are worth more percentage, but you can also use more items.

See the Preparing for Rank D Test section above to see how many you will need.

However you choose to deal with the test, whether quality or quantity focused, aim for the maximum points to get that flower mark.

The Legendary Thunder God 1:

For now, we'll talk around. First, for an amusing conversation for the serious mood, we'll talk to Firis who we reveal that the best way to fight the Thunder God is to wear bikinis. Oh wait, crop tops. Close enough. We can probably already guess how well that would work. Next, we'll talk to Lucia who will also offer rather questionable advice. Even talking to Alt provides little help aside from that he warned us in the most misleading of manners.

Once we've talked to our friends, we will learn of the brilliant plan. Let the newbies take care of the boss while the experienced alchemists and fighters work to soften up the boss. What could possibly go wrong?

The Legendary Thunder God 2:

Well, for now, return to our Atelier. After a cutscene, we can prepare for this fight no matter how hopeless it may be. Unless you are at least level 50 and as well geared as you could possibly be at this point, expect to wipe as you are not supposed to win the first encounter.

Once you are ready, talk to Mireille at the Entrance Hall.

The Legendary Thunder God 3:

Go to Braisewest.

The Legendary Thunder God 4:

Head to the Scorched Cave area where you will fight...

Falgior, Demon Thunder God Lv 90. HP: 37156.

Falgior is weak to Ice and Wind, but resists Fire and is immune to thunder. I hope you have concussion cannon, but unless you are hopelessly over-prepared and likely over-leveled, the boss will wipe you anyways. The boss has many abilities that can outright kill you and even counters attacks and skills.

Even assuming you somehow managed to win, you'd only obtain around 30910 Col, 30910 Exp for your efforts and a Judgement Calling Stone (This item seems to have very limited drops, but may not be worth the effort to obtain).

Regardless of your result, the game will almost certain treat it as if you lost.

Your savior is here!

Sophie and Plachta!

There's No Way to Win... and Sophie's Character:

We'll return to the castle and talk to Sophie.

Ace Up the Sleeve 1:

Head to the Gallery for an event.

Ace Up the Sleeve 2:

Return to your Atelier for an event and to craft the Paint of Frozen Phantom. Looks like you are too busy to bother hiding that you've been visiting the painted worlds. The next area has a lot of enemies that are immune to ice and weak to fire so prepare accordingly.

Once you've made the new paint, head back to the Gallery and enter the new painting on the Western wall where you will meet a certain person.

If you haven't already figured out who she is, you'll find out soon enough. Either way, you will be thrown immediately into battle.

Deal with three Little Captain Lv 21s to continue.

In the Frozen Palace 1:

The certain person will escape so it is time to go find her. This is a very large map with many new or improved materials so you may need a few trips if you plan to collect a bit of everything now. If you can; however, try to resist the urge.

Head to the Northeast section to the next area, Tranquil Library, and then to the Northeast section of Tranquil Library to find the where you invade the poor girl's privacy to learn...

Oh, hi Neige. I see you brought 3 Ice Flower Spirits this time. Beat them.

In the Frozen Palace 2:

Head west where we will take the Northwest door to Frozen Hall.

Head to the Northwest room here where you will pick up a Torn Teddy Bear.

In the Frozen Palace 3:

Return to your Atelier to Craft a Teddy Bear and a Strength Meat if you don't have one, then return to where you found the Torn Teddy Bear and replace it.

In the Frozen Palace 4:

After the scene with our second Tsundere, head to the nearby door to the Lonely Dining Room, then head a little North for an event.

In the Frozen Palace 5:

If you have the Strength Meat, head to the North side of the table to give up a strength meat, otherwise craft it and then do so.

Apparently we are playing some sort of dating sim because our party automatically decides that we almost have the friendship flag.

In the Frozen Palace 6:

Take the Northeastern door to Neige's Atelier. Head East until you see a large big room on the North side with windows. Enter the room for another event.

In the Frozen Palace 7:

Once ready, talk to Neige.

Ask her to Draw with you to continue.

If you ask her to Play Tag or Play House, she will summon some monster for you to play (tag) with. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it can be a rather fast source of exp and materials if you have enough AoEs.

In the Frozen Palace 8:

Lydie will learn Nature's Protection after some events including a warning that we will ignore. Ignoring warning have never gone wrong so far, right?

The Key to Defeating the Thunder God 1:

Synthesize the Rainbow Palette

The Key to Defeating the Thunder God 2:

Head to the Entrance Hall where we will gain our newest member, Sophie!

Note that Sophie's has powerful supports, but requires items to activate them. Alt/Sue/Lydie all pair well with a frontline Sophie.

Lightning Strike:

First we'll return to our Atelier to gain Extra Mix, then head to Braisewest's Scorched Earth area. You may wish to prepare 3 Strength Meat for an event later.

We will fight a much easier version of Falgior, Demon Thunder God. This time, he is level 28 with 4596 health and is still weak to ice and wind.

You can minimize the boss's damage by applying plenty of debuffs and knockbacks from Sophie. Make sure that any non-item attack ends in a support attack or the boss will definitely counter with Contact Shock, which may not kill you by itself, but will weaken you.

If you have it, Mathias's Testament Oath is incredibly powerful when combined with Sue as not only does it do high damage by itself, but Sue will follow up with 3 support attacks, plus 1 from entering beast mode, but at the cost of losing the stun provided from Testament Oath. The damage from this may be worth it as if you are significantly geared and maintaining stat debuffs, you will likely defeat the boss with about 4 Testament Oaths, especially if you have Sophie knocking the boss back and other characters providing support.

Once finished, we will have a celebration as we enjoy the ending...

Of the tutorial.

Chapter 7: A Vacation?...

Some events for this chapter.

Fritz & Pamela 1Soleil StreetC7Pamela and Fritz talk about their past
Hagel 3SmithyC7Task: Thread for Hagel...?
Corneria 7Soleil StreetC7Corneria takes out her Music Box
Liane 4Gates of MerkC7Liane surveys what people think...
Plachta 1Atelier FirisC7Firis takes lessons from Plachta
Plachta 2Atelier Firis3 Crafted items since previous eventSue challenges Plachta to a knowledge competiton between Plachta and Lydie
Plachta 3Atelier Firis3 Crafted items since previous eventPlachta mentions that she cannot synthesize
Plachta 4Atelier Firis3 Crafted items since previous eventSue mentions that she won't toss things around just because she hates them.
Pamela 5Church of VegneC7The twins learn about Pamela's age
Pamela 6Church of VegneC7Sophie discovers how lost Pamela is.
Gallery 2Entrance HallC7Sue becomes confused about how day and night work
Alchemy Lv 25Atelier IlmeriaC7Sue forces Ilmeria to admit her love for cute things.
Ilmeria 3Gates of Merk

Alchemy Lv 25 event

Ilmeria meets up with Liane for some sweets.
Twins (Comb Attacks)AtelierGain a combo attackThe twins learn how to use combination attacks.
Twins (Field Support)AtelierC7: Finding More WorkThe twins learn how to craft Field Supports
Pamela 7AtelierC7: Finding More Work, 1 Day since previous Pamela eventTask: The Ghost and the Ink
Fritz 10Soleil StreetC7: Finding More Work

The twins discover Fritz sword training

Lucia 8AtelierC7, 3 days after Task: Lucia's Request...? complete

Gain 800 Coll. Lucia discovers that we booby trapped the items we made.

Lucia 9Soleil StreetC7

Fritz thinks Lucia is perfect... as a villain

Thread for Hagel...?Deliver 3 Golden Thread to Hagel3000 Coll
The Ghost and the InkDeliver Multicolor Dye to Pamela

The Atelier Ranking System Suspended?

After Mireille dashes all of our hopes and dreams, we will need to return to the Atelier

Note that Pamela is selling a decent Lucky Coin which will increase drops and provide more ailment curing methods.

If you craft Leather with Fast Use+, you can unlock Special Backpack, which increases your inventory space while in the field.

Craft or GatherRecipe
Leather with Fast Use+Special Backpack
Pure Aroma with Area BonusBreezy Aroma
Ori Bomb with Pinpoint FlareMerry Toy Box
Fishing Rod with High ClassHigh Grade Rod
Silvalia with High ClassGold Eisen

Gather 1 Eisen Ore

(Great Woods of Gurm-Adis, The Great Cascades of Anfel)

Gold Eisen
Gather 1 Eternal Ice (The Frozen Palace)Stahl Ice Bomb
Gather Silver Web (Great Woods of Gurm-Adis)Spirit Weave Cloth
Gather 1 Pendant Rock (Most Paintings)Orb of Divine Speed

Collect 1 Monster Bird Feather

(Green-spring Odahlia, Braisewest, The Spooky Forest)


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Before we continue, we'll craft a few things.

