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Game Script by RE2LeonS

Updated: 06/20/06

* Resident Evil: Code Veronica X  *
*           Game Script           * 
*            NGC - PS2            *
*      FAQ Copyright: Patrick     *
*       RE2LeonS@hotmail.com      * 

*       1.0.0. - Prologue                                           *
*       2.0.0. - Opening                                            * 
*                                                                   *
*       3.0.0. - Part I - Claire                                    *
*             3.0.0. - Rodrigo Has a Heart                          *
*             3.0.1. - Love at First Shot                           *
*             3.0.2. - Contacting Leon                              *
*             3.0.3. - Double Lugar Danger                          *
*             3.0.4. - Woo Pretty Red Dot!                          *
*             3.0.5. - Alarm? Run!                                  *
*             3.0.6. - Claire the Rat                               *
*             3.0.7. - Your Turn To Do The Work                     *
*             3.0.8. - Oh Boo hoo! Poor Steve                       *
*             3.0.9. - Steve's Family Issue's                       * 
*             3.1.0. - Be Nice, He Saved You                        *
*             3.1.1. - Alexia who?                                  *
*             3.1.2. - Wesker's Return                              *
*             3.1.3. - Alexia? Alfred?!                             *
*             3.1.4. - Run Claire Run                               *
*             3.1.5. - HaHa Your SOL!                               *
*             3.1.6. - Claires Other Stalker                        *
*             3.1.7. - Enjoy your flight to hell                    *
*             3.1.8A. - Claire's Lovely Behind                      *
*             3.1.8B. - Claire's Lovely Behind 2                    *
*             3.1.9. - Alferd...Screams?                            *
*             3.2.0. - Steve Thinks He's Tough                      *
*                                                                   *
*       4.0.0. - Part II - Chris                                    *
*             4.0.0. - So Now Chris Comes!                          *
*             4.0.1A. - Rodrigo's Back                              *
*             4.0.1B. - Rodrigo's Back 2 (Under Construction)       *
*             4.0.2. - Alexia Singing                               *
*             4.0.3. - Wesker Finds Chris                           *
*             4.0.4. - Goodbye Rockfort Island!                     *
*             4.0.5. - Reunited                                     *
*                                                                   * 
*       5.0.0. - Part III - Claire                                  *  
*             5.0.0. - Steve Chained                                *
*             5.0.1. - Claire and Steve's Love                      *
*                                                                   *
*       6.0.0. - Part IV - Chris                                    *
*             6.0.0. - Alexia's 1st Form                            *
*             6.0.1. - Chris Hears Claire                           *
*             6.0.2. - Final Battle                                 *
*             6.0.3. - Chris Vs. Wesker                             *
*             6.0.4. - Ending                                       *
*                                                                   *
*       7.0.0. - Updates                                            *
*                                                                   *
*       8.0.0. - Copyrights                                         *
*                                                                   *


1. Prologue



The American mid-western town.

"Raccoon City" has been

completely decimated due to

the T-virus outbreak

that was instigated by 

the international corporation


Claire Redfield.

who arrived in Raccoon City

to search for her lost brother Chris,

and a rookie police officer,

Leon S. Kennedy managed

to escape from the city,

but their ordeal was only

a prelude of things to come...


2. Opening


3 months later...

(Prison Cell)

Guard 1: "Your identification number is WKD4496. Welcome to your new home."

(Knock's Claire Out)

(Claire Running Through Paris Lab)

Unknown Speaker: "Her name is Claire Redfield. We caught her trespassing in 
                  our Paris Lab facility 10 days ago. She apparently
                  infiltrated the complex looking for her lost brother, Chris
                  Redfield, one of the surviving members of R.P.D.'s famous
                  S.T.A.R.S. teams."

(Claire dodges guards and helicopter into a separate hallway, gets up and runs
down the hallway while getting shot at, she jumps down steps, into a room full
with guards, she fires 3 rounds into flammable gas, knocks guards out and hears
footsteps coming down the stairs, she falls back onto steps and aims gun with
no bullets left at the person, at the same time the person aim gun back.)

Rodrigo: "Don't Move."

Part I - Claire

    3.0.0. Rodrigo Has a Heart


(Back in Prison)

(Claire awakes with the sound of bombs going off and dust falling from the
ceiling. A mysterious person moves towards the door of her cell, panting,
Claire flicks on her lighter, its Rodrigo, he unlocks her cell and opens the
door. He walks slowly to the chair in the corner and takes out a bottle and
looks at it.)

(Rodrigo throw bottle)

Rodrigo: "Perfect! Go on, get out of here, this place is finished. I don't
          know, it might have been a special forces team. But in any case this
          prison has been taken over, the troops have been wiped out."

Claire: "What are you saying?"

Rodrigo: "Your free to leave the complex, but you may as well know, you have
          no chance of getting off this island."

Claire: "And what about you, what are you going to do?"

Rodrigo: "Don't worry about me."


   3.0.1. Love at First Shot


(Claire dodges machine gun shots and shoots out light, shoots  more rounds 
till she hears a voice)

Steve: "Waa! Wait wait! Don't Shoot!"

Claire: "Who are you!"

Steve: "Huh? Your not a zombie. Oh Great, wait right there, I’m coming over."

