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FAQ/Walkthrough by Mysticcat

Version: Final | Updated: 01/10/02

This FAQs is (c) Copyright 2001 by Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan.


  ###  ####  ###  # ####  #### #     # #####   #### #   # # #
  #  # #    #   # # #   # #    ##    #   #     #    #   # # #
  #  # #     #    # #   # #    # #   #   #     #    #   # # #
  ###  ###    #   # #   # ###  #  #  #   #     ###  #   # # #
  ##   #       #  # #   # #    #   # #   #     #    #   # # #
  # #  #    #   # # #   # #    #    ##   #     #     # #  # #
  #  # ####  ###  # ####  #### #     #   #     ####   #   # ####

                    ###   ###  ####  ####
                   #   # #   # #   # #
                   #     #   # #   # #
                   #     #   # #   # ###
                   #     #   # #   # #
                   #   # #   # #   # #
                    ###   ###  ####  ####

         #   # #### ###   ###  #     # #  ###    #
         #   # #    #  # #   # ##    # # #   #  # #
         #   # #    #  # #   # # #   # # #     #   #
         #   # ###  ###  #   # #  #  # # #     #   #
         #   # #    ##   #   # #   # # # #     #####
          # #  #    # #  #   # #    ## # #   # #   #
           #   #### #  #  ###  #     # #  ###  #   #

                     COMPLETE VERSION


     #                                                    #
     #   by Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan "Mysticcat"             #
     #   Platform : Sega Dreamcast & Sony Playstation 2   #
     #   Version : Final                                  #
     #   Program : Microsoft Word                         #
     #   Email : kthoa@hcm.vnn.vn                         #
     #   Created : July 4th , 2001                        #
     #   End : January 6th 2002                           #
     #                                                    #


                   T.A.B.L.E. O.F. C.O.N.T.E.N.T.S.



   7.2/ PALACE
  7.11/ AIRPORT

  7.17/ STEVE...

     B. M93R HANDGUN
     D. M-100P
     G. BOW GUN
     J. MAGNUM
    B/ D.I.J.'S DIARY
    A/ PRISON B1
    B/ PRISON 1F
    I/ PALACE 1F
    J/ PALACE 2F
    K/ PALACE B1
    S/ AIRPLANE (Claire)
    15.5/ STRATEGY
    15.7/ FUNNY STUFF
    15.8/ SECRETS



1/ I.N.T.R.O.D.U.C.T.I.O.N.


  Hi everyone ! I have played Resident Evil series more than 3 years
ago. And I consider Resident Evil Code Veronica to be my best game in
series. I try to find out about this game and begin to write this FAQs,
especially for beginners of this game. Let me introduce about the game I
will present today :
  Name : Resident Evil Code Veronica
  Platform : Dreamcast
  Released date : February 29th , 2000
  Developer and Publisher : Capcom
  This game was made with best graphic in series. Some of the fans also
consider this is the best of series, too. I think every Resident Evil
has their own points and styles. We can't determine certainly. And if we
are true fans, just play and enjoy as usual, don't compare or criticize
too much, okay ? I think you'll like this game if you play. If not, just
consider as a kind of fun.
  This guide can be used to play Biohazard Code Veronica, Resident Evil
Code Veronica, Resident Code Veronica Complete or Resident Evil Code
Veronica X. This is my real purpose to make this guide. As you see, I
add some menus about the related Resident Evil Code Veronica for you to
know the difference. They are almost the same, except the beta version
which was cancelled. Please remember, this guide is not only for
Resident Evil Code Veronica.
  In the guide, I'll introduce the basics that are necessary for new
players and add some outside information about this great game. This
guide also can be used for expert players who want to know more hidden
miracles of the game. Those information were collected from different
sources which are written here. I'd like to open a FAQs (Frequently
Asked Questions) menu but it wasn't. But now I have decided. I still
open it to answer the unknown questions of readers in my effort. This
menu might be not very good because :
- I'm not a person who have a logic to understand the deep story or
explain it by English and answer your questions.
- English is not my native language. I have been learning and I feel
that now I don't have enough knowledge to answer complex questions.
  But I still hope everyone would accept it as having accepted the
previous versions of the guide. I'll try to make it more perfect.
  About this part, you can go to CVXFREAK's guide also in Gamefaqs.com
to find the answers about storyline. His FAQs is wonderful and has a
Frequently Asked Questions menu for those problems from readers.
  But let me let you know some important parts. I make this guide by
myself. Some information in the guide are found in different sources
that I have tried to find out and remember. Most of these guide are made
by my memory. This is my work and of course you mustn't take it from me
without my permission. See more details in "Legal Stuff".
  I'm not good at making guides because I have just tried this for some
days. So I hope everyone would sympathize and have ideas about my FAQs.
Please contact me at kthoa@hcm.vnn.vn.
  Thank you !


2/ L.E.G.A.L. S.T.U.F.F.








3/ U.P.D.A.T.E / R.E.V.I.S.I.O.N. H.I.S.T.O.R.Y.


  These update versions is made with the author's decision and
readers's ideas to make the guide more perfect. Any appreciate ideas
are all accepted. So just ask me if you see anything in my guide needed
to repair or add.

-  Version 1.0  (July 4th , 2001)
   FAQs started
   A challenge beginning...

-  Version 1.1 (July 6th , 2001)
   Added Item List
   If you can't read my FAQs, just see this menu to find the items you
want. I list all of them there.

-  Version 1.5 (July 6th, 2001)
   Repair mistakes
   This guide is need to be more perfect. This is only an ordinary work
of FAQs makers.

-  Version 2.0 (July 7th, 2001)
   Repair "Resident Evil Code Veronica" Beta Version
   Outsider information. I have promised to let you know in the
Introduction and I must do it.

   Added "A Ranking"
-  Version 3.0 (July 10th, 2001)
   Added "Wesker's report"
   This DVD answers you the unknown questions that we players always
wonder. Enjoy !

-  Version 3.1 (July 10th, 2001)
   Repair mistakes and added some specific parts.

-  Version 3.5 (July 15th, 2001)
   Added "Files" and "Maps"
   Added "Specific items" in Maps
   A full FAQs can't miss these menus. I was not assiduous enough to do
this. But I have tried... for this guide. Maybe my language and menu
display are still stupid, please sympathize me and contact me about
anything you want to repair.

-  Version 3.7 (July 18th, 2001)
   Added "Monster List"
   Added "Ranking System".
   Change "Ranking System" of battle mode.
   Okay, new players need these parts to avoid danger and play better.
I'm willing to help you about this.

- Version 4.0 (July 22nd, 2001)
   Added "Health Guide & Healing items"
   Added biography of other characters
   Repair "Storyline"
   Added "Weapon Function"
   Added "File Explanation"
  If these parts are not specific, they are only useless. The author of
this guide doesn't like useless things.

- Version 4.1 (July 23rd, 2001)
   Added "Game Shark Codes"
   Added "Item Function"
  Some players want to change the situation ? Just joke a few with this
Game Shark. But don't use it when you re new player. They would spoil
your game.
  If I only show Item Location and forget Item Function, maybe new
players don't understand. Just an addition !

- Version 4.5 (July 24th, 2001)
   Added "Destination" in "Battle Game" menu
   Added "Ammo to kill" in "Monster List"
   Added "Little Fighting Tricks" in Battle Game.
  These parts help you to be more familiar with this kind of mini-game.
But you are free to create your our tactics. I want you to do that more
than you just follow my entire guide. It spoils your game, too.

- Version 5.0 (July 25th, 2001)
   Added "Quick Walkthrough" menu
   Added "Damage Notes" in "Health Guide" menu
   Added "Biohazard Code Veronica" menu.
   Repair "Maps".
  Another addition !
  My maps now are more specific than the previous versions. You can use
them and combine with Item List. I have written the specific locations
of Items. It's not general as the Item List. Hope you'll understand it.
  "Damage Notes" show you how many damage an enemy does on you. Hope it
would help you to avoid more dangerous from opponents.
  "Quick Walkthrough" is for new players who want to explore the game by
yourself. It's simple, not specific or long. This guide is better for
you who are real game fans.

- Version 5.1 (July 25th, 2001)
  Added "Capacity" in Weapon Function
  Repair "Introduction"
  Repair "Character bios"
  This makes the guide more various, okay ?

- Version 5.2 (July 27th, 2001)
  Added some new actions in "Optional & Changeable episodes"
  Repair "Special Thanks"
  Repair some mistakes in the guide.
  Repair "Resident Evil Code Veronica Complete"
  You'll know more action that can be changed in your game. If you like
to drill them, just try. But I remind you that some of them are
dangerous or they take much of your time if you want to get the best

- Version 6.0 (July 28th 2001)
  Added "Resident Evil Code Veronica Complete Edition"
  Added "Frequently Asked Questions & Rumours"
  Repair mistakes.
  Another game version. Thanks to CVXFREAK. I can make my Related
Resident Evil more various.
  With this FAQs menu, I could answer the questions that game fans have
ever asked. I'm happy because I could do it.

- Version 6.5 (July 31st, 2001)
  Repair "Files"
  Repair "Maps" and specific item location
  Repair "Weapon List"
  Repair mistakes
  This guide will be more perfect anyway ! In Weapon List, I have missed
a very important weapon : Magnum. Arghghhhhhhhhh !!! Sorry, really
sorry. I'll try to avoid these kinds of mistakes. Sorry !

- Version 7.0 (August 17th 2001)
  Added "Gun Survivor 2"
  Added "Other Stuffs"
  Added "Ranking System"
  The variety also has their limit. I don't want to add so much details
anyway. Just anything related, okay ?

- Version 7.5 (August 24th 2001)
  Added "Resident Evil Games" and "Trevor's Letter"
  Want to have some reference about Resident Evil series. Check them

- Version 7.6 (August 26th 2001)
  Added "My own review about this game"
  Repair some mistakes
  I saw that many FAQ makers also have this part in their guides to
notice the new players about the game before they play or buy. So I
think I also need to make one, too. This review is also written in
Gamefaqs.com. You can read it here or there.

- Version 7.7 (August 27th 2001)
  Repair "Legal Stuff"
  I have permitted another website to use this FAQs. So this is a
necessary work to avoid later deception.

- Version 8.0 (November 11st 2001)
  Now I will try to finish the guide and decide to stop updating it
anymore except too necessary cases. It has been repaired for months
there would be an end early or late. I will repair all the important
things I think they need to be. Then add some missing parts that I
haven't mention before.

- Version 8.5 (December 5th 2001)
  This guide was my second FAQ/Walkthrough after my first FAQ for
Koudelka game and it was one of my longest FAQ. I had forgotten it to
continue with later FAQs such as Resident Evil 2, 3 etc. But now I have
reviewed this giant guide, and recognized that the walkthrough is too
short and less specific than I expected. I couldn't believe that this
walkthrough is just a VERY small part in the whole guide, when it must
be the most important. So I decided to make it more complete.

- Version Final (January 6th 2002)
  It's time to stop updating this huge guide. I have worked a lot with
it, have added tons of information and have corrected many times. There
must be no more with this guide, since it was big enough to use. I stop
correcting it now, until a very major problem of it is spotted. Bye !


4/ C.O.N.T.R.O.L.S.


  Directional buttons :
- Up : forward
- Down : backward
- Left : turn left
- Right : turn right

 * Start : open Option
- R (above): aim
- L (above): change aim
- Y : Map
- B : status
- X : OK/Attack
- A : cancel/run
- R(above): aim
- L(above): change aim
- Y : map
- B : OK/Attack
- X : status
- A : cancel/run
- R(above): aim
- L(above): change aim
- Y : map
- B : cancel/run
- X : status
- A : OK/Attack

- Start : Pause
- Select : open Option
- X button : OK/Attack
- Square button : Run/Cancel
- Circle button : Menu screen
- Triangle button : Cancel
- R1 : Draw weapon


5/ H.I.S.T.O.R.Y./.S.T.O.R.Y.L.I.N.E.


  Let's get back to the past for a while...
  First, let me tell you about the birth of Resident Evil story...
  This series was first released by creator Shinji Mikami of Capcom in
1996 with the great Resident Evil which is considered to be the best
game at that time. The first kind of Adventure game(which used First-
person Mode) was executed with the technological advent of Sony
Playstation. Then Resident Evil series put a label on a kind of gameplay
called survival horror with 3rd Person Mode and made a big explosion.
After that, a lot of horror adventure games or series were released
following the first step of Capcom such as Parasite Eve of Squaresoft,
Silent Hill of Konami, etc.
  RESIDENT EVIL 1 takes place in a forest at outskirt area of Raccoon
City where happened a lot of unknown murders. Special Tactics and Rescue
Squad of Raccoon-S.T.A.R.S. was sent to investigation the horrible
places. They didn't find anything unusual... until a comrade of them-
Joseph Frost-a member of Bravo Team was killed miserably by something.
The incident began. Brad Vickers - that "Chickenheart" pilot of Alpha
Team was afraid of the terror, driving the helicopter away, abandoned
his partners : Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, Albert
Wesker and some other lost survivors in the forest. These police must
try to find a mansion in the forest to stay in-where they thought to be
yet. But here, they must fight a lot of hints about the mysterious
chemical research corporation named Umbrella making T-virus to create
strange creatures. The characters fought them and found out that Albert
Wesker-the Alpha Team leader was really a chain in the mystery of
Umbrella. He created the T002-Tyrant by T-virus and wanted to sell it
for someone. But he got killed by very his product, Chris destroyed that
creature and escaped with his partners : Jill, Barry and Rebecca.
  RESIDENT EVIL 2 tells us about another place of Raccoon : RPD Police
Station-also the office of S.T.A.R.S. Something had happened in the
city. It becomes silent and dreadful terribly. Leon Scott Kennedy-a
rookie cop of RPD-began his first day of duty in this city. He hadn't
known anything...until coming to the city. Claire Redfield-the younger
sister of Chris Redfield-came to Raccoon to find her lost brother. Both
Leon and Claire met each other and were attacked by the strange
creatures in the city. Leon told her to go to the Police Station as a
safe place. But here they found out more about that Umbrella Inc, saw a
lot of important characters and information. Claire found out about her
brother Chris : He had gone to Umbrella HQ to know the truth. He didn't
let her know for her safety. In addition to this, William Birkin-the
creator of G-virus and also a talented researcher-didn't let Umbrella to
claim his legacy. They instructed Hunk and a salvage team with a bio-
weapon named Mr.X (a type of Tyrant) to take it out from him. To get
back the G-virus, William infected himself his virus and became a
dangerous monster. Leon and Claire met Ada Wong-a mysterious spy and
Sherry Birkin- William's daughter. They both escaped out of the tragedy
and continue to another nightmare...
  RESIDENT EVIL 3 returns to Jill Valentine-the heroine with Chris
Redfield in the incident of Resident Evil 1. While Leon and Claire was
wandering in the city, Jill was trying to escape from the city at the
mean time. In her adventure, with the help of Carlos Oliveira-a member
of Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (UBCS), Jill also
discovered some more hints about the secret plan of Nicholai-Carlos's
comrade whoch involved Umbrella and viruses. When escaping, she was
pursued by a new intelligence bio-weapon of Umbrella - Nemesis which was
created in Europe. Umbrella decided to destroy all the city to wipe all
evidence about the. Passing all the hazards, finally she escaped with
Carlos and decided to join Chris Redfield...
  RESIDENT EVIL GUN SURVIVOR lets us know about another side of
Umbrella. Totally separate from the events of Raccoon city, an outbreak
has occurred elsewhere. The lone survivor of a helicopter crash finds
himself amidst a living nightmare and has no choice. He had lost his
memory and tried to find out what happened to him. Passing the episodes
of the game, he thought he was Vincent, when the real Vincent was
keeping track of him. This guy was also a part of Umbrella of creating
viruses. At then end, the main character really found himself to be Ark
Thompson and that he has come to Sheena island to help his friend Leon.
Ark and two children, Lott and Lilly, escaped the self-destructing
island and one of Umbrella's Tyrant bio-weapons.

  Okay, let's go to our topic RESIDENT EVIL CODE VERONICA. What about
Claire and Leon after the incident of Resident Evil 2 ? Leon has taken
part in a corporation about anti-virus. Claire, she decided to find her
brother Chris Redfield... as she wanted. Three months later...


6/ C.H.A.R.A.C.T.E.R. B.I.O.S.

Sex : female
Age : 19
Height :169cm
Blood type : O
Standard Items : Lighter, Lockpick
Begin Items : Lighter
Characteristics : Claire Redfield is a person who is different in
behaviour but sometimes hard situations make her becomes a wild and
violent woman. Her favourite is riding motorcycle. Claire had ever come
to Raccoon city to find her brother but she knew that he hadn't been
there. She came to Europe-Umbrella HQ where her brother had said in his
diary and found something about them that they arrested her and sent her
to prison in Rockfort island.

 Sex : male
 Age : 25
 Height : 181cm
 Blood type : O
 Standard Items : Lighter (optional)
 Begin Items : Glock 17 Handgun, Handgun Bullets, Combat Knife, Green
 Characteristics : He is a member of S.T.A.R.S. as a marksman  or pilot-
a violent people who has no emotion. Chris has brought up with a past
that was not good as most of us think about him : dismissed from Air
Force to be a drifter because of violent behaviour. Then Barry Burton
helps him to join S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team and he has proved himself very
fast as a famous marksman and efficient member.
  After the incident of the mansion in Raccoon, Chris and his partners
decide to find out about this mystery. He went to Europe for his work as
a "vacation". Later, from Leon he knew that his sister was caught and
sent to Rockfort Island. So he began a journey to find her.

Sex : male
Age : 17
Height : 173cm
Blood type : AB
Standard Items : Picture
Begin Items : Combat Knife, Sub Machine Gun
Characteristics : Steve is also a prisoner who was caught like Claire
and has been trying to escape. Hot and stubborn, he became Claire's
partner. In the game, we will find out about himself and his family.

Sex : male
Age : 38
Height : 183cm
Blood type : O
Standard Items : N/A
Begin Items : N/A
Characteristics : a person who was considered to be "dead" in Resident
Evil 1. Wesker created T002-Tyrant and wanted to sold it to someone.
But Chris killed Tyrant which destroyed his plan. He betrayed his
partners and now he worked for a mysterious corporation which is
Umbrella's rival named HCF or something. He also wants to get revenge
with Chris who defeated him once . Look ! He has returned...Now he is a
super human with the fierce red eyes. He wants to kill Chris...

  The warder who caught Claire when she was trying to escape from the
chase of Umbrella . After some troubles, he lets her go and manage to
live in the areas. In some parts of the game, his fate depends on your
decision. You will know what would happen to him later in the game.

 * The other characters :

  She is a member of Ashford family who is considered to be the person
remaking the beautiful glory of this family. Intelligent and sharp, she
was always the top of her class and is a genius of chemists. Umbrella
Chemical Corporation offered her the position of head researcher. She
was going to do a strange experiment of her new virus by being frozen
during 15 years in a secret place that everyone thought she was dead.

  Alexia's twin brother. This guy seems wise and insane. He killed
everyone who involved his secret work to protect Alexia-a guy who loves
his sister to death. You'll meet a lot of annoying with this guy.

  The person who is considered to be Alexia and Alfred's father. He
built facilities at Rockfort Island and Antarctic to be a place for some
experiment. This facility has some parts which has the same design as
Spencer's mansion in Resident Evil 1 with the main hall and Sterile
Room. But he disappeared mysteriously. In the game, you will find what
happened to him.


7/ W.A.L.K.T.H.R.O.U.G.H.


  Okay, this full walkthrough display every important episodes in the
game, what you see and what you do. New beginners should use this guide
for reference.


  Open the status screen and use equip the Lighter...

  After the talk between Claire and Rodrigo, go find a green herb, a
combat knife, a handgun bullets and get out. I don't remind about
healing items and bullets anymore but you should collect them
yourselves. There's a Handgun Bullet Box on the way to the stairs. Go
upstairs to the graveyard and try to escape those zombies. It's not so
hard. When the movie has just ended, you try to run forward and avoid
the zombie in Claire's front. You can be bitten once. But if you are
expert, you can pass them smoothly.

  In the next area, go to the corpse to grab a gun. Steve Burnside will
appear to joke with you.

 After that, you'll have a handgun to defend (M93R handgun). It includes
15 bullets. Now go to the unlocked door and turn to the right room of
Claire. You'll reach a dormitory of prisoners. A zombie outside is
trying to destroy the glass window. Get the handgun bullets and he'll
dart in. At the meantime, the other sleeping zombies also wake up to eat
you. Just keep calmness and shoot them at an appreciate position, then
get the M-100p. You can find another Handgun Bullet box in the WC. Get
out of here. Forward to the yard. Don't worry about the moving corpse
you see on the way, just continue. Until you get to a room where there
is a security box. Put in all of your items, except for herbs. Here you
can collect Flame rounds, B.O.W rounds and First Aid Spray, then find

  Steve is doing something with the computer. He finds info about Chris
- Claire's brother on the screen. Then Claire has emailed Leon to inform
Chris about her.

  After the talk, put the switch which Steve has touched and then get
the Hawk Emblem in the drawer near the typewriter, putting it into the
3D-duplicator machinein the previous room. Then get out and collect
your items from the security box. In the yard, put the switch in the
left of the shutter, the zombies together attack you, even the ones who
was locked before. Don't worry. Try to aim the bomb and shoot it to
decrease the number of living
zombies by M-100P, then kill them at time. Take the Fire Extinguisher
and return to the graveyard. The guys whom you avoided are still here.
Just kill them all by M-100P. Then use the Fire Extinguisher to put out
the fire of the helicopter near the stairs and you'll get a Briefcase.
Open the status screen, use "Check" command and rotate to the red switch
of the Briefcase and open it. You'll get the TG-01 and file showing how
to use it.

 Now take them all and return to the 3D-duplicator, put TG-01 on the
machine beside to form it. It will give you the Special Alloy Emblem.
The zombies outside destroy the glass windows and get into the path. You
must try to avoid them without any weapons. Now collect all your items
(remember to bring the Empty Extinguisher if you can) and shoot them if
you like.

  Get out and reach the area where you first met Steve. There can be
three tomb zomies around. Put the Special Alloy Emblem on the largest
door to unlock and get into it.


  You see a vehicle blocking your way. Choose the left small path to
pass it. Then you can find Handgun Bullets on the car. Grab the two
green herbs if you like. Then observe the place. A fire has blocked your
way again. But you find two boxes that can be pushed. Push the first box
forward as far as you can. Then you move to the right to cover the fire
there. Climb on it to continue going.

  Wipe all the zombies in the passage way. Then go up the north steps to
palace. Get a green herb and Navy Proof. Then go into the mansion (it's
great !) Go upstairs to the Save Room. Try to find a brown cabinet and
push it aside to get the Umbrella ID card. In this room, you can see
another locked door which is carved a hole of some pair of guns, a green
herb. After that, go downstairs to the computer and put in the card. The
password is NTC0394. You know it by using "Check" command, verify the
code in the back of the card. The brown door on first floor will be
opened. At first, you can go to the blue door (Restroom) to get First
Aid Spray and a Duralumin case but now you can't open it. When you first
come here, there are some bats flying around. Equip the Lighter with you
to prevent from being scratched because they are afraid of light.

 After getting back to the hall, go to the brown door, fight some
zombies and get into the only door you can open. Try to search the room
and find a art object of an ant between a lot of other models. Put the
blue switch to see a film about Alfred and Alexia's childhood. Then a
secret way appears. Go to it and get the Steering Wheel. You can see the
pair of Gold Lugers which used to put on the hole in the Save Room here
but now you can't get them...or you'll die (You want to know what will
happen, just try it >:->.

  Get out of the mansion..."Aahhhhhhhhh......Help me !"- cried Steve.
Ok, return to that place and check the screen on the wall, choose C and
E if you want to save him quickly. If not, just arrange the wrong order
to show him "what is a real pain in this damn place ?". Steve gets out
happily with the Gold Lugers. He neither gives to you nor stays there.
So you can't have them now. Now you really get out. But another quest is
waiting for you outside...

  After the unlucky conversation with Alfred, go down the steps in the
left of the courtyard, get the map and ammo, then put the Steering
Wheel on the table and turn it.


 Go down the ladder, get the Side Pack and then move the lever to get
to the bottom. Go to the room and knock out the zombies. There are two
ways here. First, go to the shutter and pass the bridge. In the next
room, you can find a lift to the above floor. Get on it and go up. Then
operate some machine to move the hook catching the big box up and right
as far as you can. After that, go down the lift and put the switch which
was hidden by the box before. A big lift will be move up from
underground and some zombies attack you. First, you should get out of
the crowd because it's not good for you to be surrounded. Then equip
anything you like and shoot them all, get the Biohazard Card and some
arrows on the boxes. Now go back to the palace passageway and go down
the steps, reach the right way.


  Wow, a gulp worm (looks like Grave Digger in Resident Evil 3 Nemesis)
but don't mention it, just try to avoid and get to the nearest door.
First, go up the left stair to get the bow gun and read a file. Then
you'll see a scene that a researcher who is locked in the room was
killed by some monster (I have been startled...). You'll see a picture
of a skeleton inside with the code number but it's too far for you to
read. Now get out quickly.

 The shutter will close because of the blocked ventilation. Claire will
take the rest. Let's see how wonderful she is when dashing out of
danger. I love her !!!