Next, craft the following: Silvia with High Class (High Price & High Price+), Pure Aroma with Area Bonus, and Fishing rod with High Class.

We will also craft Breezy Aroma and Special Backpack with Fits a Whole Lot (top purple bar). We can also craft High Grade Rod for better fishing.

Finding More Work:

Head over to the Notice Board for 100 Coll, then to Soleil Street for a small event before reaching the Garden of Merk.


After discovering the hopelessness of a hero that has finished saving the world, we will return back to our Atelier where we will be given work out of pure pity.

Sophie's Request 1:

You likely already have an Ori Bomb ready, but if not, go ahead and craft one before delivering it at Atelier Firis who will give you a Basic Guidebook in exchange.

Sophie's Request 2:

Return to your Atelier where you will finally receive a proper reward for saving the world... maybe.

Fun in the Sun:

Odd, for being a Sunny Beach, this painting seems to show a sunken ship in a dark place and that name doesn't quite sound right. We'll just jump right i-wait, no. Not happening.

After nearly drowning, we will return to our Atelier to craft a Bag of Air Drops. If you don't have any, also craft a Mining Bomb for a task later and make sure you have at least 10 Kifas for a task.

Return to the Treasury at the Sea Bottom:

We will return to the Gallery and head to the inner southeast painting.

Optional farming for Treasury at the Sea Bottom:

Optionally, we can do some farming to prepare for our next gear upgrade (although the only thing we can potentially improve now is our armor and accessories, we can start duplicating material for later). First we can go to The Frozen Palace for Pendant Rock and Eternal Ice. Second we can go to the Great Woods of Gurm-Adis for Silver Spider Thread. After, we can head to Spring-green Odahlia for Monster Bird Feather for better cloth and The Great Cascades of Anfel to get Eisen Ore for better Ingots.

Recommendation is to at least get the Eternal Ice and Pendant Rock to upgrade your Weapon Accessories and Ice Bombs.

In the Treasury at the Sea Bottom 1:

Continue to the Pirates's Cove to the North.

In the Treasury at the Sea Bottom 2:

You will now be tasked with recovering the three 'treasures'. Cross the water to the North and then take the Northwest path. While you can do these in any order, we will be doing it in order so that the story makes sense. (For speedruns, you might want to start with the third or second treasure)

After entering the First Treasure Vault, head northwards until you fight Kame-kichi, a Lv 38 turtle with 1377 HP.

At this point, you should have access to magic damage and it is not immune to death. You will get Backen's Bromide for your troubles. Return to Pirate's Cove.

Enter the Second Treasure Vault and head west for an event. You will use a Mining Bomb to get Gold Long Boots. Afterwards, return to Pirate's Cove.

Head to the Northeast section of Pirate's Cove and then turn in 10 Kifas to get Backen's Poem.

Once you've completed all three tasks, head to the northern side of Pirate's Cove then into the Final Treasure Vault.

In the Treasury at the Sea Bottom 3:

Enter the Final Treasure Vault and head North for an event to receive Broken Backen's Key.

In the Treasury at the Sea Bottom 4:

Return to your Atelier to craft Backen's Key, then return to the Final Treasure Vault to turn in the key to Backen and open the chest for Pirate's Flare. Sue will gain Competitor's Prize.

You will find that your Dad is missing. Where could he possibly be? Maybe in an area that you haven't checked yet?

Chapter 8: Time Travelers

Dawn Realm and Morrakis Range will unlock.

Some events for this chapter:

Frtiz 11AtelierC8Drossel checks out the Twins' Atelier
Fritz 12AtelierC8Drossel and Fritz ask about the Painting Worlds
Corneria 7Soleil StreetC8Talk to Corneria for Task: Tasty Milk
Liane 5Gates of MerkC8Liane gives out love advice
Twins (Clothing)AtelierC8 (Lucia event?)The twins talk about their clothes being too tight
Pamela 8Church of VegneC8, Task: The Ghost and the Ink completeSue suppresses her memories of Pamela's true form
Hagel & Pamela 2Soleil StreetC8, Pamela 8, Task: Thread for Hagel completeHagel and Pamela conspire
Hagel & Pamela 3The Notice BoardC8, 1 day after Hagel & Pamela 2Hagel and Pamela perform. Achievement: Ah, the Longing of an Ardent Sister
Alchemy Lv 30Atelier IlmeriaC8Ilmeria thinks about how to best teach the twins.
Tasty MilkDeliver 1 Milk to Corneria (Can be bought)

Widespread Fame:

After a battle, you should have an event about your missing Dad. After another battle, you will have another event regarding your Missing Dad. After another battle, you should have an event regarding Lydie hearing the voices of materials.

  1. First head to Soleil Street
  2. Head to The Frozen Palace
    1. We will use four skills three times each
      1. Dwarf's Rage (Dwarf Star's Ferocity) is Alt's first Follow Up Support, which activates upon doing damage with a skill.
      2. Ignition Arrow is Firis's third Follow Up Support, which activates upon doing fire damage (such as via a bomb or Alt's Wedge of the Sun skill)
        1. This skill can only be used once per battle.
      3. Aura Cannon is Sophie's first Attack Skill.
      4. Accel Guard is Mathias's third Skill
    2. We have additional Mixes to use
      1. Lighting Flash - Lightning Bomb Extra Mix
      2. Lighting Strike - Lightning Crystal Extra Mix
    3. Defeat:
      1. 5 Ice Flower Spirits (Flower type)
      2. 3 Snow Ears (Rabbit type)
    4. Gather
      1. Ancient Water (Found in nodes such as Ice Shards)
        1. If you can't find this, feel free to move on
      2. Spirit Rock (Found in Ice Shards)
  3. Go to The Treasury at the Sea Bottom
    1. Gather
      1. Ancient Water (Found in nodes such as Pottery)
      2. 5 Backen's Bromide (Found in paper scraps, mostly in the northern part of the second area)
    2. Defeat Chromel Verde
  4. Go to Morrakis Range to defeat 1 Big Tree Soldier
  5. Go to Dawn Realm or Great Cascades of Anfel to find Dragon Scale
  6. Craft Pirate Flare at the Smithy
  7. Craft:
    1. Wind God's Bag
    2. Diamonds with High Price trait
      1. (Requires Polishing Glamour)
    3. Lightning Bomb with:
      1. Slightly Slow Movement (Unlocks Lightning Crystal)
        1. 6-9 points of second bar
      2. Lightning Bomb with Symmetrical
        1. 11-12 points of fourth bar
      3. Green, Moon and Sun are the points you want to modify.
        1. Tasty Bait with Intense Smell gives 4 Green Points
        2. Green Neutralizer gives 2 Points Plus Jade Powder gives 4 more Green Points
        3. With just Tasty Bait Intense Smell and Green Neutralizer or Green Powder with Jade Powder, you should have 7 points
        4. If we use Eisen Ore with 2-3 Green Points, we will be at 9-10 Green Points.
        5. If we need to cover up Green Points to lower the Green Points, we can do that either by with additional Green or any other color, but if we want to craft both effects on the same craft we want to be at 6-12 Green Points before Catalyst
          1. If we are at 6-9 Green Points, we want to use a catalyst with +2 to +6 Sun, such as:
            1. Golden Tree Leaf (+2 Sun, -1 Moon)
            2. Golden Beehive (+5 Sun, -5 Moon)
            3. Broken Rock (+2 Sun)
            4. Small Statue of Hagel (+3 Sun)
          2. If we have 10 Green Points, we want to use a catalyst with -1 to -4 Moon and +1 or +2 Sun, such as:
            1. Red Puni Jelly (+2 Sun, -1 Moon)
          3. If we have 11-12 Green Points, we want to use a catalyst with -2 to -6 Moon, such as:
            1. Chaotic Dirt (-4 Moon)
            2. Golden Beehive (+5 Sun, -5 Moon)
            3. Ruby (+4 Sun, -4 Moon)
    4. Lightning Crystal

To the Rank C Test:

Head to the Entrance Hall to acquire your next test.

Rank C Test:

We will be entering each Painting kill event enemies that are weak to lightning. 3 groups is the minimum while 5 groups will give you a perfect score. The weakness of these enemies makes Alt with Firis as support rather effective for a strong initial hit by starting with Thunderbolt's Wrath, then Sea God's Judgement.