(Steve jumps down)

Steve: "Uh sorry about that little misunderstanding, but I thought you were
        another one of them mon..."

(Claire interrupts)

Claire: "Shut up! Make one wrong move and I’ll shoot!"

Steve: "Relax beautiful. I said I was sorry, my names Steve. I was a prisoner
        on this island and I’m guessing your not from Umbrella either."

Claire: "No I'm Claire, Claire Redfield."

Steve: "Claire, hmm nice, I'll remember that. Hey I heard there’s an airport 
        around here, once I find it I can finally escape from this crazy
        island. I'll see yeah."

(Steve runs toward door)

Claire: "Hey wait up!"

(Steve turns around)

(Steve shacks finger and makes a clicking sound with his tongue against the
back of his upper teeth"

Steve: "I don't want you following me lady, you'll only slow me down."

(Steve runs threw door)


3.0.2.	Contacting Leon


(Typing in the background)

Steve: "Chris Redfield..."

Claire: "What are you doing here?"

Steve: "Chris Redfield...is he a relative of yours or something?"

Claire: "You mean my brother?"

Steve: "Ahh...your siblings. Well it seems your brother is under surveillance
        by Umbrella."

Claire: "What?! I got to connect Leon and tell him to let my brother know he's
         being monitored. Its a good thing I have access to an outside
         connection from here."

Steve: "Well that file shows the latitude and longitude of this place. Ha! Why
        don't you send your brother the coordinates and ask him to come help."

Claire: "Thanks! I'll do that!"

Steve: "Hey! I was just kidding! There’s no way he could get here, even if he
        is your brother."

Claire: "Yes he can, I'm sure of it."

Steve: "No way! He won't come! You'll end up disappointed if you rely on
        others! Believe me! I know!"

(Steve runs out of the room)

Claire: "What was that all about?"


   3.0.3. Double Lugar Danger


(Right when Claire is about to Leave Palace)

(Steve Screams)

Steve: "Ahh!! Help me!!"

Claire: "Steve?!"

(Back in gun room, Steve is trapped in the trick room, Claire flips the right
switches, and Steve comes out)

(Steve panting)

Steve: "That was to close. But I found something, thanks to...you. Looks cool

Claire: "Oh I need those, give them to me."

Steve: "You've got to be kidding, I found it, and I’m keeping it. Fine, lets
        make a deal, I'll trade you for something fully automatic."

(Claire doesn't respond)

Steve: "See you around Claire, Adios!"

Claire: "Hey Wait! Steve!"

(Steve runs out of the room)


   3.0.4.   Woo Pretty Red Dot!


(Claire spots a laser going up her leg to her head and dodges from gun shots)

Alfred: "Redfield, how dare you interfere with my operation."

Claire: "What are you talking about?!"

Alfred: "You let yourself be captured so you could lead your people to this

Claire: "I have no idea what your babbling about."

Alfred: "You don't fool me! I am Alfred Ashford, commander of this base."

Claire: "Oh?! You must be one of Umbrella's lower level officers if your
         commander of a back water base like this one!"

(Alfred Shoots gun into air)

Alfred: "How dare you! The Ashford family is among the worlds first and finest,
         my grandfather is one of the original founders of Umbrella Inc. Now
         tell me, why have you attacked this installations?"

Claire: "Attacked?!"

Alfred: "Shortly after you arrived, my base was attacked, you must have
         informed your people its location."

Claire: "I still don't follow you, I really don't know anything about that."

Alfred: "Unacceptable! How can you deny it, my base has been destroyed, and
         thanks to you the experimental T-Virus was released, creating
         countless zombies and monsters....Tell me, who do you work for? Who
         sent you!"

(Alfred Shoots gun at the column near Claire's head)

(Alfred laughs)

Alfred: "Have it your way then, your just a rat in a cage anyway. I'll be sure
         to keep you entertained before I dispose of you."

(Alfred walks up stairs laughing)


   3.0.5.     Alarm? Run!


(Lab in the Military Training Facility)

(Claire hears alarm go off and red light is blinking in next room with glass)

(Researcher hits on the glass)

Claire: "I can't get the door open!"

(A big claw grabs researchers head and smash's it into glass)

(Claire leaves lab)

Alarm: "Biohazard contamination detected, level 3, emergency shutters will

(Claire runs to and down the stairs and slides under shutter)

Claire: "Phew that was close."


  3.0.6. Claire the Rat


(Runs after Alfred)

(Shutter shuts behind Claire)

Claire: (Gasps)

(Claire runs to shutter but doesn't make it)

Alfred: (Giggles) "Welcome Claire, consider the area your in...a special
                   playground I have prepared just for you. Please try and keep
                   me amused and do not disappoint me by dying to soon. I so
                   want to enjoy this."

(Alfred Giggles)

(Claire goes through door)


 3.0.7.  Your Turn To Do The Work


(Claire Picks up Machine Guns)

(Claire runs towards stairs, door locks and a brainsnatcher is released)

(Door at the bottom unlocks and opens)

(Claire attempts to go through but another Brainsnatcher grabs her by the head)

Claire: (Muffled) "Uh! Nooo!!"

