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  1. I personally don't mind taking an L if I played bad, I don't want auto save off just to save scum, but rather when I play a handful of games and then want to switch to my other franchise I have going (I have one as a manager, one as a player, and one as an owner) It is annoying to have to scroll through 3 pages of different auto saves to get down to my last manual save. Sure in comparison to other frustrating things it is rather minor, but when I go from playing 5-6 games of my player franchise and then I feel like going to my owner save it is frustrating to see 12 different auto saves one before training then another before the game then another before the second training then another before the second game, etc,etc Just to get down to my manual saves.

    User Info: hh97

    hh97 - 1 month ago

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