  • The Treasure at the Sea Bottom has the event partway in the Last Treasure Vault.
  • The Frozen Palace has the event at Neige's Atelier, near the Tranquil Library path.
  • The Great Cascades of Anfel has the event in Meimer Depths near where the dragon event used to be.
  • The Luminous Ice Grotto has the event in Ice Dragon Chamber near where the boss used to be.
  • The Spooky Graveyard has the event at Fearsome Graveyard near where the event graves were in the Northeast.

Once you've defeated enough, turn in the Task to Mireille.

Off to See a New Painting:

Head to the Gallery for your next task.

Restoration of the Flickering Time:

Return to your Atelier to craft Paint of Wandering on the Edge, then bring it to the Gallery's new Southern painting once you are ready. If you want, there are some recipes we can pick up.

Gather Cobalt GrassHealing Elixer
Craft 3 LuftEisen Luft
Craft Medea PoisonDark Water
Gather Tall TaunWarding Incense
Craft Honey Syrup with Great RecoveryRed Puni Jelly
Craft Mining BombSuper-explosive Bomb
Craft Lightning Bomb with Slightly Slow MovementLightning Crystal
Collect Big ScaleEmblem of Gordian Knot
Collect Coin Pattern FragmentsBroken Coin
Craft 3 Fairy Dust BagWind God’s Bag
Craft Leather with Full of LifeBattle Amulet

In Etel Nepica 1:

After seeing Sue's past, continue on until you see Mathias's past.

In Etel Nepica 2:

Head to the second area and at the next chokepoint, there should be another event with Sophie and Firis's past.

In Etel Nepica 3:

Near the end of the second area you should see the past of the Twin's parents.

In Etel Nepica 4:

Enter the third area and head West for the next event.

In Etel Nepica 5:

Continue North for another event and then head to the Northeast section of the area for a fight with a Groblair Rose, Spiral Fragments, and an event revealing why your Dad is the way he is. You'll also find a certain someone who may be familiar. Now where have we seen this person before?

Lydie will also learn Philanthropic Mind as they rush off, ignoring the rest of their party only to find their hope quite forlorn.

Chapter 9: Miracle

Some Events:

Liane 6Gates of MerkC9Talk to Liane to find out that she expects alchemists to be like magicians
Alchemy Lv 35Atelier IlmeriaC9Ilmeria receives a letter from her parents.
Corneria Bonus event?Soleil StreetC9? Corneria purchase 5000+Talk to Corneria for an event about refills
Corneria 8Soleil StreetC9, Task: Tasty Milk completeCorneria and Sophie see each other.
Backen 1?Pirates' CoveC9Backen won't stay dead
Lucia 10AtelierC9: Reunion with Mom 2Lucia comes and gives the twins some food
Lucia 11AtelierC9: Reunion with Mom 2Lucia visits the twins and Sue comes up with the Commutation recipe
Lucia 12AtelierCraft CommutationTask: Trading Places
VacationAtelierC9: Reunion with Mom, Firis 80, Sophie 80, ???Achievement: A Vaction!
Trading PlacesDeliver 1 Commutation to LuciaAchievement: R-remember this…!

The Overtaken Atelier:

Head to Atelier Borthayre

Dad's Challenge:

Return to your Atelier

A Reputation Grown in Adversity:

After a battle, you may get an event revealing the relation between Roger and Lucia. Another battle may give an event regarding Lucia admitting to the Twins' synthesis skills. Another battle should give an event about the twins being happy for a thank you.

  1. First we will take care of the visiting ambitions (This should give you about one stars):
    1. Visit Atelier Ilmeria
    2. Visit Castle Entrance hall
    3. Visit Borthayre
    4. Visit Smithy
    5. Visit Gates of Merk
    6. Visit Church of Vegne
  2. Big-Game Hunting will require accepting S Rank Requests. Let at least one day pass between each request acceptance to spawn the next S Rank Request (They appear on even days). These requests may be already complete if you've defeated them before.
    1. Strong Familiar: Nearby Forest: Sage's Envoy
    2. Deadly Mushroom: Path of Resolution: Justrun-Foryourlife
    3. The Lonely Puni: South Adis Woodland Path: Super Puni
    4. Black Magic Woman: Eternal Peak: Dark Maiden
  3. Head to Morrakis Range
    1. Defeat Dark Maiden at Eternal Peak if you have the Request (May require nighttime)
    2. Gather 5 Snow Queen
  4. Head to The Treasury at the Sea Bottom
    1. Gather 1 Rainbow Corundum (Look in the Final Treasure Vault for a white rock pile to the left of the entrance, it has a rare drop rate)
    2. Gather Lakebottom Water
  5. Head to Etel Nepica
    1. Gather 1 Alberich
  6. Head to Green-spring Odahlia
    1. Defeat Justrun-Foryourlife at Path of Resolution if you have the request
    2. Gather Purple Flower (Blood Flower drops count)
  7. Craft:
    1. 5 (Medicines)
      1. Sweet Tea with Frozen Delicacy
    2. 1 Breezy Aroma
    3. 1 Apcol with Boost Count +1
    4. 1 Warding Incense
    5. 1 Dark Water
  8. Reach level 27 Alchemy

You likely already meet several of the requirements and you will need 12 for your test, but if you haven't already, craft 5 medicines, make 1 breezy Aroma, 1 Apcol with Boost Count+, 1 Warding Incense, and 1 Dark Water. We can also craft Sweet Tea with Frozen Delicacy.

Before we continue, we can craft Smaragd, Sapphire, Ruby, Insect Net with Boost Speed, Gold Eisen with Magician's Wisdom (Increase MP and Boost MP), Ori Bomb with Defense Down S (3-6 points on third bar), Stahl Ice Bomb with Speed Down M (3-7 points on third bar), Eisen Luft with Erase Enhancements (4-7 points on second bar), and Lightning Crystal with Activate Split (6-7 points on the third bar). We will also craft a Spiral Clock.

We should now be able to craft Light Insect Net, Ashes of Origin (with Top Fashion and Great Recovery), Smaragd Pommel, Sapphire Pommel, Ruby Pommel,

To the Rank B Test:

You will have a 30 day time limit so prepare accordingly as failure is a game over.

PointsItemAlchemy LvIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Ingredient 4
1Reaction Fats and Oils21Golden Rock x2(Insects) x1(Fuel) x1(Oil) x3
2Rainbow Neutralizer21Distilled Water x1(Neutralizer) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Elixers) x1
3Wandering Globe23Globe Ball x1(Ores) x1(Metal) x1(Hidden Power) x1

Globe Ball will require "Decorations" from Hagel.

Once you are ready, head to the Entrance Hall to pick up your next test from Mireille.

Rank B Test:

Return home and craft Rainbow Neutralizer to unlock Velvetis. We want to craft Wandering Globe for the test as it provides the full bar while Rainbow Neutralizer only reaches the second tier and Reaction Fats and Oils is the minimum

Once you are ready, turn in the test item to Mireille..


Head to Church Plaza.

Reunion with Mom 1:

Return to your Atelier and head to the Basement.

Reunion with Mom 2:

Return to your Atelier to craft Paint of Eternal Celestial Land.

After, we'll hand over the paint to Dad. Before we continue, we can gain some recipes:

Gather Gold Tree LeafNectar of Life
Craft SmaragdSmaragd Pommel
Craft Apcol with Boost Count+Sweet Tea
Craft RubyRuby Pommel
Craft SapphireSapphire Pommel
Collect 1 Dragon ScaleHero’s Medicine
Craft Insect Net with Boost SpeedLight Insect Net
Craft Gold Eisen with Magician’s WisdomAnge Parure
Craft Magic ToolsAshes of Origin
Craft Leather with Full of LifeBattle Amulet
Collect Spiral FragmentsSpiral Clock
Alchemy Level 25Holy Acid
Craft Rainbow NeutralizerVelvetis

Reunion with Mom 3:

Head to the basement where we will enter our new painting. Does this mean we don't get one from Mireille this rank up?

In the Heavenly Flower Garden 1:

Enter the second area for a cutscene, then head through the third area and into the fourth area. Continue to the end of the fourth area and enter Atelier (Heavenly Flower Garden).

You'll obtain Colorful Garden Fragments and Lydie will learn Spring of Knowledge and Sue will learn Beautiful Pride.