(Steve smashes through window and shoots brainstacher, dropping Claire, Steve
Kills it)

Steve: "Oh yeah, that felt good! Don't worry Claire, your night and shining
        armor is here."

Claire: "You wish, but thanks for the help."

Steve: "See this is why you need me, I got your back."

Claire: "Whatever. Here take these."

(Claire holds out machine guns)

Steve: "Machine guns?! For me?!"

Claire: "You know the deal, in exchange for your lugers"

Steve: (Laughs) "Okay! Okay!"

(Claire and Steve exchange weapons)

Steve: (Laughs) "This thing is to cool. Yes! Now this is my kind of weapon."

(Steve tries to shoot)

Steve: "Alright! Huh? Hey! This things empty, your cheated me."

Claire: "Up there, plenty of ammo, just for you."

Steve: "Way up there?"

Claire: "Gimme a boost, and I’ll get it for you."

Steve: "Alright, Alright."

(Claire steps on Steve's back)

Steve: (In Pain) "Ow! My back! Your heavier then you look. Hurry up!"

(Claire steps down and hands over ammo)

Claire: "Happy now?"

(Turntable activates and goes down)

Steve: "Wa, wa, what!"

Alfred’s Voice: "Now that your knight has made his appearance, he can join you
                 in your decent into death."

(Turntable stops)

Steve: "Okay, Lets do it! Wait here Claire."

(Steve cocks back both guns)

Steve: "Time to test out my new toy."

(Steve laughs and leaves room)


  3.0.8.  Oh Boo hoo! Poor Steve


(B1F Elevator shaft)

Steve: "It was dirty work, but this area is now clean."

(Claire runs in)

Steve: "See you can depend on me....You see, this thing is more reliable that
        any person."

Claire: "Then people?

(Steve walks forward)

Claire: "Steve...what were you doing here? Who brought you here? And where
         is your family?"

Steve: "Shut up! I don't want to talk about it!"

(Steve shoots gun into air)

Claire: "Steve..."

Steve: "Never mind, lets get going."


  3.0.9. Steve's Family Issue's


(Claire and Steve take elevator to 2F and out the door to balcony)

(Claire and Steve both fall through balcony and Claire's foot get caught in 

(Claire tries pulling her leg out)

Steve: "Claire, are you okay?"

Claire: "Steve behind you!"

Steve: (Aims guns at zombie and backs away) "...No!"

(Zombie gets up and walks towards Steve)

Claire: "What’s wrong Steve? Shoot him!"

Steve: "Wait...I can't! No!"

Claire: "Steve!"

(Zombie turns towards Claire)

Claire: "No!"

(Zombie nearly biting Claire)

Steve: (Aims guns and starts firing with anger) "Father!"

(Zombie dies)

Claire: "Steve..."

(Steve falls to his knee's)

Steve: (Cries) "Father...Father...Father"

(Screen goes black)

Steve: "Dad...used to work for Umbrella. Tried to steal information, planning
        to sell it off to the highest bidder. He was caught, Mom was killed,
        we were sent here."

Claire: "Oh Steve."

Steve: "He was a fool to do something so reckless, so stupid."

(Claire kneels next to him and puts her hand on his shoulder)

Claire: "It okay now, just rest."


   3.1.0.  Be Nice, He Saved You

					*Note Only if you obtained Hemostat*

(Prison Cell)

(Rodrigo points gun at Claire)

Rodrigo: "What are you doing here?"

(Claire puts Hemostat on table)

Rodrigo: "Hemostatic medicine, how kind of you. Thanks"

(Claire puts lighter on table)

Claire: "Here let me help you with that."

Rodrigo: "Thanks, but I can take care of myself, just go."

(Claire looks at the lighter)

Claire: "Keep it, it was a gift from my brother. But..."

Rodrigo: "Thanks. Here let me give you this in return, you might need it more
          then I, now go, don't worry about me."

(Rodrigo hands Claire a lock pick)

(Claire goes up to Rodrigo)

Rodrigo: "You better get out of here while your still able."


   3.1.1.  Alexia Who?


Alexia: "Keep focused brother, our enemy is only a little girl. Oh why is this
         taking so long?"

Alfred: "My apologizes Alexia, but I have been doing my best."

Alexia: "The revival of the Ashford family depends on your success brother."

Alfred: "I am aware of that Alexia. I will revive the family name myself and
         make you the master of the glorious Ashford family."

Alexia: "Do not worry brother, I will handle both of them myself. Who is there?
         Is someone in the corridor?"

(Alexia looks out window)

(Claire hides around corner)

Alfred: "What is it Alexia?"

Alexia: "N...nothing, I believe I must have been imagining things. Let us go


   3.1.2.  Wesker's Return


(Claire reaches for door)

Wesker: "Greetings! You must be the lovely Claire Redfield."

Claire: "Who are you?"

Wesker: "Lets just say that I’m a ghost, coming back to haunt your...dear

Claire: "Wesker?!"

Wesker: "It seems there’s not much explaining to do is there? I was the one who
         attacked this island. Who'd of though you'd be hanging about?"

(Wesker laughs)

Wesker: "All the better for me, now that the cat dragged in this nice
         surprised, your ever so caring brother. He'll definitely show up. I
         must thank you for being such good bait."