  Now check this place to get ammo. If you want to have some explosive
arrows, go to the room at the end of the hall. You enter the Locker
Room. There will be a zombie coming at the door you have just got
through. Try to knock him off by handgun quickly. Then you find three
others wandering here too. They are hidden in the other side of the
lockers. If you don't want to lose health, wait for each of them to see
you. You can find Bow Gun Arrows on the bench, in a locker and on a
corpse near the next door. Get into that door.

  This is the swimming pool. There's a tomb zombie in the sauna and
anither one going around the pool. You go downstairs, jump down the pool
and move the valve on your right. The falling water from the lion
statue's mouth will stop let the Key with Tag on the bottom. Get the key
and go back to the hall. Get through the right door to the office on the
right. There are about four zombies here. A lying zombie is next to you
when you just get in. Kill him now or your feet will be hurt. There's a
Green Herb in the corner too. In this room you can have Military
Training Facility map and Bow Gun arrows. Then try to find a locked
cabinet inside. Use the Key With Tag to open it. You grab Bow Gun Powder
and create explosive arrows. After that, back to the hall again.

  Here you find a locked shutter in the end of the room. Now use the
Biohazard Card to get into the second shutter and go to the door. The
shutter is closed (maybe this is Alfred's joke)...

  But he really appears in the yard. Try to avoid his shots and then go
up the stairs to chase him. He has disappeared. Go to the right door and
continue. The left one is locked. If you open the brown door, Alfred
again teased you. He closed the shutter and laughed at you from the
radio. When the shutter is closed, if your eyes are fast, you can see
D.I.J - the mouse trying to get out. First, you should get into the grey
door to prepare yourself. It's a Save Room. Get the Hemostatic for
Rodrigo and put it in the Item Box. You should let some blanks in your
inventory. Then get out and go to the brown door. Collect the Sub
Machine Gun and then...

  Oh no, a Bandersnatch. This guy would be tough with a handgun. Use
explosive arrows with it. Two correct shots can defeat it. Just don't
let its hand grab you.

  After that, go down to the small room. Another Bandersnatch will grab
your head. But don't worry. Steve would come to save you (yeah right
!!!). The give him the Sub machine gun, he'll give you the Gold Lugers.
You can see they are really "happy" with this exchanging joke. But don't
be happy too early. Alfred wants to do pranks again. He controls the
turn table to give you and Steve down. Now you take control of Steve and
enjoy your guns !


  Kill all the zombies here and continue on your way. Pay attention to
the bomb around this area. You can get to the door in the left of Steve
but it's not necessary for him. Go to the left door and continue to
"joke". When coming to the sewer, you return to Claire and take her
control. Go to the only door you can go, then coming to Steve and see a
film. It seems that something makes him hurt when Claire asks why he
comes here. You'll know soon...


  Now unlock the left door to 1st floor and go to the Model Room. Get
the Eagle Plate. Find the way to Tank Yard, unlock the pink door and
return to the main door of the facility. Go to 2nd floor balcony and put
the Eagle Plate on the hole (where Alfred shot you. You'll get Emblem
Card. Return to the facility elevator and go up to 2nd floor. Use Emblem
Card to open the shutter to Monitor Room. Some zombies collapse as the
"dead". Now take the Army Proof. On the computer screen, move the camera
to the Picture of the Skeleton and see the number. Then the ventilation
will be put off. Remember it. After that, the "dead" zombies will wake
up to haunt you. Okay, eat this. Here there are some grenade rounds and
a monitor which says about a virus monster named Albinoid. If you are
new to this game, I suggest you should read it to know about this new
monster because you will have to fight it anyway. Then you can unlock
the brown door to go out. In the courtyard, find a hidden ladder and go
down, use the Emblem Card to open the door. You are at the area where
Steve was. Open another electronic door, getting the Grenade Launcher
and some grenade rounds. After that, the Emblem Card will be discarded.

   If you want to discard the Biohazard card, too, use it to open all
the other electronic doors (some of them have ever been Alfred's joke,
open them all). This card will let you return to the room where the
researcher died. Enter the number you saw on the picture and get in. Get
the Acid Rounds and the Picture of the Skeleton, then a little Albinoid
will break the capsule and call a lot of others to surround. Now you
have 30 seconds to get out. Don't shoot them for useless. Just run until
you get out of the shutter. Try to pass the electricity and gwt out. Now
you are the one who does everything to survive. Huff...

  Return to the Model Room on 1st floor and hang the picture of the
skeleton on the wall where you get the Eagle Plate. Another wall will
be pulled up which appears a mini-size model of the facility. Get the
Gold Key but now it's not time to use it. Just store it in the Item Box.


  Get out of Military Training Facility, going through the Gulp Worm
yard and head to Palace again. Find the Save Room on 2nd floor.

  Use the Gold Lugers to put on the hole in the Save Room. Get into it
and solve a puzzle about password. When you turn on the computer, the
clock on the right wall makes some move and its light is lighten. Read
the file beside the computer and move the numbers on the clock s it
says and find the password. Then enter it on the computer. If you're
right, the clock will move aside remaining a new area. Refer to
"Frequently Asked Questions" section if you are so stuck.

  At that moment, a Bandersnatch will leap in from the glass window,
just knock it out. Go to the new area to a path which takes you to
Private Residence of Ashford family.


  You have entered a passageway to this new location. A big laughter
sounds when you get in. Hm...

  Try to pass over the Bandersnatch and enter the mansion. Tons of them
can re-appear if you just try to kill and kill.

  How great the mansion ! It's not only beautiful, but dreadful as well.
Just take a look at the giant doll hanged on the ceiling. You can see
what kind this family is...

  Use the Lighter to avoid the bats. If you go to the left door under
the stair, there are only ammo and Ink Ribbons there and a Bandersnatch.
You can use your Lighter to kindle the fireplace to get regular arrows.
Go upstairs to the only room (get ammo and First Aid Spray). You'll here
a conversation between Alexia and some voice sound like Alfred's. You'll
know the truth later. Now get to the red room (where Alexia has just
been) and turn off the music box and grab the Silver Key from the bed.
After that, get out and back to Palace.

  At palace, use the Silver Key to open the big door which is beside
the one where you have come to save Steve. Get the second Eagle Plate,
ammo and file.


  Bring the Eagle Plate and the Hemostatic medicine with you. I think
you should check the place first, then come to Rodrigo because you will
use the Lighter for the bats here.

  Return to the yard where there is a guillotine. Put the Eagle Plate in
the hole and kill two zombies. There are a lot of sudden zombies here,
about three guys, just be careful anytime and anywhere. If you go
forward to the end of the path, you'll find an Item Box here with a door
which takes you to the security room of Prison Area. Now it's time for
you to collect the items in Prison Security box and put in your item
box. Remember the Empty Extinguisher if you let it here in the

  Return to the previous path and go to the door to a terrible
infirmary. There are some ammo and First Aid Spray here. Nothing more,
except the statue of human body whose one eye is missing. Don't mention
it and go to the punishment room (Something wrong behind you...) What a
hell ! The room is covered with blood. Kill four zombies, get the
Duralumin Case and Red Herb. Get out...do you hear something wrong ?
Follow the sound and...a doctor zombie is eating a dead zombie. I think
this is the anatomist who wrote the diary... No, he is chasing to you,
even the dead zombie also wakes up. Kill all of those terrible things.
This zombie can go very fast, I think you should something great like
Explosive Arrows or Grenade Rounds to finish him. Your Handgun is not
his rival. Then you can use ordinary weapon to fight the "patient"

  The "anatomist" drops a Glass Eye. Use it to put on the statue, a
secret cave is opened. Get into it to a basement hall. Kill three
zombies, get some ammo in front of the curtain and go to a stone room.

  There are some statues here. Get the Rusted Sword from one of them.
The door of the room will be locked and the gas is filling. Now you must
pay attention to the statue in the center, move the bar under it, move
until everything is finished. Don't stop doing this or you could be
confused. Just be calm and rotate the bar.

  Okay, the door will be unlocked and gas will disappear. Now put the
Rusted Sword on the statue where you got it from, kill the zombie and
get the Piano Scroll.

  Now get out of this terrible place and return to Rodrigo. Give the
Hemostatic and let the Lighter to him, he'll give you the Lockpick as
your standard item. Use it to open all the Duralumin cases you collect.
You'll get a bow gun powder (to create explosive arrows) and a M93R part
to combine with your gun.


  When returning to Palace, Claire is welcomed by Wesker who has
"revived" from Resident Evil 1. It's a pain for Claire to taste how
Wesker really is. This scene is just available in Resident Evil Code
Veronica Complete or Code Veronica X.

  Get in the palace, use the Silver Key to open the upstairs room which
you realize this is a casino. Put the Piano Scroll on the piano to sound
Alexia's song, the slot machine will open which has the King Ant Object.
There are also some herbs and bow gun powder here. Now return to the
area where you have saved Steve, find the final door of the corridor,
use Gold Key to open it and solve the puzzle of the gallery. Try to
guess who are in the pictures. You can find the hints on Alfred's
pictures. Refer to "Frequently Asked Questions" for details if you don't
want to wake your brain.

  After solving it, the picture of Alfred will rotate to the picture of
Alexia. Get the Earthenware Vase. Check the mouth of the vase to get
Queen Ant Object. Let's return to Private Residence.

  Get to the red room and put the Queen Ant Object to open the music
box again and take out the Music Plate. Then get to the next room (blue
room) and put the King Ant Object to open the box and put the Music
Plate for it to sing. A ladder will be dropped. Climb it. Search the
place, you'll find a green herb and a Silver Dragonfly Object. Put out
all of its wings to get the body only, then put it in the mouth of the
huge ant art on the wall. Another ladder is dropped. Climb it, get the
News Paper Clip, ammo. Then push the big box to the right, stand on it
to get Confession Letter and Air Force Proof. Go down that ladder and go
down the below one, too. Now you're at the red room. When you want to
get out, Alexia appears then... No, I'll let you enjoy the film


  Now you must go to the Airport. Get out of the Private Residence and
Palace. Remember to bring the three Proofs After talking to Steve,
follow him until you get the submarine. Kill the zombies and go to the
left door (small door), putting the three proofs on the table and step
to the Airplane. Steve will operate the plane. He says that he can't fly
with the bridge blocking in front of.
 In the cockpit, collect the Control Lever on the floor. Return to the
previous room and go to the shutter, passing the bridge to the next
room. Go on the lift and get into the door. Go forward to see some
corpses and find the Airport Key. (Don't worry, these guys just want to
annoy Claire's brother, not Claire). Then get out and put the Control
Lever on the control panel to rise up the bridge. Go down the lift, use
the Airport Key to open the shutter beside. Get some ammo and prepare
yourself carefully. It's good to save here. Then try to move the box
which makes them are all in the elevator and then you come in to. If you
accidentally spoil the position of the boxes, you can temporarily get
out of the room, then go in again. Everything would be re-arranged as it

  After solving this puzzle, you get in the elevator and must escape
within 5 minutes. Try to run on the way to palace but...
  BOSS STRATEGY : Tyrant 1
  After some burn, you must fight the Tyrant which is sent by Alfred.
Try to keep the safe distance, neither close nor far or you'll be dead
in the fire. But also don't let it hit you or you'll be throw far away.
Use your grenade launcher all your limit.
  After defeating him, use the submarine to return to the airplane with
Steve. See some scenes...
  Something happens on the plane. Steve asks you to check the tail of
the plane. Use the item box to prepare yourself and save (You must do
this !) Then open the door...
  BOSS STRATEGY : Tyrant 2
  This is the back of the plane. Forward you is the way to air. Now you
can't defeat him by using ordinary ammo. Pay attention to the catapult
in the right. The first time you put, Tyrant easily pushed it again. Now
you must use your ammo to make him wounded. First, try to avoid from his
hits. Only two of his hits can take you to the other world. But don't
stand too close the air or he will hit you drop down. Try to avoid hits
and shoot at the same time...until he is weak (he's bleeding). Now
deceive him to stand close the air and put the catapult to play the
finishing blow... OK ! But remember... he never drops in the first time
pushing. If you don't have enough ammo to defeat him, try to push until
the 4th time, you'll be successful.

=========================== END OF DISC 1 ===========================


  What a romance ! Poor Steve...

 You are being at some place in Antarctic. Climb down the ladder. Go to
the worker's room to get ammo if you like (or you can come here after
supplying the electric power, the atmosphere will be lighter). You can
find the map of this place. Then get in the worker's bed and check the
locker, you have a First Aid Spray and some ammo. But then, the zombies
will wake up and come to you. Be careful and kill each of them. They
must a locker if they want to attack you at such position. So don't
worry about being circled. You can find Worker's Diary and Acid Rounds
here too. Get out now.

  Go downstairs to the Save Room, get some files and items here.
Currently there arr some green herbs and Ink Ribbon. Then try to go to
some locker behind the wall. You'll meet D.I.J again but he'll run away.
Get the Butler's Letter here and find a switch in the locker. You can't
operate this locker until the electric power is supplied.

  After that, get out of the room and go to the left, try to avoid the
moths as fast as you can. Don't shoot them or you will become a victim
of a re-appearing joke.

  Go into the room and kill four zombies here. First, head to the Weapon
Room. This room is pretty dark and one zombie will welcome you at first.
There are some more guys around here beside that one. Check the row of
cabinets to grab Assault Rifle and find the Mining Room Key on a box
(the sparkling thing). Go inside, you can find a cabinet which is locked
next to a fake dead zombie (be careful with him !). First, collect the
Detonator from the corpse and put it on the cabinet. You need the
Lighter to open it but now you don't have. Don't worry, Chris will
handle this.

  Now get out and go to the Mining Room just near there. Try to find the
HOLE. Now go to another room here, knock out all the dogs. There are
three dogs sleeping here and sometimes they ONLY appear when you make
them woken up. There are a lot herbs and ammo for you to restore what
you lost in Disc 1.

  First, find the machine which has the blue light and operate it to
supply power. Then find a red switch and turn it on. Now the atmosphere
seems lighter because the power has been supplied. Now return to the big
hall and go to the B.O.W room which is the opposite of Weapon Room. Try
to find the Bar Code Sticker. These Black Widows can be pretty annoying
and you can be killed whn being surrounded. Remember that you DON'T go
to a corner with nothing there, the spiders can take that chance to
block you and finish your life gradually.

  Then go to the center of the big hall and operate machine to move the
package to you. Stick the Bar Code Sticker on it and it will be moved to
the B.O.W room. Return to that room and now you can get the Gas Mask
beside the door. Now let's go to the Save Room and put the switch to
move the locker. Alexander (monster Nosferatu) is here. What do you
think about his "great" voice ? Ignore him and get the pot. Check its
bottom you'll find the Machine Room Key.

  Get out of the Save Room and go upstairs. Go to the big door. There
are two doors here. Go to the right door (Machine room-your right) and
check some machine. Steve will come in...

  Hmm... Our Steve has fascinated by our sweet Claire Redfield that he
spoiled everything, and you are the person who musr be responsible for
what he did.

  After getting out of the room full of gas, get into it again with the
Gas Mask and find the Square Valve Handle in another door in it. Then
get out and go to the left door where you see a cage blocking a zombie.
Put the valve on the machine to cut it into Octa Valve Handle. In this
room, you will see a zombie locked in a cage that there are something
like Duralumin Case. Now you can't open it but Chris will get them.
After that, go to the Mining Room and use the Octa Valve Handle on the
hole. Alfred assaults you again. See a scene... (Bravo ! Steve !!!)

  Get Alfred's Sniper Rifle if you like, and then get on the lorry with
Steve to get out of there (Notes : I suggest you should go to the Save
room to prepare yourself. Remember to let some weapons for Chris in the
Item box). Now you are on the highest floor of some house. When you go
downstairs, Nosferatu appears. Steve is drop to the air but he tries to
reach. Only you fight Nosferatu.

  BOSS STRATEGY : Alexander
 This boss is not tough. Just try to avoid his tentacles and don't let
yourself drop. Aim your sniper rifle very correctly at his heart. Some
of these and handgun bullets can knock him down. If you use a knife to
complete this guy, try to stand in the best position where his tentacle
can't reach. You'll receive another ending of Nosferatu with the knife
  After that, Claire and Steve use another lorry to escape. See an FMV
scene and know what will happen to them ( End of Claire's scenario )


  Chris has been told about Claire. He passed the sea to come to
Rockfort Island to find his dear sister.

  Now you take control of Chris Redfield-Claire's elder brother. After
climbing, find Rodrigo and talk to him. A gravedigger will appear and
gulp him. Now you try to get the weapons that Claire put in for you,
especially the Assault Rifle or Bow Gun. Go to the next room and fight
the worm.

  BOSS STRATEGY : Grave Digger
  Try to aim at it when it rises from the ground. Run as much as you can
to avoid its hits. The best weapons for this thing are automatic weapons
such as Submachine Gun or Assault Rifle. But if you don't have them, try
to do your best with the Bow Gun. When it is defeated, it will give up

 Before dying, Rodrigo will tell you about Claire that she has run away,
giving you her Lighter. After that, use the elevator to get down. Kill
four zombies. Then get out of the room and put the switch behind the
tank. A hidden lift will appear. Go down on it and get to the Save Room.
Try to solve the puzzle of the chest to get the Luger Replica to unlock
Steve in Battle Mode.

  Prepare yourself here. Then get out and go to the end of the way, get
the Battery. Try to avoid those Black Widows. It's no use to deal with
them. Bring the Battery to the room where you kill four zombies. Put it
on the red lift and go up. Get the Chemical Storage Key and some file in
the left end. You are on 2nd floor. Get in the next door and go to
Monitor Room. Now you'll see the monitor of Alexia singing for her
brother's funeral "Berceuse". After that, you'll see Wesker keeping
track of Chris by the cameras...

  Now get to the left door. You'll find the Eagle Plate being drifted by
the stream. Get to the bio-experiment room where the researcher was
killed (which is burnt) to get Bow Gun arrows and Side Pack. Then return
to the elevator to the B1 area. Then get down to the stairs and take the
Shotgun. Here you can pass over the water to get two red herbs and a
hole to the Save Room. Now get ammo to the door to a light room. Get a
Green Herb at the corner. If you press the button on the machine beside
the big door, one of the glass capsules will low remaining the Assault
Rifle ammo on the top. In the next room, collect the bow gun arrows and
the Door Knob. Soon Wesker's cameras find Chris. Then two Hunters appear
to attack him. Use your Shotgun to take wipe of them all. Try not let
them touch you or jump, kill them as fast and correctly as you can.

  When the fight has gone, go to the lab in the left, use the Chemical
Storage Key to open the freezer. The temperature is 128F and get the
Clement z. Here there are a Red herb and a Blue herb, Shotgun shells and
handgun bullets. After that, a Sweeper will dash in from a broken
window. Kill it by your Shotgun which has already been fully reloaded.
Then get out of the basement by putting the Shotgun on its place and
return to the the room of the dead researcher, there is a camera here,
too. Then go to the door beside. You'll see a door whose knob is
missing. Use the Door Knob to open it and get the Tank Object. Then get
back and use the elevator to get to 1st floor, be careful with the
camera or a Hunter will attack you. Go to the Model Room and put the
Tank Object on the model. The picture on the front wall will drop down.
There are a file and the Turn Table Key. Inside you'll see the 3 holes
which might be for the three Proofs that Claire has put in the Airport.
Get the items all and return to B1 at the room where you first meet the

  While going, Chris has a "talk" with Wesker - his strongest enemy.
Let's see how Wesker treats Chris. Yeah, Chris now looks like a baby for
him and it's so easy for the black guy to get his revenge...

  Reaching the Turn Table, use the Turn Table Key to go up. There are
Bow gun powder here. Get outside of the box and then push it inside.
Climb it and get Bow Gun Powder. Go to the right room of the hall to get
Shotgun shells and Acid Rounds. Then get out to the yard, kill the lying
zombie. Then get down the ladder and kill all the zombies around you.
Get to the weapon room, take the Clement a and modify your Glock 17 if
you like (Enhanced Handgun). Get out of the facility and use the big
elevator in the yard (be careful of the Hunters) to the Airport.


  Prepare yourself in the Save Room. Let at least three blanks in your
inventory and remember to bring MIXED HERBS. The Hunters can kill you
anytime and it's a great pain to redo everything. Go out, kill the
Hunter and get up the lift, then continue the room where there are a lot
of corpses. Now you can operate the petrol system in the right of the
door. Try to refine 7 lit in the bottom pack. There are many ways to
solve this. I think I should let you do it by yourself. It's pretty
simple mathematic.

  After that, the corpses will wake up as the zombies to attack you.
Fight them and get the Shotgun shells. Get out and move the Control
Lever to low the bridge. Go down the lift and get through the bridge you
have just decreased. Kill the Hunter and zombies in the room. Then get
to the left door and knock out another Hunter. Press the control panel
before taking the three Proofs if you don't want to be shocked by


  Return to the facility at the gallery on 1st floor (there are two
Sweepers in the yard - you can easily avoid them by running next to the
wall to the entrance, don't stop while going anyway.)and put in all the
three Proofs in their positions. The model will move
backward which a hidden ladder appears. Get herbs and Shotgun Shells
then get down. There are herbs and grenade rounds along with some...
Black Widows. Don't deal with these things, try to pick the items if you
can and climb down another ladder. Get the herbs. Then you'll fight a
mature Albino.

  It's in water which is very appreciate for it to attack by
electricity. So don't let your body in water. Try to shoot on land. ait
until it comes near you and shoot. I think Shotgun or Sub Machine
Gun are good now.

  Okay, after defeating Albinoid, get into water and grab the Eagle
Plate. Then combine Clement a with Clement z into combined Clement.
Then use it to take the Halberd out of the Eagle Plate. Return to the
hall where you get the Battery. Put the Halberd in the white door and
get. Chris is flying to Antarctic.


  Now get into the last door and shoot the tentacles. You'll realize
this place is where Claire was. First, go to the Save Room, there are no
moths here but zombies. If you don't turn left, the zombies won't wake
up. So you SHOULDN'T.

  In the Save Room, use the Halberd to put on the hold beside the
wardrobe and get the file, Ink Ribbon and Paper Weight. Prepare yourself
here. Then go upstairs, go to the big double door. Now the ice has
covered the room that you can go to the other area Claire couldn't. But
you should go to the first left room. The cage was broken that there are
3 zombies here. Shoot them, get the Duralumin Case and Shotgun Shells.
Chris can't open the case so remember to let it in the Item Box. You
have nothing else to do here, just get out. Go to Machine Room. This is
also covered by ice. Take the Octa Valve Handle Claire had put. After
that, some zombies under the ice will wake up and surround you. Just be
careful to avoid being bit, use the Shotgun to defeat many guys at the
same time.

  Get out of the room and go to the new door in the other side. There
are Wesker's cameras here. Try to avoid them. You can go to the right
door and see an Extinguishant. If you combine this thing with your Empty
Extinguisher Claire has stored in the Item Box, you'll have a full Fire
Extinguisher. Then get down the nearest lift. It takes you to the Weapon
room. Use the Fire Extinguisher to put out the fire and you'll get the
Magnum. If you forget to keep the Extinguisher, you can't get it anyway.
But it's okay because you are still able to finish the game without it.
Here you can use the Lighter to open the locked cabinet. There are a lot
of Handgun Bullets inside. Then get up the lift to the water room again.
In this room, if you climb the ladder, you'll find a square hollow for
the Square Valve Handle, oh no...

  Get on the elevator. Now it's all dark. Be careful because there may
be a Sweeper here. In the swimming pool you can find a Wing Object.
There are four of them. But first, you should go to the nearest door in
the opposite of the elevator. You are in a frozen area. Go to the right
door (another Save Room), get ammo, herbs and save here. There is an
octagon hollow. Use your Octa Valve Handle and turn it. Then put the
switch beside. The electric power is supplied to the area. You get out.

  Fight some zombies in the freezer, then get to the brown electric
door. You'll realize this place almost looks like the blue room in
Resident Evil 1. If you want to get the map on the statue, first find a
position where the floor is cracked and then push the statue to there.
Get Handgun bullets and Shotgun shells. Find the Tiger statue in the
inside corridor. If you take out the blue jewel, you'll get the Socket.
If you take out the red one, you'll get the Magnum rounds. Combine the
Socket with the Octa Valve Handle, you'll receive a Square Valve Handle.

  Now go on the elevator near there. You will find another Wing Object
and a huge nest of ants. There are a lot ants here. Ignore and just step
on them to run. Some little of your health can be lost, but it doesn't
matter. The damage is very small.

  The left door only has zombies and ammo. You don't need to go in it
except you want to have some fun... Go to the right door, you'll see
some blood. Get into it (this room seems familiar). Get a file and then
check a machine in the left. You see a symbol of Alexia's name. Now you
must find the symbol of Alfred's name. Check the Paper Weight and choose
the symbols which are the other sides of Alexia's symbol. If you do
right, a drawer will appear. Put the Paper Weight in it. Refer to
"Frequently Asked Questions" if you want the answer. Here I don't want
to spoil your game.

  After that, Alfred's corpse is dropped from a cylinder. Take his ring
and then check to get Alfred's Jewel.