Chapter 10: Voices and Dreams

Some Events This Chapter:

Corneria 9Soleil StreetC10The Twins decide to look for Corneria's dad.
Corneria 9.1Weissberg HouseCorneria 9Talk to Fritz to have the Twins ask Fritz about Corneria's dad
Corneria 9.2Gates of MerkCorneria 9Talk to Mathias to have the Twins ask Mathias about Corneria's dad
Corneria 9.3Church of VegneCorneria 9Talk to Pamela to have the Twins ask Pamela about Corneria's dad
Corneria 10Soleil StreetCorneria 9.1-3 completeDrossel decides to help Corneria find Corneria's dad
Corneria 11Soleil Street15 Days after Corneria 10Drossel found Corneria's dad
Grace 6Church of VegneC10Grace asks god about the next event
Roger 5AtelierC10, Task: Dad's Crazy Recipe 3 completeTask: Dad's Crazy Recipe 4
Twins (Naming)AtelierC10 + 1 Day passesSue talks about naming the bomb cute names.
Alchemy 40Atelier IlmeriaC10Ilmeria suggests rivals to get better at alchemy.
Honette 1Atelier (Heavenly Flower Garden)C10Task: Mom's Pancakes
Grace 7Church of VegneC10, Craft? 3 items after Grace 6?Pamela decides to invite help for grace's event
Fritz 13Weissberg HouseC10, Grace 7Pamela asks Fritz to show up for Grace's event
Grace 8Church of VegneC10, Fritz 13The Twins show their excitement for Grace's event
Grace 9AtelierC10, Grace 8 + 3 daysGrace meets Fritz and Drossel at the event.
Grace 10Church of VegneC10, Grace 9The Twins ask Grace to why she does not reconcile with her family
Grace 11AtelierGrace 10The Twins decide to bring the Weissberg family back together.
Grace 12Weissberg HouseGrace 11The Twins tell Fritz and Drossel to be a family again.
Grace 13Church of VegneGrace 12The Twins plot with Pamela to bring the Weissberg family together
Grace 14Atelier3 days after Grace 12The Puppet show begins. Achievement: A Strange Strange Story
Fritz 14Weissberg HouseGrace 14Liane plans to have Fritz make her a Firis puppet.
Fritz 15Weissberg HouseFritz 14Firis and Sophie talk about the puppet show
Crafting?Atelier125 SynthesisSue and Lydie discuss why certain ingredients don't mix
Crafting?AtelierCraft Field change itemField Change tutorial
PancakesAtelierTask: Mom's Pancakes turned inFiris and Lydie share food
Liane & HonetteAtelierTask: Mom's Pancakes turned inLiane talks with Honette
Lucia 13Atelier BorthayreTask: Trading Places Complete + Synthesis itemsThe Tsundere hides the fact that she wants to be with the twins
Lucia 14Atelier Borthayre Lucia shows signs of exhaustion

Some Tasks:

Dad's Crazy Recipe 4Deliver 3/6/9 Turtle Claws to RogerAchivement: Grrr… I said?, 1 day passes, -3000/-1000/-0 Coll
Mom's PancakesDeliver 3 Quality 60+ Wheat FlourMother's Recipe Note

Fame and Fortune:

You will Gain 6000 Colll at the start.

After a battle, you should gain an event related to Lydie hearing voices. After another battle, you should have an event with Sue deciding to hear voices before Lydie. After another battle, you should have an event where the twins decide that if someone gets S Rank first, they can still be the best with everyone else. This is a good point to get at least 35 Alchemy.

Unlockable Recipes (some of the 'unlockables' are not available yet):
Collect Sea HorseElixer of Laawe10
Craft Diamonds with Overflowing LifeDiamond Rune Stone10

Craft Dream Paintbrushes with Intense Destruction

Seal Canvas10
Collect HornTriton’s Trumpet10
Craft Harmonian with Boost ATK-DEF (Boost ATK & Boost DEF)Blason of Divine Power10
Craft High Grade Rod with Rare Item(High Price+ & High Price ++)Liebel Crown God Rod10
Craft Diamonds with Final BlowSpirit-driven Ball10
Gather Rainbow CorundumBond of Wisdom10
Craft Multicolor Dye with Uses+2Himmelle Leaf10
Collect 1 Dragon CoreGreat Warrior Orden10
Collect Colorful Garden FragmentsColorful Powder10
Alchemy Level 32Dragon Acid10
Alchemy Level 30Comet Crest Stone10
Alchemy Level 27Deep Blue Stone10
Alchemy Level 35Philosopher’s Stones10
Collect Dragon BloodstoneCrimson Stone10
Craft Crimson StoneHarmonium10
Gather Star Powder WaterReviving Dew10:In The Starlight Plain 7
Gather Black Star StoneMalmore Comet10:In The Starlight Plain 3
Craft Malmore CometMarble Gear10:In The Starlight Plain 3
Craft Malmore Comet with Effective vs ManyGod’s Gift10:In The Starlight Plain 3
Craft God’s Gift with Falling ??? (Red Jupiter 12+)Heaven’s Cleanser10:In The Starlight Plain 3
Collect Falling Star FragmentsStar Sprinkler10: Back Together Again
Gather DunkelheitMystery Elixer11
Collect Jet Black Tile FragmentsBlack and White Tarot11
Collect Bloodstained FragmentsPidgeon Blood Oil12
Optional: Raising Alchemy to 37

This is also a good time to buy any books you don't have as we will want to be crafting some of the items in those books in order to learn more recipes:

Here are some key crafts to do along with the levels you can do them by:

Crafts that you should already have completed:

  • Blue Neutralizer with Quality 50+
  • Blue Neutralizer with High Price
    • Can be found on Well Water
  • Yellow Neutralizer with Quality Up
    • Can be found on Well Water
  • Lightning Bombs
    • With Symmetrical
    • Slightly Slow Movement
  • Diamond with High Price
  • Leather:
    • With Fast Use+
    • With Full of Life (Increase HP & Boost HP)
  • Alchemic Clay
    • With Enhance Attack
  • Bomb with Fire Damage L
  • Ori Bomb with Pinpoint Flare
  • Honey Syrup
    • With Uses +1
    • With Fixed Recovery
    • With Great Recovery (Recovery Up & Recovery Up+)
  • Yellow Neutralizer
    • With Fixed Recovery
  • Pure Aroma with Area Bonus

Alchemy 21:

  • Fishing Rod with High Class (High Price & High Price+)
  • High Grade Rod with Rare Item (High Price+ & High Price++)
  • Insect Net with Boost Speed
  • Dream Paintbrushes with:
    • Intense Destruction (Destruction Up & Destruction Up+)
    • High Quality (Quality 80+)
  • Apcol with Boost Count+
  • Ori Bomb with Defense Down S
    • Defense Down S: Blue Mercury 3-6
  • Silvalia with High Class (High Price & High Price+)
  • Multicolor Dye with Uses +2
  • Gold Eisen with Magician's Wisdom (Increase MP & Boost MP)
  • Harmonian with Boost ATK-DEF (Boost ATK & Boost DEF)

Alchemy 22:

  • Lightning Crystal with Activate Split
    • Activate Split: Blue Mars 6-7

Alchemy 30+ (Can be done lower, but will require more attempts):

  • Raw Diamonds (Kimberlite can be found in Dawn Realm by bombing breakable rocks) (You may need catalysts to add trait if you want to do fewer crafting attempts such as adding Final Blow and Overflowing Life)
    • Increase HPMP (Increase HP + Increase MP)
  • Diamonds (You may want to put these on Raw Diamonds, but you can also
    • Final Blow (Enhance Last & Enhance Last+)
    • Overflowing Life (Boost HP & Greatly Increase HP)

After you've crafted all of those and obtained the items needed to unlock recipes, work on crafting recipes that you have yet to craft. The crafts should bring you close to Level 37 even if you started around Level 21.