Claire: "I don't know what went on between you two, but you have him all wrong,
         my brother's not the kind of person you think he is."

(Wesker grabs Claire by the throat)

Wesker: "I despise Chris!"

Claire: "What are you going to do to him?"

(Wesker slaps Claire to the ground)

(Wesker steps on Claire's shoulder)

Weskers: "Oh how your brother will be surprised to see you die"

(Ear piece beeps)

Wesker: "What? What is it? Stay there, I’m coming."

(Wesker kicks Claire in the face)

Wesker: "It appears you may be of some further use to me, I’m going to let you
         live...a little longer."

(Wesker's eye's glow red)

(Wesker leaves and Claire gets up)


   3.1.3.  Alexia? Alfred?!


Alexia: "Claire Redfield, hold it right there. We meet each other at last, a
         pity I must say good-bye so soon. I am Alexia Ashford for the pride
         of the Ashford family, I will kill you!"

(Alexia shoots a round and Claire and miss's)

Claire: "Wait!"

(Steve kicks open door)

Steve: "What’s going on?!"

(Alexia and Steve fire at each other, both get hit)

Claire: "Steve!"

(Alexia slips through door)

Claire: "A secret door!"

Steve: "After her!"

Claire: "Are you okay?"

Steve: "I'm fine, its just a scratch."

(Both enter through door)

(Claire checks wig)

Claire: "This must be..."

(Alfred attacks from above and Claire dodges)

(Steve kick's Alfred, Alfred gets up and looks into window)

Alfred: "What?! No!"

(Alfred runs away screaming)

Steve: "Wait a second, what just happened?"

Claire: "So there never was an Alexia after all!"

Steve: "You mean, he thinks he's two people? Okay that’s it, lets get out of


   3.1.4.   Run Claire Run


(Alarm goes off)

Alarm: "The self destruction system has been activated, all personnel evacuate

Claire: "What?! Alfred’s insane, he's trying to blow this entire place up."

Steve: "Claire!"

(Planes in the sky)

Steve: "Those must be the remaining survivors."

Claire: "We better get out of here too."

Steve: "Right. Lets go!"

(Steve on transporter)

Steve: "We got to get to that airport."


   3.1.5.   HaHa Your SOL!


(In the plane)

(Steve slams his hands on the controls)

Steve: "No! We can't take off unless we raise the bridge."

Claire: "Leave that to me, you stay here and make preparations for take off."

(Claire runs out of plane)


   3.1.6. Claires Other Stalker


(Claire in front of elevator)

Alarm: "Five minutes until detonation."

(Claire rides up elevator)

(Alfred typing)

Alfred: "I will not allow you fools to escape, this is what you get for trying
         to appose me, now feel my revenge."

(Alfred Laughs and press's button)

(Controls activate and T-078 is released)


  3.1.7. Enjoy your flight to hell


(Back in plane)

Steve: "What took you so long? I was starting to get worried."

Claire: "No time to explain, lets go!"

Steve: "Right, we're outta here, time to say goodbye to this death trap."

(Plane takes off)

Steve: "We made it! Ya hoo!"

Claire: "Ugh its finally over!"

Steve: "Claire, I’m sorry, I know I caused a lot of trouble for you."

Claire: "No its okay, it was hard for both of us."

Steve: "Well I really hope you find your brother. I know what its like to be

Claire: "Oh Steve."

(Steve clears throat)

Steve: "So where should we go now? I can take you where ever you want to go

(Claire laughs)

Claire: "I hear Hawaii's nice this time of year."

Steve: "You got it!"

(Claire and Steve laugh)

(Back on Rockfort Island)

(Alfred moves tank and opens up the door)

Alfred: "This game is not over yet, now you will see what real terror is all

(Alfred gets on the plane and leaves."

(Back on plane with Claire and Steve)

(Something bumps the plane)

Steve: "Hey, what the? The cargo room hatch is open."

Claire: "I'll go back and check it out."

Steve: "Thanks, I’ve unlocked the cargo room door."

(Claire is confronted by T-078 and defeats him)

Steve: "What was wrong?"

Claire: "Oh nothing, just a giant cockroach that had to be stepped on."

(Plane goes into auto pilot)

Claire: "What’s happening?"

Steve: "I don't know, the plane just changed direction on its own."

(Steve keeps trying the controls)

Steve: "Its flying in auto-pilot mode I can't switch over to manual control."

(Alfred appears on screen)

Alfred: "My apologizes but I cannot let you escape now."

(Alfred laughs)

Claire: "Alfred! Cross dressing freak!"

(Claire and Steve sit on the floor, Claire sleeps on his shoulder)

(Steve moves into to kiss Claire)

(Claire wakes up and Steve backs away and gets up)

(Steve looks out window)

Steve: "Hey, where are we?"

Claire: "Huh?"

Steve: "Latitude 82.17 degrees."

(Claire looks out window)

Steve: "That’s...the Antarctic, we're over the Antarctic!"

Claire: "What?!"

(Claire and Steve in pilot chairs)

Claire: "Hey those are the sea planes we saw leave the island right before us."

Steve: "Then that must mean...this place belongs to Umbrella!"

(Plane crashes into building)

(Claire and Steve are on the floor unconscious)

(Claire moans and rubs her head)

Claire: "Hey, wake up Steve."