  You have already had the Square Valve Handle. Return to the room
above the Weapon room. Climb the ladder and use it. The water is
removed. Go down the next ladder to the bottom and take the Crane Key. A
Sweeper will appear. Just beat it as usual. Then return to the hall
which is full of ice and use the Crane Key to operate the control panel
in the right. The hook which is blocked under the ice will pull up a
corpse that you know it's Alexander. After that, Alexia might appear.
See the film... The spider under the ice will attack you. Just avoid it.
Try to get Alexander's Earring and get Alexander's Jewel. Return to the
swimming pool, you'll find another Wing Object here when the atmosphere
has been lit. Then get to the big brown door. This is the great hall of
the legendary Resident Evil, but now it's more beautiful...

 Go to the wall behind. Claire is here !!! But she is kept in the
cocoon. If you don't bring the Combat Knife, go upstairs to get it and
save Claire. If Claire was poisoned in the fight with Nosferatu, she
will collapse and Chris must find the serum. The serum is in the weapon
room on the nearest shelf in Chris' right. You can only get it when
Claire needs. Find and give it to her. Of course, some chubby guys could
re-appear to welcome you.

 7.17/ STEVE...

  At that time, Alexia appears, using the tentacles to separate Claire
and Chris. Now Chris is hurt on the floor while Claire is above. You'll
hear Steve's cry. Chris asks her to save Steve. Now you take control of

  There is an item box here. Just let weapons for Chris, you don't need
them much, or at least you should bring Assault Rifle or Handgun with a
few ammo with you to kill the tentacles. Remember to open the Duralumin
Case that he couldn't open. Maybe it's Magnum rounds.

  Go to the way and shoot the tentacles. It takes you to a small prison
area. Go on the steps and move the valve. The launcher will give up a
Crystal Ball. There is a heavy trap here. The only way to avoid is
running fast. First, put the Crystal Ball in the center of the shadow
square on the ground and quickly avoid. The trap will break the ball
that remains a card. Now quickly get the Security Card from the center
of the square... The trap is stopped. Don't worry any more. Now go to
the small cyan door and use the Security Card to open the new area. Just
go into it and...
 No strategy here. Just run, run, run as far as you can. Remember to
use a healing items (which are full 100% your health) after a hit
because only two of his hits can take you to the heaven. If you're
fast, he beats you two hits.
  After that, see a FMV...


  Now you are Chris. You are watching a conversation between Wesker and
Alexia. Wesker is trying to capture her. She is on the stair, slowly go
down...changing at the same time. Oh no, she now is a monster. She gets
rid of Wesker by burning him. But the fire burned the door. And it's too
late for Chris to get out. Now you must fight her.
  BOSS STRATEGY : Alexia 1
  This boss is not hard. Just keep a safe distance and shoot. If you
stand too close her, she will kill you with one hit. But if you have
the Magnum, only 5 or 6 Magnum rounds can defeat her. After that, take
her choker and get Alexia's Jewel.
  Go upstairs, put the three Jewels on the picture. A secret door
appears. Fight zombies here. If you check this place, you'll find the
blue and the red room which look like the ones in Private Residence.

  First, go to the left grey door, grab the green herbs. Then use the
lift to go down. Put the switch on the control panel for the glass
capsule to open. Then get the fourth Wing Objects.

 But now don't go there. Just go to a third room that there is some
pictures of Veronica. Check the desk to get Sterile Key. Save here if
you like. Then use it to open the brown door in the main hall. By this
way, return to the Save Room and turn off the power. You can't go by the
electric door. Now just go out return to the hall to the brown door at
the Tiger Statue. No electric power, the statue won't move again. Get
two jewels and return to the red room. Turn off the music and put the
Red Jewel on the lid, then grab the Music Plate.

  Go to the blue room and put the blue jewel on, then put the Music
Plate. A ladder is lowered. Climb down and you'll realize this is the
room in the film about Alfred and Alexia's childhood. Get green herbs,
Handgun bullets and Dragonfly Object. Combine it with the four Wings
Objects to make a complete Dragonfly. Then return to the corridor to
find Claire. Return to the room where you get the fourth wing and unlock
another door. It will take you to the place where Claire was. Go to the
item box and prepare yourself. Try to push the wardrobe aside, you'll
will see a frame which used to put a Shotgun in. Put it in. A picture
falls down remains Grenade rounds and Flame rounds.

  In the way Claire went, you can also push some cupboards on the way to
get Grenade rounds and bow gun arrows. When getting out, Chris hears
Claire's cry from inside the door but can't rescue her now. She will
give you the Security File with the card inside by the bottom of the
door. Then go upstairs, use the Dragonfly to open the door. Kill the
zombies and enter the card to the computer. The password is "Veronica".
Now you have 5 minutes to get out. After talking to Claire, Alexia comes
and stop her escape. Shoot her at once by a long range weapon like
Handgun or Bow Gun.

  After Claire has gone, fight the 2nd Alexia :

  BOSS STRATEGY : Alexia 2
  This boss is ordinary. Just shoot it by Magnums, Explosive arrows or
Grenade Launcher. Sometimes run to other place to avoid the annoying
tentacles. Grenade rounds are good at these.
  After that, Alexia abandon her base and fly in the air.
  BOSS STRATEGY : Alexia 3
  Get the Linear Launcher as soon as possible. Don't shoot her too soon
or you'll miss continually. Her fire doesn't make a lot of damage.
Choose a time that she will stop for a while and
  After that, see a long scene and FMV.
  Congratulation , guys ! You've beaten the game.


8/ Q.U.I.C.K. W.A.L.K.T.H.R.O.U.G.H.


  Anyone doesn't want to read a long confusing walkthrough, just go here
to see the basics and what to do. I open this menu only because of that.
Even me, the author can't read my walkthrough because my eyes are too
weak (sight-seeing).

- This guide doesn't contain specific items such as ammo or healing
- It doesn't show the specific places and Save Room.
- This walkthrough also doesn't show how to solve the puzzle or get
items specifically.
- I have arranged the episodes of this walkthrough with the same order
as the full walkthrough that help you easily compare them.
- With this walkthrough, the players yourselves have to understand the
places and items as you're playing because this is a quick guide, not
full guide.


- Find Steve, get the M93R Handgun and any necessary items
- Grab the M-100P in the dormitory.
- Go to the security area, find the Hawk Emblem. Remember to put in your
metal items in the security box.
- Push the switch of the shutter outside.
- Put the Hawk Emblem into the 3D scanner. Then get out.
- Get into the shutter to get the Extinguisher.
- Return to the cemetery graveyard, put out the fire and get TG-01.
- Put the TG-01 on the 3D Duplicator beside the scanner and get the
Special Alloy Emblem. Get out of the area.

- Push the tank to the others, climb it and go to other side.
- Head to the palace (see the map)
- In the yard, grab Navy Proof.
- Go to the save room, find the ID Card and use it to access the door by
inputting in the computer.
- Go to that room and find a room with a projector.
- Watch the film, then grab the Steering Wheel and get out, don't get
Gold Lugers.
- When hearing Steve's cry , return to save him.
- Get out to the below floor in the yard.
- Use Steering Wheel to get to the submarine. Get on.
- Try to control the hook to catch up the big tank.
- Find Biohazard Card and some other items.
- Get out of palace.

- Avoid the Grave Digger, get into the mansion.
- Turn to Claire's right to find the bio-experiment Room, grab the Bow
gun and read the file.
- After the event, get out and go to the right room or locker room to
find ammo if you want.
- Use Biohazard Card to open the deeper shutter, head to another yard.
- Avoid Alfred's shots, go to the right door.
- Go to the Save Room to prepare yourself, grab the Hemostatic Medicine.
- Turn to the next room, get the Sub Machine Gun and fight a
- Find Steve and receive the Gold Lugers
- As Steve, pass the basement.
- Take Claire follow him and see a film.
- Use elevator to get to 1st floor, grab the Eagle Plate in the gallery.
- Use it to put in the portion on the balcony of Facility 2nd floor, get
Emblem Card.
- Use it to open all the shutters that Biohazard Card couldn't in the
facility. You'll get Grenade Launcher (basement), Army Proof (Monitor
Room, 2nd floor).
- In the Monitor Room, control the camera to see the code in the picture
and remove the gas in the bio-experiment room.
- Return to that room using the code and grab the Picture of Skeleton
- Avoid the baby Albino and get out as soon as possible.
- At Facility 1F, hand the picture on the wall, grab Gold Key.

- Okay, return to palace. Put the Gold Lugers on the door in the save
- Solve the puzzle here, then get to the passage to Private Residence.
- Go upstairs to Alfred and Alexia's room.
- Go to Alexia's room, turn off the music plate and grab Silver Key.
- Return to palace, use Silver Key to open the casino and another door
on 1st floor.
- In this door, take the Eagle Plate.
- Return to Prison area.

- Put the Eagle Plate near the guillotine, go to the infirmary.
- Get to the punishment room and grab items.
- Back to infirmary, fight the "anatomist" and collect the Glass Eye.
- Put it on the one-eyed statue, get to secret basement.
- Go to the Statue Room.
- After getting out the Rusted Sword, push the bar on the ground as soon
as possible.
- Put in the Rusted Sword into its place, fight a zombie and get Piano
- Meet Rodrigo to give him the Hemostatic, receive Lockpick.
- Get out.

- In the casino, put the Piano Scroll in the piano, get the King Ant
- Use Gold Key to open the door where you save Steve, solve the puzzle
and grab the Queen Ant Object in the earthenware pot.
- Head to Private Residence.
- Put in the Queen Ant Object, grab the Music Plate.
- Put in the King Ant Object and the Music Plate, go to the new floor.
- Grab the Silver Dragonfly and put it in the ant art.
- Go to 4th floor, grab the Air Force Proof.
- Get out and see a film.

- Bring all the proofs and put on the table, get on the plane.
- Take the Control Level. Put it on the control panel on the upper
- Pass to the next door and find Airport Key.
- Use it to open the shutter below.
- Solve the tank puzzle and use elevator.
- Fight Tyrant 1.
- Return to the airplane with Steve.
- After the event, go to the back cabin of the airplane and fight the
final battle with Tyrant.

- In the B2 corridor, go to the hall.
- In Weapon Storage, get Mining Room Key and Assault Rifle. Put
Detonator on the cabinet.
- Go to Mining Room, activate and operate the electricity resouce in
Power Room. Remember to check the octagon hole on the port.
- In the B.O.W. room, find the Bar Code Sticker, stick it on the package
and move. Grab the Gas Mask in that room, too.
- Return to Save Room, put the switch on the locker to meet Alexander.
Grab the Pot and get Machine Room Key.
- In B1 hall, open the Machine Room.
- After talking to Steve, get into the room again and find Square Valve
- Go to the left room of Machine Room, put it on the machine to repair
into Octa Valve Handle.
- Use it to the hole in Mining Room, get the Sniper Rifle and escape.
- Fight Alexander.

 -----------------------END OF CLAIRE'S SCENARIO----------------------

- Talk to Rodrigo
- Defeat the Grave Digger, get the Lighter
- Go down the elevator, head to the tank yard.
- Put a switch to find a lift and go down.
- Grab the Battery. Get to the big elevator.
- Use the Battery to activate the red lift, go on it.
- Get Chemical Storage Key.
- After the event with Alexia, find the Side Pack in the left door if
you want.
- Use the elevator to go to the basement, grab the Shotgun and go to
next door.
- Fight Hunters. Collect the Door Knob.
- Go to the Chemical Storage in the left, solving the puzzle to get
Clement z.
- Use Door Knob to open a door which is missing it, grab the Tank
- In Facility 1st floor, gallery, put the Tank Object on the model, grab
the Turn Table Key.
- Use this key to activate the Turn Table where you meet two Hunters to
get to 1st Floor hall.
- Go to the right door first, head to the yard and climb down at
- Turn the switch to remove ventilation, find Clement a in this area.
- Back to 1st floor hall, go out to the yard and use elevator.
- Get the place where you put the three proofs, bring back all of them
to facility 1st floor, put them in the hollow.
- Climb down the new ladder.
- Fight Adult Albino, grab the Eagle Plate.
- Combine the two clements into one, use the mixture to take out the
Halberd from the Eagle Plate.
- Use Halberd to open the door where you get Battery. See the film.

- Take off the tentacles, go to the Save Room to get Paper Weight.
- In the Mining Room, find the Octa Valve Handle where Claire put.
- Go to the new door that Claire couldn't door. In the right white room,
use the empty extinguisher to full it up. Then get down the lift to take
- Get down the elevator, go to the Save Room in the left. Use Octa Valve
Handle to operate the electric power in the area, get out
- In the blue room, find the Tiger Statue to get the Socket, combine
with the Octa Valve Handle to turn to Square Valve Handle.
- Get down the elevator there, grab the Wing Object, solve the puzzle to
get Alfred's Jewel.
- Use Square Valve Handle to remove the water (in the room where you
full the extinguisher), get Crane Key.
- Use the key to operate the hook in B1 hall, grab Alexander's Jewel.
- In the swimming pool, get two Wing Objects. Find Claire in the main
- Get Serum for her in the Weapon Storage.
- Take control of her, solve the puzzle to get Security Card.
- Fight Steve.
- Return to Chris, fight Alexia 1.
- Get her jewel, use the three Jewels to open the secret door behind the
picture. Find the 4th Wing Object in the left grey door.
- Find the Sterile Key. Use it to open the Sterile Room (Blue room)
- In the Save Room in B5 area, turn off the power.
- Get the two Jewels from the Tiger Statue, put it in the Music Boxes as
the puzzle in Private Residence.
- In the secret B3 room, grab the Dragonfly and combine with 4 wings.
- Find Claire, get the Security Card.
- Use the Golden Dragonfly to unlock the door upstairs.
- Access the Security Card, enter the password.
- Fight Alexia 2.
- Grab the Linear Launcher, fight Alexia 3.

-----------------------END OF CHRIS'S SCENARIO------------------------

  In this game, there are some unnecessary work you don't need to do. Or
there are some altered episodes that following your actions and orders.
Let me list them here for you to notice and decide do or not. I only
list the REPRESENT, okay ? Why must I insist this word ? Because my
smart fellow asked me a stupid question "What happens if I don't get
ammo or healing items ? Isn't it a changeable episode ?". Oh my God,
What a guy ! I repeat, I only list the episodes that affect your orders,
items or features etc. That's what I want to say. Okay, let's begin.
- About the optional episodes, some of them which if you don't do, your
rank will be lowered. See "Ranking System" for more details.
NAME : Getting the Hemostate medicine to Rodrigo
TYPE : Optional
SEQUEL : If you do, Rodrigo will live longer.
         If not, he dies earlier. That also means you don't have the
         Lockpick, too. Chris doesn't have the Lighter.
NAME : Getting the Luger Replica
TYPE : Optional
SEQUEL : If you do, Steve Burnside will appear in Battle Mode soon the
         first time.
         If not, he won't appear early.
NAME : Fighting the Grave Digger with Chris
TYPE : Optional
SEQUEL : If you fight it, Rodrigo gives you the Lighter before he dies
         If not, he dies inside the worm's body, Chris doesn't have the
         Lighter. That also means you can't open the cabinet in
         Transport Terminal.
NAME : Getting Wesker's sunglasses (Japanese version only)
TYPE : Optional
SEQUEL : If you get, Wesker appears in Battle Mode soon the first time.
         If not, he won't appear early.
NAME : Solving the painting puzzle before or after meeting "Alexia" at
Private Residence.
TYPE : Changeable
SEQUEL : If you solve the puzzle before meeting "her", when Alexia's
painting appears, Claire will say something like :"A portrait of a
beautiful woman..."
         If you solve after meeting "her", Claire will say something
like "A portrait of Alexia...".
NAME : Avoid Alexander's poison or not.
TYPE : Changeable
SEQUEL : If you're good enough to avoid Alexander's poison, Chris
doesn't need to give her the Serum.
         If not, he must give Claire the Serum to cure her.
  This action involves the Action 7.
NAME : Getting Alexander's Jewel before or after giving Claire the Serum
TYPE : Changeable
SEQUEL : If you operate the hook before giving Claire the Serum in order
to get Alexander's Jewel, Alexia will appear and threaten you.
         If you do this after giving Claire the Serum, she won't appear.
  ACTION 8 :
NAME : Save Steve from the gas room
TYPE : Changeable
SEQUEL : Depend on saving Steve long or fast, you'll realize he has
different actions and words for your saving. If I remember well, he has
3 different actions as 3 ranking scores you would receive after saving
him. See the Ranking system for more details.
  ACTION 9 :
NAME : Taking control of Steve
TYPE : Changeable
SEQUEL : I assure most of you like to use him to shoot those zombies in
the basement. But try not to kill any of them, "They weren't even worth
the ammo needed to kill them." - he says.
  ACTION 10 :
NAME : Taking the Eagle Plate to use in Prison
TYPE : Changeable
SEQUEL : Depending on what Eagle Plate you use in Prison (from Facility
or Palace), Rodrigo tells you different words.
  There is a missing action : Kill the Grave Digger with Claire. I have
tried to do this but I never had enough ammo to survive until
Chris'scenario. This list is might be incomplete. I need ideas from you
readers. Thanks and enjoy !


9/  R.A.N.K.I.N.G. S.Y.S.T.E.M.


  I have some reminds for you. The ranking system depends on the hidden
score the game marks you when playing. You can't see this score.

  Your rank after each playing time depends on :
   +  4:30:00 or less - 8250 points
   +  4:30:01 to  5:00:00 - 7550 points
   +  5:00:01 to  5:30:00 - 7000 points
   +  5:30:01 to  6:00:00 - 6450 points
   +  6:00:01 to  7:30:00 - 5500 points
   +  7:30:01 to 15:00:00 - 5000 points
   + 15:00:01 to 20:00:00 - 2500 points
   + 20:00:01 or more - 2000 points

  + All maps : +100 points
  + Less or none : 0 points

  + First time : -1000 points
  + Everytime later : -50 points for each

  + First time : -1000 points
  + Everytime later " -50 points for each

  + None : +1800 points
  + Use : 0 points

- Save Steve from the gas room (fast or slow)
  + Fastest : +400 points
  + Average : 0 points
  + Slow : -1000 points

- Bring the Hemostate to Rodrigo
  + Yes : +250 points
  + No : -1000 points

- Bring the Hemostate to Rodrigo
- Get the Luger Replica to unlock Steve in Battle Mode

- Finish the game under 4 hours 30 minutes
- No Save
- No Retry
- No First Aid Spray used
- Get all the maps you see
- Save Steve from the gas room immediately in the first time
- Do all the added episodes
  If you get the best rank, you'll receive an unlimited Rocket
Launcher in your next game.


|     VERSIONS       |    RANK     |            SCORES             |
| JAPANESE VERSION   |      S      |        10000 or more          |
|                    |      A      |          7000-9999            |
|                    |      B      |          4500-6999            |
|                    |      C      |          2500-4499            |
|                    |      D      |         2499 or less          |
| ENGLISH VERSION    |      A      |        10000 or more          |
|                    |      B      |          7000-9999            |
|                    |      C      |          4500-6999            |
|                    |      D      |          2500-4499            |
|                    |      E      |         2499 or less          |


10/ H.E.A.L.T.H. G.U.I.D.E. &  H.E.A.L.I.N.G. I.T.E.M.S.


  Each Resident Evil game has herbs for healing. According to the basic,
the way to use mix herbs of them are similar. But the later Resident
Evils often has more new details and ways to use healing items. The
first Resident Evil didn't have many functions as the later. And the
later Resident Evil Code Veronica is not an exception.
  The character's health is showed on the condition board on menu
screen. Use "Combine" command to mix herbs.
  * Notes :
- "Health Guide" shows you how to use condition screen in menu screen.
- "Healing Items" shows you the items which are used to heal in the game
and their function.
- "Herb Mixing" shows you how to mix herbs.
- "Damage Notes" let you know how strong each type of enemies attack you
to have a good defense to them.


    HEALTH                   COLORS                   PERCENT
   Fine                      Green                    100%-50%
   Caution                   Yellow                    50%-25%
   Caution                   Orange                    25%-10%
   Danger                    Red                     under 10%
   Poison                    Purple                   100%- 0%

- First Aid Spray : heal 100%, no combine
- Green Herb : heal 25%
- Red Herb   : combine with other herbs
- Blue Herb  : cure every Poison, except Nosferatu's.


     HERBS                      COLORS          HEALING PERCENT
Green + Green                   Green           heal 50%
Green + Green + Green           Green           heal 100%
Green + Blue                  Green + Blue      heal 25% + cure Poison
Green + Green + Blue          Green + Blue      heal 50% + cure Poison
Green + Red                   Green + Red       heal 100%
Green + Red + Blue              Grey            heal 100%+ cure Poison

  This menu lists the damage percent of enemies. Reading this combines
with "Monster List". Hope it's useful for you.
- Neck biting : 10-25%
- Feet biting :  5-15%
- Poisonous blow : 5-10%
  Zombie's hit doesn't make very big damage. About the neck biting, the
hit in the back makes less damage than a neck biting in the front. They
bite their feet when falling or lying on the floor.
- Scratch : 5-10%
- Hand biting : 10-20%
  Just don't let you be confused. They often jump and scratch and only
bite your hand when you don't move.
- Scratch : 5-10%
  They attack from the air. Use Lighter to avoid them. They attack
- Striking up : 10-15%
- Striking down : 10-15%
- Approaching : 20-30%
  Its only long hand is the only weapon which is strong and useful for
them. They attack you anytime and any distance in the sight.
- Casting small electricity : 2-10%
  Just run out of them. It's hard to avoid this electricity.
- Casting strong electricity : 10-25%
  Don't jump into water.
 7. ANTS
- Biting : 1-5%
  Never attack, unless you step on them.
- Feet cutting : 10-25%
- Head slice : 20-50%
  Don't let they surround you. Two Hunters attack in two sides. You
don't have time to shoot them. They slice your head when they jump.
These guys are very creepy.
- Feet cutting : 10-25% + Poison effect
- Head slice : 20-50% + Poison effect
  The notes are the same as Hunters. The Poison effect doesn't appear
frequently. There are 20% percent to have Poison effect.
- Striking : 10-15%
  Only attack in close distance.
- Striking : 10-15%
- Poisonous liquid : 10-15% + Poison effect
- Biting : 10-25%
  Running is the best way. They drop Poisonous liquid when being on the
ceiling and only bite when being on the floor. On the wall, they strike
but this kind of hits is rare.
- Jumping : 1-5%
  Never attack, unless you are among them.
- Dropping powder : 2-10%
  Avoiding is a bit hard. But to shoot them is not only hard but also a
waste of time because they appear again when you return.
- Back growing : 5-10% + Poison effect
  The only solution is waiting until they grow. Then use Blue Herb and
healing items to cure. The best way is not to let them be on his back.
- Sequence of hits : 30-50%
- Finishing blow : 30-50%
  Geez, a strong enemy. Try to practise dodging. He only plays the
finishing blow after playing the sequence oh hits.
- Rising : 10-25%
- Gulping : 100%
  They rise anywhere and any time they like. Just run around to avoid
its rising hit. When it gulps you, you have no way to live. Just don't
stand in front of it when it is sounding.
- Tentacle striking : 10-15%
- Tentacle thrusting : 10-25% + Poison effect
- Poison Powder : 5-10% + Poison effect
  Running and shooting at the same time !
- Sequence of hits : 30-100%
  Run ! Run ! Run like hell !!!
19. ALEXIA 1
- Fire casting : 10-25%
- Burning : 100%
  Just don't attack at a close distance.
20. ALEXIA 2
- Small tentacle striking : 5-10%
- Big tentacle striking : 10-25%
- Poison liquid : 5-10% + Poison effect
  First, she gives up the small tentacles to annoy you until you can't
run anyway. Then she uses big tentacles to beat you when you are already
stopped by them. Poison liquid is dropped just before using the big
21. ALEXIA 3
- Fire casting : 10-25%
  She casts fire when stopping. Running around helps you to avoid it.
  If there are some mistakes in this part, please contact me and tell me
the correct numbers you think, just to make this guide more perfect.


 11/ I.T.E.M. L.I.S.T.


* Notes :
- "Item List" lists the items and their location.
- "Item Function" shows you what to do with them.