Skip for S Rank test (Unless you want to make duplicates or plan to use them): N/A, Himmelle Relief, Bond of Wisdom, Diamond Rune Stone

  1. Combos:
    1. To do combos, you need to do damage with the pairing until the gauge is charged to 100%. This means that the enemy has to survive until you are charged, so stronger enemies are better for this.
      1. Once you are at 100%, trigger a follow up support skill from the pairing and you should have a prompt to activate the combo, this means that the enemy has to survive the follow up skill and you need to be able to activate the follow up.
    2. First combo will requires a formation of Firis and Sue together if you have Firis and Sue Surprise (Firis Friendship 60 Event). Sue in the back will be easier to trigger while Firis in the back to start will be easier to charge the gauge until Firis runs out of skills.
    3. Second combo will require a formation of Mathias and Sue together if you have Full-Power Gunplay (Completion of Task from Mathias Friendship 75 Event). Sue should be in the back as it can be difficult to trigger Mathias's supports.
  2. Battle and Extra Mixes
    1. For Suelle's Mixes, an item must be used to deal damage. This means putting Suelle as support for a character that can use attack items, which means not Mathias.
    2. For Lydie, as long as she is the support for a character, she can activate her mix by starting a battle with a field hit or use a healing item, which means not Suelle.
    3. For Battle Mixes, you can add the items to your Harvest Equips
    4. Use All-In Super Bomb
      1. Requires request: Ash-piring Collector completion
      2. Suelle Battle Mix
      3. Dragon Materials
    5. Use Super-Speed Wind-Up Key
      1. Requires request: Naval Battle! completion
      2. Suelle Battle Mix
      3. Kupfer Ore
    6. Use The Darkness
      1. Suelle Extra Mix
      2. Dark Water (Crafted)
    7. Use Cutie Tea
      1. Extra Mix
      2. Sweet Tea (Can be bought or crafted)
  3. If we haven't already, the first Dad's Crazy Recipe requires 3/6/10 ingots and the second recipe requires 6/12/18 Kifa.
  4. Craft:
    1. Alchemic Clay with Hardens if Heated
      1. Requires 17 red moon
      2. Red Sands can provide as much as 6 red each.
      3. Snow Queens can provide as much as 7 each each and Red Puniballs can provide 3 relatively easily.
      4. Red Neutralizers can provide 2-3 red
      5. Effect Level Boosters with +4 or higher:
        1. Golden Beehive (-5 moon)
        2. Ruby (-4 Moon)
        3. Chaotic Dirt (-4 Moon)
        4. Malmore Comet
    2. Purple Neutralizer with Big Destruction (Destruction Up & Destruction Up+)
    3. Distilled Water with Used for Dishwashing
      1. Requires 15 green sun
      2. Nectar Fruit and Snow Queens can provide 3 each
      3. Zettels and Kifas can provide a decent amount of green (4+)
      4. For +3 Max Effect Level or more and +Sun:
        1. Golden Tree Leaf +2 Sun
        2. Golden Beehive +5 Sun
        3. Gold Puniballs +4 Sun
        4. Ruby +4 Sun
    4. Ashes of Origin with Great Recovery (Recovery Up & Recovery Up+)
    5. Simple Cookies
  5. Go to Atelier (Heavenly Flower Garden) in Heavenly Flower Garden's third area.
    1. Break Logs on your way for a chance at Aroma Holts (very rare)
    2. In the second area, there is an easily accessible Fishing Area.
      1. Fish for:
        1. Old Master (Tier 3 rod)
        2. Sea Horse (Tier 1 or 2 rod)
        3. Lobster (Tier 1 Rod)
  6. Go to The Treasury at the Sea Bottom or Great Woods of Gurm-Adis
    1. Fish for:
      1. Old Master (Tier 3 rod)
      2. Sea Horse (Tier 1 or 2 rod) (Treasury at the Sea Bottom)
      3. Balloon Fish (Tier 1? rod)
      4. Camber (Tier 1? rod)
  7. Go to Nearby Forest
    1. Fish for:
      1. Camber (Tier 1? rod)
      2. Sea Snail (Island section shells (Enter the island from the outer ring's southeast side near the houses))
      3. Lobster (Tier 1 rod)
  8. Go to Morrakis Range
    1. Defeat Big Tree Soldiers for Aroma Holts
  9. Go to The Spooky Forest and break boxes and animal bones for 3 wool. The second area has a high drop rate for wool.
    1. Alternatively, go to Dawn's Realm or Great Woods of Gurm-Adis and defeat beasts
  10. Go to Braisewest and hit the tree in the second area for 3 Nectar Fruit

To Rank A Test:

We will head to Mireille for our new test... Recommendation letters from at least 3 Certified Alchemists. Currently that means Ilmeria, Firis, Sophie, and Roger. This means we can skip one if desired (Sophie's has the highest requirements).

Rank A Test:

Dad's Letter of Recommendation 1:

First we will head to the Atelier and talk to Roger for Dad's Letter of Recommendation 1.


We can go ahead and craft 10 Rainbow Neutralizers now (or if you have them being duplicated, buy them). If you haven't already, make sure you craft Philosopher's Stone as well (You may want to duplicate these). In addition, craft the Lv 4 Dream Paintbrushes (not Dream Paintbrushes?), with at least 80 Quality if you don't have one ready. This should be simple as you can using fishing rods, insect nets, and neutralizers.

We will want 101 recipes here before we continue. We will need Alchemy Level 37 to craft Philosopher's Stone if we have not already done so.

Ilmeria's Letter of Recommendation 1:

Next, we'll head to Atelier Ilmeria to talk to Ilmeria for Ilmeria's Letter of Recommendation 1. Turn in the 10 Rainbow Neutralizers to get Ilmeria's Letter of Recommendation 2.

Firis's Letter of Recommendation:

Head to Atelier Firis to talk to Firis for Firis's Letter of Recommendation 1 and Sophie for Sophie's Letter of Recommendation 1. We will go ahead and fight Firis.

Firis will be level 42 with 1668 HP. Start with either an item to slow down Firis or Special Reload. Note that Firis is immune to instant death. With Lydie as support, it should be rather difficult to die, but you may end up changing at some point if things get rough. Once you beat her, you should get Firis's Recommendation.

Sophie's Letter of Recommendation:

If you've been keeping up with your Crafting, you should have enough Recipes to show Sophie. You will need about 101 recipes (Make sure you've returned to your Atelier since 'learning' them to have the recipes count). The recipes do not need to be crafted. (Currently, even if you don't have enough, she'll still give you Letter of Recommendation 2, but it is unknown how that affects the game as she will still ask you about your recipe book).

If you do, she'll give you Sophie's Letter of Recommendation 2 where you will need to bring a Philosopher's Stone You should have already made one so bring it over and get your Sophie's Recommendation.

Ilmeria's Letter of Recommendation:

We will head to Spring-green Odahlia first for Ilmeria's quest where you will have to fight 3 Red Feathers, but they should be significantly lower level than you and you have your entire party. Unless you are significantly undergeared and underleveled, this should be an easy fight. Once you win, you will get Ilmeria's Letter of Recommendation 3. Return to Atelier Ilmeria to get Ilmeria's Letter of Recommendation 4. Turn in Dream Paintbrushes for Ilmeria's Recommendation.

Roger's Letter of Recommendation:

With that done, we will now do Roger's task. Head to Atelier (Heavenly Flower Garden) and talk to Mother for Dad's Letter of Recommendation 2. Return to the Atelier to craft Neverending Diary then return to turn in the diary to receive Roger's Recommendation. We will also learn how spirited Honnete can be and we will still be left to wonder why we can't just use the cauldron in this Atelier.

With 4 Recommendation Letters under our belt, we are ready to pass our next exam with flying colors so head to Mireille to turn in your results.

To an Even More Mysterious World:

We will head to the Gallery to see the next painting.

Restoring the Starry Sky:

Return to our Atelier to craft Paint of Dreaming Night Sky.

In The Starlight Plain 1:

Return to the Gallery and restore the new painting on the North side.

In The Starlight Plain 2:

Head forward a bit and you'll find a rock blocks your path.

In The Starlight Plain 3:

Before we return, we could hunt for 2 Black Star Stones. We may need to return a few times if we want them now. (Alternatively, you can find a Malmore Comet from certain gathering nodes, but it may be better to simply gather 2 Black Star Stone).

We can gain the recipes that required Chapter 10:In The Starlight Plain 3 at this point.

If we decide to craft Malmore Comet, try to add Effective vs Many. If we craft God's Gift, try to add Falling ??? (Lv 12 Red Jupiter).

Regardless of how you do get the Malmore Comet, craft Liquefaction Solution.

Continue back and use the Liquefaction Solution on the meteorite.

In The Starlight Plain 4:

Continue to the bridge to activate the next custcene.

In The Starlight Plain 5:

Gather 6-7 fruit groups (Starfruits) and you should get another event.

In The Starlight Plain 6:

Continue to the second area where you can find Deep Core in the animal bones. The maze may spawn a flower node that may drop Time Guard Flower. The Groblair Verde may drop items such as Big Scale as a chest drop.

Continue on and you'll see another cutscene.

In The Starlight Plain 7:

After the cutscene, the nearby nodes will drop a large number of flowers such as Star Flowers and Time Guard Flowers. There will be a water node nearby that has Star Powder Water for Reviving Dew. Once we have the water, we can cross the bridge a little southeast of the Star Powder Water node and continue Northeast to the third area where we will end up fighting a level 46 Groblair Blue. If you've been keeping up with your gear, this should be a relatively easy fight.

