Exotic Emblems?? Call to Arms??

  1. Why can't I find Exotic Engrams? Why is Call to Arms unavailable?

    So Destiny 2 has been a lotta fun so far, but it SO buggy, and I'm just not seeing results in finding certain things. I'm just gonna stick to asking about 2 specific things here, and any legit info would be much appreciated. The God forsaken EXOTIC ENGRAMS will be first! At the end of the campaign I received one... Yay... And that's it... I've read about about how grinding "Heroic Public Events" is the most efficient way of receiving these, yet I've probably done a hundred of em and NOTHING to show for it, but a Legendary item here and there. I've done a few Strikes as well, and NOTHING! Please explain to me how I can get my hands on some. The other is the Call to Arms quest from Lord Draxx.. NOTHING! I've been playing Crucible forever and have not received the quest.... Anybody have any ideas??? FYI I am capped at level 20 as I don't have any DLC (not sure if that matters). I'm currently Light Level 263 Hunter, and not in a Clan...

    Thanks in advance for any info.. I'm more curious about the Exotic Engrams, and if there is a LEGIT way of receiving them.. Why can't I find one?

    User Info: Mikey2YH

    Mikey2YH - 1 year ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Lord Shaxx not Draxx, no legit way to get exotics, they reduced the drop rate down a lot. Go to Xur for an exotic every weekend. Chests in Leviathan have 1 in 3 drop rate, but you need to clear Leviathan raid 1st.

    Call to Arms I believe was removed, not sure. Watch link on how to acquire.

    User Info: euchreplayer23

    euchreplayer23 (Expert) - 1 year ago 1   0

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