How much end game content is there?

  1. My problem with the first Destiny game, is I believe it felt like they made a bunch of content for it, and cut it out to sell as DLC. I feel for the end game to have had some longevity the game should have released with at least 10 strikes, and 2-3 raids, and built on top of that.

    Kind of like world of warcraft used to (For instance, in TBC, it would take you around 7 days of play time to hit max level, then you had roughly 15-20 dungeons to run on normal/heroic mode, and 5 raids iirc (Gruul/mag/kara/SSC/TK) with more introduced with following patches.

    So, my question is, How many strikes/raids does the game release with, are there different difficulty settings to them and how long do you believe these will keep me occupied? (if it's comparable to the original games 4-5(?) strikes, and 0 raids then I'll probably just skip out on this title for a while, till they add some content.)

    User Info: Magearch

    Magearch - 2 years ago
  2. It sounds like I may just end up waiting then. This is basically the same thing they did with Destiny one I assume (Which left me and my friends having beat the first raid for months on end grinding the same 6 strikes (This includes nightfalls!) every day for loot we honestly didn't need, and having all the raid loot until the next raid released, just to start the process all over again.)

    In closing, No, they don't need to release with 10 raids; However, Launching with maybe 3 different raids, all containing different parts of the Tier pieces, would have been a much better approach. (Then expanding to say, 9 or so raids by the end of the games life cycle)

    I'm fully confident with the money these guys make they could easily accomplish this task. But of course they wish to milk small portions of content for all they are worth, which honestly kills destiny for many people I know.

    User Info: Magearch

    Magearch - 2 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Destiny 1 had more than 10 different strikes for sure, and 5 Raids total.

    Destiny 2 currently has 6 Strikes, and 1 raid. it sounds like you want everything all at once and right now, which isnt really how bungie is going about it. If they gave us 10 raids @ launch, the state of the game would be extremely chaotic right now, and there are many who still haven't even beaten Calus, and other still who haven't even set foot in the raid. f all youre looking at is strikes and raids then it probably seems like theres not much to do, but there really is a lot more to the game than those activities ie; (Milestones, Faction Rallies, Flashpoints, Prestige Nightfalls, Heroic Event Farming). if all you want is all the content at once then id suggest buying the game in its last year.

    User Info: Deadsy

    Deadsy - 2 years ago 0   0

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