Can Shadowkeep not be gameshared?

  1. Because I used to live in Indonesia but my main account is American, I bought all destiny 2 related things on my Indonesian account, which I activate as my primary account, but I play almost exclusively on my American account. This worked from D2 vanilla until last season. Yesterday I bought Shadowkeep on my primary account to play on my American account, however, when I go to the destinations page, it says I do not have access to Shadowkeep content, same for this years season pass, but when I go to the destinations page on my primary account, I have access to the moon and the season pass.

    Is shadowkeep and the season pass un-gamesharable? Do I have to redo everything on my primary account now? Please help, I don't want all those hours to go to waste.

    User Info: canigetuuuh

    canigetuuuh - 2 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Bungie does not officially support game sharing as it is a console function and not a feature of Destiny. That said, other users have successfully shared the Shadowkeep DLC game on Playstation and Xbox.

    User Info: esportzbet

    esportzbet - 1 week ago 1   0

Other Answers

  1. Im able to gameshare as long as I have PS plus active. My main PS4 is on my brothers and his is mine. we play destiny 2 with shadowkeep together without issues.

    User Info: wookieslayer69

    wookieslayer69 - 5 days ago 0   0

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