 A. Claire's scenario
           NAME           !                LOCATION
- Lighter                 ! - Standard item
- Hawk Emblem             ! - Prison Area 1F
- TG-01                   ! - Prison Area, graveyard
- Special Alloy Emblem    ! - Prison Area 1F
- Extinguisher            ! - Prison Area 1F
- Padlock                 ! - Prison Area, on the guillotine
- Key with Tag            ! - Military Training Facility 1F
- Navy Proof              ! - Palace , courtyard
- Umbrella ID Card        ! - Palace , Save Room
- Steering Wheel          ! - Palace 1F
- Gold Lugers             ! - Military Training Facility 2F
- Side Pack (Claire)      ! - Submarine
- Biohazard Card          ! - Airport area
- Hemostatic medicine     ! - Military Training Facility 2F
- Eagle Plates            ! - Military Training Facility 1F
                          ! - Palace 1F
- Emblem Card             ! - Military Training Facility 2F
- Army Proof              ! - Military Training Facility 2F
- Picture of Skeleton     ! - Military Training Facility 2F
- Gold Key                ! - Military Training Facility 1F
- Silver Key              ! - Private Residence 2F
- Lockpick                ! - Prison Area, get from Rodrigo
- Glass Eye               ! - Prison infirmary, from the zombie
- Rusted Sword            ! - Prison Area B1, secret cave
- Piano Scroll            ! - Prison Area B1, secret cave
- King Ant Object         ! - Palace 2F, casino
- Queen Ant Object        ! - Palace 1F, gallery
- Music Plate             ! - from the music boxes
- Silver Dragonfly Object ! - Private Residence 3F
- Air Force Proof         ! - Private Residence 4F
- Control Lever           ! - Airplane
- Airport Key             ! - Airport area
- Mining Room Key         ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal,Weapon room
- Bar Code Sticker        ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal, BOW room
- Gas Mask                ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal, BOW room
- Machine Room Key        ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal, Save Room
- Valve Handle            ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal B1

 B. Chris's scenario
          NAME            !                 LOCATION
- Battery                 ! - Military Training Facility B1
- Chemical Storage Key    ! - Military Training Facility 2F
- Luger Replica           ! - Military Training Facility B1
- Side Pack (Chris)       ! - Military Training Facility 2F
- Door Knob               ! - Military Training Facility, Turn Table
- Tank Object             ! - Military Training Facility 2F
- Turn Table Key          ! - Military Training Facility 1F
- Clement a               ! - Military Training Facility B1
- Clement z               ! - Military Training Facility B1
- Halberd                 ! - Military Training Facility B3
- Paper Weight            ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal, Save Room
- Valve Handle            ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal B2
- Crane Key               ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal B1
- Socket                  ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal B5
- Alexander's Jewel       ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal B1
- Alfred's Jewel          ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal B6
- Alexia's Jewel          ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal B5
- Red Jewel               ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal B5
- Blue Jewel              ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal B5
- Sterile Key             ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal B4
- Wing Objects            ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal B5
                          ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal B4
                          ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal B6
- Dragonfly Object        ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal B3
- Gold Dragonfly Object   ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal
- Security Card           ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal B4


- burn things
- avoid from Bats
- use in darkness

- sample for TG-01

- material to make Sp.Alloy Emblem

- unlock prison area main door

- put out the fire

- unlock a door in prison area

- unlock a cabinet in Facility

- put on the control panel to Airplane

- Open doors in Palace

- open the way to Submarine

- use as weapon
- unlock a door in Palace

- help characters to carry more items

- open the doors in Facility

- cure Rodrigo's wound

- unlock a new way in prison area
- use to get Emblem Card in Facility
- use to take Halberd

- open doors in Facility

- put on the control panel to Airplane

- show the number to bio-experiment room
- open a new room in Facility

- open a door in Palace

- open doors in Palace

- open special Duralumin Cases

- open the Prison secret basement

- use to put on the statue in Prison basement

- put on the piano in Palace

- open a music box in Private Residence

- open a music box in Private Residence

- use to put on a music box

- open Private Residence 4F

- Put on the control panel to Airplane

- Put on the bridge control panel to increase or lower the airport

- open a room in Airport area

- open Mining Room in Antarctic Facility

- Stick on the package

- prevent and protect from poison gas

- open Machine Room key in Antarctic Facility

- remove the water

- move the vehicle
- operate electric power supplying

- activate a small lift in Facility

- open the Chemical Storage

- unlock Steve Burnside in Battle Mode

- put on a door which door knob is missing.

- put on the facility model to open a secret shelf

- move the Turn Table

- combine with Clement z to make special clement

- combine with Clement a to make special clement

- open the door to Facility Heliport
- open the wardrobe in Antarctic Facility

- open the capsule to get Alfred's Jewel

- move the hook to get Alexander's corpse

- turn an Octa Valve Handle to Square one

- open a secret door in Antarctic Facility basement

- open a secret door in Antarctic Facility basement

- open a secret door in Antarctic Facility basement

- open a music box

- open a music box

- open the Sterile Room

- combine with Dragonfly object

- combine with Wing Objects

- open a door to self-destruct system

- open a door to Steve's cell
- activate the computer of self-destruct device


12/ W.E.A.P.O.N. L.I.S.T.


* Notes :
- "Weapon List" lists the weapons and their location.
- "Weapon Function" shows you their specific characteristics :
  + Range : limit of distance
  + Correct ratio : percentage of correct shots
  + Capacity : shows how many ammo each weapon could bring each time


         NAME              !               LOCATION
- Combat knife             ! - Standard of Chris and Steve
                           ! - Prison Area (Claire)
                           ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal (Chris)
- M93R Handgun             ! - Prison Area
- M93R Part                ! - Prison Area
- Glock 17                 ! - Standard of Chris
- Handgun Bullets          ! - N/A
- M-100P                   ! - Prison Area
- Gold Lugers              ! - Palace
- Sub Machine Gun          ! - Military Training Facility
- Bow Gun                  ! - Military Training Facility
- Bow gun arrows           ! - N/A
- Explosive arrows         ! - Military Training Facility
                           ! - Palace
                           ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal
- Grenade Launcher         ! - Military Training Facility
- Grenade rounds           ! - Military Training Facility
                           ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal
- Acid rounds              ! - Military Training Facility
- Flame rounds             ! - Prison Area
                           ! - Military Training Facility
- B.O.W rounds             ! - Prison Area
- Shotgun                  ! - Military Training Facility
- Shotgun Shells           ! - Military Training Facility
                           ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal
- Magnum                   ! - Water Tank Room in
                           !   Antarctic Transport Terminal
- Assault Rifle            ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal
- Assault Rifle ammo       ! - Military Training Facility
- Sniper Rifle             ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal
- Linear Launcher          ! - Antarctic Transport Terminal
- Rocket Launcher          ! - Finish the game before 4:30 hours, no
                           !   First Aid Spray, no save.


  Range : very short
  Correct ratio : 10/10
  Capacity : N/A
  Weapon of choice for veteran players. The knife is the hardest weapon
to use. But you can make a big sequence of hits if cutting down a zombie
at certainly. The real power of the knife can kill any ordinary monsters
with 3 or 4 hits if you use well. But anyway, it's not a safe weapon.

  Range : long
  Correct ratio : 8/10
  Capacity : 15 bullets
  A kind of weapon with medium power, use 9mm bullets . The handgun is
your most common weapon used to defeat zombies or dog zombies. Its
convenience help the user to shoot fast and fluently. But it's not a
powerful weapon. When combining with M93R part, it automatically shoots
in sequence by the control of users.
   Range : long
   Correct ratio : 8/10
   Capacity : 20 bullets
   Special Ability : Automatic shooting

 C. GLOCK 17
  Range : long
  Correct ratio : 8/10
  Capacity : 15 bullets
  A kind of weapon with medium power. General characteristics are the
same as M93R handgun. When being modified, its bullets can go through
any enemies on the way and kill them at once.
  Range : long
  Correct ratio : 8/10
  Capacity : 18 bullets
  Special Ability : shoot all the enemies standing in line

 D. M-100P
  Range : long
  Correct ratio : 9/10
  Capacity : 100%
  A pair of handguns that automatically shoots two shots at the same
time. Double power of a simple handgun. Used to shoot zombies and dog

  Range : long
  Correct ratio : 9/10
  Capacity : unknown
  A pair of old handguns decorated by strange designs. Shoot two shots
at the same time and double power of a simple handgun. Used to shoot
zombies and dog zombies.

  Range : long
  Correct ratio : 9/10
  Capacity : 100%
  A pair of machine handguns shooting automatically as a continuous
sequence as keeping the trigger. Strong power. Effective with Albino,
Nosferatu or Grave Digger.

 Range : entire long
 Correct ratio : 5/10
 Capacity : infinite
 Use arrows to shoot with a very high speed. Each regular arrow's power
is weak but a multiple hits can defeat some ordinary monsters. An
explosive arrow can kill an ordinary zombie or dog at once. But its
weakness is hard to shoot correctly, especially tall characters such as
Chris or Wesker. Use to shoot Bandersnatch, Hunters, etc

  Capacity : 1 round (reload each time shooting)
 This weapon is used with many kinds of ammo :
   - Range : short and large
   - Correct ratio : 8/10
   - An explosive ammo which make explosion to a group of enemies in a
     certain position. Strong power. Effective with any enemies.
   - Range : short and large
   - Correct ratio : 8/10
   - Cast acid on enemies in a certain position. Strong power. Effective
     with Hunters and Sweepers.
   - Range : short and large
   - Correct ratio : 8/10
   - Cast Fire ammo on enemies in certain position. Strong power.
     Effective with most of enemies and bosses.
   - Range : short and large
   - Correct ratio : 8/10
   - Cast gas and ammo on enemies in certain position. Strong power.
     Effective with some monsters.

 Range : long and large
 Correct ratio : 10/10
 Capacity : 7 shells
 Not very powerful. Shotgun is very effective with a lot of enemies in a
place. Sometimes it can blast a zombie's head at close distance. In this
game, it's also use to unlock ways.

 Range : long
 Correct ratio : 9/10
 Capacity : 6 rounds
 A terrific weapon with long range. Using Magnum is not only fast but
also effective. One shot can kill any ordinary enemies. Only one shot
can kill all the enemies who stand in line. This is a good weapon to

 Range : long
 Correct ratio : 8/10
 Capacity : 100%
 A rifle which makes a sequence of shots as pressing the trigger. The
same effect is almost like Sub Machine Gun.

 Range : long
 Correct ratio : 10/10
 Capacity : unknown
 Shoot following a red beam. This weapon can be aimed easily and shoot
correctly as the user wants. Strong power. Used for Nosferatu.

 Range : long
 Correct ratio : 10/10
 Capacity : N/A
 A kind of rocket with square hollow. One shot can kill any ordinary

 Range : long
 Correct ratio : 10/10
 Capacity : N/A
 A kind of rocket with circle hollow, same effect as Linear Launcher.

  Okay, try to hold their general function and use well. Anyway, most of
this is still my experience and opinions about weapons. You can entirely
your own. You don't need to follow this guide completely.


13/ F.I.L.E.S.


 * Notes :
- "Files" lists the names and contents of the files you collect in the
- "File Explanation" explains what they say.

  File location : Standard file
  When you obtain a new item, always remember to look at it with the
"Check" command on the status scree. Remember, it's always best to
rotate the item so you can check it from different angles.

  If you face an object and press and hold up on the directional
button, sometimes you'll be able to push it. You may find hidden rooms
and items this way.

  You can turn 180 degrees instantly by pressing the Cancel button
while holding the directional button down. This is very effective move
when you attack an enemy and then want to turn around and run.

  When you are lost or are unsure of what to do, check the map screen.
You can easily tell where you've been and can see which doors you have

  You can climb/descend some objects. To do this, face the object and
then push the Action button.

  The items you store in a Security Box in the prison cannot be
accessed through an Item Box. Make sure you remove all important items
from a Security Box before exiting a room.

  File location : Slot Machine, Battle Game
  December 27th
  Today, a woman in red was taken to my home in Rockfort Island. I
wonder what she did to deserve such a fate ?
  I've lived here for so long and have seen many people taken to the
prison, but rarely have I seen someone released alive...
  Out of nowhere, these strange soldiers appeared with weapons in their
hands, I suppose that the master of the island is being attacked by an
opposing organization. Since I was worried about that woman in red, I
ran to her prison but she was not there. I wonder if she is related to
the attack on the island...
  When I reached the military training facility, the master of Rockfort
Island was chasing the woman in red. I got careless and was almost
killed under a shutter. However, thanks to my natural agility. I managed
to escape from the danger and went outside. I guess I should be thankful
for my nature skills...
  When I heard a self-destruct announcement and saw the emergency
signal, I knew that I had to get off of the island. Was this all her
doing ? I didn't have time to think about it I had to hurry to the
hanger of the transportation plan to escape...
  On my way to the transportation plane, a huge monster appeared in
front of that woman in red. It broke through the fences like they were
made of paper ! Although I wanted to see what happened to the woman in
red, I decided to run to my destination...
  Even with all the explosion and fires, the transportation plane took
of with us on it. I thought that I was safe. But somehow, that huge
monster got onto our plane. With help from me, the woman is red was
able to drive the monster out of our plan. She is indeed a woman to be
  I can't believe it !
  Our transportation plane landed at an Antarctic transportation base.
Worse yet, the crews who took off with another transportation plane
before us, have scattered the T-virus here. Now this base is just like
the island, where zombies and monsters wander around...
  I won't be able to survive long in a place like this ! I must find
way to escape from here as soon as possible !! I will give up on that
woman in red and will start searching for another way...
  As I was resting in the darkness, I sensed someone approaching.
They're right next to me ! The door was closed and I couldn't escape,
so I just kept banging on the door like a maniac. Suddenly, the door
opened, I ran for it ! But then I realized that I should not be afraid,
so I looked back. I found myself staring at the woman in red...
  Finally, I found a blonde hair man in sunglasses. It seemed he was
going to escape in a submarine. I felt that it was my last chance to
escape from this crazy place of white terror. So just before the
submarine hatch closed, I successfully sneaked into the submarine.
  That is my story of how I survived from that insane world of horror.


  During a heavy squall, a girl in red outfit was brought to this island
of Rockfort. What could she have possibly done ?
  I've been living here quite some time now, but many who are brought to
this island seldom leave alive.
  Through the sounds of gun and fire, soldiers appeared. There was
something going on. I went on prison, but the girl in red was nowhere in
sight. I hurried to the military training facility. The "man" of
Rockfort was attacking her relentlessly. How stupid of me.
  I got too close and almost got myself smashed by the shutters. But,
thanks to my natural agility, I was able to get out of the situation and
get outside.
  Anyone other than me would not have been so lucky.
  Again, I was able to find the girl in red.
  There she was; in front of the residence. Then from behind her
appeared a man with blonde hair. As he called her, he approaches her in
a friendly manner and started saying something to her... and it happened
  The man in blonde hair started to hurt the girl in red.

  "I must save her."

  I thought to myself. But the man in blonde hair went away. Who was
that blonde haired man ? What did he want from the girl in red ?

  The self-destruct announcement and emergency siren warned the end of
Rockfort island. I hurried to the hangar of the transport. The transport
we were on took off as everything exploded into flames.
  With my neck risking effort, the girl in red slammed the monster out
into the open sky. Sure enough, she was a Valkyrie, a goddess of
  I couldn't believe it. The transport landed in Antarctica. And to top
it all, the transport that landed before us spilled tons of the T-virus
and everything alive had already turned into zombies.
  If I stayed, there was no way I could stay alive. I had to find a way
to get out of there, quickly. I parted with the girl in red. I started
searching the base to see if there was anything I could use.
  As I was resting in the dark, someone was coming. Whatever it was, it
was right there. The door suddenly closed and there was no escape. But I
was no chicken. I stopped to turn around and there she was, the girl in
red, standing there looking at me.
  Where was this place ? I was stuck in a room with an elevator and old
cannon. Where was I supposed to go ? I was stranded. I felt endless
  Then that blonde haired man with sunglasses appeared. He had the girl
in an arm lock. Then a man in a black vest came running after them. The
man in the black vest followed them.
  I also hurried to chase after them. It was a grueling fight. Was the
man who also knew that girl in monster ? The fight looked like it could
last forever.
  Then suddenly there was an explosion, which interfered the fight. That
was my last chance. I had to get out of there. I snuck through the hatch
of the sub as it was about to close.
  Finally, I was released from the world of death and I was able to come
back to a world where desire and power ruled.

  File Location : Dormitory, Prison area
  May 13th
  This room stinks of death. Based upon the information I've found, I
believe that I'm far south of the equator.
  Lucky for me that Bob in the bunk below me, is one of those
interesting types of guys...

  Today Bob told some crazy story of why he was put this place with me.
Bob said that he used to be an attendant of the head of this place. This
"boss" named Alfred supposedly place him in here because of a tiny
little mistake.
  What does that mean ?
  What's going to happen to me ?

  May 20th
  Without warning, a group of military men took Bob to the building
behind guillotine stand.
  At midnight, I'll sneak out of here to see him.
  I've been hearing that anyone taken to that building never comes
back. On top of that, there are really large plastic bags constantly
being removed from that place. I'd better pray for Bob...

  May 21st
  I was wrong. I shouldn't have gone there. What is going on in there
?! All I could hear was some insanely creepy laughter and the sound of
Bob screaming ! I don't know what to do, I can't stop thinking about
  Is that going to happen to me ?!
  I can't let it...
  I just can't...

  May 27th
  Since my last entry, all of my fellow inmates have been taken to that
building ! I know that I'm next... It's obvious that we were all here to
be used as Alfred's guinea pigs. There's no way out !
  What am I going to do ?!...

  File Location : Prison area
  Be sure to verify the content of the following facility access
application form, and add the applicant's name to the expected
visitor's list.
                                   Chief, Prison guard room
                                         Paul Steiner

  I hereby apply for access permissions for Prison Area D.

  Details follow,
  Visitor's name : Carl Grisham

                   Purpose of Entry :
  Carrying in the following materials :
1. New products sample from Metal Industry Co : "TG-01".
2. Various daily commodities ordered by the prison.

  Notes :
1. Will use a transportation truck
2. "TG-01" sample will be stored in a designated briefcase.

  File Location : Prison area, Graveyard
  Thank you for your continued support and for our products.

  This time we have gathered our most advanced technologies, and have
succeeded in creating the unique anti-metal detection alloy "TG-01".

  -TG-01 features ?-
1. Cannot be detected by any metal detectors.
2. Cannot be pictured by roentgenography at the immigration check.
3. Lightweight, yet durable.

  We plan to develop various weapons utilizing this innovate new
alloy. We enclosed a sample for you to review. We look to hearing from
you regarding possible business opportunities.

  Metal Industries Co.

  Development Planning

  Carl Redhill

  File Location : Prison area
  3-D Duplicator User's Manual
  Our new product, the "3-D Duplicator" consists of two parts.
_ 3-D Scanner Portion_
  This portion scans the 3D object. Simply place the material that you
ant to have scanned onto the tray of the scanner. The scanner object
will be processed into 3-D data that was scanned portion. The
conversation will be executed with complete data accuracy. The result
will be an object precisely true to the original.

  File Location : Save Room, Palace 2nd floor
  Four years have passed since I began serving Sir Alfred.
  He doesn't trust anyone ! Even though I am his attendant. I am still
strictly prohibited from entering his private house ! What is his
problem anyway ?!
  They say he lives with his twin sister Alexia in his private house on
the hill.
  Occasionally, I've seen someone standing by the window of the house.
It might have been Alexia, who extreme beauty is often talked about.
  I once asked Sir Alfred about this, but it only enraged him. Even
though I'm his attendant, he will not show me any lenience. If I ask
about her again, I could put my life at risk.
  After all, it is a mystery why he so desperately tried to keep his
private life with Alexia is a secret.
                                   Robert Dorson

  File Location : Infirmary, Prison area
  There is a demon in my mind. I can't control the fierce impulse that
the demon sometimes drives to act upon. It is a brutal ceremony. With
the demon next to me, I enjoy watching agonize in pain, screaming and
convulsing repeatedly as they die...
  But, Sir Alfred was kind enough to acknowledge me, and has given me
the facilities, the chemicals, and the "equipment" necessary to study
  I must never betray Sir Alfred's kindness. It is especially critical
that no one discovers the sacred place that only he and I know about. I
swear, the basement of this medical building will be kept secret.
  Of course, I keep the key to the sacred place with me at all times.
Even if an outsider sees it, they will never be able to tell that it is
the key. I must remember that my life ends when I lose Sir Alfred's

  File Location : Bio-experiment Room, Military Training Facility 2nd
  The emergency door lock system in the biology experiment room can be
released with the 1 digit pass number. I hope you haven't forgotten
about that already.
  I have just received an order from the system administrator
requesting us to change the pass number periodically. What bothers me
is that you often lose important memos, pass numbers or even
  So, in an attempt to solve that problem, I came up with an idea. You
know the red human skeleton picture at the back of the biology
experiment room ?
  I have decided to use the number signed on the picture as the pass
number. If you happen to lose the memo, just look at the picture.
  Well, I don't think you would never need to use the emergency pass
number, anyway. But just in case, now you know. Take it easy, Mr.
Careless !

  File Location : Gallery, Palace 1st floor
  Sir Alfred,
  Congratulations on your succession as master of the Ashford family.
  I here by present you with an earthenware vase, according to the
Ashford family tradition .
  As you may know, this tradition first began when a butler presented a
golden teacup as a commemorative to Veronica. As founder of the Ashford
family, her intelligence and beauty are legendary.
  The second and third master, Stanley and his son Thomas were also
presented with similar teacups. It was their hope to achieve glory as
Veronica did before them.
  The position as family master then shifted to Sir Thomas to his twin
brother Sir Arthur. It then went to Sir Edward, your grandfather. That
was when the Ashford family enjoyed its golden age.
  It was also Sir Edward achievement that established the large
chemical enterprise, Umbrella inc.
  However, when Sir Edward passed away, and your father Sir Alexander
succeeded the position, the glorious Ashford family gradually began to
  I sincerely hope that the Ashford family regains it's glory with your
guidance, just as this vase continues to shine eternally.

                                   Scott Harman
                              Butler , Ashford family

  Location : Monitor Room, Military Training Facility 2nd floor
 ( This file is showed on monitor screen of Facility 2nd floor)

  A creature which is created by injecting the T-virus into the genes of
a salamander.

  Similar to a normal amphibian, an Albinoid's body will change as it
grows with age.
  When young, an Albinoid is small in size, but it can grow to over
seven feet in a very short time frame (10+ hours).
  They possess high mobility and are able to discharge electricity.
These characteristics are most notable when they are under water in
their adult form.

  File Location : Private Residence 4th floor
  A 10 year old girl genius graduated at the top of her class, from a
prestigious university.
  The international corporation, Umbrella Chemical Inc., offered her the
position of head researcher.

  File Location : Private Residence 4th floor
  Alexia, my sister, is a genius and possesses unmatched beauty. She is
everything to me. I would overcome any obstacle and be willing to risk
my life for her. For Alexia, I must revive the glorious Ashford family
which fell during the era of my father, Alexander.
  Together, we will restore our family name. Once that has been
achieved, I'll build a palace where only nobles may gather. I cannot
allow the unwashed to see my sister Alexia, to whom my life is devoted
to. She reigns the world as queen, with I as her servant.
  That is my dream, and how she sweet it will be. Those accomplishments
will be proof of my love toward Alexia. It is the purpose of my
  All other people are meaningless, and they shall prostrate themselves
before Alexia and I.

                           Devoted to my beloved Alexia
                                  Alfred Ashford

  File Location : Private Residence
  My dear brother,
  I firmly believe that the glory of the Ashford family will be revived
through your courage and strength as an honour soldier.

                           Your faithfully,
                           Alexia Ashford

  File Location : Military Training Facility 2nd floor
  The underground passage which leads to the mansion where Alexia and I
live, has been badly damaged. Although I can never allow the unwashed to
see Alexia, I cannot go on using the underground waterway that those
local people made, either.
  Oh yes... I think I'll have those prisoners build a bridge. It must be
a gorgeous bridge that benefits the perfection that is Alexia.
  Of course, I must kill everyone who's involved in the construction of
the bridge after it is done, so that no one will know about the
existence of our mansion. But that is okay, as I have no problems
executing such matters.
  Once the bridge is completed. I'll seal the mansion entrance door at
the end of the underground waterway. The entrance of the waterway is
locked by the dioama trick, ensuring the secrecy of our mansion.

                               Alfred Ashford.

  File Location : Military Training Facility 2nd floor
  Attn : Mr. Alfred Ashford, head of the facility
  Today at 16:32, I arrived successfully from the Umbrella transport
base with the large-scale B.O.W. capsule.
  Extreme care was taken during transport, and all 108 check points
were confirmed condition "green" in accordance with standard
  It is currently being stored in a freezer.
  There's one thing that I don't understand. We are normally assigned
to special missions. This is especially important if the contents are
potentially harmful.
  We would like to ask you provide us with more information, should we
be assigned similar missions in the future ?
  I still remember the good old days in the military training center.
Nothing has changed since then.
  We will gear up for the next mission today at 23:00.
                       Umbrella Special Forces Unit

  File Location : Military Training Facility 2nd floor
  Although we planned to utilize the enhanced anti-decay alloy called
"Deploid" to create the storage capsule of the new B.O.W., we have had
to cancel the plan. This is primarily based upon the fact that despite
it's excellent resistance to all kinds of liquid including strong acid,
it easily dissolves when soaked with a mixture of the two chemicals,
"Clement a" and "Clement z".
  Due to the lethal nature of the new B.O.W., we cannot be too careful
in choosing the material for their storage capsule.
  We have instead decided to use Deploid to create the plate portion of
the "Eagle Plate", which shines in indigo-blue.

                     CLEMENT INFORMATION
  The type is used for gun maintenance and possesses no conspicuous
characteristics. However, the z type will change it's color to blue at
a certain temperature.
  Based upon our analysis of the z type, we believe that Clement
possesses more features. As new information is learned, we will update
this file.

  File Location : Worker's room - Antarctic Transport Terminal B2
  October 30th
  When I joined Umbrella Inc., I thought that I would ba able to live
care-free for the rest of my life, being employed by this huge
  Is this a joke that I ended up being a driver at a place like this. I
asked for a position change, but they completely ignored me. I feel
more like a prison ! Work is extremely demanding, and there's nothing
fun about it. I'd rather be dead !

  November 3rd
  My hard-earned vacation was cancelled suddenly. I heard they failed
to secure enough manpower due to the mistake made by the facility head,
Alfred. That fool doesn't deserved forgiveness. He doesn't even treat us
like human being !

  November 5th
  I heard an interesting story from a man who has been confined for
over 10 years, locked deep below here. People call him "Nosferatu" and
are deathly afraid of him. What an absorb story !