In The Starlight Plain 8:

Head Northeast for another cutscene and obtain Falling Star Fragments and True Twin Power Attack.

Back Together Again:

We'll first return to the Atelier. We can likely craft several items now such as Dragon Acid

You will likely have some friendship events at this point, if you don't already have everyone's friendships to 70 or more, I recommend doing so.

If you want the True Ending, make sure to finish Mathias's events at least up to the Task: Sturdy Tableware now or you risk being locked out as some events can become unavailable after you obtain the To the S Rank Test task.

Once we are ready, we will head to Atelier (Heavenly Flower Garden) for a nice song and a revelation.

Alt Friendship 70 Sidequest:

Alt has Searching for the Flower of Transience at around friendship 70. If so, we'll head to Etel Nepica's La Terru du Passe and go to the west part of the map near two water nodes, two insect nodes, and a fishing node where we will have an event near the tree with many clocks.

After returning to the Atelier, we will have a new task: The Truth about Alt. We will first head to Atelier Firis, then Atelier Alt.

You will get the task For the Sake of the Future and we will head to Etel Nepica's La Terre de l'Origine. We will follow the path clockwise for two cutscenes, then towards the exit for a third. You will enter battle against Luard, Lv 49 with 2248 HP. Luard is strong against most elements, especially magic, but weak against air. If you are up to date with gear, this should be an easy battle. Otherwise, bring lots of air attacks.

Alt will learn Stoic's Pride and you will gain Sanctuaire of Demise for Alt and Lydie. After returning, you may have some rather amusing events related to Alt.

Chapter 11: The Black Paint

Events and Tasks:

Hagel 4SmithyC11, Pamela & Hagel 3Task: The Finest Metals for Hagel


The Finest Metals for HagelDeliver 2 Harmonium to HagelBloom Spiral, Star Suelle (And crafting unlocked)

Mom's Hour of Need:

Once ready, head to Atelier (Heavenly Flower Garden) where you will be ambushed by Groblair Amber near the end of The Most Important Place before you can actually reach the Atelier.

The Black Monster:

Enter the Atelier (Heavenly Flower Garden)'s basement. You may get some items if you talk to your mother.

To Neige:

If you have any events, go ahead and complete them now.

You may get a task from Lucia, A Request From Lucia, for Ori Bomb. Turn it in.

Head to Neige's Atelier in The Frozen Palace and go to Neige's room. You will learn about the Remplir.

Remplir 1:

Return to your Atelier.

Remplir 2:

We will first head to Atelier Ilmeria, then Entrance Hall., then Church of Vegne,

Remplir 3:

Return to your Atelier for a cutscene that spans several days.

Saving Mom 1:

We will now gear up and head to Atelier (Heavenly Flower Garden) where we will receive Liberte Ring and Sauveur Ring. Head to Basement (Heavenly Flower Garden) and approach the Black Painting.

Saving Mom 2:

If you haven't found any yet, Town of Shattered Dreams may sometimes have Dunkelheit near Place of Inevitable Death. At Place of Inevitable Death, head northwards from the Town of Shattered Dreams entrance. A little before the Destination of Eternal Damnation entrance, you will have a cutscene.

In Destination of Eternal Damnation, first head East, then North. As you climb the stairs you will be thrown into a battle against the Remplire Core.

Black Painting Demon Core Lv 55, HP 15000. Resists Ice and Wind.

This boss will inflict Slowness, Burns, DEF down, ATK down. This may be a tough fight so bring lots of curing items and plenty of items to deal effects such as knockback. The boss does heavy damage so be prepared for the chance of a KO. This is a fight you would rather overprepare for.

Once you win, you will obtain Jet Black Tile Fragments, but it doesn't seem quite right.

Chapter 12: The Promise

Some Events this Chapter:

Roger 6AtelierC12, Dad's Crazy Recipe 4 completeTask: Dad's Crazy Recipe 5
Pamela 9Church of VegneC12, Pamela events completeSue remember what Pamela is.
Corneria 12Soleil StreetC12, Some time has passed since C11Corneria's dad meets Corneria
Corneria 13Soleil StreetC12, Corneria 12Corneria makes her dad wait for her.
Weissberg 1Gates of MerkC12 Fritz 15? Grace 14?The Weissberg family walk around town.
Fritz 16Weissberg HouseC12 Weissberg 1Drossel talks about going out to show off the puppet show.
Grace 15Church of VegneC12 Weissberg 1Grace thanks the Twins
Fritz 17Church of VegneC12, Grace 15Fritz brings clothes for Grace, but Pamela greets him instead.
Grace 16Church of VegneC12, Fritz 17Drossel talks about how Grace used to be more lively.
Firis BattleAtelier FirisC12, ?Firis allows you to fight her, this time with the entire party minus Firis.
NeigeNeige's AtelierC12Neige is happy that the Twins succeeded in helping their mother
FuocoGreat Cascades of AnfelC12Task: The Fire Dragon Returns
Lucia 15AtelierC12 + Synthesis?Task: Childhood Friend out of the Nest!
Lucia 16AtelierC12Task: A Request from Lucia
Lucia 17Atelier BorthayreA day/craft after A Request from LuciaReceive 1000 Coll
Lucia 18AtelierC12Learn of Lucia's crush on Roger.
Fuoco's Fire DragonMerimer DepthsTask: The Fire Dragon Returns completeTask: Fuoco and the Fire Dragon
PalmyraDawn's RealmC12Defeat Lv 50 Palmyra for Task:
Crimson PaintingEternal PeakC12Look around the peak for an event and Task: Painting in the Snow 1
Honette 2Atelier (Heavenly Flower Garden)C12Honette fixes the Twins' clothes
Honette 3Atelier (Heavenly Flower Garden)C12Honette talks to Lucia about taking care of the Twins
Honette ItemsAtelier (Heavenly Flower Garden) Honette gives the Twins ingredients roughly every 5 days
Alchemy 45Atelier FirisC12, ???The teachers talk about their students
Alchemy 45AtelierC12, Previous eventThe Twins make the Cute Philosopher Stone recipe, Task: Cute Philosopher Stones!
Ilmeria 2Atelier FirisCute Philosopher Stones! completePlachta, Liane, and Ilmeria talk about their 'children'
Alchemy 50Atelier?Ilmeria comments that the twins have developed in two separate manners
Honette 4Atelier (Heavenly Flower Garden)C12, time passesHonette attempts alchemy
Palmyra 2Dawn's RealmPlaying with Termina and Playing with Palmyra (May Require level 75 party or Palmyra/Termina)Palmyra asks your party to take care of her Tsundere sister.
TerminaDomain of DespairPalmyra 2Termina challenges you to fight her to scare you (Second form?)
Palmyra 3Dawn's RealmPlaying with Termina AgainPalmyra gives you the gift of her true form to fight as a reward for being good to Termina
Hagel SpecialSmithyFound all 10 Hagel StatuesChest spawns. Open chest
Lydie Painter 1AtelierC12, Rank S Test, Craft an extra 'Paint' itemLydie decides to make mysterious paints
Lydie Painter 2AtelierC12, Craft/Battle after previous eventTask: Mysterious Artist 1
Sue Money 1AtelierC12, Rank S Test, 9999 or less CollTask: Get Rich Quick 1
Sue Money 2AtelierC12, Get Rich Quick 5 complete, 50.000+ CollSue plans out the new shop

Some Chapter Tasks:

Dad's Crazy Recipe 5Deliver 6/12/20 (bombs)Roger's Forbidden Idea
The Fire Dragon ReturnsDefeat the Lv 30 Fran Pfeil in Merimer Depths (Can be instant killed)
Childhood Friend out of the Nest!Head to Church PlazaA day will pass
A Request from LuciaDeliver an Ori Bomb to LuciaA day will pass
Fuoco and the Fire DragonDefeat Lv 50 Fuoco's Fire Dragon (Respawns every 5? Days)Dragon Bloodstone, Dragon Scale
Playing with PalmyraDefeat Palmyra (5 day respawn)Chest (except for certain events)
Painting in the Snow 1Entrance HallPainting in the Snow 2
Painting in the Snow 2Deliver Paint of Sinking Evil Darkness to Gallery paintingPainting in the Snow 3
Painting in the Snow 3Head to the end to fight Level 50 TerminaTask: Playing with Termina
Cute Philosopher Stones!Deliver Cute Philosopher Stones to Ilmeria
Playing with TerminaDefeat Termina (5 day respawn)Chest (except for certain events)
Playing with Termina AgainDefeat Termina (5 day respawn), Appears to increase levels by 10 each timeChest
Playing with Palmyra AgainDefeat Palmyra (5 day respawn), Appears to increase levels by 10 each timeChest
Get Rich Quick 1Reach 20.000+ CollTask: Get Rich Quick 2
Get Rich Quick 2Reach 50.000+ CollTask: Get Rich Quick 3
Get Rich Quick 3Talk to Mireille at Entrance HallTask: Get Rich Quick 4
Get Rich Quick 4Talk to the NPC behind the counter near Mireille and buy the Business LicenseTask: Get Rich Quick 5
Get Rich Quick 5Return to your Atelier
Task: Mysterious Artist 1Visit Neige at Neige's Atelier in The Frozen PalaceTask: Mysterious Artist 2
Task: Mysterious Artist 2Return to your AtelierTask: Mysterious Artist 3
Task: Mysterious Artist 3Craft Paint of the Two

Fulfilling a Promise:

If you've been following the guide and progressing normally, you likely already meet several requirements. Note that if you haven't finished Mathias's storyline, your progress may be blocked if you reach the point where you are ready to turn in the test so be sure to do Mathias's storyline first if you want the true ending. For this reason, the recommendation is to have Mathias's storyline finished by the end of Chapter 10.

We will go ahead and grab all the events starting from Atelier Ilmeria, then Atelier Borthayre, then Lucia, then Mireille at Entrance Hall, followed by Atelier Alt. Next go to Atelier Firis and talk to Firis.

After a battle, we should have an event with Ilmeria.

Next we'll head to Liane's to buy "Book of Dragon Divination"

andd we may have a new task, Cute Philosopher's Stones. Go ahead and craft one and turn it in to Ilmeria.

We may have a Dad's Crazy Recipe 5. We will turn in 20 bombs here. (6 for minimum, 12 for second tier) for Roger's Forbidden Book.

Note that for some objectives such as crafting, you may have already completed the objective.

  1. Visit Atelier (Heavenly Flower Garden)
    1. Defeat Ghost Type
  2. Gather
    1. Insects from almost any area
    2. Black Star Stone (Can be found in Starlight Plains near the entrance where the Golem is).
    3. Dunkelheit can be found in The Black Horizon. Town of Shattered Dreams may sometimes have Dunkelheit near Place of Inevitable Death. You can also wait to get one from an event later.
    4. Wicked Bone can be found in Domain of Despair from animal bones.
    5. Dragon Eye can be found in The Great Cascades of Anfel.
  3. Linking Chain
    1. Elixer of Laawe with HP Recovery M (<9 points of Sun Green First bar) and Supreme Article (15+ Moon Green Fourth bar) is needed for Linking Chain's quest: Goldilocks Medicine. In addition, casting Linking Chain will require Dunkelheit.
  4. Craft:
    1. Philosopher’s Stone
    2. N/A
    3. Mystery Elixer
    4. Himmelle Leaf
    5. Bond of Wisdom
    6. Diamond Rune Stone
  5. Defeat Uber Dragon
    1. Requires Sophie's Friendship 70 task.
    2. Alternatively, Requires Request: Stronger than a Dragon at Eternal Peak (Morning)
  6. Defeat Death Knight Addis
    1. Requires Request: Chivalry in Death.
    2. Path of Resolution.
  7. Create equipment with Hagel:
    1. Star Suelle
      1. Must complete Task: The Finest Metals for Hagel
    2. Dragon Mail
  8. Alchemy and Battle Level 35 should come rather easily, especially if trying to complete all synthesis and obtain the endings.
Some End Game Preparations:

We will go ahead and grab all the events starting from Atelier Ilmeria, then Atelier Borthayre, then Lucia, then Mireille at Entrance Hall, followed by Atelier Alt. We can head to the Smithy to craft Dragoon Mail. Next we'll head to Liane's to buy "Book of Dragon Divination" and then go to Atelier Firis and talk to Firis. A few events at our Atelier and we may have a new task, Cute Philosopher's Stones. Go ahead and craft one and turn it in to Ilmeria.

Next, we'll head to Dawn Realm and Morrakis Range.

With Morrakis Range, we will head to the end of Eternal Peak to ignore serious warnings and obtain Painting in the Snow 1.

At Dawn Realm, we'll head towards the end for an event and a fight.

Palmyra, Maiden of Origin

Lv 50, HP 18975. Resistant against everything but physical. She has the ability to reduce defense and knockback. As she uses elemental attacks primarily, it might be worth looking for some resistance, although her physical attacks are just capable of killing your characters. Pairing Sophie with Lydie can help counter the defense reduction.

Dark Water can help greatly for level and stat down. Medea's Poison can also be useful, though you will be primarily using it for a single effect: Seal. If you are having trouble surviving, you may wish to do Painting in the Snow first as that painting world effect can be useful for survival.

Other useful items are Spirit Weave Cloth, Hero's Medicine, Mystery Elixer, Himmelle Leaf for making it harder for the boss to kill your party and increasing your party's damage. Lydie can combine Spirit Weave Cloth with anima for a powerful evasion ability.

When her life is low, she'll likely apply some buffs including healing. Bring along something that can remove buffs such as Heaven's Cleanser, Acid Fog, and Eisen Luft.

We'll get the task "Playing with Palmrya", and we likely need to restock after the battle. If it is nighttime and we feel up to it, we can also fight the Dragon or collect the nighttime animal parts for a chance at a Dragon Core.

If we have Painting in the Snow 1, talking with Mireille will give us Painting in the Snow 2 and a new Paint recipe. We will ignore the sinister name, Paint of Sinking Evil Darkness, and craft it.

For now, we will skip that and head to enter the Gallery's Southwest outer painting to restore it.

Painting in the Snow 2:

You may notice a character that looks rather similar to someone we recently met who happens to be a Goddess as well. We will continue here. Like many of the recent painting worlds, this area has very high quality materials. Nearby, you can find a Silverius enemy Lv 56. While this enemy isn't particularly tough, it has high physical, but low lightning and air resistances. This makes lightning and air very useful.

You can find Wicked Bone in this area from animal bones, but in the second area, near the Northern end of the map, you will encounter an event and end up in a boss fight.

Termina, Maiden of the End

Lv 50, HP 18975

Resists physical.

Just from resistances alone, she is easier than Palmrya, but still be prepared.

Dark Water can help greatly for level and stat down as well as Heaven's Cleanser, Acid Fog, and Eisen Luft for buff removal. Medea's Poison can also be useful, though you will be primarily using it for a single effect: Seal. The natural effect here can be useful for the purpose of preventing easy instant deaths, but will also make the battle slower so be prepared with a change item if you feel you can deal with the damage. If you decide to stick with the natural effect, you may wish to bring some status immunity on your characters.

Other useful items are Spirit Weave Cloth, Hero's Medicine, Mystery Elixer, Himmelle Leaf for making it harder for the boss to kill your party and increasing your party's damage. Lydie can combine Spirit Weave Cloth with anima for a powerful evasion ability. Quadruple Shield is another good skill for defensive functions, but requires neutralizers and has a relatively high cost.

For doing damage, Alt is very useful for this fight, especially if significantly buffed. This effect can be increased by combining him with Sue or Lydie.

Once you defeat her, she'll drop Terminus Leaf so be sure to have inventory space. You will also obtain Bloodstained Fragments and a friendship with yet another Tsundere in the form of a task: Playing with Termina.

Note that Pidgeon Blood Oil requires a plant that can be found near Atelier (Heavenly Flower Garden)

Sophie's Dream

If you have Sophie's friendship to 70, you may also have an event at Atelier Firis that will give Sophie's Dream. We'll head to The Luminous Ice Grotto first. At the Ice Dragon's Chamber, near the end, you will find Uber Dragon, level 30. This should be a relatively simple boss fight that will likely be more time consuming than difficult. A sprinkle of Dark Water should make this fight rather negligible.

Next, we'll head to The Great Cascades of Anfel where we will get a task 'The Fire Dragon Returns'. We'll head to Merimer Depths to fight the Dragon, Fran Pfeil, Lv 35. Some Ice should make rather quick work of this dragon and it is not immune to instant death. You will also learn about the power of love with some serious Dragon love.

Once you are done, continue towards the end to fight Dragonaire level 36. A sprinkle of Dark Water should make this fight rather negligible.

