How do exotic items' level and power rating work?

  1. In Destiny 2, when you get an exotic is the level requirement and power rating randomly generated to be around the same as your current stuff.

    The only exotics I have found are ones you get through main missions and they are all really low level. Also all of these exotics are listed in my vault but are all level 16 with 200 power. I'm level 20 now so why would I spend shards to unlock these now that I am level 20?

    Any insight into this would be very helpful.


    User Info: bsymons1986

    bsymons1986 - 2 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The ones from the story missions are always the same level doesn't matter what level or power you have.

    if you get an exotic from a public event, chest, strike, crucible, it will be based on your power level, if you are overall 250, the exotic can drop at 251, 251, and a couple more levels higher,

    there is no point stocking legendary or exotic engrams as their level is decided when it drops.

    also, the reason why you can buy exotics from your vault and they are low level is because maybe the first time you got that exotic you infuse it into a legendary for example, this allow you to get another one at a low level and you are supposed to infuse a higher light level weapon into this exotic.

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Other Answers

  1. The reason you can buy exotics from your vault is that once you obtain an exotic it is unlocked in your collections section. it worked the same way in Destiny 1, except in D1 the collections section was not a part of the vault. You can always buy back an exotic just in case you dismantle it or infuse it into something else. You can also buy a second or Third exotic to give to a second or third character, if you dont want to keep moving the same exotic over every time you switch characters. When you hit Lvl 20, the Level of all the exotics in your collection should go up to 205 and require level 20.

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  2. power level determines the the strength and power you will have during story missions

    User Info: deltaleader

    deltaleader - 1 year ago 0   0
  3. So...if this at all seems took me a week of grinding to figure the answer out making a video later today...i will give the link...i will be posting a link for a youtube video...this will explain everything!!!!!

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