(Steve moans and rubs his head)

Steve: "We're...still alive."

(Steve kicks the plane door open and jumps down)

(Steve catches Claire and falls to the ground)

(Claire gets up and offers him a hand)

Claire: "Thanks."

(Steve gets up and looks at the plane)

Steve: "Oh uh, the planes trashed, lets split up and find another way off this
        oversized freezer."

Claire: "Right."

Steve: "Okay, lets do it."

(Steve runs off)

				*Note these are alternate scenes
  3.1.8A.  Claire's Lovely Behind


(Claire picks up valve hand and exits the room)

(Steve stands in front of the controls)

Steve: "Claire, it looks like there’s an Australian observation base about
        seven miles away from here, that should be our target."

Claire: "Then if we could break through the wall with that digging vehicle, we
         might have a chance."

Steve: "Okay, lets do it!"

(Steve operates the controls)

(Claire leans on the other control box and watches the vehicle)

(Steve looks at Claire and loses control)

Claire: "Steve watch out!"

(The vehicle hits poison gas pipes)

Steve: "No! Its toxic gas."

(Claire runs for door, runs back and grabs Steve's hand)

Claire: "Come on!"

(Claire and Steve go though the door)

Steve: "Its all my fault."

Claire: "Don't say that, listen to me, we'll escape from here...together. Come
         on we've have to shut off the gas, if we split up we'll have a better
         chance of stopping it."

Steve: "Okay"

(Steve runs away)

Claire: "Steve! Don't forget we'll get out of here...together."


  3.1.8B.  Claire's Lovely Behind 2


(Claire checks the controls)

(Steve enters through door)

Steve: "Claire, it looks like there’s an Australian observation base about
        seven miles away from here, that should be our target."

Claire: "Great news and take a look at that, its a digging vehicle, if we break
         the wall with that we might have a chance."

Steve: "Okay, lets do it!"

(Steve operates the controls)

(Claire leans on the other control box and watches the vehicle)

(Steve looks at Claire and loses control)

Claire: "Steve watch out!"

(The vehicle hits poison gas pipes)

Steve: "No! Its toxic gas."

(Claire runs for door, runs back and grabs Steve's hand)

Claire: "Come on!"

(Claire and Steve go though the door)

Steve: "Its all my fault."

Claire: "Don't say that, listen to me, we'll escape from here...together. Come
         on we've have to shut off the gas, if we split up we'll have a better
         chance of stopping it."

Steve: "Okay"

(Steve runs away)

Claire: "Steve! Don't forget we'll get out of here...together."


   3.1.9.    Alferd...Screams?


(Claire turns valve handle and turns off the toxic gas)

Claire: "Ah we're safe now."

(Alfred comes through door)

Alfred: "Think again Claire, I’ll shall enjoy watching you shriek in agony."

(Steve kicks through door)

Steve: "Not this time!"

Alfred: "You again!"

(Both fire at each other, Steve dodges and fires)

(Alfred falls over railing and off the cliff)

(Nosferatu yells)

Claire: "What was that?"

(Nosferatu breaks free of his chains)

*Note you must pick up the Sniper Riffle*

Steve: "Claire what are you doing? Lets go."

(Steve and Claire in the digging vehicle)

Steve: "Are you ready? I'm going to bust through that wall."

Claire: "Go for it!"

(On the other side)

Steve: "Right."


  3.2.0.  Steve Thinks He's Tough


(Claire and Steve outside)

Steve: "Claire maybe we can escape through there."

(Steve points at the ladder)

Claire: "Come on lets go."

(Claire and Steve climb the ladder)

Steve: "Claire come on, finally we can get out of this insane place."

Claire: "Okay, lets go."

Steve: "Come on lets go, what are you scared?"

(Claire backs away from the ladder)

(Steve aims gun at Nosferatu)

Steve: "Move it!"

(Nosferatu hits Steve off the heliport)

Claire: "No Steve!"

(Steve hangs on to the ledge)

Claire: "Hold on I’ll wait for that monster and come back."

Steve: "Claire, forget about me, run!"

(Claire fight Nosferatu)

*Note ONLY if you kill Nosferatu with the Sniper Riffle

(Claire aims Sniper riffle)

Claire: "I've got you now!"

(Nosferatu scream in pain and hits the ground in slow motion)

(Claire breaths heavily)

Claire: "Steve!"

(Claire runs over to the ledge)

Claire: "Are you alright?"

(Steve looks up)

Steve: "Claire, your alive"

(Claire pulls Steve up)

Steve: "I'm sorry, I failed you"

Claire: "Don't worry about it, lets go"

Steve: "I swear I’ll protect you next time Claire"

(Claire walks down stairs)

Claire: "We did it! We're finally out!"

(Claire laughs)

Steve: "Look there's a snow mobile over there"

(Claire and Steve get into the snow mobile)

Claire: "Perfect! We'll be able to drive right over to the Australian base with

(Alfred leaning against the wall walking)

Alfred: "I won't forget about this Claire."

(Claire and Steve are talking in the snow mobile)

(Alfred falls onto the stairs)

Alfred: "Alexia..."