Afterwards, we can find Fuoco, although we may need to re-enter Merimer Depths for Fuoco and the Fire Dragon. Once you are ready, play with Fuoco's Fire Dragon.

It will be level 50, but still weak to ice and still not immune to instant death. You'll gain Dragon Bloodstone and Dragon Scale for winning on top of loot. We'll fight it more later.

If you have any party members not at 80 or higher Friendship, this is a good chance to kill some enemies and reach 80 friendship or pass some time by crafting or resting.

Finally - to the S Rank Test:

Talk to Mireille at Entrance Hall for your next test.

Rank S Test!

A Quality 40 item will get you the bare minimum. A Quality 120 will get you the second Tier. Quality 200+ should get you the third tier.

Some preparations for two endings:
  • Craft a Painting Restoration Paint for an event with Lydie deciding to become a Mysterious Painter.
    • The Paint of Frozen Phantom is likely one of the easier ones to get materials for.
  • Go under 10.000 Coll in order to trigger an Atelier event and gain Task: Get Rich Quick 1.
    • Note: If you need to drain money and don't have the achievement for spending money at Corneria's shop, you should spend your money there.
    • Note: If you want to make money off of combat, equip one character with a Lucky Coin with Economic Fortune L (12-16 points on 4th bar). You should make about 1k to 2k per enemy this way in the later maps such as Dawn Realm. This makes places like Heavenly Flower Garden and Starlight Plain preferable due to the higher enemy counts and relative ease of killing even on Hard mode.
      • My Dearest Ladies (Requires all other S rank missions to be completed) gives you Crystal Shards that count as "Gems". Use these
        • If you are making these, you might consider an item such as Candy Beehive to increase the amount you make.
    • Task: Get Rich Quick 1: Pass 20.000 Coll for an Atelier event and Task: Get Rich Quick 2
    • Task: Get Rich Quick 2: Pass 50.000 Coll for an Atelier event and Task: Get Rich Quick 3
  • Task: Get Rich Quick 3: Talk to Mireille at the Entrance Hall
  • Task: Get Rich Quick 4: Talk to the now active NPC behind the counter and nearby Mireille (to Mireille's right). Spend 50.000 Coll on the Business License.
  • Task: Get Rich Quick 5: Return to your Atelier for an event
  • After a battle or craft, you should get another painting event
    • You may need to craft another Paint item.
    • Task: Mysterious Artist 1: Visit Neige at Neige's Atelier in The Frozen Palace
    • Task: Mysterious Artist 2: Return to your Atelier
    • Task: Mysterious Artist 3: Craft Paint of the Two.
  • Reach 50.000 Coll again for another event with Sue.
Setting up for the True Ending and Trophies:

We will want to do the following:

  • Complete all Side Events
  • Complete all Character events
  • Finish all ambitions (We need all for the trophy)

Achievements (Mostly skippable if you already have the achievements)

  • Craft any weapons/armor that we have not crafted yet *(see below)
  • Craft all recipes that you can
  • Spend 50.000+ Coll at Corneria. *(see below)
  • Finish 100+ Notice Board quests
    • Make sure to complete the S rank quests to unlock Battle Mixes.
  • Use all Battle Mixes (May require completing several S rank quests)
  • Craft a 999 Quality Item with 10+ Uses count and use it for an Extra Mix
    • The Extra Mix final Quality must be at least 10.000
      • Extra Mix Quality = [Base Item Quality] * [Base Item Uses] + [Extra Anima used beyond the minimum]
  • Use a field change item such as Pigeon Blood Oil.
  • Activate Mysterious Painting field reactions
    • (Easy to do in Heavenly Flower Garden by using healing items if you haven't already gotten it by then)
  • Inspect Barrels (26 times total)
  • Reach Battle Level 50+
    • Craft a Lucky Coin with Health Prayer L (17 points on 4th bar) for more exp from battles. Change difficulty to maximize gains.
      • My Dearest Ladies (Requires all other S rank missions to be completed) gives you Crystal Shards that count as "Gems".
        • If you are using these Crystal Shards, you might consider an item such as Candy Beehive to increase the amount you make.
  • Reach Alchemy Level 50
    • Craft all Alchemy recipes and focus on high exp gain that you can craft.

Before doing With The Smith God achievement (Crafting all Weapons and Armor), make two copies of your save (save twice in different slots).

Add Velvetis x2, Harmonium x2, Flugel, Gold Eisen, Leather, to Cornelia's shop, then sleep. Sell everything that you don't need, then sleep for 10 days (you can sleep for less, but it won't matter here). Buy all the cheapest ingots and cloths from Corneria, go to Hagel's Smithy and make all the weapons and armor that you can, starting from the bottom of the list. Do this in order if you don't want to keep track of what you've made. Each time you run out of materials, sleep for 10 days, sell what you don't need (such as crafted equipment) and buy more ingots/cloth. Repeat until you've made every item on the list. You should get With the Smith God. Now, you have the option to load your other save file to revert back to before you started the achievement.

Doing this will likely also give you Corneria's achievement for buying items if you don't already have it.

Once you are eligible for True End, you will need to win a battle to start the True End events.
  • Event Set 1:
    • Atelier - Firis visits the Twins (a day will pass)
    • Atelier Ilmeria - Sophie talks with Ilmeria
    • Atelier Alt - Sophie talks with Alt
    • Atelier Firis - Sophie talks with Firis and Plachta
  • Event Set 2:
    • Atelier - The Twins find Sophie suspicious and Sophie asks if the Twins want to keep Honnete. Receive Recipe of Hope.
    • Receive Task: Happiness for Everyone
  • Event Set 3 (Talk with the character for their recipe)
    • Atelier Ilmeria - Ilmeria's Recipe, Task: Relentless Flame
    • Atelier Alt - Alt's Recipe, Teardrops of Harmony
    • Atelier Firis - Plachta's Recipe, Task: Glittering Pneuma
  • Craft:
    • Glittering Pneuma
    • Relentless Flame
    • Teardrops of Harmony
  • Event Set 5
    • Atelier Ilmeria - Talk to Ilmeria
    • Atelier Alt - Talk to Alt
    • Atelier Firis - Talk to Plachta
  • Event Set 6
    • Atelier - Firis's Recipe, Task: Strong Reaction Cauldron
    • Craft Strong Reaction Cauldron
  • Event Set 7
    • Atelier Firis - Talk to Firis, Sophie will give Sophie's Recipe, Task: Samsara Compass
    • Craft Samsara Compass
  • Event Set 8
    • Atelier Firis - Talk to Sophie
  • Save your game at this point.
    • Craft Pastels of Unity if you want the True End, otherwise you should have 4 endings available.
Boss Fights:

We will now head to fight the three bosses we have unlocked: Fuoco's Fire Dragon, Palmrya, and Termina. It will take 5 days to refresh each repeatable boss fight starting from the day the boss fight is initiated. It will take about the same time for Honnete to gather more items.

As an interesting note, Fuoco's Fire Dragon is not immune to instant death.

Termina will have an event your first time and be level 60. Beating her will generally give you a Terminus Leaf, but can also give you a chance at rarer materials like Master of Fire or Wicked Bone.

You will want to defeat Termina and Palmyra until they reveal their true forms and then continue defeating them until they reach level 100.

Prepare for the end:

You will be able to choose your ending, but be prepared.

Report to Mom!

If we want to thank everyone, we can start with

  • Mireille at Entrance Hall
  • Mathias South of the Notice Board
  • Lucia at Atelier Borthayre
  • Alt at Atelier Alt
  • Corneria at Soleil Street
  • Drossel and Fritz at Weissberg House
  • Hagel at Smithy
  • Liane and Firis at Atelier Firis
  • Sophie and Plachta at Garden of Merk
  • Pamela and Grace at Church of Vegne
  • Ilmeria at Atelier Ilmeria
  • Roger and Honnete at Atelier (This will end the game)

We will now get to choose an option based on the endings we have unlocked:

  • Protect the Family Atelier (Normal Ending)
  • Become the greatest alchimists in the world. (Good Ending. Alchemy 50/Battle 50 Ending)
  • Open a bigger Atelier (Shop Ending .Made 50.000 Coll after buying the 50.000 Coll Business License)
  • Create Mysterious Paintings (Mysterious Painter Ending. Crafted Paint of the Two)

The spelling here is amazing, but regardless of your choice, you will see some screenshots of events from this game group starting with Sophie to Firis then finally Lydie and Suelle.

You will be able to save your game to start a NG+, but only your Battle Equipment that you have currently equipped will be carried over.