Should I be collecting legendary and exotic items in destiny 2?

  1. So I'm a level 20 titan (light level 267) and I'm not quite sure what to do with all these legendary and exotics I have in my vault. Every time I've collected a legendary/ exotic item and it's better than one I already have I've stuck the worse item in vault... and my vault is getting pretty full now! I've heard that I can upgrade certain items I have by infusing them, but I'm not sure whether to do that or whether I should be dismantling my legendary and exotics.
    I've used up half my bank space already with legendary and exotics and have no idea what to do with them! Help please I'm a destiny noob haha!

    User Info: Colseyboy

    Colseyboy - 2 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I am storing the vast majority (inf act, except duplicates) of my legendaries and exotics in my vault at least until after the raid a trials hits. Then the meta will form and you can dismantle garbage. That way you have everything you've gotten just in case something crazy becomes super good in the raid or trials.

    User Info: T_combs22

    T_combs22 - 2 years ago 2   1

Other Answers

  1. If you dismantle legendary and exotic gear you get legendary shards and with those legendary shards you can infuse gear of the same weapon or armor type e.g. pulse rifles and you could even infuse a kinetic pulse rifle into an energy pulse rifle. If you are using an exotic as fuel for the infusion the gear will be 5 power levels higher as every exotic comes with a mod that boosts it's power by 5 so keep that in mind when infusing.

    User Info: IAMBATMAN6996

    IAMBATMAN6996 - 2 years ago 2   2
  2. Feel free to dismantle legendaries if you aren't using them anymore, they aren't particularly unique. Exotics should be held onto unless you get a double (In which case, dismantle the weaker one, obviously.) because you can "infuse" weapons into them to keep their power levels up-to-speed. This eliminates the need to fetch stronger variants of the same Exotics, which isn't something you'd want to waste time doing.

    The Moral: Dismantle underpowered legendaries, hold onto Exotics unless you get another one of the same Exotic.

    User Info: Kazenna

    Kazenna - 2 years ago 1   1
  3. IAMBATMAN6996 is incorrect. If a piece of gear has a legendary mod that increases its PL by 5 you DO NOT get the extra 5 PL when infusing. Let's say you have a Pulse rifle you like at 265 and a Pulse Rifle you don't care for at 270, but it is only 270 because of a legendary mod increasing the PL by 5. You CAN NOT infuse the 270 into the 265. It will not work, because the EFFECTIVE PL is 265.

    User Info: grahf_the_id

    grahf_the_id - 2 years ago 0   1

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