  November 10th
  At midnight I woke up to an ominous growling sound that seemed to be
coming from deep underground...I'm so pathetic to have been frightened
by such a foolish story.
  Then again, I suppose anyone would have a hard time maintaining their
sanity if they were confirmed in a place like this!

  File Location : Save Room - Antarctic Transport Terminal B2
  My father, Edward, discovered the mother virus in cooperation with
Lord Spencer, who was also a nobleman. They studied it for the purpose
of military use.
  Eventually their study took shape. They named a variation of the
mother virus, the "T-virus".
  To camouflage their research, they established Umbrella Chemical Inc.
  I majored in biogenetics and have been involved with a top secret
project, supporting my father's research.
  However, my research went through a difficult phase, and my father
died in the middle of the project.
  We are now at a major disadvantage against the other researchers, as
there is a great competition in the field of "T-virus" research. I have
disagreed the honourable name of the Ashford family that our great
ancestor Veronica established.
  If nothing is done, Umbrella will be taken over by Spencer. I must
expedite the project to its fullest, without being detected by Spencer.
  After much thought, I decided to establish a large-scale advance
research facility. It will be located in the transport terminal that I
created by using the abandoned mine in the Antarctic.
  Within the facility, I'll have a room built. It will be similar to
the design of my mansion, the legacy of the late Trevor.
  I will be able to cherish my sweet memories there...
  For security purposes, this confidential project will be given a
codename. It is the same name if the beautiful ancestor of the Ashford
family, "Veronica" whom I wish to receive so badly.
  I am confident that the result of my research will be as glorious as
her name, and that honour will be restored to the Ashford family again.

  File Location : Save Room - Antarctic Transport Terminal B2
  Sir Alfred,
  Please forgive me, as I must tell you of my abrupt departure by
leaving this letter.
  I first served your father, Lord Alexander, and have for so long
shared in the joys and sorrows of the Ashford family. Lord Alexander
disappeared unexpectedly 15 years ago, then an accident during an
experiment took the life of our dear Alexia.
  You were forced to become the master of the family at a very young
age, and nearly lost your sanity from the sorrow of having lost all of
your family members at once.
  There was nothing I could do, and I felt powerless.
  I first thought that I should kill myself to apologize. I then
realized that it would be an insult to our death Lord Alexander and
Alexia, in the other world.
                                     Scott Harman
                                Butler, Ashford family

  File Location : Save Room - Antarctic Transport Terminal B2
  January 30th
  There's a sealed room in the hallway located of the Antarctic
facility. I don't know what is hidden there, but I do not know how to
get in.
  I can use the three jewels that each one of our three members wear as
proof of being legitimated descendant of the Ashford family. The only
problem is, I do not know how I can gain possession of my father's

  February 17th
  I finally succeeded in entering that sealed room. I never could have
imagined that such an insane secret existed regarding the birth of both
Alexia and myself...
  I have nothing to be afraid of, as long as Alexia is with me.

  March 3rd
  Alexia carried out the experiment on the human body that we've been
talking about. Our useless father must be happy now, since he can
finally contribute to the Ashford family.
  The only thing we should be careful is that the butler, Harman, does
not become wise to our activities.

  April 22nd
  The experiment result is in failure. Our father was useless after
all. Even worse, he turned into a dangerous monster that is completely
out of control.
  We tied him down and locked him up in an underground prison cell.
However, Alexia seems to be close to a solution. Beyond all my
expectations, she now says that she wishes to conduct the experiment on
her own body.
  On top of that, she feels she must be kept asleep for 15 years in
order to accomplish the experiment. Thanks to that idiot, I can't see
my dear Alexia for as long as 15 years.
  Alexia is going to sleep, with all of her trust relying upon me. Now,
I am the only one who can protect Alexia.

  File Location : Antarctic Transport Terminal
  After many long years of research, I finally identified the
inheritance element that administers the intelligence of man.
  I even succeeded in manipulating the absolute value of intelligence
artificially, be recomposing the base alignment of the element.
  I then sampled the gene of our great ancestor, manipulated its
element, then implanted it into the infertilized egg of a surrogate
  What I didn't expect was that twins, a boy and a girl, were born. The
boy had higher intelligence than normal, but not high enough for him to
be considered a genius.
  However, the girl had unmatched intelligence that easily allowed her
to be classified as a genius. She was exactly what I had been looking
for, the revival of our great ancestor.
  I already determined their names : the girl's name, Alexia, and the
boy's name, Alfred.
  I'm certain that Alexia will elevate the name of the Ashford family
to extreme glory.
                                   Alexander Ashford

  File Location : Antarctic Transport Terminal
  After discovering the remains of an ancient virus within the genes of
a queen ant, I have been concentrating on the research of ants.
  The ecosystem of the ants seems truly ideal to me. There is one queen
ant in each anthill, and the soldier and worker ants are the queen's
slaves. They dedicate their lives to the queen.
  The death of the queen ant means the doom of the entire anthill.
However, the soldier and worker ants can be easily replaced as long as
the queen ant is alive. This is exactly the same relation ship between
myself and other ignorant masses.
  I have succeeded in creating an ideal virus by implanting the queen
ant's gene into the mother virus that Spencer found.
  I used my otherwise useless father as a test subject. However, as I
expected, the virus caused a rapid change in his cell, triggering the
complete destruction of his brain cells and body flesh.
  Furthermore, a special type of poison gas was gathered inside his
body, that the blue herb had no effect against. Because of this, I
created an antidote in case of emergency, and stored it inside of the
weapon/chemical warehouse on the B2 floor.
  I have decided to name this virus with unimaginable potential, the
"T-Veronica" virus. When I find out how I can fully utilize the power
of wonderful virus, my great research will finally be completed.
                                   Alexia Ashford

  File Location : Antarctic Transport Terminal
  Works continues on the "T-Veronica" virus which I extracted from the
queen ant. The more research I conduct on it, the more I am impressed
by how much potential it has.
  I have finally implanted the virus into my own body, and discovered
how to utilize its power. I will avoid making the mistake that I made
on my father. I will suppress the activity of the virus at an ultra-low
temperature, so that my cells will change slowly.
  My calculation indicate that it will take 15 years before my body
will gain immunity, and become able to coexist with the virus.
  Until then, I have no choice but to trust the capsule that I will be
in, to that inept but loyal soldier ant who is my brother. For me to
obtain unlimited power, some risks need to be taken.
  When I awaken, I will be the queen...And the "T-Veronica" virus will
be unleashed upon the entire world by my children. Every last creatures
on earth will exist to serve me.
  At that time, the world will achieve a perfect ecosystem, just like
the anthill, but on a much grander scale.
                                  Alexia Ashford

  File Location : Antarctic Transport Terminal B4
  The Ashford family's most important secret is kept at this lab.
  As a safety precaution, I have installed a self-destruct device in
the control room and have placed the activation code inside the
  Once inputted, all door locks will be released to provide access to
escape routes.
  By using the elevator that directly connects to the hangar, one
should be able to escape from the lab easily.
  Please remember that I have used the name of my beautiful ancestor
for the activation code.
                                Glory to the Ashford
                                 Alexander Ashford

  All these files most tell you about the facilities and the Ashfords's
work. Some of them tell you about solving puzzles or important
information. I decide to explain to you all those in a short passage to
understand this game :
- The playing manual tells you how to play the game. I don't go deep in
this part because you know too much.
- Most of the diary say about the mysterious Ashford family and the work
of facilities. Imagine yourself ?
- D.I.J. is a mouse that wanders with you in the game. Sometimes you can
meet running somewhere around you. In his diary, he tells you about how
he could escape those terrible places. He got out on a submarine that
Wesker used to escape. This means that Wesker is still alive.
- TG-01 product is used to make the emblem to unlock the big door of
prison area. The files tell you about its description and how to use it.
It's a metal material which can't be detected in the security area that
you can bring it there. First, put the sample emblem in the scanner,
then put the TG-01 on the 3D-duplicator beside. You'll receive what you
- Memo on the pass number tells you the pass number to enter the Bio-
experiment room which is locked by ventilation system for safety. You
must do anyway to see the code of the Skeleton Picture in the room to
know it.
- Memo to the new family master helps you to solve the puzzle in the
gallery. Just read it carefully and remember the order of time the
members of Ashford family appear in the note. Pay attention to the
things they hold to know what pictures they are.
- Albinoid Description tells you about the remarkable characteristics of
Albinoid, your new enemies in this game. This is necessary for players
who don't know anything about it.
- To open the door to the port of Military Training Facility, you need
the Halberd taken out from the Eagle Plate. All things you need are
Clement a and Clement z which are hidden in the facility. If you have
them, combine to a special clement used to take the Halberd.
- Hunk tells you about the place where he put the Clement chemical. The
temperature is the date when the facilities were built.
- Alexander Ashford was doing some experiments involving the T-virus. He
built an area in the basement whose designs are the same of Spencer's
house. With some combination with the mother T-virus, he created two
artificial children. The girl had a very high intelligence that he
guesses she'll be a future genius. Those children are Alfred and Alexia.
- Alexia, with the genius talent about chemicals and being a head
researcher of Umbrella Inc., continued the experiment with T-virus after
discovering some ancient virus in a gene of a queen ant and she
succeeded in creating a new type named "T-veronica". She has an ambition
to control the world and humanity. She began the first experiment with
her father-Alexander, the person she hates very much because of giving
the artificial birth to her. But the virus changed too much that he
became a crazy monster which can't be control and was locked in some
basement of Antarctic Transport Terminal-the monster which we've known
as monster Nosferatu. At that time, she also made a medicine named
Serum-used to cure Nosferatu's poison which is can't be cured by Blue
Herb or any ordinary medicine. This medicine was put in the Weapon
Store. After that, she decided to infect the "T-veronica" to another
specimen-who was herself. She has frozen herself during 15 years to be
infected slowly that prevents its change as the experiment with
Alexander. And she almost succeeds.
- Alfred-Alexia's brother-a guy who loves his sister to death. He does
all ways to protect her during many years, even the worst way such as
killing involved people.
- Everybody doesn't know about these experiments, even the faithful
butler. They all think that both Alexander and Alexia was dead in some
accident. But recently, the workers in Antarctic Transport Terminal hear
some sounds which is like a monsters from some basement. They don't know
that it was Alexander-Nosferatu.
- These experiments are the most important of Ashford family. Alexander
established a self-destruction device and a way to escape by the
activation code on the computer. It's the name of Ashford ancestor-


14/  M.A.P.S.


 * Notes :
- Read the explanation to know the symbols I use to draw the map.
- Some important maps were numbered at each room to show you the
specific locations of items and weapons. You can use this combining with
"Item List" and "Monster List".

+ Explanation :
V, <, > : doors
E : elevator, lift
HH : stairs, steps
L : ladder
S : typewriter
B : item box


              __________                        _____________
             !  _______HHHHH               ____!  ___________
             ! !                          ! 3 ___!
             ! !                          !  !
             ! !                          !  !
             !2!                          !V_!
             ! !                  __      !  !
             ! !                 !  ! ____!  !_____
             !S!                 !          4      !__
          ___!V!___              !____________________!
         !   !     !             !                   HH
         !   !     !             !         5         HH
         !___   1  !             !                   >!
             !     !             !___________________!
             !     !

* Area 1 : Cell                  * Area 4 :
 - Combat knife                   - Handgun bullets
 - Green Herb                    * Area 5 : Statue Room
* Area 2 :                        - Rusted Sword
 - Hangun bullets                 - Piano Scroll
 - Ink Ribbons
* Area 3 :
 - Green Herb

                  ___________ V ____
     ______ HHHHH!__     !          !__
    !                 ___!          !  !_____________________________
    !                !   !   2      <           3                    !
    !       1        !   !          !   _____________________        !
    !                !   !          !  !_______________ __HHH______  !
    !                    !          ! !          !    V    HHH     ! !
    !________________!___<__________! !   5      <           !     ! !
                           !        < !          !      4    !     ! !
                           !        ! !  ________!           !_____! !
                           !  6     ! !_______ !___________________! !
                    _______!        !________________________________!
                   ! _____      _V__!
                   !V!         !    !
                   ! !         !    !
                   ! !________ !V __!
                   !    7      ! !_________
                   !________   !   _____V__!__
                   !        !  !10!           !
                   !        !  !  !           !
                   !        !  !  !    11     !____
                   !        !  !  !                !
                   !   _____!  !  !           !    !
                   !   !  S!      !               !
                   !  8!   !  9  _!_              !
                   !_______!B___!  _!    12       !
                                  !               !

* Area 1 : Graveyard             * Area 2 :
 - TG-01                           - M93R Handgun
                                   - Handgun bullets
* Area 3 :                        * Area 4 :
 - Green herb                      - Green Herb
                                   - Handgun Bullets
* Area 5 : Dormitory              * Area 6 :
 - M-100p                          - Padlock
                                   - Extinguisher
* Area 7 : Security area          * Area 8 :
 - B.O.W. rounds                   - Hawk Emblem
 - First Aid Sprays                - Ink Ribbons
 - Flame rounds                    - Special Alloy Emblem
* Area 9 :                        * Area 10 : Passage
- Handgun Bullets                  - Green Herb
* Area 11 : Infirmary             * Area 12 : Punishment Room
- First Aid Spray                  - Red herb
- Handgun Bullets                  - M93R Handgun Part
- Glass Eye

                            _!        HHHHHHHH
                           !_      ___!
                            H     !
                           !!!    !
                           !!!    !
                           !!!   !
                           !!!  !
                           !!!  !
                           !!! !
                           !!! !
                           !!!  !
                           !!!    !
                           !!!    !
                            H!    !
                             !_  _!
                              !  !
                              !  !
                              !  !
                              !  !
                              ! V!
                           PRISON AREA
- Handgun Bullets                  - Green herbs


         PALACE AREA
              ! !
              ! !
              ! !
              ! !
              ! !
              ! !
              ! !
             !  !
             !  !
          ___!  !____
          !         < MILITARY TRAINING
          !__  _____!     FACILITY
            ! !
            ! !
            ! HHHHHH

 ITEMS : (none)


                    !        !    __________________________
          __________!        !   !               !S         !
         !          !  8     !   !               !     1    !
         !    7     !        !   !L            HH!_V _______!
         !          !        !___!__           HH!   !
    _____!_____     >               !   ______ HH!   !
   !          !     !               !  !  ___    !   !
   !          !---V-!---------------!  ! ! E !   !   !
   !          !      ________   ____<__!_!___!___!   !______
   !    6     !     !               !            !      ! E !
   !__        !  5  <      9        !            !    __!___!
      !       !     !               !    3       !   !
      !       <     !_______________!            !   !
    __!_______!_ V _!____HHHHHHHH___!            !___!
   !  !                             !__  V  _____!__________
   !E !         4                   !                       !
   !__!                             !                       !
   !                 _______________!  E     2              !
   !                !               !                       !
   !                !               !                       !
   !________________!               !_______________________!

* Area 1 : Model Room            * Area 2 : Tank yard
 - Gold Key                       - Handgun Bullets
 - Green Herbs
 - Shotgun Shells
 - Turn Table Key
 - Ink Ribbons
* Area 3 :                       * Area 4 : Courtyard
 - Handgun Bullets                - Bow gun arrows
                                  - Shotgun Shells
* Area 5 : Main Hall             * Area 6 : Turn Table
 - Red Herb                       - Bow gun Powder
* Area 7 : Locker Room           * Area 8 : Swimming Pool
 - Bow gun arrows                 - Key with Tag
* Area 9 : Office
 - Acid Rounds
 - Bow gun arrows
 - Green Herb


                                             !           !
                                             !           !
             _______                         !   ________!
            !BS     !                      HH!  !        !
            !  3    !            ________  HH!  !        !
 ___________!       !           !        ! HH!  !        !
!           !-----V-!-------!---!   1    !---! 5!___     !
!           >_2___/_________<________________>  __HHH____!
!H   4      !  !       ! 9  ! !            ! !  !
!H          !  !   8   !  -V! !            !_!  !_______
!H          !  !       ! !  ! !              !      !E  !
!           !  !       ! !  ! !             _!   ___!___!
!___        !  !_______>_!  <7!            ! !  !
    !       !      HHHHHH!__! !            !6<  !
    !       !               ! !____ _______!_!__!

* Area 1 :                       * Area 2 :
- Emblem Card                     - Handgun bullets
- Side Pack
- Bow gun arrows
* Area 3 : Save Room             * Area 4 : Bandersnatch Room
- Hemostatic Medicine             - Sub Machine Gun
- Green herb                      - Bow Gun arrows
* Area 5 : Monitor Room          * Area 6 : 2nd floor corridor
- Grenade Rounds                  - Chemical Storage Key
- Green Herbs                     - Handgun Bullets
- Army Proof
* Area 7 :2nd floor corridor     * Area 8 : Bio-experiment Room
- Tank Object                     - Picture of Skeleton
                                  - Acid Rounds
* Area 9 :
- Bow gun

                                              !   !
                            __                !   !
                           !L !           ____!   !
             ____          !  !  --------!        !
            !    !         !  ! !_________________!
            !    !__       !  !
           _!_____V_!_ ____!  !
          !           !       !___________________
    ______!    _V_____!       !  <_____________!E_!
   !      >   !  HHH           HH!
   !      !   !----------!       !   _________
   !______!___!_____     !_______!  !         !
   !          <     !____________   !  ______ !
  _!____V_    !                  !  ! !     ! !
 ! ___<___!___!______________    !  ! !_____!_!
 !V         !             HHHHHH_!  ! <     !E!
 !          !                       ! !  S  !
 !__________!                       ! !B____!
                                    ! !

- Green herbs                      - Blue herbs
- Shotgun Shells                   - Battery
- Red herb                         - Door Knob
- Grenade rounds                   - Grenade Launcher
- Clement a                        - Clement z
- Assault Rifle ammo.              - Handgun bullets


                      !                   !
                      !                   !
                      !                   !
                      !                   !
                      !                   !
                      !                   !
                      !                   !
                      !                   !
                      !___________    ____!
                                  !  !
                                  !  !
                               ___!  !

                                  !     !
                                  !     !
                                  !     !_
                            ______!       !
                   _________!              !
                  !         >______________!
                  !         !
                  !       __!
- Handgun Bullets                  - Shotgun Shells
- Green Herbs                      - Blue herbs
- Eagle Plate

    ! E !    ___
   _!___!___/   -----
  !                  !
  !                   !
  !___________        !
              !       !             ____
              /       !________    !    !
             !        !  __    !---!    !
             !        ! !  !            !
              !_______< !  !------------!
                      ! !_
                      !B S!
- Green herb                       - Red herbs
- Flame Rounds                     - Shotgun
- Handgun bullets                  - Ink Ribbon


                       !                     !
                       !                     !________
                       !        6            !_____   !
                       !                     !        !
                       !                     !        !
                       !                     !    4   !
                       !_ V _________________!        !
                       !        3            <        !
                       !_V_______________    !        !
                       !                 !_V_!________!
               ________!               HH!           !
              !        !               HH!            !
              !  7     !        2      HH!     5      !
              !________<                 !            !
               ________!__               !___________!
              !           !              !           !
              !           !____  V  _____!           !
              !                                      !
              !                                      !
              !                                      !
              !                                      !
              !                  1                   !
              !                                      !
              !                                      !
               HHH-------!               !--------HHH
               HHH       !               !        HHH
               HHH       !               !        HHH
                         !               !
                         !               !
                         !               !
                         !               !

* Area 1 : Yard                  * Area 2 : Main Hall
 - Navy Proof                     - Handgun bullets
 - Green Herb
* Area 3 : Back corridor         * Area 4 : Cinema Room
 - Red Herbs                      - Steering Wheel
 - Handgun Bullets                - Gold Lugers
                                  - Handgun Bullets
* Area 5 : Gallery               * Area 6 : Office
 - Queen Ant Object               - Eagle Plate
                                  - Handgun Bullets
* Area 7 : Water-closet
- Duralumin Case
- First Aid Spray
- Handgun Bullets


                                           !          !
                                           !          !
                                           !    2     !
                                           !          !
                                           !          !
                                           !          !
             !              >_HH___________HH     !   !
             !               !          HHH!______!   !
             !    3          !          HHH!B         !
             !                          HHH!  S    1  !
             !               !            !!__________!
             !_______________           !
                             !         !

* Area 1 : Save Room             * Area 2 : Clock Room
- ID Umbrella Card                - Handgun Bullets
- Handgun Bullets                 - Blue herb
- Green herb
* Area 3 : Casino
- King Ant Object
- Bow gun Powder


                      !                 !    !      !
                      !                 !    !      !
                      !                      !      !
                      !   SUBMARINE          !      !
                      !                      !      !
                      !                 !    !      !
                      !                 !    !      !
                      !                 !    !      !
                      !                 !    !      !
                      !              ___!____!______!
                      !              !
                      !              !
                      !              !

- Handgun Bullets                  - Bow gun arrows


              __________     ___________ _______
             !          ! V !           !       !
             !                          !       !
             !           HHH            !       !
             !           HHH            <       !
             !__________ HHH ___________!_______!
             ___________!   !

- Handgun Bullets                   - Bow gun arrows
- Ink Ribbons


             !_____ V _____   !  !
             !   3        !   >  !        !  !
             !_____ V ____!   !  !__      !  !
             !  4         ! 2 ! 1  !  ____!  !
             !______V ____!   !____HHH_______!

* Area 1 :                        * Area 2 :
- Handgun Bullets                 - Handgun Bullets
- First Aid Spray                 - Green Herb
* Area 3 : Alexia's room          * Area 4 : Alfred's Room
- Music Plate                     - N/A
- Silver Key


            !                !
           !      _____       !
          !      !     !       !
          !     !       !      !
          !      !_____!       !
           !                  !

- Silver Dragonfly Object          - Green herb


               !                     !
              !                       !
              !______          _______!

- Handgun Bullets                  - Air Force Proof


 !     !
 !  E  !
 !                           !
 !                  2        !
 !_______________            !
                 !           !
                  !          !                 ___
                 !           ! ___________    ! S !
                 !           !!    1      !___! B !
                 !-__________-!   ________________!
                              !  !
                              !  !__
* Area 1 :                       * Area 2 :
- Sub Machine Gun                 - Lighter
- Bow Gun arrows                  - Green Herbs
                                  - Blue Herb
                                  - Handgun bullets
                                  - Bow gun arrows

 !  HH___SUBMARINE                   _________
  HH                                !         !__
  HH                                !          __!  ________
 !HH_                              !    2    !     !       E!______
 !   !               ______________!         !     !        ! E !  !
 !   !              !              <_________!     !    3   !___!  !
 !   !______________!   1 _________!_______________!        <    4 !
 !__________________<              <____Bridge_____<__      !__S__B!
                    !______________!                  !____!_!

* Area 1 :                       * Area 2 :
- Handgun bullets                 - Navy Proof (Chris)
- Ink Ribbons                     - Army Proof (Chris)
                                  - Air Force Proof (Chris)
* Area 3 :                       * Area 4 :
- Biohazard Card                  - Green Herbs
- Bow gun Arrows                  - Grenade Launcher
                                  - Handgun Bullets
                                  - Ink Ribbons

============ __
   _________!  !
  !            !___  __________________  __ __
  !____________ >__--____Bridge________--__>  !_________

- Shotgun Shells                   - Airport Key

 AIRPLANE (Claire)
      !       !
      !       !
      !       !
      !       !
      !S      >
      !B____ V!
      !       !
      !       !

- Control Lever


                                                          !          !
                   ____                                   !          !
                  !E_! !                                  !          !
                     ! !            _________             !          !
   ______            ! !           !         !            !          !
 _!      !___________! !           !    1    !            !          !
!     6     !  ________!____       !         !            !          !
!    E      < !   !         !      !         !            !__________!
!E______    ! !   !    5    !      !_!----- V!HH!        !  ____  !  !
        !___!V!___!V _______!      !  ____    HH   !     ! !    ! !  !
        !                   !    !  _!    !____!     !   ! !    ! !  !
        !                   !___!  !_               !----! !    ! !  !
        !                   !        !                   ! !    !_!  !
        !        2          <        !             __    !  !        !
        !                   !___  L _!            ___ __>__!         !
        !                   !   !   !_           _!  !   !           !
        !___ V _____________!_   !    !_        !   !    !           !
 _________!        !         !    ! -  !-------!  !      !          !!
!         !      !-----------!       !___________!
!                   !___---!  !
!__                 <___ 4 ! !
   !      3         !   ---! !
   !                !        !
    !               !        !
     !              !        !

* Area 1 : Worker's Room         * Area 2 : 2nd floor Hall
- Handgun Bullets                 - Alexander's Jewel
- First Aid Spray
- Ink Ribbons
- Bow gun arrows
- Acid Rounds
* Area 3 : Machine Room          * Area 4 :
                                  - Square Valve Handle (Claire)
* Area 5 :                       * Area 6 : Water Tank
- Duralumin Case                  - Crane Key
- Green Herb                      - Full Extinguisher
- Blue Herb
- Octagon Valve Handle
- Shotgun Shells

                       ___                !    !
                      !   !               !    !___ ________________
  ____________________!   !_              !  1   B <     _______HH__!
 !                          !           __!    S   !_ 2 !         HH
 !          7           _V__!__________!_____________!  !         HH
 !                     !                             !  !
 !                     !                             !  !
 !_____________________!              3              !  !
 !                     !                             !__!
 !          6          !                             !
 !                     !_V_______V___________________!_
 !__________________________!       !                  !
         !                          !                  !
         !                          !                  !
         !_                         !                 !
           !                  4     !       5         !
           !                        !                 !
            !                       !                 !
             !                      <                 !

