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  1. Hi guys I wanted to know if I have a good roll on my "Go Figure" as I am looking for a substitute to my current Kill Clip+ Full auto trigger "Bygones"?

    I have 6 Go Figures with different rolls-

    Roll 1: Wolf sight, Appended Mag, Zen Moment and Head seeker+ Range Master Work

    Roll 2:King Sight , Ricochet Rounds, Firmly planted and Kill Clip+ Handling Master Work

    Roll 3: Wolf sight, Armour piercing rounds , Zen Moment and Full auto trigger+ Reload Master Work

    Roll 4: Devil scope, Extended Mag , Moving Target and Full auto trigger+ Handling Master Work

    Roll 5: Dusk Sight, High Caliber rounds , Zen Moment and Rampage+ Range Master Work

    Roll 6: Devil scope, High caliber rounds , Moving Target and Head seeker+ Reload Master Work

    Thanks in advance

    User Info: Android46

    Android46 - 4 months ago


  1. You'll probably get multiple answers but in my opinion none of these are what I consider a god roll, but you didn't say whether you are looking at a roll for PVE or PVP. That makes a difference. I have Go Figure with wolf sight, alloy mag, outlaw, and rampage. I consider this a god roll. the wolf sight allows for very good short to mid range engagement and the alloy and outlaw perk allow for super fast reload which allows me to keep rampage active for longer. It's great for PVE, but for PVP not so much.

    User Info: The_HoochGoblin

    The_HoochGoblin - 3 months ago 0   0

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