(Alexia tube drains out)

(Alfred looks up astonished)

Alfred: "Alexia...your finally awake...Alexia"

(Alfred dies)

(Alexia's tentacle bashes out through the top of the building)

(Steve laughs)

Steve: "Huh! What is that?!"

(The tentacle hits the side of the snow mobile)

(Claire and Steve are lifted up into the air and thrown in the snow mobile)

(Alexia holds Alfred and strokes his head)

Part II - Chris

    4.0.0. So Now Chris Comes!


(Back on Rockfort Island)

Chris's Voice: "Following up on a lead given to me by Leon has brought me

(Chris climbs a cliff)

(Chris loses his side back and continues)

(Chris reaches the top and stands up)

Chris's Voice: "Don't worry Claire, I’m coming to get you."

(Chris walks in and hears a monster yell)

(The cave's gets sealed shut by falling rocks)

Rodrigo: "I didn't expect to find another living person left on this island.
          Who are you?"

Chris: "I came here looking for a certain girl."

Rodrigo: "A girl?"

Chris: "Have you seen anyone named Claire Redfield?"

Rodrigo: "Did you just say Claire?"

Chris: "You know who she is, don't you?!"

(Chris puts his hand on Rodrigo's shoulder)

(Rodrigo's hits Chris's hand off)

Rodrigo: "Don't worry about her, I helped her escape, several planes took off
          from this island not long ago, well I can't say for certain, she was
          probably on one of them."

Chris: "I see, I guess my sister owes you, thanks for helping."

Rodrigo: "Everyone's gone, you'll be the only other person left, go on, follow
          your sister and get off this island."

(Chris stands up)

(The Gulp Worm bursts out through the dirt and eats Rodrigo)

                           *Note: You only get this specific scene if you give
                                  Rodrigo the lighter back
    4.0.1A. Rodrigo's Back


(Gulp worm spits out Rodrigo)

(Chris runs to help him and holds him)

Chris: "Hold on! Don't give up!"

Rodrigo: "Looks like I can meet my family again, here take this."

Chris: "What?"

Rodrigo: "She gave this to me as a token of thanks for saving her, I don't need
          it any...more."

(Rodrigo dies)