* Area 1 : Save Room             * Area 2 : Moth Corridor
- Green herb                      - Infinite Blue Herb
- Red herb
- Paper Weight
- Ink Ribbons
- Machine Room Key
* Area 3 : N/A                   * Area 4 : Mining Room
                                  - Valve Handle (Chris)
* Area 5 : Power Room            * Area 6 : B.O.W. Room
- Green Herbs                     - Bar Code Sticker
- Handgun Bullets                 - Gas Mask
                                  - Handgun Bullets
                                  - Blue Herb
                                  - Green Herbs
* Area 7 : Weapon Storage
- Mining Room Key
- Assault Rifle
- Detonator
- Handgun Bullets
- Magnum
- Serum


                      !                  !
                      !                  !
                      !               !  !
                      !               !  !
                      !               !  !
                      !               !  !
                      !               !  !
                      !               !  !
                      !               ! L!
- Handgun bullets                  - Green herbs
- Dragonfly object


                                  !  1       !
                                  !   ____   !___________ ________
                                  !  !    !  !           !  ___V__!
                                  !  !    !HH!     9 S   > !      !
                                  !  !____!  !___________! !  3   !
                                  !   ____   <___V_______ 2!      !
                                  !  !    !  !           ! !__ V _!
                                  !  !    !HH!    5      ! !      !
                                  !  !____!  !           ! !  4   !
                                  !          !E__________! !      !
                                  !______ V _!           ! !___V__!
                                  !B         !           !________!
                                  !    6     !           !
                                  !   _______!           !
                                  !  !       -----------V--!
                                  !_ <__________________ 7 !
                                                        !  !
                                                        !  !
                 ----___________________________________!  !
                !                                       !  !
                !____----------------------------!      !_V!__
                                                 !      !     !
                                                 !______<     !
                                                     !        !
                                                     !__   8  !__
                                                        !        !
                                                        !        !
                                                        !        !
                                                        !        !
* Area 1 : B4 Hall               * Area 2 :
- Combat Knife                    - Green Herbs
* Area 3 : Alfred's Room         * Area 4 : Alexia's Room
- N/A                             - Music Plate
* Area 5 : Capsule Room          * Area 6 :
- Wing Object                     - Red Herb
- Green Herbs                     - Green Herb
- Handgun Bullets                 - Flame Rounds
                                  - Grenade Rounds
* Area 7 :                       * Area 8 : Prison
- Bow gun arrows                  - Crystal Ball
- Grenade Rounds                  - Security Card
                                  - Bow Gun arrows
* Area 9 :
- Sterile Room Key
- Ink Ribbons


         !                  !                      !
         !                  !                      !
         !                  !                      !
         !        5         !                      !
         !                  <                      !
         !__                !      4       HHHHHH
            !               !                      !
            !               !                      !
            !   ____________!                      !
            !  !            !                      !
            !  !     1      !__ V _________________!
            !  !            !        !
         ___!  !_ V _____S_B!        !
        ! E !  <            !        !
        !___!__!---------!  !    3   !__
                         ! 2!        !  !
                         !  !        !  !
                         !  !_ V __  !  !
                         !         ! !  !
                         !---------! !  !
                                   !    !
                                    ! E !

* Area 1 : Power Room            * Area 2 : Freezing Corridor
- Shotgun Shells                  - Blue Herbs
- Handgun bullets                 - Green Herbs
- Green Herbs
* Area 3 : Sterile Room          * Area 4 : B5 Hall
- Magnum Rounds                   - Alexia's Jewel
- Red Jewel
- Socket
- Blue Jewel
- Handgun Bullets
- Shotgun Shells
* Area 5 : Swimming Pool
- Wing Objects

                                    ! E ! !
                                    !___! !
                                        ! !              ________
                                        ! !             !        !
                                     _--! !--_          !        !
  ________                         _!  _    _ !_        !_  _____!
 !        !______                _!  _! !__! !_ !_      !        !
 !               < -------------!  _!          !  !_____!        !
 !         ______< ---------------!            !________<        !
 !________!                                             !________!

- Green Herbs                      - Handgun Bullets
- Alfred's Jewel                   - Wing Object


     MAPS                                   LOCATION
- Prison Area Map                    - Prison Area, kitchen
- Palace Map                         - Underground Courtyard, Palace
- Military Training Facility Map     - Office, printer
- Antarctic Transport Terminal Map   - Sterile Room, woman statue


15/ M.O.N.S.T.E.R. L.I.S.T.


  Use this combining with "Damage Notes" in "Health Guide" menu. I don't
know if I put "Damage Notes" in this menu better. What are your ideas ?

 - Difficulty : Easy
 - Characteristics : your most popular enemies in every Resident Evil.
They are human who are changed by some virus effects. Attack by bitting
your neck, feet or blowing poisonous breath. When moving they make
sounds at their feet.
 - Strategy : Keep a safe distance and shoot. Try to determine if the
lying zombies die or pretend to die.
 - Ammo to kill :
 + Handgun Bullets : 5-10 bullets
 + Shotgun Shells : 1-4 shells
 + Regular Arrows : 18-15 arrows
 + Explosive Arrows : 1 arrows
 + Grenade Rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + Acid Rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + Flame Rounds : 1 rounds
 + B.O.W. rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + Magnum rounds : 1 round
 + M-100P : 3-4 shots
 + Automatic guns : 2-5%

- Difficulty : Easy
- Characteristics : wild animals. Fast and wise. Attack by jumping,
scratching or biting your hand. Like to surround the target in
multiple by nature. When moving they make sound at their feet.
- Strategy : Let them in a way and shoot at a safe distance with the
best camera angle. Don't use long-range weapons such as Bow gun, Rocket
Launcher or Linear Launcher. Handgun is good at this.
- Ammo to kill :
 + Handgun bullets : 5-10 bullets
 + Shotgun Shells : 2-4 shells
 + Regular arrows : about 15 arrows
 + Explosive arrows : 1-2 arrows
 + Grenade Rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + Acid Rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + Flame rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + B.O.W. rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + Magnum Rounds : 1 round
 + M-100P : 3-4 shots
 + Automatic Guns : 3-7&

- Difficulty : Easy
- Characteristics : a new enemy of Resident Evil Code Veronica. But its
characteristics are the same as Crows's in the older Resident Evil.
Attack in multiple by scratching your head in the air. When flying they
make sounds at their wings.
- Strategy : Use Handgun, aim up and shoot. But the best way is still
equipping the Lighter. Bats are afraid of light. Just use weapon when
you have no Lighter.
- Ammo to kill :
 + Handgun Bullets : 1 bullet
 + Shotgun Shell : 1 shell
 + Regular arrows : 1-3 arrows
 + Explosive arrows : 1 arrow
 + Grenade Rounds : 1 round
 + Acid Rounds : 1 round
 + Flame Rounds : 1 round
 + B.O.W. Rounds : 1 round
 + Magnum Rounds : N/A
 + M-100P : 1 shot
 + Automatic Gun : 1-2%

- Difficulty : Medium
- Characteristics : a new enemy of Resident Evil Code Veronica. It
looks like yellow Gorilla which only has one hand. But this hand is
very strong and long which can reach a far distance and dart there to
petrify the target. Attack by using the hand to strike or churching the
target's head. Often appear in multiple. When moving they make sounds at
their feet.
- Strategy : These are annoying. Try to find a good position which can
help you with avoiding its strike and shoot it by powerful weapons.
- Ammo to kill :
 + Handgun bullets : 10-20 bullets
 + Shotgun Shells : 2-5 shells
 + Regular arrows : 20+ arrows
 + Explosive arrows : 2-5 arrows
 + Grenade Rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + Acid Rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + Flame Rounds : 1 round
 + B.O.W. Rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + Magnum rounds : 1 round
 + M-100P : 10+ shots
 + Automatic guns : 10+%

- Difficulty : Easy
- Characteristics : the newest enemy. Little Albino can't do anything
except crawling around. But they can cast electricity which makes a
small damage.
- Strategy : You can use Grenade Launcher or Shotgun to shoot many of
them but it's only a waste of time. Running and avoiding are best ways.
- Ammo to kill :
 + Handgun Bullets : 5-10 bullets
 + Shotgun Shells : 1-3 shells
 + Regular arrows : 5-10 arrows
 + Explosive arrows : 1 arrow
 + Grenade Rounds : 1 round
 + Acid Rounds : 1 round
 + Flame Rounds : 1 rounds
 + B.O.W. Rounds : 1 rounds
 + Magnum Rounds : N/A
 + M-100P : N/A
 + Automatic guns : about 5%

- Difficulty : Easy
- Characteristics : the mature Albino which is stronger and bigger.
Lives in water and never get out of its place. It likes light. Attack by
casting big electricity which make a lot of damage. When moving it makes
sound at vibrating water.
- Strategy : don't jump into the water. Try to stand on the platform,
using large range weapon, aiming down and shoot it when it comes. Don't
chase to its way or you'll be deceived.
- Ammo to kill :
 + Handgun Bullets : A lot...
 + Shotgun Shells : 7-10 shells
 + Regular arrows : A lot...
 + Explosive arrows : 5-10 arrows
 + Grenade Rounds : 5+ rounds
 + Acid Rounds : 5+ rounds
 + Flame Rounds : 5+ rounds
 + B.O.W. Rounds : 5+ rounds
 + Magnum Rounds : N/A
 + M-100P :N/A
 + Automatic guns : 15-30%

- Difficulty : Easy
- Characteristics : You only meet this kind in Antarctic Transport
Terminal B6 area. They crawl in multiple and make sounds at their feet.
- Strategy : Use powerful weapons to shoot most of them but it's only a
waste of time, too. Just run like hell. Sometimes they bit you that
make a very small damage. Try to step on them as you can.
- Ammo to kill :
 + Handgun Bullets : 1-5 bullets
 + Shotgun Shells : 1 shell
 + Regular arrows : 2-7 arrows
 + Explosive arrows : 1 arrow
 + Grenade Rounds : 1 round
 + Acid Rounds : 1 round
 + Flame Rounds : 1 round
 + B.O.W. Rounds : 1 round
 + Magnum Rounds : 1-3 rounds
 + Automatic guns : 1-2%

- Difficulty : Medium
- Characteristics : another annoying guy. This kind is very fast and
dangerous with sharp claws. Attack by cutting your feet or jumping to
slice your head that can kill you anytime. When moving they make sounds
at their feet.
- Strategy : Choose a good position to shoot by powerful weapons.
Always prepare some herbs in your inventory. Don't move when shooting
or you'll be confused.
- Ammo to kill :
 + Handgun Bullets : 10-20 bullets
 + Shotgun Shells : 2-4 shells
 + Regular arrows : 10-20 arrows
 + Explosive arrows : 2-4 arrows
 + Grenade Rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + Acid Rounds : 1-2 round
 + Flame Rounds : 1-2 round
 + B.O.W. Rounds : 1-2 round
 + Magnum Rounds : 1 round
 + Automatic guns : 1-10%

- Difficulty : Medium
- Characteristics : Hunter's relative. Its only difference is the red
colour and its claws sometimes poison you by 20% percent being poisoned.
- Strategy : the same as Hunter's but don't forget to bring Blue Herb.
- Ammo to kill :
 + Handgun Bullets : 10-20 bullets
 + Shotgun Shells : 2-4 shells
 + Regular arrows : 10-20 arrows
 + Explosive arrows : 2-4 arrows
 + Grenade Rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + Acid Rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + Flame Rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + B.O.W. Rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + Magnum Rounds : 1 round
 + Automatic guns : 1-10%

- Difficulty : Medium
- Characteristics : some kind of spiders often crawling on the ceiling.
Attack by using legs to strike or dropping poisonous liquid. If they are
on the floor, they can bite your body which make big damages. When
moving they make sounds at their feet.
- Strategy : Prepare Blue Herb if you want to fight them. Use powerful
weapons and don't let them corner you. But running is still the best
- Ammo to kill :
 + Handgun Bullets : 5-15 bullets
 + Shotgun Shells : 2-5 shells
 + Regular arrows : 5-15 arrows
 + Explosive arrows : 2-3 arrows
 + Grenade Rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + Acid Rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + Flame Rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + B.O.W. Rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + Magnum Rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + Automatic guns : 1-6%

- Difficulty : Easy
- Characteristics : They were born from the dead Black Widow, crawling
on the floor in multiple. Attack by jumping.
- Strategy : Just run and step on them.
 + Handgun Bullets : 1-2 bullets
 + Shotgun Shells : 1-2 shells
 + Regular arrows : 1-3 arrows
 + Explosive arrows : 1 arrows
 + Grenade Rounds : 1 round
 + Acid Rounds : 1 round
 + Flame Rounds : 1 round
 + B.O.W. Rounds : 1 round
 + Magnum Rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + Automatic guns : 1-3%

- Difficulty : Medium
- Characteristics : some kind of annoy. They look like butterflies
which is flying. Attack by dropping some powder or landing at your back
and let some Moth Cocoons or Parasites.
- Strategy : try to practice running. You can shoot them by Handgun
with one shot. But it appears again in that place if you're away. I'm
- Ammo to kill :
 + Handgun Bullets : 1-3 bullets
 + Shotgun Shells : 1-2 shell
 + Regular arrows : 1-5 arrows
 + Explosive arrows : 1-2 arrows
 + Grenade Rounds : 1 round
 + Acid Rounds : 1 round
 + Flame Rounds : 1 round
 + B.O.W. Rounds : 1 round
 + Magnum Rounds : N/A
 + Automatic guns : 1-2%

- Difficulty : Medium
- Characteristics : The things that Moths let on your back after flying
away that poison you when they grow.
- Strategy : You can't do anything with this. Just prepare some Blue
Herbs in your inventory, wait until they break. That's when you're
really poisoned. Cure the poison and use Green herbs to heal your
health if they damage you too much. The best way is still that not
letting the Moths land on your dear back.
- Ammo to kill :
 + Handgun Bullets : N/A
 + Shotgun Shells : N/A
 + Regular arrows : N/A
 + Explosive arrows : N/A
 + Grenade Rounds : N/A
 + Acid Rounds : N/A
 + Flame Rounds : N/A
 + B.O.W. Rounds : N/A
 + Magnum Rounds : N/A
 + Automatic guns : N/A

- Difficulty : Hard
- Characteristics :Another old "fellow". Huge and strong, Tyrant's
claws always make very big damage on target. His weakness is that he's
very slow in moving, but very fast in attacking. He attacks by making a
sequence of hits.
- Strategy : Two of his claws's can take you to the other world. Use
powerful weapons to shoot, running around at the same time to dodge his
hits. In the final battle with this boss, try to shoot him until he's
bleeding, then put the catapult to push him out.( Don't worry, D.I.J.
also helps you to do this.)
- Ammo to defeat (first battle):
 + Handgun Bullets : very much
 + Shotgun Shells : N/A
 + Regular arrows : very much
 + Explosive arrows : 10-20 arrows
 + Grenade Rounds : 10-15 rounds
 + Acid Rounds : 10-15 rounds
 + Flame Rounds : N/A
 + B.O.W. Rounds : N/A
 + Magnum Rounds : N/A
 + Automatic guns : 10+%
- Ammo to make him weak :(second battle)
 + Handgun Bullets : very much
 + Shotgun Shells : N/A
 + Regular arrows : very much
 + Explosive arrows : 20+ arrows
 + Grenade Rounds : 20+ rounds
 + Acid Rounds : 20+ rounds
 + Flame Rounds : N/A
 + B.O.W. Rounds : N/A
 + Magnum Rounds : N/A
 + Automatic guns : 15+%

- Difficulty : Medium
- Characteristics : An old "fellow" in Resident Evil 3 Nemesis - the
king of ground. You can realize its appearance by the earthquake.
Attack by rising or gulping. Gulping can kill you at once.
- Strategy : Running around and shoot at the moment when it rises out
of the ground. But the game doesn't force you to kill this enemy, you
can run away from it if you don't want to fight. But you can't have the
Sub Machine Gun for Chris.
- Ammo to kill :
 + Handgun Bullets : more than you have...
 + Shotgun Shells : N/A
 + Regular arrows : 30-60 arrows
 + Explosive arrows : about 20 arrows
 + Grenade Rounds : N/A
 + Acid Rounds : N/A
 + Flame Rounds : N/A
 + B.O.W. Rounds : N/A
 + Magnum Rounds : N/A
 + Automatic guns : 30%

- Difficulty : Hard
- Characteristics : Sir Alexander Ashford who is turned into this
monster because of Alexia's experiment. His hand is tied and he moves
very slowly but his tentacles are fast and long. Attack by striking the
tentacles or making poisonous air.
- Strategy : Shoot and run at the same time. Try to aim at his heart by
the Sniper Rifle. If you shoot correct, only a few of ammo can take him
off. Try to avoid the tentacles or they will push you to the air and die
at once. But remember, blue herbs can't cure his poison. If you're
poisoned, Chris will cure you.
- Ammo to kill :
 + Handgun Bullets : 30+ bullets
 + Shotgun Shells : N/A
 + Regular arrows : so many
 + Explosive arrows : 20+ arrows
 + Grenade Rounds : N/A
 + Acid Rounds : N/A
 + Flame Rounds : N/A
 + B.O.W. Rounds : N/A
 + Magnum Rounds : N/A
 + Automatic guns : 10-20%
 + Sniper Rifle : 7 shots (correct shots)

- Difficulty : Medium
- Characteristics : Steve was in the same situation as Alexander's,
infected virus. Now he doesn't know who you are and just cut you as his
nature. Attack by using the huge axe to cut.
- Strategy : prepare for you some 100% mixed herbs. The door will close
if you don't run out promptly. Run like hell after using the 180
degrees button.
  * Some rumours said that you can kill Steve by weapons but I'm not
sure about this information.
- Ammo to kill :
 + Handgun Bullets : N/A
 + Shotgun Shells : N/A
 + Regular arrows : N/A
 + Explosive arrows : N/A
 + Grenade Rounds : N/A
 + Acid Rounds : N/A
 + Flame Rounds : N/A
 + B.O.W. Rounds : N/A
 + Magnum Rounds : N/A
 + Automatic guns : N/A

- Difficulty : Easy
- Characteristics : Oh yeah, this type like to bother you when you're
going. Can't realize where they are from. Attack suddenly by striking.
- Strategy : Just finish it by long-range weapon. It's only a useless
mass if you don't stand near them.
 + Handgun Bullets : 10-20 bullets
 + Shotgun Shells : 3-7 shells
 + Regular arrows : 15-25 arrows
 + Explosive arrows : 3-7 arrows
 + Grenade Rounds : 2-5 rounds
 + Acid Rounds : 2-5 rounds
 + Flame Rounds : 2-5 rounds
 + B.O.W. Rounds : N/A
 + Magnum Rounds : 2-4 rounds
 + Automatic guns : 5-10%

- Difficulty : Easy
- Characteristics : It's not good to consider this kind as medium-level
enemies. You can't forget the "guys" who bother you continuously when
fighting Alexia 2. That's because of Alexia. If you have a duel with
them only, I'm sure you win. They attack by tentacles.
- Strategy : Just use large-range weapon, such as Grenade Rounds to beat
them and Alexia at the same times.
- Ammo to kill :
 + Handgun Bullets : 1-5 bullets
 + Shotgun Shells : 1-3 shells
 + Regular arrows : 1-5 arrows
 + Explosive arrows : 1-3 arrows
 + Grenade Rounds : 1 round
 + Acid Rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + Flame Rounds : 1-2 rounds
 + B.O.W. Rounds : N/A
 + Magnum Rounds : 1-3 rounds
 + Automatic guns : N/A

- Difficulty : Easy
- Characteristics : The first form of monster Alexia who is infect by
T-Veronica virus over 15 years. She moves very slow. Attack by casting
fire or burning the target at once.
- Strategy : Try to avoid her blood (fire) and shoot at a far distance.
Don't let her go near you or she'll burn you to die immediately. Magnum
is very effective with her.
-Ammo to kill :
 + Handgun Bullets : many...
 + Shotgun Shells : N/A
 + Regular arrows : many...
 + Explosive arrows : 10-20 arrows
 + Grenade Rounds : 10-20 rounds
 + Acid Rounds : 10-20 rounds
 + Flame Rounds : 10-20 rounds
 + B.O.W. Rounds : N/A
 + Magnum Rounds : 5-6 rounds
 + Automatic guns : 20-30%

- Difficulty : Medium
- Characteristics : Appear with a big platform. This form is tougher
and harder. Attack by striking the tentacles or giving up the small
creatures at your feet to annoy you. Sometimes Alexia drops poisonous
- Strategy : Get your powerful weapons to defeat this. Sometimes
running around to avoid the annoying creatures. Grenade rounds are good
to beat the boss and defeat the small creatures at the same times
because of its large range.
- Ammo to kill :
 + Handgun Bullets : many...
 + Shotgun Shells : N/A
 + Regular arrows : many...
 + Explosive arrows : 20+ arrows
 + Grenade Rounds : 15+ rounds
 + Acid Rounds : 15+ rounds
 + Flame Rounds : 15+ rounds
 + B.O.W. Rounds : N/A
 + Magnum Rounds : 10+ rounds
 + Automatic guns : a lot...

- Difficulty : Medium
- Characteristics : a flying monster which attacks by dropping fire.
- Strategy : Use your Linear Launcher. Aim correctly and shoot only
when you think she stops flying temporarily.
- Ammo to kill :
 + Handgun Bullets : N/A
 + Shotgun Shells : N/A
 + Regular arrows : N/A
 + Explosive arrows : N/A
 + Grenade Rounds : N/A
 + Acid Rounds : N/A
 + Flame Rounds : N/A
 + B.O.W. Rounds : N/A
 + Magnum Rounds : N/A
 + Automatic guns : N/A
 + Rocket Launcher : 1 shot
 + Linear Launcher : 1 shot


16/ B.A.T.T.L.E. G.A.M.E.


  Battle Game is the mini-game of Resident Evil Code Veronica, only
appear when you beat the game once. But in Resident Evil Code Veronica
Complete, you don't need to do this to have it. The characters of this
scenario are Claire Redfield, Biker Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield,
Steve Burnside and even the famous main villain Albert Wesker.

  Each character has his/her own weapons with infinite ammo :
 * Claire Redfield
   - Combat knife
   - M93R Handgun
   - Bow gun (Explosive arrows)
   - Handgun Bullets
   - 4 Mixed Herbs
 * Biker Claire Redfield
    - Combat knife
    - Grenade Launcher
    - Grenade rounds
    - Acid rounds
    - Flame rounds
    - Assault Rifle
    - 1 Mixed Herb
  * Chris Redfield
    - Combat knife
    - Magnum
    - Shotgun
    - Shotgun Shells
    - 2 Mixed Herbs
  * Steve Burnside
    - Combat knife
    - Gold Lugers
    - Sub Machine Gun
    - 2 Mixed Herbs
  * Albert Wesker
    - Combat knife
    - 3 Mixed Herbs

- Claire Redfield  versus  Nosferatu (Alexander)
- Biker Claire Redfield  versus  Tyrant
- Chris Redfield  versus  2nd and 3rd Alexia
- Steve Burnside  versus  Grave Digger
- Albert Wesker  versus  1st Alexia

  This is a mixed map and I'm not talented enough to draw it as a chart.
So let me explain the position by words. Maybe it's more specific than
chart :

(1) AREA 1 :
Location : Prison Basement
Monsters : 4 zombies
Items : N/A
Bombs : N/A

(2) AREA 2 :
Location : Prison way
Monsters : 6 zombies
Items : 1 Green herb
Bombs : 1

(3) AREA 3 :
Location : Military Training Facility 1F, front door
Monsters : 3 Bandersnatch
Items : First Aid Spray
Bombs : N/A

(4) AREA 4 :
Location : Antarctic Transport Terminal B5, Tiger Statue Room
Monsters : 5 zombies
Items : N/A
Bombs : 1 (on a zombie)

(5) AREA 5 :
Location : Military Training Facility B1
Monsters : 5 zombies
Items : N/A
Bombs : N/A

(6) AREA 6 : (Rodrigo is here)
Location : Military Training Facility 1F, Turn Table
Monsters : 2 Hunters
Items : 1 Green Herb
Bombs : N/A

(7) AREA 7 :
Location : Antarctic Transport Terminal B2
Monsters : - 1 Hunter
           - 1 Sweeper
Items : - 1 Green Herb
        - 1 Blue Herb
Bombs : 3

(8) AREA 8 :
Location : Military Training Facility 1F
Monsters : 4 zombies
Items : N/A
Bombs : N/A

(9) AREA 9 :
Location : Antarctic Transport Terminal B4
Monsters : 6 zombies
Items : N/A
Bombs : N/A

(10)AREA 10 :
Location : Military Training Facility 2F, Monitor Room
Monsters : 6 zombies
Items : N/A
Bombs : 1(on a zombie)

(11)AREA 11 :
Location : Prison area, infirmary
Monsters : 4 zombies
Items : First Aid Spray
Bombs : N/A

(12)AREA 12 :
Location : Military Training Facility 2F
Monsters : 4 zombies
Items : - 1 Green Herb
        - 1 Blue Herb
Bombs : 1

(13)AREA 13 : (optional)
Location : Casino, Palace
Monsters : N/A
Items : - 2 Green Herbs
        - Random items in Slot Machine
         + First Aid Spray
         + D.I.J. diary
         + M-100P
         + B.O.W. rounds
         + Magnum
Bombs : N/A

(14)AREA 14 :
Location : Military Training Facility 1F, Locker Room
Monsters : - 1 Hunter
           - 1 Sweeper
Items : First Aid Spray
Bombs : N/A

(15)AREA 15 :
Location : Antarctic Transport Terminal B5, Freezer
Monsters : 7 zombies
Items : N/A
Bombs : N/A

(16)AREA 16 :
Location : Military Training Facility 1F
Monsters : 4 zombies
Items : N/A
Bombs : 3

(17)AREA 17 :
Location : Military Training Facility B1
Monsters : 5 zombies
Items : N/A
Bombs : 1 (on a zombie)

(18)AREA 18 :
Location : Airport 1F
Monsters : 3 Bandersnatch
Items : First Aid Spray
Bombs : N/A

(19)AREA 19 : Boss Battle

Location : Antarctic Transport Terminal, Terrace
Monster : Nosferatu

Location : Antarctic Transport Terminal, Terrace
Monsters : Tyrant

Location : Antarctic Transport Terminal B4
Monsters : - Alexia 2
           - Alexia 3

Location : Deserted island
Monsters : Grave Digger

Location : Antarctic Transport Terminal B5, Main hall
Monsters : Alexia 1

- Claire is riding a motorcycle.
- Biker Claire is standing happily in the tank yard.
- Chris is going fishing
- Steve is with his father.
- Wesker has got out of his mission

  You will go to the casino on your way. The slot machine in it will
give some random items. Maybe they are :
  Claire : First Aid Spray
  Alt. Claire : B.O.W. rounds / First Aid Spray/ D.I.J diary
  Chris : M-100P/ First Aid Spray/ D.I.J. diary
  Steve : First Aid Spray / D.I.J diary
  Albert Wesker : Magnum with 6 rounds / D.I.J Diary
 * Who is D.I.J. ?
  A mouse which wanders around with you in the adventure. You can see
him clearly in the shutter where Alfred jokes you or the locker where
you first meet Nosferatu. An intelligent mouse, right ? His diary is not
entirely useless. It lets you know a few information about the events,
especially Wesker is still alive and he escapes from the explosion. See
"Files" menu for more details about this diary.

