How To "Activate" New Game Plus ??

  1. So I defeated the game. I left the Church. I watched the credits. I got the "Extra Scene". I got the "Star Icon" on my completed save file. I got the notification that I can New Game Plus.

    However...The main menu only has a "New Game" option, and just proceeds to give me a fresh save file whenever I click it. - - I'm not sure what I did wrong. I "DID" reload my post-cleared save and farm a BUNCH of Multiplayer "helps" to boost my reputation, do you lose the option to "New Game Plus" if you play your save file after leaving the Church?

    I'm just confused, a bit.

    User Info: AshAndWind

    AshAndWind - 2 weeks ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. When you are done with the credits just load your save and go through the door in front of the mistle on the base.

    User Info: DantoriusD

    DantoriusD - 2 weeks ago 5   0


  1. You just need to continue with your save and then go through the door in the base. It will have a blue light indicating that you can start a NG+ whenever you want.

    User Info: ragna_blzbl

    ragna_blzbl - 6 days ago 1   0

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