    4.0.1B. Rodrigo's Back 2


~~~~~~~~Under Construction~~~~~~~~~


    4.0.2. Alexia Singing

(Alexia sings)

(Alexia holds Alferd)

Alexia: "There was friendly, but nieve King, who wed a very nasty Queen..."

Chris: "Who is that?"

Alexia: "...then King was loved but, the Queen was feard."

(At the airport controls)

Alexia: "Till one day..."

Wesker: "Alexia?! No! She's already fully awake."

Alexia: "...strolling in his court an arrow pierced the kind King's heart..."

(Computer buzz's)

Wesker: "Chris...oh little fishy, come see my hook."

Alexia: "...he lost his life and his lady love."

Wesker: "Chris...I'm sending some company to keep you entertained."

(Wesker opens a pod)

Wesker: "Consider this a small welcoming gift from me, enjoy."

(Wesker laughs)


    4.0.3. Wesker finds Chris


(Evil laugh)

Wesker: "Long time no see Chris."

Chris: "Wesker?! Still Alive?!"

(Evil laugh)

Chris: "What are you doing here?"

Wesker: "I came for Alexia."

Chris: "Who?"

Wesker: "An organization hired me to capture her."

Chris: "Wait, you attacked the island! And my sister!"

(Chris raises weapon)

(Wesker superhumanly tackles Chris)

(Chris goes flying back and hits the back wall)

(Wesker fixes glasses)

(Evil laugh)

(Wesker picks up Chris by the throat and pins him against the wall)

Wesker: "You have no idea how much I hate you, you destored my plans, so now I
         sold my soul to a new organization. Now die."

(Chris punch's Wesker in the face)

(Wesker's glasses come off)

Wesker: "Here's a little secert Chris, I figured out that your sister is now in
         the Antartic with Alexia, it's to bad you'll never be seeing her

(Wesker laughs)

(Alexia laughs from a monitor)

(Monitor goes blank)

Wesker: "Alexia?"

(Wesker throws Chris)

(Chris hits and breaks a large standing test tube)

(Chris gasps for air)

(Brainstachers hand slowly moves down toward Chris)

(Chris dodges out of the way and picks up his weapon)


    4.0.4. Goodbye Rockfort Island!


(Chris enters room)

(Siren blares while a plane slowly reverses into the building)

Chris's Voice: "Hold on Claire, I'll save you."

(Engine's start and plane lifts off)

(Chris spots the location of his sister and lands in Antartica)


   4.0.5.   Reunited


(Chris cuts Claire out of the mucus trap)

(Chris holds Claire)

Chris: "...Claire."

(Claire wakes up)

Claire: "Chris!"

(They hug)

Claire: "I missed you so much."

Chris: "I know, but we have to get out of here."

Claire: "Not yet, we have to find Steve."

Chris: "Who's Steve?"

Claire: "He's a boy who escaped from that island with me, but then a monster 
         attacked us and we got seperated."

Chris: "So that means Steve is still some where on this base?"

Claire: "I'm sure of it"

(Alexia laughs)

Chris: "It's Alexia!"

Claire: "Alexia? There really is an Alexia?"

(Alexia laughs)

Alexia: "It is almost time you declivity inferior siblings."

(Alexia leaves)

Chris: "After her! She might know where Steve is!"

Claire: "Lets go!"

(Chris and Claire run up the stairs)

(A tenticle bursts out of the wall and breaks the stairs, seperating Chris and 

(Claire gets up and checks over the ledge)

Claire: "Chris!"

(Steve screams)

Steve: "No!"

Chris: "Just go, I'll be fine."

Claire: "But Chris..."

Chris: "You've got to save Steve, go!"

(Claire leaves)

Part III - Claire

    5.0.0. Steve Chained


(Claire opens the gate and her's the door lock behind her)

(Claire runs down the long hallway and finds Steve chained up)

Claire: "Steve?"

(Steve wakes up)

Steve: "Ugh... Claire?"

(Claire tries to take off the axe blocking his escape)

Claire: "No, I can't do it! Who did this to you?"

Steve: "That crazy woman told me she was going to perform the same experiment
        on me that she on her own father, she completely insane"

(Heart beats loudly and Steve quivers in pain and grabs his chest)

Claire: "Whats wrong?"

(Steve push's Claire out of the way)

Steve: "Claire...can't breathe...Claire...help me...Claire!"

(Steve mutates)

Claire: "Steve!"

(Steve looks up)

Claire: "No wait!"

(Steve grabs axe and stands up)

(Gate starts to close)

(Steve swips with his axe and Claire dodges under the gate)


    5.0.1. Claire and Steve's Love


(Steve hacks at the gate)

(claire breathes)

(Alexia's tenticle breaks through the wall and hits Claire)

(The tenticle wraps around Claire and picks her up)

(Steve breaks through the gate and walks toward Claire)

(Steve raises axe and swings)

(The axe stops inchs away from Claire head)

Steve: "C..Claire."

(Claire looks up)

(Steve shifts his position and cuts the tenticle)

(The tenticles hits Steve hard)

(Steve hits the wall and starts to transform back into a human)

(Claire gets up and stops in front of him)

Claire: "Oh Steve."

(Claire drops to her knees and picks up his hand)

(Steve puts her hand on his cheek)

Steve: "Your warm

Claire: "Steve, you've got to hang in there, okay? My brother's come to save
         us. We're getting out of here."

Steve: "Your... brother kept his promise, I'm sorry I can't not."

Claire: "What? What are you saying?"

Steve: "I'm glad that I met you, I..I love you..C..Claire."

(Steve stops breathing)

Claire: "Steve? Steve? Steve?!"

(Claire Cries)

Part IV - Chris

    6.0.0. Alexia's 1st Form


(Chris hides behind a column)

(Alexia laughs)

Wesker: "At last, I found you Alexia. Come with me."

(Alexia laughs)

Wesker" "Your responsable for the creation of the T-Veronica virus. And now the
         only excisting sample is in your body. I want it! Now!"

Alexia: "You want it? You are not worthy of its power."

(Alexia laughs)

(Alexia walks down the stairs and turns to fire and into her first form)

(Wesker's eyes widen)

(Alexia hits Wesker)

(Wesker flips backwards and lands on his hands and knees)

(Alexia jumps)

(Wesker dodges out of her way)

Wesker: "You're coming with me."

(Alexia's hand ignites and throws a tickle of liquid at Wesker)

(Wesker runs while the trail of liquid ignites)

(Wesker runs around the wall and punch's Alexia in the face)

(Alexia throws another tickle of liquid toward Wesker)

(Wesker dodges and Chris dodges from out behind the column)

Wesker: "Chris!"

Chris: "Wesker..."

(Alexia throws another trickle of liquid and ignites Wesker arm)

(Wesker puts it on and turns to Chris)

Wesker: "Chris, since your one of my best men, i'll let you handle this."

(Wesker runs out the door, Alexia trickles liquid across the bottom of the
