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    FAQ/Walkthrough by WJStories

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 03/22/18 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents

    1. Pre-Guide Information: My Intro, Email, Donation Info, and Spoiler Warnings.
    2. The Guides
    3. Version History
    4. Walkthrough: Prologue
    5. Walkthrough: Part I - Dawn of the End
      1. Elgarthe I
      2. Hush Grove
      3. Elgarthe II
      4. Moon Ridge
      5. Elgarthe III
      6. Ancient Ruins Merhl
      7. Elgarthe IV
    6. Walkthrough: Part II - Journey to the Empire
      1. Mistral Gorge
    7. Walkthrough: Part III - Light of the Vulcosuits
      1. Imperial Capital Watt
      2. Maarport
      3. Imperial Capital Watt II
      4. Command Base
      5. Imperial Capital Watt III
      6. Ragness Ruins
    8. Walkthrough: Part IV - The Twilighters' War Maiden
      1. Imperial Palace
      2. Los Labyrinth
      3. Sacred Rahet
      4. Command Base, Imperial Capital Watt, and Imperial Palace
    9. Walkthrough: Part V - Return! Time of Darkness
      1. Imperial Capital Watt IV
      2. Command Base II
      3. Catacombs
    10. Walkthrough: Part VI - Cry of the Guardian
      1. Maarport II
      2. Shipsink
      3. Exploration Intermission: Oceans
      4. Salny
      5. Sal Garthr
      6. Salny Refuge
      7. Salny II
      8. Intermission: Side Stuff I
    11. Walkthrough: Part VII - Surprise at the Border
      1. Scar Top
    12. Walkthrough: Part VIII - The Price of Temptation
      1. Yugebury
      2. Holy Cave
    13. Walkthrough: Part IX - Stagnated Memories
      1. Wyllia
      2. Marsh End
    14. Walkthrough: Part X - A Friend Reflected
      1. Mirror Lake and Royal Capital Marche
    15. Walkthrough: Part XI - Lost Hope
      1. The Chase
      2. Catacombs II
    16. Walkthrough: Part XII - The Ambition of Krom
      1. Mind's End
    17. Walkthrough: Part XIII - Destroyer of All
      1. Imperial Palace II
      2. Dhaka Venu
    18. Walkthrough: Part XIV - The Final Clash
      1. Regroup Time
      2. If Not By Sea, Then By Air (AKA World Exploration)
      3. Royal Capital Marche
      4. Archives
      5. Lunar Kiln
      6. Dhaka Venu II
    19. Walkthrough: Part XV - The Truth of the Moon (Post Game Content)
      1. Fade Valley/Fade Realm
      2. Fade Town
      3. Fade Gorge
      4. Pale Tower
    20. Walkthrough: Part XVI - Reunion! Dry your Tears (Post Game Content)
      1. Fade Ridge
      2. Fade Lake
    21. Walkthrough: Part XVII - The End of Tales (Post Game Content)
      1. Imperial Capital Watt (plus others)
      2. Sacred Rahet/Royal Capital Marche
      3. Lunar Kiln 2
      4. Map Cleanup
      5. Side Quests: Final Spritnites
      6. Side Quest: VIP Shop
      7. Spritnite Orb
      8. Extra Ending
      9. Moonlight Battleground
      10. Fade Valley (Bonus Dungeon)
      11. Random Extras
    22. Characters
      1. Main Characters (Character Spoilers)
      2. Sub Characters (Minor Spoilers)
    23. Vulcosuits
    24. Monsters (Spoilers)
    25. Items (Character Spoilers)
      1. Weapons (Character Spoilers)
      2. Armor
      3. Consumable Items
      4. Materials
      5. Ingredients
      6. Food
      7. Valuables
    26. Spritnite
      1. Skill Spritnite (Character Spoilers)
      2. Counter Spritnite (Character Spoilers)
      3. Momentum Spritnite
    27. Geography (Area Spoilers)
    28. Memories
      1. Memories (Subsection)
      2. Artifacts
    29. Story (Spoilers)
      1. Summary (Spoilers)
      2. Terminology (Spoilers)
    30. Side Quests and Activities
      1. Seek Ingredients (Minor Spoilers)
      2. Moon's Soul
      3. Rainbow Spritnite
      4. Sunlight Spritnite
      5. Chrono Spritnite
      6. War Maiden Spritnite
      7. Tyranny Spritnite
      8. Raggy's Spritnite
      9. Isolation Spritnite
      10. VIP Shop
      11. Final Weapons
    31. Maps (Major Spoilers)
    32. Full List Trophies (Spoilers, but mostly hidden)
    33. Legal Information
    34. Final Thoughts

    Pre-Guide Information: My Intro, Email, Donation Info, and Spoiler Warnings.

    NOTE: The guide is done, though this is a first draft of the guide. There will be typos and grammar mistakes. I will be working on correcting these over time, though I am going to take a break for a bit because I have spent 200 hours working on the guide.
    NOTE II: While I was writing the guide it became challenging to write extra comments for Pip and Rowen, so only the beginning sections have them. When I edit the guide for grammar and typos, I will add them to the later parts.

    Hello. My name is William. I usually write fiction but decided to try out some guide writing, so I can work on other writing skills as well. I am the sole writer of the guide even though I have other characters “helping” me. They are there for having a little fun and trying to make the guide more than just, go here, go here, and here.

    Making a guide takes a lot of time and effort so if anyone would like to donate you can donate using PayPal here: paypal.me/WJStories

    Any contact with me that I deem disrespectful will be ignored and if it keeps happening it will be reported. There is no need for anger, and it will not be tolerated. I have created this guide from scratch, so if you see any problems, you can email me at wjsgameguides@gmail.com. If it is information, I will make a note at the end of the guide of anyone who gives me additional information or corrections. They will be updated every so often. I will also credit them in the areas that the information is. I have done my best to make the guide as useful as possible and accurate as possible. If something isn’t just let me know and I will change it. Easy right?

    Certain sections will be designated as a spoiler on the table of contents. These sections may contain information you might not want to look at right away. Usually in the form of Character names you might not have yet or other information that I consider a spoiler in some way. Trophies have spoilers, but I have put spoiler boxes over the ones that are spoilers, so you can't see them easily unless you highlight them. I will have trophies listed as you go through the walkthrough. This will inform you as to the earliest points you can work on an individual trophy, or it will let you know to keep an eye out for them. Of course, the walkthrough has significant spoilers throughout so don't read ahead. Heck, try not to look at the section listings if possible.

    Alright. Let’s get on with the guide!