  These info might be not very correct as I said, they are random
items. So please don't surprise if yours are not appreciate.

- Difficulty : Very Easy
- Best Weapon : Bow gun with Explosive arrows
- Zombies : with this weapon, you can shoot any zombies on your way.
This is infinite ammo so don't worry about it.
- Bandersnatch : sometimes annoying. Just aim and shoot very fast not
to let them beat you. If you are correct, two shots can kill one. But
if not, you need four of five shots to defeat one.
- Hunters and Sweepers : annoying, too. Bow gun is a long range weapon
which is hard to shoot these creepy creatures. Aim down and shoot. If
the monsters lie and haven't wake up yet, stand near it and shoot the
finishing blow.
- Nosferatu : As I said, this boss is not tough. Just aim at its heart
and shoot fast, running to avoid the tentacles at the same time.

- Difficulty : Easy
- Best weapon : Grenade Launcher with Flame rounds
- Zombies : one shot of this can kill any enemies on your way. But
remember, its range is not long.
- Bandersnatch : (the same as strategy for zombies)
- Hunters and Sweepers : I think these guys are afraid of Acid Rounds.
But if you don't want to waste time changing ammo, just use Flame
rounds and aim down to shoot them.
- Tyrant : If you are not good at dodging, use Assault Rifle. This gun
is a long range weapon. Run to four corners and shoot him, shoot until
he is in sight and run to the other corner. But if you think you can
avoid his hits, just use Grenade Launcher because it's still more
powerful. One hit of him can push you to the air. So be careful and
don't stand too close the dead end when shooting !

- Difficulty : Medium
- Best weapon : Magnum
- Chris is lucky to have this terrific weapon. It has a long range and
kill any enemies on your way : Zombies, Bandersnatch, Hunters,
Sweepers, etc. So just play happily
- 2nd Alexia : shoot her continually, running whenever you are annoyed
too much because of the tentacles.
- 3rd Alexia : Stand near her and aim up. Try to avoid her fire. This
is easy.

- Difficulty : Hard
- Best Weapon : Sub Machine Gun
- Zombies : stand at a safe position and shoot.
- Bandersnatch : choose an appreciate position which the monsters are
hard to beat you or you'll be beaten continually.
- Hunters and Sweepers : shoot at a close distance and aim down.
- Grave Digger : Running to avoid its hits. Shoot it when it rises out
the ground.

- Difficulty : Very Hard
- Weapon : Combat knife
- Zombies : Stand at a close distance, always ready to attack. To aim
down is the best. If you aim down and cut its legs correctly, you'll
have a chance to make a lot of continuous damage that the zombie can't
bite you only one hit.
- Bandersnatch : very annoying. Choose an appreciate position which
help you to make the most correct damage and avoid the others's hits.
If you cut it very correctly, it will die after three hits.
- Hunters and Sweepers : Aim down and cut as fast as you can. I affirm
that these creatures are hard to cut with a knife.
- Alexia : use the Magnum in the slot machine. 6 rounds are too enough
for you. But as I said, the items in Slot Machine are random,
sometimes it's D.I.J diary. At that time, if you feel you can't beat
Alexia by a knife, just start again.

  I open this menu to show you some good methods to fight enemies. You
can create your own. This is only my experience. But the first general
trick I want to tell you is using the bombs for a group of enemies.

- With the explosive arrows in your bow gun, just shoot in high speed. I
assure the enemies will fall before beating you.
- For Hunters and Sweepers, try to shoot them to fall and lie on the
floor. Then aim down to finish them.

- Corner a group of enemies and shoot. Grenade Launcher is very
effective to many monsters in a position.
- For Hunters or Sweepers, just shoot them falling on the floor. When
they haven't woken up yet, stand close and aim down to play the
finishing touch.

- Let many enemies stand in line, then shoot straight. Your magnum round
flies through and kill all of them immediately.

- Aim two enemies at the same time.
- For Hunters and Sweepers, aim down and never stop your pressing.

- To aim down is the best way to kill zombies. But if you can, aim
correctly at their heads. If you do well, only one hit can kill one.
- If you are good at dodging, just stand until the zombie goes close
you. Then run away to the other side at once, the crazy zombie would
fall on the floor. Then use your knife to finish it before it can wake
up. This trick is hard to do but very effective.
- Chose a best position to see all of your "future" enemies to attack
them better.
- You can also corner a group of zombies that your knife can finish them
at the same time.
- If some place have stairs as Area 5, don't go down, just stand on the
stairs and prepare the knife, killing the going up zombies by cutting
continuously. They would fall before doing harm on you. I think this is
the safest strategy because I have never been bitten by them when using
it. But I let you know that this tactic takes much time because you must
wait for the zombies to go upstairs. Just deceive them if they don't go
up. But remember, this trick is only for zombies. Hunters will slice
your head if you do this. (maybe... hehehe)

 These are the characters's funny actions but these waste your time to
beat the scenario to get high ranks. But you can only see them for
- Claire and Alt.Claire : let her stand in a freezer for a long time
- Chris : he has two actions : One is in front of the Tiger statue.
One is in front of the broken mirror in the locker room.
- Steve : the soda machine in the locker room.
- Wesker : the one-eyed statue in the infirmary.

- Unlock Steve Burnside in battle mode : try to get the Luger Replica
in the game.
- Unlock Albert Wesker in battle mode : Finish Chris's battle game
with best result.
  + In Japanese Version, you can unlock Albert Wesker in Battle Mode by
collecting his sunglasses when he runs away leaving Chris.
- The First Person mode : get Alfred's sniper rifle in the game.
- Unlock Biker Claire Redfield : finish Claire's battle game with
current best result.
- Get Linear Launcher in battle mode : get A ranking for every

  This ranking system depends on :
- The duration
- How many healing items you pick up.

 A :  6 minutes 09 seconds 99 or under.
 B :  6 minutes 10 seconds -  6 minutes 19 seconds 99
 C :  6 minutes 20 seconds -  6 minutes 29 seconds 99
 D :  6 minutes 30 seconds -  6 minutes 39 seconds 99
 E :  6 minutes 40 seconds and over

 A :  7 minutes 59 seconds 99 or under
 B :  8 minutes 00 seconds -  8 minutes 59 seconds 99
 C :  9 minutes 20 seconds -  9 minutes 59 seconds 99
 D : 10 minutes 00 seconds - 10 minutes 59 seconds 99
 E : 11 minutes 00 seconds or over

 A :  6 minutes 29 seconds 99 or under
 B :  6 minutes 30 seconds -  8 minutes 29 seconds 99
 C :  8 minutes 30 seconds -  9 minutes 29 seconds 99
 D :  9 minutes 30 seconds - 10 minutes 29 seconds 99
 E : 10 minutes 30 seconds or over

 A :  9 minutes 59 seconds 99 or under
 B : 10 minutes 00 seconds - 12 minutes 29 seconds 99
 C : 12 minutes 30 seconds - 13 minutes 29 seconds 99
 D : 13 minutes 30 seconds - 14 minutes 29 seconds 99
 E : 14 minutes 30 seconds or over

 A : just beat it before 1 hour.

 Notes : - The highest rank in Japanese version is S rank.
         - There is a rumour about Wesker's battle mode that you can
certainly get the Magnum in the Slot Machine if you open it at the
duration after 20 minutes.


 17/ G.A.M.E. S.H.A.R.K. C.O.D.E.S.


 * Important Notes :
- These Codes are used for Dreamcast only.
- The author of this FAQs never use codes in games. They are got from
another source. So don't complain me if some of them don't work well.

   FUNCTION                                CODES

Unlimited Health                     DE488CD6000000A0

Save Counter Always 0                913804AF00000000

Low Timer                            BF36F4DB000005C3

999 Any Item                         F3A998D0000003E7

Unlimited Items/Ammo Pos 1 Claire    E73716C3000003E7

Unlimited Items/Ammo Pos 2 Claire    27A76D12000003E7

Unlimited Items/Ammo Pos 3 Claire    7EF5DD55000003E7

Unlimited Items/Ammo Pos 4 Claire    A7D35FC6000003E7

Unlimited Items/Ammo Pos 5 Claire    F71996D1000003E7

Unlimited Items/Ammo Pos 6 Claire    38F12A10000003E7

Unlimited Items/Ammo Pos 7 Claire    8CE38357000003E7

Unlimited Items/Ammo Pos 8 Claire    C63BE9AF000003E7

First Aid Sprays Always in Chest     D5884D88001403E7

Ink Ribbons Always in Chest          3481EA10001F03E7

Custom Handgun Always in Chest       BB46F4DA000A03E7

Shotgun Always in Chest              3431EA10000403E7

Assault Rifle Always in Chest        AB139FC6000203E7

Submachine Gun Always in Chest       D6484D88002203E7

Grenade Launcher Always in Chest     80234357000603E7

Magnum Always in Chest               699BA516002003E7

Sniper Rifle Always in Chest         FBD958D1000303E7

Rocket Launcher Always in Chest      694BA516000103E7

Linear Launcher Always in Chest      1D14D8C6000B03E7

Gold Lugers Always in Chest          BB36F4DA002103E7

M-100P Always in Chest               BF36F4DA008E03E7

Acid Rounds Always in Chest          45EAD19E001003E7

Flame Rounds Always in Chest         95F8C4A0001103E7

Plant Pot Always in Chest            6D9BA516007E0001

Crystal Always in Chest              3081EA1000790001

Turn Table Key Always in Chest       5837B90000600001

Chemical Storage Key Always in Chest 9088C4A000610001

Clement a Always in Chest            EEB7D6C300620001

Clement z Always in Chest            2E27AD1200630001

Tank Object Always in Chest          77751D5500640001

Security Card Always in Chest        8453435700690001

Hemostatic Always in Chest           FE2958D1005F0001

Queen Ant Relief Always in Chest     6D4BA616006D0001

King Ant Relief Always in Chest      AF139FC6006E0001

Red Jewel Always in Chest            FFD958D1006F0001

Blue Jewel Always in Chest           3031EA1000700001

Socket Always in Chest               8423435700710001

Square Valve Handle Always in Chest  BF46F4DA00720001

Serum Always in Chest                1914D8C600730001

Earthenware Vase Always in Chest     41EAD19E00540001

Paper Weight Always in Chest         91F8C4A000750001

Silver Dragonfly Always in Chest     D1884D8800760001

ID Card Always in Chest              5F07B90000490001

Airport Key Always in Chest          A9C39FC6004B0001

Emblem Card Always in Chest          D7E84D88004C0001

Skeleton Picture Always in Chest     36E1EA10004D0001

Music Plate Always in Chest          A99B9FC600420001

Album Always in Chest                C82B29AF00500001

Halberd Always in Chest              F96958D100510001

Extinguisher Always in Chest         5F77B90000520001

Padlock Always in Chest              404AD19E00540001

TG-01 Always in Chest                9058C4A000550001

Valve Handle Always in Chest         CFDB29AF00570001

Octa Valve Handle Always in Chest    2EF7AD1200580001

Machine Room Key Always in Chest     6C3BA51600590001

Mining Room Key Always in Chest      BE96F4DA005A0001

Bar Code Sticker Always in Chest     EE07D6C3005B0001

Air Force Proof Always in Chest      29B7AD1200470001

Sterile Key Always in Chest          403AD19E005C0001

Door Knob Always in Chest            77051D55005D0001

Battery Always in Chest              CF6B29AF005E0001

Lockpick Always in Chest             8333435700320001

Glass Eye Always in Chest            D6384D8800330001

Piano Scroll Always in Chest         1E04D8C600350001

Steering Wheel Always in Chest       6AEBA51600350001

Crane Key Always in Chest            96E8C4A000360001

Eagle Plate Always in Chest          E8D7D6C300380001

Side Pack Always in Chest            3791EA1000390001

Queen Ant Object Always in Chest     83834357003C0001

King Ant Object Always in Chest      B826F4DA003D0001

Biohazard Card Always in Chest       29C7AD1200400001

Detonator Always in Chest            29C7AD1200400001

Control Lever Always in Chest        70951D5500410001

Gold Dragonfly Always in Chest       A9739FC600420001

Silver Key Always in Chest           F9B958D100430001

Gold Key Always in Chest             470AD19E00440001

Army Proof Always in Chest           9718C4A000450001

Navy Proof Always in Chest           C89B29AF00460001

Gas mask Always in Chest             3741EA1000270001

Alfred's Jewel Always in Chest       5ED7B900002E0001

Alfred's Ring Always in Chest        F8C958D1002D0001

Alexander's Pierce Always in Chest   6A5BA516002B0001

Alexander's Jewel Always in Chest    B8F6F4DA002C0001

Alexia's Choker Always in Chest      D1584D88006B0001

Alexia's Jewel Always in Chest       19A4D8C6006C0001


18/ F.R.E.Q.U.E.N.T.L.Y. A.S.K.E.D. Q.U.E.S.T.I.O.N.S. &




 QUESTION : I remember the B.O.W. and Flame Rounds are in the prison. I
think I need it for the Tyrant on the plane. But I can't get pass the
 ANSWER : Just continue the game. Play until you find an Eagle Plate.
Put it in the hold door beside the guilotine. You'll find another way to
go there without passing the detector.


 QUESTION : I can't get the Rusted Sword without being trapped ?
 ANSWER : Do you see a long bar in the central statue ? When the room is
trapped, push the bar as soon as possible, until the trap is unlocked.


 QUESTION : Where do I find the Gold Key ?
 ANSWER : Do you remember the model in Facility 1st floor ? Hang the
Skeleton Picture on the wall where you got the Eagle Plate, the model
appears and you'll get it.


 QUESTION : I have put the King Ant Object in the blue music box and go
to the red music box but nothing happens.
 ANSWER : You need the Queen Ant Object for the red box, boy. Just play
until you find it.


 QUESTION : I need help with Tyrant on the plane !!!
 ANSWER : There are a lot of tactics for this "boy". But I think these
are good :
 - If you have very few ammo. Just try to dodging his hits and
frequently push the catapult. See "Damage Notes" to know about his
strength. Might be he will drop in the 4th pushing time.
 - If you have more than 20 any rounds of Grenade Launcher or explosive
arrows, just shoot him until he got injury. Then push the catapult to
push him off.
  Notes : He never drops in the first time and he always drops in the
fourth time.
  There have been many players who fail to fight this guy. Just try on a
few times. You can do it well.


 QUESTION : How do I do to get the Magnum ?
 ANSWER : Remove the extinguisher you used in Prison area from the
Security Box to Item Box. If not, you'll lose it in Disc 2. The Magnum
is in the Weapon Storage. In the room above, you find the extinguishant
and full your extinguisher. Then use it to put out the fire and get the


 QUESTION : How to solve the painting puzzle ?
 ANSWER : Read the "Memo to the new family master". Try to determine the
people in the pictures and follow the order of the memo. It's :
 - Ancestor Veronica
 - Stanley
 - Thomas
 - Arthur
 - Edward
 - Alexander
 - Childhood Alfred (the biggest picture)
  To determine the people in the picture, try to pay attention to what
objects beside them such as the tea cup or earthenware vase etc.


 QUESTION : How can I solve the puzzle in the room where I use the Gold
Lugers to unlock ?
 ANSWER : Find the computer and read the file beside it. It gives you
some hints about the code. If you activate the computer, the clock will
be lit. Rotate the numbers of the clock and find the code following the
order in the file :
1) Left, Right
2) Left
3) Right
4) Right, Right, Right
  Enter the code to the computer.


 QUESTION : How to solve the puzzle of the Paper Weight ?
 ANSWER : You have known the symbol of Alexia's name. Now you find
Alfred's name. He said they are in the other sides of Alexia's name. If
Alexia's name is Heart-Spade-AA-Crown. That means Alfred's is AA-Crown-
Heart-Spade. If you still don't understand the rule, compare them with
each other. Each Alexia's symbol is the other side of Alfred's.


 QUESTION : I only have very few ammo. Can I fight Alexia after Wesker
escapes ?
 ANSWER : Try to do your best with the ammo you're having. Every ammo
could defeat her. Now it only depends on how much you have and how you
fight her. Try to dodge her fire and keep safe distance. See "Monster
List" for more details. Of if not, try to start again at the nearest
save. But remember to save before giving Claire the Serum because you
continue to play with no time to prepare again. If Claire isn't
poisoned, save before seeing her.


 QUESTION : The trap of the Crystal Ball is so hard !
 ANSWER : First, rotate the handle to drop the Crystal Ball. If you want
to avoid the trap best, when it hasn't been brought up promptly, run to
the center immediately and put the ball. Don't touch anything on the way
or you'll be late. Then Claire automatically steps backward for the trap
dropping again to break the ball. When the trap hasn't been brought up
yet, run to the center again and grab the Security Card. Then it will


 QUESTION : When Claire meets Chris before the final battle, Alexia
appears and kill her, then game over. How do I save her ?
 ANSWER : Use any long range weapons with auto-aim. Only one shot can
defeat her.


 QUESTION : Can I save Steve when he is changed ?
 ANSWER : You can't. But don't worry, he might not die yet.


 QUESTION : Can I kill him at that time ?
 ANSWER : I have found the most correct answer :"No, you can't." Just
because you can't change Capcom's decision.


 QUESTION : Is Wesker alive ?
 ANSWER : Yes, sure.


 QUESTION : What happened to Wesker ? Why does he has weird eyes and
unwashed strength ?
 ANSWER : See "Wesker's Report" for more details. About the red eyes, I
think that's an effect of the virus he infected himself before being
killed by Tyrant.


 QUESTION : What's the difference between Code Veronica and Code
Veronica Complete ?
 ANSWER : Players like to ask this question. So see my menus about the
various versions of Resident Evil Code Veronica.


 QUESTION : What's the difference between Code Veronica Complete for
Dreamcast and Code Veronica X for Playstation 2 ?
 ANSWER : Another similar question. See my menus about the various
versions of Resident Evil Code Veronica.


 QUESTION : What is Wesker's Report ?
 ANSWER : I have opened an own menu for Wesker's Report. See it for
correct details.


  RUMOUR : Leon Scott Kennedy appears in this game ?
  TRUTH : Yes, but just a very small role.


  RUMOUR : He dies in this game ?
  TRUTH : False. I know the reason why you hear this news. The truth is
that in the first thought, Capcom decided to make Leon die in very the
beginning of the game by an air accident. But later, they saw that Leon
is a very popular character so they changed their mind. Now Leon just
appears in Resident Evil Code Veronica as a subordinate character who
receives Claire's email to inform Chris about her situation. So don't
worry if you are Leon's fans.


  RUMOUR : You can play as Hunk in Battle Mode if you collect all the
files in the game.
  TRUTH : False, you can't.


  RUMOUR : There is an "Alternate Chris" in Battle Mode.
  TRUTH : False. I'm sure you know this from an issued magazine. But the
right answer is "No".


  RUMOUR : There are many endings in the game.
  TRUTH : False. There is only one ending.


  RUMOUR : There is a cheat code about infinite ammo in the game but it
doesn't work for mine.
  TRUTH : I don't know what correct code you want to know. But there is
a code that's only available in Europe version.


  RUMOUR : I can get the Magnum without the extinguisher.
  TRUTH : False, you can't, except you use a code.


  RUMOUR : I can play with Claire and her second costume in Battle Mode
in Story mode.
  TRUTH : False. I also want to see her like that. But it can't.


  RUMOUR : Is D.I.J. really a mouse ?
  TRUTH : I'm not sure about this. But everyone confirm it. If you
compare the episodes in the diary with the time you meet him, they are
completely appreciate. So I think it's true. Some people think it's a


 19/ B.E.T.A. V.E.R.S.I.O.N.


  Resident Evil Code Veronica has many different versions. The beta
version I'm going to tell you in this menu is not the most original. If
you are a player who like to find out about the screenshots, you would
see some of them have Claire in the old costume of Resident Evil 2 and
she brings strange weapons. Or many camera angles and scenes are
different from the popular version. I think it's the most original. But
this was cancelled before anything that you don't know about it.

  Resident Evil Code Veronica has an official beta version before it.
This is the nearest beta version which is almost like the current one.
Someone said this version has the brighter colors than the popular. Only
some points are different.

       RE CODE VERONICA             !      RE CODE VERONICA BETA
- Steve's hair is brown.            ! - Steve's hair is blonde
-There are some corpse in the       ! - There is no corpse in the
dormitory of the prison area.       ! dormitory. The camera angle is
                                    ! different.
-The dead researcher wears uniform  ! - The researcher wears ordinary
of a scientist.                     ! clothes.
-When the shutter is closed, Claire ! - When the shutter is closed,the
quickly run and slip out of it.     ! camera angles show her
                                    ! thrilling face for a while
                                    ! before she slips.
-When you go on the path to Private ! - When you go on a path to
Residence, nothing on the way.      ! Private Residence, a shadow
                                    ! looks like Alexia aiming a
                                    ! sniper rifle and says :"So we
                                    ! meet again at last, Claire !"
                                    ! then fire a shot
- Mini-game : Battle game with      ! - Beside Battle Game, there is a
Claire, Alt.Claire, Chris, Steve    ! mini-game whose character is
and Wesker.                         ! Rodrigo, beginning at his native
                                    ! village.


20/ B.I.O.H.A.Z.A.R.D. C.O.D.E. V.E.R.O.N.I.C.A.


  Biohazard Code Veronica is released in Japanese before Resident Evil
Code Veronica written with English. They are almost the same. Only some
small difference are made.

|                                 |                                    |
| The opening screen is Claire    |  The opening screen is Claire,     |
| and Chris.                      |  Chris and Wesker.                 |
|                                 |                                    |
| Language : Kanji                |  Language : English                |
|                                 |                                    |
| Voice : English                 |  Voice : English                   |
|                                 |                                    |
| There is Japanese subtitle.     |  There's no subtitle.              |
|                                 |                                    |
| There is Difficulty choosing    |  There's no Difficulty choosing    |
|  menu.                          |  menu.                             |
|                                 |                                    |
| Wesker's sunglasses are item    |  There are no Wesker's sunglasses. |
|                                 |                                    |
| Ranking System has the highest  |  Ranking System has the highest A  |
| S and the lowest D.             |  ranking and the lowest E.         |


21/ R.E.S.I.D.E.N.T. E.V.I.L. C.O.D.E. V.E.R.O.N.I.C.A. C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E


  Resident Evil Code Veronica is a complete version Resident Evil Code
Veronica which has new scenes especially about the long-time villain
Albert Wesker. These extra cut-scenes last for about 10 minutes. This is
Japanese version.