door frame and ignites the floor)

(Chris runs for the stairs and suddles dodges from the liquid)

(Chris stands up in Alexia's path)


    6.0.1. Chris Hears Claire


(Chris hears Claire crying)

Chris: "Claire? Is that you Claire?!"

Claire: "Chris?"

Chris: "No! The door wont open. Hey, is Steve with you?"

(Claire keeps crying)

Claire: "Steve...he..."

(Claire cries harder)

Chris: "Listen Claire, you have to get out of here immediatly, can you unlock 
        it from the inside?"

Claire: "No, I can't."

(Chris tries to break down the door)

Claire: "Chris, there should be a self-destruct system somewhere, If you 
         activate it, all the electronic locks might be deactivated."

(Claire slides Security File under door)


    6.0.2. Final Battle


(Chris activates the self destruct system)

(Large cylinders move down)

Alarm: "This facility will detinate in 5 minutes. All doors are now unlocked."

(Chris exits the room)

(Claire runs up the stairs)

Claire: "You made it!"

Chris: "Of course, come on! Lets get out of here."

(Tenticle breaks through the center of the floor)

(The tenticle turns down and Alexia comes out of it)

Claire: "What are we going to do?"

(Chris looks around and see's the Linear Launcher)

Chris: "Okay, turn the key clockwise similaniously on three."

Claire: "Got it."

Chris: "One...Two...Three."

(Chris and Claire turn the keys and the plastic door opens)

Alarm: "Initiating energy injection. Warning the saftey bar will not be released
        until charging is complete."

(Alexia turns around and walks towards them)

Chris: "I'll keep her busy, just go for the emergency elevator."

Claire: "Chris but.."

(Chris interupts)

Chris: "I can take care of this, just go!"

Claire: "You have to make it, don't die on me!"

(Claire runs toward stairs)

(Alexia stop her with a liquid fire line)

-Shoot Alexia or Claire dies-

(Alexia falls to her knee's and transforms into her second form)

-Pump Alexia full of ammo-

(Alexia transforms into her thrid form)

(Linear Launcher's saftey bar unscrews and releases)

(Chris aims at Alexia and blows her up)

(Chris sheilds his eyes and dodges the flames)


    6.0.3. Chris Vs. Wesker


(Chris turns the corner and see's Wesker holding his sister by the arms and

(Wesker laughs)

Claire: "Chris!"

Wesker: "Move!"

Chris: "Claire! No!"

(Chris dodges the zombies and runs down the hallway pushing them over and burst
through a couple doors and stops)

Claire: "Chris!"

(Wesker grabs her hair)

Wesker: "Well done Chris, it turns out that Alexia's work wasn't much of 
         anything, so now the only thing left now is revenge."

Chris: "Let her go Wesker, you don't want her!"

Wesker: "Fine"

(Throw's Claire to Chris)

Chris: "Claire!"

Wesker: "Today's a good day, I came for Alexia, but killing you is even better."

Chris: "Sorry to disspoint you but Alexia is gone."

Wesker: "Thats no longer a concern to me, I have Steve to work with."

Claire: "What?"

Chris: "Steve?"

Wesker: "In his body, theres still a little T-Alexia virus. Steve should be a 
        good specimen. Maybe he'll come back alive, just as I did. An be able
        to see your sister again."

Chris: "You freak!"

(Claire runs at Wesker and Chris graps her)

Claire: "Don't you touch him!"

Wesker: "I'm sorry dear heart, but my men have already taken him."

Chris: "You get out of here Claire."

Claire: "But what about...?

ChrisL: "As a surviving member of S.T.A.R.S., I have to do this."

Claire: "Okay, remember your promise."

(Claire exits)

Chris: "I'll end this once and for all, say 'hello' to my commards who you've 

Wesker: "I don't know where you get your confidence Chris."

(Wesker walks forward and Chris backs up and hits his hand on a pipe)

(Chris picks up a pipe and wacks Wesker in the face with it)

(Chris takes another swing)

(Wesker blocks it with his arm and grabs the pipe)

(Wesker kicks Chris in the stomach)

(Chris goes flying back and lands on his stomach)

(Building shakes)

Alarm: "The self destruct system has been activated. All personel evacuate 

(Claire runs up to the plain, building shakes, Claire looks behind her at the 

Alarm: "The self destruct system has been activated. All personel evacuate 

(Chris gets up)

(Wesker punchs him repeatedtly, kicks him, grabs Chris by the hair and punchs 
him again)

Wesker: "Sure i'm not human anymore, but look at the power i've gained."

(Wesker upper cuts Chris and Chris hits the floor)

(Chris looks up at the floating steal beams to the controller)

Wesker: "Magnificant, don't you think?"

(Wesker jumps up, Chris dodges and lunges at the controls, Wesker punchs the 
ground and Chris releases the steal beams)

(Steal beams fall on Wesker)

(Chris gets up and leans against the wall)

(Steal beams begin to move)

(Wesker rises)

(They both walk toward each other)

Wesker: "Nice try."

Chris: "Wesker."

(Explosion occurs and seperates Wesker and Chris)

(Wesker with a burnt face)

Wesker: "Today's your lucky day, next time we meet, don't count on another."

Chris: "Next time."

Wesker: "Until we meet again."

(Wesker laughs)


    6.0.4. Ending


(Chris runs for the elevator)

Claire: "Chris where are you?"

(Chris hopes into the elevator as everything underneith him is exploding)

(Chris leaps from the elevator and lands on the nose of the plane)

Claire: "Chris!"

Chris: "Hey, you know I always keep my promises."

(Claire laughs)

Claire: "Chris promise me, please promise that you won't leave me alone again."

Chris: "I'm sorry Claire, but its not over yet, there's still something we have
        to do."

Claire: "You mean..."

Chris: "Yeah, it's pay back time, we gotta destory Umbrella, now lets finish 
        this once and for all!"

(Plane shoots off into the distance)


    7.0.0. Updates


March 23rd 2006 - Added one new scene, forgot about it, thanks to LoneWolf for 
                  reminding me of that scene.


    8.0.0. Copyrights


1) I have taken my entire summer dedicated to writing these Game Scripts so
   please do not use this Game Script with out my permission. Its pretty unfair
   for someone to take credit for something they didn't bother to work on. So 
   please if you wish to use this, e-mail me at (RE2LeonS@hotmail.com)

2) If you do ask for my permission and I allow you to use this, please credit
   myself and everyone else that has helped me accomplish this game script.

3) All rights are reserved by Capcom.
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