- Steve's hair is split          ! - Steve's hair is different.
- There's no Flame Rounds in the ! - There are some Flame Rounds in
Military Training Facility.      ! Military Training Facility.
- After getting the Piano Scroll ! - After getting the Piano Scroll
and return to Palace, nothing    ! and return to Palace, Wesker
happen.                          ! appears and "talks" to Claire.
- When Alexia changes, she beats ! - When being beaten, Wesker doesn't
Wesker and he escaped soon.      ! escape. He turns to the left, then
                                 ! running on the wall to the right to
                                 ! avoid Alexia's fire. He punches her
                                 ! one hit. After falling, he saw
                                 ! Chris and then escape, let Chris
                                 ! handle the rest.
- After the final battle with    ! - After that battle, Wesker catches
3rd Alexia, Chris escapes soon.  ! Claire to make Chris fight with
                                 ! him. Chris asks him to give up
                                 ! Claire and starts the duel.
- Music ending                   ! - Different music ending


22/ R.E.S.I.D.E.N.T. E.V.I.L. C.O.D.E. V.E.R.O.N.I.C.A.
    C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E. E.D.I.T.I.O.N.


  This is released again for Playstation 2 after Resident Evil Code
Veronica Complete for Dreamcast and written in Japanese. Almost it's not
different from the old version. except some additional packages.
  Name : Resident Evil Code Veronica Complete Edition
  Platform : Sony Playstation 2
  Released date : March 22nd 2001
  Additional : - DVD Devil May Cry
               - DVD Wesker's Report
               - Biohazard 5th Anniversary Package


23/ R.E.S.I.D.E.N.T. E.V.I.L. C.O.D.E. V.E.R.O.N.I.C.A. X.


  This is the English version of Resident Evil Code Veronica Complete,
has been added "very easy" difficulties (with the unlimited Rocket
Launcher in the game) and written in English. In addition to this,
there are bonus DVDs "Wesker's report" and Devil May Cry demo. The
opening movie is different either, it shows directly the scene Claire is
escaping from Umbrella forces. Devil May Cry is a heavy fighting
adventure game which is made by the same creator of Resident Evil series
: Shinji Mikami. This game would be released first in November 2001 as
the current information. But now we return to our topic. Let's see.
   Name : Resident Evil Code Veronica X
   Platform : Sony Playstation 2
   Released date : August 22th 2001 or about
   Europe released date : August 31st 2001
   Developer and Publisher : Capcom


24/ G.U.N. S.U.R.V.I.V.O.R. 2. :
    B.I.O.H.A.Z.A.R.D. C.O.D.E. V.E.R.O.N.I.C.A.


  Name : Gun Survivor 2 : Biohazard Code Veronica
  Former Name : Resident Evil : Fire Zone - Gun Survivor 2
  Platform : Arcade game
  This game take places on Orphan Island where Steve and Claire are
being captured and try to escape. But this place is covered with strange
creatures and zombies. Your playable character is Claire Redfield and
you must find the way to pass the horror. This game is split into many
stages. Your weapon is an unlimited handgun. As the game's name, its
kind is similar to Resident Evil Gun Survivor which is played as First
Person Mode. In this game, you must fight several bosses just because
each of them might keep the keys to escape. I think there is Nemesis,
too. Your health is showed by a small bar in the bottom right of the
screen. You can move your character. You have several playable
characters to play cooperatively such as Steve as Claire's supporter. I
don't know if Chris Redfield is a playable character in this game. But
clearly Capcom has been making a big job for the players to enjoy enough
Resident Evil Code Veronica.


25/ O.T.H.E.R.S. S.T.U.F.F.S.



  I have played a lot Resident Evil games and my last critic is :
Resident Evil Code Veronica is the best. Let's see :

  Gameplay 10/10
  When playing this game, I have got a lot of different feeling :
thrilling, fear, expecting, happy or hopeless, etc. The game is created
by a lot of various episodes under the simple kind "survival horror". I
only feel satisfied after playing this game, even succeed or fail, just
because it makes me happy and pleasant after studying. Resident Evil is
my best series and Resident Evil Code Veronica is currently best in the

  Story 8/10
  Yes, a good story. A long battle between humanity and biohazard is
told by an interesting series that is more wonderful and exciting. This
game is not only simple a survival horror game. It shows us about the
relation between people and people, the real face of this life :
ambitions and crimes - a life which is made of challenges, hazards and
misery. Yeah, this is a very popular topic. I have been attracted for
many years about it.

  Graphic 10/10
  Can't be mocked. The scenes are clear and real. The characters are
drawn correctly every side. The colours are very true as if I have
stepped into the real world of the game. The skills of making scenes and
arts take an important to create a perfect game like this. Maybe this is
only some effect of Dreamcast. But anyway, it's still the best.

  Sound 10/10
  Always true any time, any situation. The music are not so scary and
terrible that makes a balance. The sounds are made lively every respect
: walking, putting switches, pushing things, etc. Generally, sounds of
Resident Evil are always perfect.

  Characters 9/10

  Very cool ! The characters who have their own characteristics are
always various and different from one another : cool, ugly, violent,
gentle, etc. Even villains or main characters, each fan has his/her own
opinions : hate, like, feel sorry, admire etc.

  Battle System 9/10
  Still simple. But it's okay. Sometimes I don't like complex things so
it doesn't matter. The equipped weapons are very cool and rich. But I
still hope Capcom should make more functions of control, especially for
the superhuman Albert Wesker and a lot of other characters.

  Replayability 10/10
  Of course and certainly. I have never felt boring. It has so many
things I need to discover, and many problems I need to solve. Yeah, it's
worth replaying continually.

  To buy or rent ?
  Just buy because Resident Evil Code Veronica always deserve to it.


 NAME :  Resident Evil
 RELEASED DATE : 1996 - 1997
 PLATFORM : Playstation, PC, Sega Saturn, GameCube
   This was the first Resident Evil of series. Its content is about the
incident in a mansion belonging Raccoon Forest. This involves the
Trevor's Note I wrote above. You take the role of either Chris Redfield
and Jill Valentine - two members STARS to explore the mansion.

 NAME : Resident Evil Director's Cut
 RELEASED DATE : 1997-1998
 PLATFORM : Playstation
 It's almost the same as original Resident Evil with more modes and

 NAME : Resident Evil Director's Cut Dual Shock Edition
 RELEASED DATE : 1997-1998
 PLATFORM : Playstation
 It's almost the same as Resident Evil Director's Cut.

 NAME : Resident Evil 2
 PLATFORM : Playstation, Nintendo 64, PC, Dreamcast, GameCube
 It's about the accidental adventure of the rookie cop Leon Scott
Kennedy and Claire Redfield. Leon begins his first day of duty and
enters the city. Claire Redfield - a strange young lady enters the city
to search for her brother Chris Redfield - one of the survivors of the
mansion incident and an important member of S.T.A.R.S. But both of them
didn't know something terrible happening in Raccoon...
  They have an appointment at RPD Police Station where they thought it
was safe...But...

 NAME : Resident Evil 2 Dual Shock Edition
 RELEASED DATE : 1998-1999
 PLATFORM : Playstation, Dreamcast, PC
 Its content is the same as Resident Evil 2. But it has a new mini-game
named Extreme Battle Mode which the two subordinate characters Chris
Redfield and Ada Wong can be played.

 NAME : Resident Evil 3 Nemesis
 RELEASED DATE : 1999-2000
 PLATFORM : Playstation, Dreamcast, PC, GameCube
 You take the main role of Jill Valentine to escape from Raccoon City
which is going be destroyed by Umbrella to wipe all the evidence about
the virus. She was one of the survivor of the mansion incident who knows
about this work. So Umbrella creates Nemesis to pursue her.

 NAME : Resident Evil Gun Survivor
 PLATFORM : Playstation
 You are a person who is injured by an accident. He forgets everything
about himself and tries to find the truth. In his journey, he is watched
by a guy of Umbrella named Vincent. Later the main character realizes
himself as Ark Thompson. He destroys an important facility of Umbrella
and escapes with Lott and Lily - the two children he meets on his way.

 NAME : Resident Evil 0
 RELEASE DATE : Early 2002
 PLATFORM : GameCube
   This game was released first for Gameboy. But now it has been redoing
with this new console. This scenario lets us know more about Rebecca
Chambers - the support character in Resident Evil who rarely appears.
You also have a chance to know more about STARS and Umbrella in this

 NAME : Resident Evil Gaiden
 RELEASE DATE : Fall 2002
 PLATFORM : Gameboy Color
   This is a new scenario and also a chance for the Resident Evil fans
who like the character Barry Burton of the first Resident Evil. He would
be the main character of the game and start his adventure on a ship.
This is just a rumour.

 NAME : Resident Evil 4
 RELEASE DATE : Early 2002
 PLATFORM : GameCube
  Have you enjoyed enough Resident Evil Code Veronica ? And Resident
Evil 4 would give you the next answers of the Resident Evil story. There
are rumours that this game would be an impression of Capcom about
graphic and other systems. There are tons of stupid rumours about
characters. But I can't tell which is right. No more information is
received this time. I think this game is still so far.

  George Trevor was the architect who designed the mansion in Resident
Evil 1 as the command of a mysterious guy named Spencer. Once he was
invited to the house he built and then lost in it mysteriously. This is
a story part got from the book "The True Story Behind Biohazard" which
was published by Capcom in 1996. But the company saw that they have
revealed too much for the players. So it was cancelled and most of us
don't know about it. This Trevor's Note is translated directly into

  Raccoon City
  A city in the Western part of America. Within a deep forest on the
outskirts of this city there is a mansion, which seems strangely quiet.

  November 13th 1967
  A man was standing if front of the mansion. It was George Trevor, a
famous architect from New York, who had designed this place from
scratch. The owner of the mansion, Ozwell E. Spencer, had invited him
with all his family in order to thank him for the level of the
perfection in his work.
  Overflowed with work, Trevor initially sent his wife Jessica and her
14 year old daughter Lisa before joining them later. Unfortunately, when
Trevor arrived on the spot, he didn't find his wife nor the child.
Trevor too would mysteriously disappear upon entering the mansion.
  Where could they all have disappeared to then ?
  The following comes from a small diary written while Trevor was in the
mansion. Spencer paid a fortune for this mansion. The construction alone
took 5 years of Trevor's life. Why did he devote so much time to it ?
And did Trevor already know that thirty years later other strange things
would happen in this mansion ? Personally I feel that this small diary
will be the key to understand all these mysteries.

  November 13th 1967
  After having finished my work and leaving New York I finally arrived
at the Mansion around 6.00pm. The hall is very spacious. The central
stairs leading to the second floor are also impressive. All these things
make me nostalgic all over again.
  Designing the plans of this place is the work I'm most proud of.
  From the day I first showed the model to Ozwell E. Spencer in his
office, until the completion of the building, took me 5 years. Spencer's
orders were really difficulty and I had to call upon all of my energy
and ingenuity to realize it.
  At first sight no one would suspect anything to be out of the
ordinary. While turning to face me, Lord Spencer shakes the white hairs
from his shoulders.
  He has an impressive stature, and at the first glance, one can feel
that he has a high level of self-confidence. He initially announces me
that my wife Jessica and my daughter returned to visit their aunt Emma,
who is ill, and then we lift our glasses and toast. We are only ones to
know about the numerous secrets contained within this building. Deeply
satisfied with the complicity, we taste the wine.
  The dining room is amazing. There is an incredible variety of food
laid out hammoniously on a large table in mahogany wood. When someone
would raise their eyes, they could see a statue of a goddess, in "Rodin"
style, on the second floor which seems to observe is with desire. But
despite all this splendor, the banquet can only be enjoyed by two guests
(Spencer and I). We only hear the quiet clicking noise of the clock
needles. Ahhh, if only Jessica and Lisa were there.
  According to Spencer, they arrived three days before me and
appreciated the house well. Lisa in particular benefited from the
Spencer's kindness and was able to use the piano among others. She
reportedly played the "Moonlight Sonata" of Beethoven (her specialty).
In this evening of full moon where the melody seemed to surpass the
satellite floating above the forest which surrounds the house, Spencer
had congratulated my wife for this superb moment. I imagine proudly that
their two faces had to illuminated with pleasure.

  November 14th 1967
  Lord Spencer guided me around in the mansion. He opened the doors of
several rooms. Those rooms are decorated with the most marvelous at
pieces : painting of De Vinci, sculpture of Raphael...
  In one of the rooms the eye of a stuffed beast has strangely sparkled,
and in another room armors of Middle Age Knights were aligned in good
order close to their captain.
  All these art pieces were collected by Lord Spencer during past years
and he deserves well to be one of the richest man on earth.
  "Do you like that ? I wish to use this residence as a seaside resort,
for a new company. I foresaw that, not only for the employees, but also
for the guests could use it."
  His project is to design an international industrial medicine company.
He told me that its company would be called "Umbrella". But I wonder why
he hid as many things in his residence. He can say that he wants to make
a seaside resort but it's exaggerated. Even in the case his actions had
been led by his passion.

  November 18th 1967
  My family hasn't come back yet. "Is aunt Emma that sick ?". I doubt
it. The telephone is not installed, which is not very convenient. I went
out to second floor terrace to clear my mind. Crows, perched on a rail,
looked at me and pushed strange croaking.
  I had a dark intuition. I continuously have the strange impression of
being observed... I saw an astonishing thing, in a small court. It is a
ladder leading down into an underpass, which is masked by a
waterfall."It is not my work. When was this thing built then ?"

  November 20th 1967
  There is no trace of the shotgun my wife had offered Spencer for is
birthday. I'm smoking a cigarette in the room where a broken shotgun can
be found and estimate that it can fool people and pass for the original.
I wonder who exchanged Spencer's shotgun for this unusable shotgun and
why ?
  Neither my wife nor my daughter have reappeared and I getting very
concerned. My rich employer informed me that my family and I couldn't
remain at the mansion any longer and when I suggested that I could join
them tomorrow, he laughed and said that it was useless to worry myself
like that.

  November 21st 1967
  Luggage was gathered and somebody led me into a large room, without
openings, on the first floor reserved for the receptions. As the Lord
hadn't arrived yet, I was observing the painting in company of a man in
a white blouse. He was one of the three unknown men on the courtyard.
  "Life is rich and short". On the painting, which were exposed on the
wall, time was represented by the life of a man, from his birth to his
  "Your family died, now" -laughed the man while he was looking at me
styly. Time seemed to stop. What was he talking about ? At the same
moment I felt a terrible pain at the bottom of my neck, and I broke down
on the floor.

  November 24th 1967
  How could he have become this kind of man ? What happened here ? And
what is the objective of this company called "Umbrella" ?
  I was imprisoned in this room and time passed slowly. "The objective
is to keep all this as a secret, and since you are an unknown...". One
day, a man in a white blouse said this to me while bringing revolting
  What secret is more important than a human life ?
  Lord Spencer and me are the two only ones to know the secrets of this
manor, and if I die, he will be the only holder of this knowledge. Is it
for that reason we have these creatures which prowl around the premises
of the Manor ? I cannot remain here and be eaten of worse. It is
necessary that I escape from here.
  The question is to know if, since the beginning, I didn't quite simply
build my own prison. When I was creating this manor, and in accordance
with Lord Spencer's strange fascination for enigmas, I conceived a way
to escape for whoever would find himself imprisoned there.
  It would seem that Lord Spencer wants to test this mothod on me...
  At this moment, one of the countless creatures which infest the floor
and the ceiling, fell from the ceiling onto my body. For an unknown
reason, it seemed to attract them. I jumped instinctively backwards and
while getting upright I trampled a great number of them. What are these
creatures ? Ants ?

  November 27th 1967
  I finally succeeded to escape from this room. But nobody can exit from
the Manor on snap of a finger. You need the crests, the missing eye from
the Tiger's statue and the Gold Emblem. I can't occupy myself find
something else ! I have no time for this.

  November 28th 1967
  I can't find the words for it. A plant, absurdly gigantic, fills a
whole room. God could not have created such a thing.

  November 30th 1967
  It is impossible to get out. It is impossible to come out of the room.
A phantom laboratory, leading into a kind of underground cave without
visible exit. And finally, I found it :
  One of the high-heeled shoes and the memory, that behind all it I will
find a passage. Jessica. Were my wife and my daughter subjected to the
same destiny as me ? No, I will escape at all cost, as they did before

  December 5th 1967
  My throat is dehydrated. I didn't eat for many days and I don't know
how much time I'll still resist. I am becoming insane.
  Why ? Because I am like a rat, hopeless trying to escape from a
laboratory labyrinth. Does my fascination for the abnormal architect of
this residence was no reprehensible ?

  December 7th 1967
  I am in a dark and wet underground secret conduit. And there,
suddenly, something monstrous opposite of me... I scrape my last match
with a trembling hand. A tombstone is here with my name engraved on it.
What kind of a psychopath would make a similar thing ?
  "George Trevor" isn't me ? Spencer calculated since the beginning,
that I would come up to here to take my breath, and prepared my tomb.
Realizing, with success, to direct my attention away from each useful
way to escape. Jessica, please forgive me. Little time... It's the time
that remains me before joining you in paradise.
                                George Trevor


26/ W.E.S.K.E.R.'S. R.E.P.O.R.T.


  "Wesker's report" is the bonus DVD disc that will be released with
Resident Evil Code Veronica X when it's sold. Some information said that
its original version was released for some months in Japan. And the
purpose which Capcom release this part might be to answer some unknown
questions about the game that the fans always wonder. I want to write
some parts of this report for you to know few about it :

  "My name is Albert Wesker.
   I aspired to become a leading researcher at Umbrella Inc. A
pharmaceutical enterprise who covertly conduction Bio Organic Weapons,
better known as B.O.W., for development. But at the leader development
training ground situated in Raccoon city, I met a brilliant and
talented researcher who decided to take a different path, William
   In time I shifted my position to S.T.A.R.S., a special force unit of
the Raccoon Police Department. Umbrella, for crisis management reasons
of their illegal Bio Organic Weapons development had many of its people
working in the police department.
   I became the leader of S.T.A.R.S. and conducted all sorts of
intelligence activities for Umbrella. As I continued to serve I devised
my own plans and waited for the right time moment to execute them.
   Then at last, opportunity knocked.

 - 1998 - July 24th -
   The freak murder incidents had occurred in the forest near the
mansion started it all. The mansion was Umbrella's secret BOW
laboratory and it was clear that the indevelopment T-virus was the
cause of the murder.
   Initially, Umbrella instructed me secretively to keep S.T.A.R.S. to
the mansion, dispose of them, then report the situation to headquarters
so that their combat with the B.O.W. could be used for data analysis
allowing Umbrella a comprehensive portrait of the B.O.W.'s combat
   From the two S.T.A.R.S. teams I first pitched in the Bravo Team. As
expected, the top elite of S.T.A.R.S. gave all they had and became
useful sample data. Then following, I geared up the Alpha Team to
"search and rescue" the lost Bravo Team. The members of Alpha Team also
proved theor worth and as expected many died.
   There was five survivors from the initial eleven S.T.A.R.S. members.
From the Alpha team were Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Barry
Burton. And from the Bravo Team were Rebecca Chambers and Enrico
   It was time to begin executing my plans. In the midst of the whole
affair I could take Umbrella's ultimate Bio-Organic Weapon, the Tyrant,
and join forces with an opposing corporation of Umbrella. To buy into
that opposing corporation I would need the actual combat data of the
   The surviving privileged members of S.T.A.R.S. were just the perfect
bait. I decided to have one of them play the Judas and draw them to the
   That Judas was Barry.
   Barry was the strong truth and justice kind and cherished his family
more than anything. His type is easy to manipulate. I just took that
most important thing away from him. My only miscalculation was the high
potential of Chris and Jill. But with the family man Barry playing Judas
the scheme went as planned.
   Then the winds turn unexpectedly.
   I had to eliminate Enrico who found out what was behind it all. I
used Barry to get to him. After I successfully got rid of that nuisance
I awaited the sample specimen that Barry would bring to me in the Tyrant
   I injected the virus I obtained from Birkin in advance. If I made
Umbrella believe I was dead, it made it far more convenient to sell
myself to the opposing corporation. According to Birkin the virus had
profound effects. It would put my body in a state of temporary "death".
It would then bring me back to life with super human powers. Therefore I
unleashed an awesome Tyrant from its slumber and let it attack me.
  As my consciousness faded away I was certain that the whole scheme
would end in success.
  Never did I imagine that S.T.A.R.S. could slay the evil creation. I
lost the Tyrant and the plan I devised which cost me my humanity ended
in failure. Now anything and anyone who stood in my way would be
terminated. It's been that way for a long time and it always will be. At
all cost I had to make S.T.A.R.S. pay.

 - September -
   Two months had passed since the mansion incident. To regain
everything I had lost in my new organization I joined hands with Ada
Wong, a female agent who was also sent to spy on Umbrella.
   I knew in my bones that the key developer was William Birkin, but
what he didn't know was that Umbrella did not play games...with anyone.
Eventually, Birkin would be assassinated, and the G-virus would be in
the hands of Umbrella.
   But the salvage team led by Hunk was ahead of us. By the time they
got to Birkin, he'd already injected himself with the G-virus...he
became his own creation, and decimated them.
   Soon after, the T-virus carried by rats spread throughout Raccoon
city, and Umbrella faced its worst scenario.

 - September 28th -
   The good citizens became zombies, and the city had headed for its
devastating fate. Humans were no match against zombies.
   In the chaos, Umbrella Europe applied a new type B.O.W., called
"Nemesis". The Nemesis would hunt down and destroy the surviving member
of S.T.A.R.S., Jill. It became imperative that our organization would
also obtain the Nemesis data.

 - September 29th -
   To cover up the whole affair, Umbrella jettisoned a Tyrant to take
care of Leon and Claire, who were trying to unveil their secrets.
   Then, a new revelation. Birkin used to hide the findings of his
studies in his daughter Sherry's pendant. It was very possible that the
G-virus was there. While Umbrella was busy with their cover up, we had
to capture Sherry before they did. I sent Ada undercover to seek the
location of Sherry. I, the "dead man" on the other hand, had to work in
the shadows.
   A spy's obligation and priority is in mission, to carry out the
mission like a machine without any emotional interference.
   But through her interaction and involvement with Leon Scott Kennedy,
there had been an affection growing insider her.
   My instincts sensed danger, something had to be done, quickly. My
instincts did not disappoint me. Even though Ada almost had her hands
on the G-virus, which Leon had acquired from Sherry, that affection of
her drove her to her death. But she was still of some use. I had to
save her life. My people hurried to retrieve the G-virus that Leon
threw away. But Hunk, the only survivor of Umbrella's salvage team, was
there before us.

 - September 30th -
   Our only option left was to bring back Birkin, the monster, as the
sample specimen and have him finish Leon and Claire in order to obtain
his combat data. Although Birkin lost the battle to Leon and Claire, we
succeeded in gathering samples of the G-virus from his dead body.

 - October 1st -
   In the morning the government bombed Raccoon city in an attempt to
stop for the viral outbreak. This was, of course, their feigned
   Later, Claire left to Europe to find her lost brother Chris, and
Leon joined forces with an underground anti-Umbrella organization.
   Sherry is safe in our hands. I would never underestimate Birkin.
   There's something about this little girl...

* Source : Biohazardextreme.

  But all of you know that it answers you some unknown questions that
you always wonder. Let me give them in this short passage :

- The survivors of the mansion incident were Chris Redfield, Jill
Valentine, Barry Burton, Rebecca Champer and Brad Vickers.
- Chris is the character who directly killed Tyrant.
- Wesker was killed by Tyrant. But he had been infected the virus
before that makes him alive.
- Ada was saved by Wesker because he thought she's still useful for him.
She stole the G-virus for him.
- Sherry was caught by Wesker after Resident Evil 2 with the same
- The official story of Resident Evil 2 is Leon A / Claire B.


27/ A.U.T.H.O.R.'S. L.A.S.T. W.O.R.D.S.


  I have finished my work. I hope this FAQs will be useful for all of
you players. Although I make this guide, I want to tell you that the
best way to play a good game is playing by yourself. Guides are only
necessary when you have tried all effort but you still couldn't. If you
use them too much, they will spoil your game that you don't feel funny
with it anymore. So good luck to all of you !!!
  And...Thanks for spend time to read my FAQs.
  And you can see my other guides at Gamefaqs. I'm also a Traditional
RPG player. In the future, I may make more guides if I have chances.
  These guides are in updating as this one. Hope to receive your
precious ideas ! Thanks a lot !
                           MYSTIC CAT


28/ C.R.E.D.I.T.S.


  I send my special thanks to :

- Http://www.survivhor.com - for interesting information about Resident
Evil Code Veronica Beta

- Http://residentevil.emugaming.com - for info about ranking system and
Gun Survivor 2

- Http://www.biohazardextreme.com - for Wesker's Report

- Http://www.videogames.com - for Game Shark Codes and more other
interesting information.

- Jeff "CJayC" Veasay - for accepting this FAQs in Gamefaqs

- Hellraiser from Resident Evil Underground Club - for choosing my guide
in your club.

- Capcom - for creating this great game

- This game "Resident Evil Code Veronica Complete" - I can't make this
guide without you !!!

- CVXFREAK from Gamefaqs message board - for letting me know important
changeable episodes and more info about the game.

- All the guys I know in Gamefaqs - Resident Evil series message board
who let me know a lot of new info and have ideas to make this guide
more perfect, especially CVXFREAK, Berry Burton, Akuma , Hogo, Tixus,
muletothedogg and all readers. I mean everyone there. Because although
some of them I don't talk to, but their messages would help me to know
about the games very much. Thanks everyone.

- All readers who have read my guide and had ideas to make it better,
Thanks a lot to all of you.


 Again, this FAQs is owned by
                      PHAN NGUYEN KHANH DAN

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